04/27/15 8:45am
We guess we've heard of it?

We guess we’ve heard of it?

1. Do some thinking and talking about race with Brooklyn Public Philosophers as they discuss W.E.B. DuBois and Brown vs. Board of Education. (Monday)

2. Hear comics angrily growl “and let me tell you” at Antagonist Storytelling Show (or ASS, naturally) at Over the Eight. (Monday)

3. Alcohol and strong opinions are always a great mix, so join Allen McDuffee and John Flowers as they break down the 2016 elections at Politics and Pints. (Monday) (more…)

04/24/15 12:57pm
fuller house

See how it all went wrong

As all you 90s kids out there know, Netflix is reviving/rebooting/sequelizing Full House, because 90s kids love the slow comforting death of nostalgia. Some of you out there are probably already chomping at the bit for Fuller House, and while we can’t get Netflix to work on it any faster, we can help you a little bit. Next Friday at Videology, a crew of comedians will be performing an “unauthorized” stage reading of a Fuller House script, with the twist is that the show is now about Kimmy and DJ being a pair of casino-robbing bandits on the run from the law. (more…)

04/24/15 11:25am
red hook crit

They go fast. via Flickr user Eric Konon

Usually when it comes to packs of speeding lunatics going around and around in circles for hours, you’ve gotta go find New York’s closest NASCAR track (which is upstate in Watkins Glen). Fortunately, you’ve got a free, somewhat similar, bike-based option here this weekend. Want to watch packs of cyclists speed around a street track at upwards of 35mph on brakeless bicycles? Come watch the Red Hook Crit on Saturday. (more…)

04/23/15 1:59pm

Maybe he’ll pull up in his Lexus with custom HIMANSHU plates. via Facebook

Have you had a chance to listen to Heems’ new solo album from this year, Eat Pray Thug? You should go listen to it right now, it’s great. Before you run to Spotify to load it up though, run to a new tab to RSVP for the free Heems show going down at Northside this summer. And then prepare to run to McCarren Park to see the show, since we imagine that it’s gonna be one of the more popular free shows of the whole festival. (more…)

04/23/15 11:30am
It's time you joined the club

It’s time you joined the club

1. Have a meta discussion about a book about books in at BookCourt at the release of Tim Park’s Where I’m Reading. (Friday)

2. Drink with everyone and dance with everyone and make out with everyone at Passenger Bar’s Music Video Make Out Party. (Friday)

3. Unleash your inner cool 60s British kid at Go-Go Gotham with ska, rocksteady, and mod at The Diamond. (Friday) (more…)

04/22/15 8:00am
Yohance Collins rules the stage at the Knitting Factory, one of Brooklyn's best free stand-up nights. Photo by Ray Krump via Comedy at the Knitting Factory Tumblr.

Yohance Collins rules the stage at the Knitting Factory, one of Brooklyn’s best free stand-up nights. Photo by Ray Krump via Comedy at the Knitting Factory Tumblr.

When BFF comedy trio Max Silvestri, Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman brought free indie stand-up show Big Terrific to life in 2008, it was a welcome antithesis to the pricey and decidedly not-chill Manhattan comedy clubs. Seven years later, after paving the way for Brooklyn’s path to indisputable comedy dominance, Big Terrific is closing up shop (catch the final show tonight!). Max is heading to L.A., following Gabe and Jenny, who went West in 2012. But as we say goodbye to Big Terrific, say hello to everything else our fine borough has to offer. We’re part of a new comedy era, characterized by a quirky, casual approach that ditches old-school standards including the two-drink minimum and reserved seating.

Behold and befriend your comprehensive guide to the cheapest (almost all free, but none over $10) funniest, smartest shows in Brooklyn, and get your fill of stand-up on any night of the week. This is where you go to find everything from the groundbreaking comedians to watch to the frequent big-name drop-ins. Bookmark it; we’ll keep it updated. (more…)

04/21/15 1:45pm
Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official firestation. via flickr user Joi Ito

Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official fire station. via flickr user Joi Ito

Haven’t you always wanted to pretend you were answering a five-alarm fire call? Suit up, slide down a giant pole, jump in a bright red truck and take off to save the day? Well, you probably can’t do all that without getting arrested. But you can see where all the magic happens. Gothamist reports that next weekend, on May 2, every firehouse in the city will be open to the public.  (more…)

04/20/15 8:40am
Goodbye, sweet comedy prince.

Goodbye, sweet comedy prince.

1. Refine your enemy outwitting/slaying skills as Brooklyn Public Philosophers explain Why Metaphors Make Good Insults. (Monday)

2. Pour it up at this Rihanna reading party at Over the Eight, where you can do literate things between DJ sets. (Monday)

3. Learn about tenants’ rights and preventing landlord harassment with help from Eric Adams at Tenant Protection 101. (Tuesday) (more…)

04/17/15 1:19pm
See this girl at a talk show

See this girl at a talk show

Like a lot of late 80s/90s kids, you may have spent a whole lot of time listening to Sonic Youth as you grew up, and you might have even developed a crush on Thurston Moore or Kim Gordon. If you did, you’ve got a chance tonight to proffess your love for Kim Gordon in a small room (don’t actually do this), because tonight she’ll be appearing on The Corrigan Show at Over the Eight, and you can see it all, for free. (more…)

04/16/15 10:32am

You never know when those foraging skills with come in handy

1. See VickiKristinaBARCELONA perform at Bar Lunatico. We hear they’re more fun than the film. (Friday)

2. Memoirist Dale Peck talks foresight and hindsight at the BookCourt release of Visions and Revisions. (Friday)

3. Bring your side piece to Amor Prohibido and celebrate the fact that Selena’s music just never gets old. (Friday) (more…)