02/17/17 2:35pm

2016 ended its reign of terror by taking one last icon from us: BookCourt, the beloved Cobble Hill bookstore closed its doors after 35 years on New Year’s Eve. But packaged with that gloomy cloud was a tantalizing silver lining: author and former BookCourt employee Emma Straub announced she and her husband would pick up the mantle and open a new bookstore in the neighborhood. And now it’s really happening! Straub posted on Instagram yesterday that the new store, Books Are Magic (aw), will open at 225 Smith St. at the corner of Butler this spring. There’s no official opening date yet but construction is well underway according to Instagram pictures. We’ll keep you updated on an official date when we hear more. (more…)

02/17/17 10:40am
Bacon Egg Cheese Toasted MetroCard

Bacon egg and cheese on a toasted MetroCard, a classic Brooklyn delicacy. Photo via Fablo West

Presenting the most NYC sandwich ever: A BEC in between two student MetroCards

Bushwick DIY venue Shea Stadium is back
[Brooklyn Vegan]
ICE raids detained 41 people last week, including Bushwick residents [DNAinfo]
Ambitious gourmet “diner” Hail Mary closes in Greenpoint [Gothamist]
Tough choices face Bushwick as rezoning approaches [City Limits]
Iron Maidens all-female weightlifting competition returns to Gowanus [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
9 artists honor the man who put Brooklyn on the map [New York Times]
Woody Allen’s new film to be named “Wonder Wheel” [The Woody Allen Pages]
The sad socialist saga of the Park Slope Coop [New York Post]
Domino affordable housing gets 87,000 applicants for 104 apartments [Curbed]
The story of squats [Urban Omnibus]

02/16/17 3:29pm
Photo by Steve Sherman/Brownstoner.

Fort Greene’s Pequena joined the Day Without Immigrants protest today. Photo by Steve Sherman/Brownstoner.

Let’s check in on the latest tally of groups that have struck out against Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-sanity attempts to solve problems that don’t exist since being in office: the bars revolted, the bodegas took to the streets, the restaurants took a stand and the laundromats rode into battle. Now today, a variety of businesses joined the fight as donut shops, Mexican restaurants and fruit stands went on strike for the Day Without Immigrants protest. Across Brooklyn, those businesses included Fort Greene’s Pequeña, Dough donuts in Bed-Stuy, Blue Ribbon in Park Slope, Sociale in Brooklyn Heights and many more, according to Brownstoner.

Up next in huge protests, women take the streets again March 8 for “A Day Without A Woman,” organized by the group that created the Women’s March on Washington. So basically, soon you should be expecting a protest every day of every week until the end of time, which is probably only about two months away anyway. Here’s what the Day Without Immigrants looked like in Brooklyn today.  (more…)

02/13/17 9:35am
Brownstoner Schneps Communications Acquisition Collage

Brooklyn Bridge photo by Mary Hautman

Brokelyn’s got a new sister site: welcome to the network, Brownstoner! Our publisher, family-owned media company Schneps Communications, has officially added Brownstoner to the Schneps network alongside us, The Brooklyn Home Reporter, The Brooklyn Spectator and The Queens Courier.

If you don’t know, Brownstoner was launched in 2004 by Brooklyn Flea founder Jonathan Butler and chronicles change in BK through the lens of real estate. Brownstoner also hosts real estate listings, a community forum for connecting with neighbors, and a directory of home improvement professionals. The also have a boss Insta account. Now you know. (more…)

02/10/17 1:59pm
Friday Link Roundup Williamsburg Snow Climate Change

Photo via forallhumanity

Go get the most expensive cup of coffee in the country for $18 in Sunset Park [NY Post]
The city wants the garment district to be reborn in Sunset Park [New York Times]
Text these twee Bushwick Vday gifs to everyone in the neighborhood [Bushwick Daily]
The late Brooklyn District Attorney’s suits have been donated to former prisoners [Patch]
The world may be going to shit but Coney Island is getting NEW RIDES [Brooklyn Paper]
House porn alert: this adorable 350-square-foot studio in Park Slope [Apartment Therapy]
Don’t give up on change: vote to update the (New York) constitution [Untapped Cities]
Checkout one OG Brooklynite’s photos of 1950s Coney Island [Washington Post]

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02/09/17 4:57pm
Here's why Brooklynites lined up at 10am yesterday for these Planned Parenthood tattoos

A patron gets “choice” tattooed on their arm during the Part to Protect Fundraiser yesterday. Photo by Tony Falcone.

Never underestimate the allure of cheap tattoos in Brooklyn, especially when those tattoos are killer feminist designs that benefit Planned Parenthood. Dozens of eager tattoo subjects lined up outside Magick City in Greenpoint yesterday for the Tattoo to Protect Your Parts fundraiser yesterday. The event didn’t start until 2pm, but if you weren’t in line by noon, you were out of luck. About 80 people total got the chance to pay $40 for a tattoo, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood NYC Votes. The event was the brainchild of Party to Protect, a group founded in the post-election malaise to help raise money for things under attack during the Trump administration like reproductive rights and basic human decency.

