03/27/15 3:00pm
Shaina Stigler

If Shaina Stigler hears the word “actress” one more time, she’s gonna blow her top. via Shark Party Media

It’s all any of my female friends can talk about right now: a three-day event starting tonight called Bad Assery: The Women & Comedy Conference.  It’s a weekend-long summit curated by Natalie Wall and Shaina Stigler, two NYC-based comedians who got tired of hearing silly, gendered terms like “comedienne” being tossed around. There’s more than that on the female ballot, of course — there’s also the age-old matter of pay disparity, though that’s thankfully getting some celebrity attention. But what makes this particular conversation about the future of comedy pressing (and prescient) enough to warrant a three-day affair that costs $75 to attend? We turned to Wall and Stigler for answers about why the Brooklyn’s funny-women model sets the stage better than any other city for a conference like this. (more…)


Like Ferris & Co., we take our drinking games quite seriously

We’ve all got an elaborate hooky plan—doesn’t matter whether you actually follow through with that wild Wednesday afternoon, spent tearing down the BQE with the top down, running amok at the Brooklyn Museum. While helping you play hooky would be pretty un-American of us, we can direct you to a celebration of everyone’s favorite leisure-fest! Tonight, Union Hall is paying tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with a live reading-cum-drinking-game of the movie, to help you forget the whole adult responsibility thing. (more…)

03/26/15 11:22am

Sheet music beats an iPod DJ. by Sam Bodkin

What’s a regular Friday night look like for you? Does it involve drinking and socializing in a cool apartment? How about a string section? Oh yeah, you heard me. There’s a new beat in town for all you Brooklyn culture-seekers, and it involves all of the above.

Groupmuse is a social events platform that organizes live performances of classical masterworks—BYOB, since the performance will be in someone’s apartment. “A concert hall isn’t a particularly engaging social scene,” says Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin. That’s why he moved the music into living rooms, and pared down the concert ticket price to just $10. So for the cost of a cocktail, you can experience some of the greatest music in history, ten feet away from you. No black tie necessary. (more…)

03/26/15 9:55am

Just don’t dance so hard it ends in the death of a disco dancer

1. We were going to suggest you go to this Smiths party at The Bell House to find yourself a Charming Man, but decided against it since that joke isn’t funny anymore. (Friday)

2. Dance to free indie slash synthpop in tandem at Tandem Bar. (Friday)

3. If you can hear anything over the sound of your self viciously devouring free pizza, you’ll probably enjoy the comics at Videology’s Comedy Killed the Video Star. (Friday)


03/23/15 7:00am

Chitra Ganesh breaks down gender and myth while you break it down

1. James Hannahan discusses his latest sad-sounding novel, Delicious Foods, which follows a grieving widow as she becomes a drug addict. (Monday)

2. Another edition of Creep has lurked back into our lives, and this time their lineup includes Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancherla, Brett Davis, and Liza Treyger. (Tuesday)

3. Join Dawn Luebbe as she bravely revisits her preteen years at My 1992 Diary at WORD. (Tuesday) (more…)

03/20/15 2:51pm

Feel free to incorporate any of these moves into your dancing

25 years ago Depeche Mode released Violator and we all got the personal Jesus we’d desperately needed. We still Just Can’t Get Enough of this this early electro masterpiece, and to commemorate it Feeling Gloomy is throwing 25 Years Vio-Later, the Depeche Mode party where you can take a break from enjoying the silence and dance to your favorite dark synthpop cuts. (more…)

03/20/15 8:06am
clench and release

It was a rough winter for all of us, including Charla

We were big fans of Charla Lauriston’s first season of her web series Clench and Release, which if you haven’t watched, you should watch here right now. Obviously other people were too, because Lauriston parlayed that and all the other stuff she did into a writing job on the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you worked your way through that too and still want some Charla, you’re in luck, because Clench and Release season 2 is about to drop, and you can see it premiere live and catch stand up from a bevy of Brooklyn comics next week at Littlefield. (more…)

03/19/15 2:46pm
We're also thrilled

We’re also thrilled

Adolescence. It’s hard. And confusing. And it produces lots of 20 and 30 somethings with residual existential angst, because what is this whole life thing supposed to be about, really. The only thing we can think of that’s even angstier than being a teen is pretty much everything about the 90s. Forget the whole grunge thing. How are we supposed to feel about Russia without the Cold War? How do we define sexual relations anyway? Is age really nothing but a number? The whole damn decade was just a long listless sigh. So it follows that if you’re looking to get your angst fix, My So-Called Life is what you’re seeking: a show about 90s teenagers that unfairly got cancelled just as it started to get going, because what’s more anguishing than getting chopped down just as things start looking up? Life, man.


03/19/15 8:00am


1. Nibble on cheap lobster rolls at Brooklyn Bridge Park, since we imagine nibbling is how rich people eat. (Friday)

2. See art in Brooklyn about art in Brooklyn at Made in Brooklyn, a four-night pop-up gallery. (Friday)

3. We know you’ve still got some teenage angst left in you, so begrudgingly drag it all to Videology for My So-Called Life party. (Friday)

4. Get tips on how to grapple with your most crippling lulls in creativity at Overcoming Writer’s Block, a workshop at Made in NY Media Center. (Saturday)  (more…)

greenpoint gallery night

Get a look at this work from Jonathan Campolo, and more, as you stroll trough Greenpoint Gallery Night. via Facebook

Spring has just about sprung, and you’re feeling like you want to stretch your legs and get a good walk in. You can do that and get get your wine and cheese on at this Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night. The first Greenpoint Gallery event of the new year, this Friday’s art walk (weather permitting) promises a chance to hobnob with local artists and explore the environs of Greenpoint gallery scene.  (more…)