12/01/15 8:52am
What are New York City's pests plotting?  Find out tonight!

What are the pests of NYC plotting? Find out tonight!

Welcome to Tuesday. It’s…well you know, it’s a Tuesday. It’s fine, it’s not that exciting but it could also be worse. At least we’re a day closer to the weekend. Also at least you’re not heading to jail for the rest of your natural life like Sheldon Silver. Man, imagine that. In jail forever for selfish crimes of corruption, never able to enjoy the Brokelyn Events Calendar ever again. Take it from me kids, don’t do selfish crimes of corruption and don’t hang around politics for 50 years. Instead hang around Brooklyn do some fun stuff tonight. Maybe hang around politics for 20 years though, we need some decent leadership. (more…)

11/30/15 4:17pm
Morgan O'Kane brings the ruckus (#) (pic by Eraj Asadi)

Morgan O’Kane brings the ruckus (#8) (pic by Christian Kropfmuller)

1. Who would possibly want to be at Art Basel where it’s all hot and gross when you could save your money and hang with endless artists right here? Celebrate your prudent decision to stay put by hanging up one of your works at the Living Gallery’s Not in Miami BYOArt fair. (Monday, $5 suggested)

2. The New York Obscura Society specializes in strange and fascinating things, from cemetery parties to unusual lectures. Tonight the group presents Sita Sings the Blues, and animated film about the Hindu text Ramayana via 1930s jazz music. (Monday, $12)

3. Storytelling shows are all the rage, but here’s a new spin: at Take Two, each story will be told twice—the way it actually happened, and then the way it should have. With Cassie J Sneider, Kelli Dunham, Elana Lancaster, and more. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

11/30/15 8:33am
And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

Yes, I know, it’s Monday. On this particular Monday though, you should really avoid all the “Ugh, Mondays amirite?” that everyone’s prone to, because come on, we just had a really short week. The good times where we didn’t work couldn’t last forever, but you can jump right back into your habit of having fun nights by consulting the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Or make it even easier and just consult this list of the best things harvested from it. You can do whatever you like. (more…)

11/27/15 11:46am

Trixie Little will be so hoop-y to see you (#12) (pic via Facebook)

1. If shopping’s your thing today, try the International Coalitition for African Fashion’s Black Friday Pop-Up Shop at MoCADA, with handmade clothing and accessories from 20+ designers. (Friday, FREE)

2. Or skip the shopping and bring the troops to Brooklyn Bowl’s Post-Thanksgiving Family Bowl, free from noon on. (Friday, FREE)

3. Or sleep all day and then venture out to Halyard’s for some laughs: Bitches Brew features Eli Sairs, Aparna Nacherla, Lance Weiss, Mike Leibovitz, and Sharron Paul. (Friday, FREE) (more…)

11/25/15 9:56am
Be thankful this isn't your life

Be thankful this isn’t your life

Well, here it is, the final night in New York before Thanksgiving. Things are a little sleepy out there, what with people freeing their employees to either go back to their faraway homes or just drink in their nearby homes with friends. If you don’t want to do either of those though, the Brokelyn Events Calendar is here for you, as usual, with some cool stuff to do. Just one more thing to be thankful for. (more…)

11/24/15 9:02am
Get a reminder of the power of the Dark Side

Get a reminder of the power of the Dark Side

The thing about a short week is that it makes the longing for the end of it that much more acute. Oh sure you think at first that having just three days to work will be easy, but then you see some people leaving two days into the week, and some people left yesterday. And you’re still here, stuck at your desk until sometime on Wednesday. Well, unlike those people who left, you can enjoy yourself in the greatest city in the world, thanks to the fun things to do on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Those people who left early are all probably on overbooked flights with crying babies. (more…)

11/23/15 1:12pm
We're thankful for Jean Grae's amazing fashion sense (#3)

We’re thankful for Jean Grae’s amazing fashion sense (#3) (pic by Ochos Photography)

1. It’s Thanksgiving week, so start it off right by stuffing yourself at Sycamore Bar’s Friendsgiving, which promises turducken meatballs, mulled wine, and pie. Nommmm. (Monday, FREE)

2. Or if you prefer to start it off laughing, head to the Brooklyn Brewery, which has joined forces with Above Average to present an excellent comedy showcase, featuring Aparna Nancherla, Aaron Jackson, Jo Firestone, and Jon Rudnitsky. (Monday, FREE) (more…)

11/23/15 8:53am
How does this crazy Hadron Collider thing work? Will it destroy us all? Find out, tonight at The Bell House. Photo by Maximilien Brice, via CERN

How does this crazy Hadron Collider thing work? Will it destroy us all? Find out, tonight at The Bell House. Photo by Maximilien Brice, via CERN

Some bad news: it’s Monday. Some good news: it’s a short week. Some bad news: Sheamus is your WWE world champ following an underwhelming Survivor Series. Some good news: the Brokelyn Event Calendar is still full of some good stuff to do tonight despite a lot of venues going into holiday hibernation. I say, focus on the good news. (more…)

11/20/15 12:36pm

NYC area guide shops

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Have you been daydreaming about backpacking in the Catskills, rafting over class III rapids or paddle boarding on the Hudson? If the only thing stopping you is that you’ve never done it and don’t know where to start, we’ve got a secret for you. Hire a guide. (more…)

11/20/15 8:46am
You will not regret seeing the Regrets (#)

You won’t regret partying with the Regrets (#12) (pic by Max Branigan)

1. Go back in time at the Brooklyn Historical Society—for free this evening only. (Friday, FREE)

2. Support the great work of Interference Archive with a benefit party at Verso Books, which will include a silent auction of “social movement ephemera.” (Friday, $20)

3. Dance the night away at Zodiack: Scorpio Boxxx in the basement of the Idio Gallery, replete with “carnal performances,” gritty music, and sensual visuals. (Friday, $5 // Scorpios free) (more…)