“I think we’ve all spent a few nights just on the couch with a blanket just crying about the state of the world,” Laura Matthei, one of the group’s organizers told us. “This is obviously something that’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. The framework is being laid out. I thought we were immune to stuff like that and we’re no longer immune. And that’s really terrifying and we want to do everything we can to combat this.” (more…)

02/03/17 5:07pm
Lining up for prayer at Thursday's bodega strike rally. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Lining up for prayer at Thursday’s bodega strike rally. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

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Our new 2017 Beer Books went on sale! We know you’re gonna need beer this year.

You heard the words “citywide Yemeni bodega strike” for the first time in your life.

Then thousands of bodega owners rallied in front of Borough Hall (with great signs too).

And we learned the rest of America doesn’t know what a bodega is.

These tattoo artists offered cheap feminist tattoos to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Smunion, the beloved, maybe mafia-tied, Smith Street bodega, got its own T-shirt.

We finally got the Nazi-punching film festival we needed.

The affordable housing lottery for units in a Downtown Brooklyn building opened.

Grand Army Plaza emerged as the center of BK’s Resist Trump movement.

Union Hall kicked off a fundraising Resistance Comedy series.

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02/03/17 9:59am
Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Meow he’s gone and done it. Photos by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

We’re just 14 days into the Donald Trump presidency and we’ve reached the point that bodega owners — and, presumably, their cats — have risen up in open revolt. Thousands of Yemeni bodega owners and supporters rallied in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall last night in protest of Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, capping off an unprecedented eight-hour citywide bodega strike. The strike shuttered an estimated 1,000 Yemeni-owned bodegas, groceries and others stores across the five boroughs and drove home the point that Trump’s Muslim travel ban wasn’t just reverberating in far-off lands; it affected the family and friends of the people you get your coffee, Modelo and Hi-Chews from every day. And we already know what happened when someone tried to come for the bodega cats.

This above was our favorite sign from the rally, so let’s take a moment to digest what it means: The words of a man who bragged about sexual assault on tape but still became president are being used against him by New York City bodega owners in protest of his racist and knee-jerk outrage at Muslim countries around the world. Good luck with this stuff, writers of future history textbooks.  (more…)

02/01/17 4:41pm
Via Google Maps.

Via Google Maps.

Stock up on BECs, toilet paper and Goya products while you can because Yemeni bodega workers across the city are going on strike tomorrow to protest Trump’s Muslim travel ban. Buzzfeed reports from 12-8pm tomorrow, an estimated 1,000 Yemeni-owned (yeah, that’s how many just Yemeni bodegas there are in New York City) stores citywide will shut down to show their opposition to the ban, which several courts have already told the Trump administration to get the FOH with. It comes on the heels of the of the yellow cab drivers’ union refusing to pick up at JFK over the weekend in solidarity with the protestors. Yemen is one of the country’s on Trump’s ban list. A protest at Brooklyn Borough Hall is planned for 5:15pm too.

“This shutdown of grocery stores and bodegas will be a public show of the vital role these grocers and their families play in New York’s economic and social fabric and, during this period, grocery store owners will spend time with their families and loved ones to support each other; many of these families have been directly affected by the Ban,” according to the event’s Facebook page. (more…)

01/30/17 8:40am
'Not this time, motherf--ker:' How Brooklyn raged against Trump's Muslim ban this weekend

A much-photographed sign at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on Saturday night. Via @sushmitasp on Instagram.

President Trump has had just two Saturdays of his presidency so far and they’ve both been met with unprecedented national protest. Protesters flocked to JFK Saturday night until it was all but physically impossible to get there; then they shifted their attention to Cadman Plaza outside the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse, where a judge would eventually grant a temporary stay on Trump’s order. The scene at Cadman Plaza drew hundreds of people, musicians and people handing out free cheese plates, all channeling the righteous anger shown in one of the most popular protest signs of the weekend: “First they came for the Muslims, and I said ‘Not this time, motherfucker.'”

That a Brooklyn federal judge was the first to rule on the stay was a coincidence of jurisdiction, but it’s hard not to find some top notes of Brooklyn pride that the decision, and its related protests, was issued from Downtown Brooklyn in a city rife with immigrants, where you can see the Statue of Liberty from a train window on your commute into work. New Yorkers felt the worst effects of 9/11 and came out of it with a resolve to be more tolerant of others, not less. The overall message from New York to the residents of Trump’s America was: If we’re not scared, why the hell are you? Here’s a snapshot of how Brooklyn reacted to the events of the weekend: (more…)