08/13/14 2:40pm
brooklyn beer and wine festival

Look at all the fun they had last year. And you’ll have even more fun because you’ll be there for free! via Facebook

Hey, remember the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival, that $20 extravaganza of beer and wine going down in Bed-Stuy on Saturday? Of course you do, you’re a hopeless lush, just like us. It sounds great, but maybe you don’t have $20. Good news then, because if you’re subscribed to our weekly email, you can win two VIP passes that get you unlimited drinks during Saturday’s festivities. You’re in for a rough Sunday if you win. (more…)

07/23/14 9:47am
bushwick beverages

See the person on the drinking side? That could be you, over and over again! For free!

You guys have any weekend plans? Maybe a little quiet reading at home, followed by an early bed time? Ha ha, no, of course not, you want to go out and have fun. Bushwick Beverages, the all-day drinking and eating festival going down on Troutman Street on Saturday certainly sounds like a great way to have fun. It’s going to feature the best beer and wine from local distributors and microbrewers, food from local restaurants and plenty of music. One lucky subscriber to our weekly email is going to get to go for free though, with a pair of all-day passes (that usually go for $50) that entitle you to unlimited drinking, ticket system be damned! Not a subscriber yet? Well sign up! (more…)

07/16/14 8:26am
out in the streets festival

Wouldn’t you like to be a VIP at a festival with such good lighting? Photo by Erika Mugglin, courtesy Out in the Streets

Hey, are you guys subscribed to our weekly email? Not only is it a great way to know how you should spend your weekend, it’s also a great way to keep up with our best stories from the week, in case you missed one while you were busy at work. Oh! We also give stuff away from time to time, like this week when a lucky email subscriber will win a pair of VIP tickets to next weekend’s Out in the Streets festival. (more…)

06/04/14 12:00pm

Malm Dresser Azure

Attention Ikea shoppers: so great that you finally got those birch veneer shelves! What a bummer everyone else has them too! Want to pretend your particle board composite storage is something way more quirky and interesting? With Panyl, the grooviest home innovation since clap lights, your Malm dresser doesn’t have to be meh anymore — using giant stickers you can turn it any color you like. Or chevron. Or striped. Or polka dotted. (Here’s a whole mess of Panyl projects for inspiration.) Just for being a Brokelyn subscriber, you can win $50 worth of Panyl to help make your dresser look Odda dis world. Plus Brokelyn readers get a 10 percent discount all month long by entering Brokelyn at checkout. (more…)

05/22/14 4:02pm
brooklyn brew shop

Sign up for our email list and you’ll be able to listen to the nice lady and learn how. via Facebook

Hey guys, are you signed up for our weekly email? We can’t imagine why not, it’s great! By signing up, you get the best stories we’ve run all the week, the best things to do for your weekend, and sometimes there are even prizes. Like for this upcoming email, in which we’ll select a lucky subscriber to win two tickets to the upcoming Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making class in DUMBO. Tickets would usually be $40, but if you win, you and a friend (or a more than friend…) get to go for $0. Of course, even if you don’t win it, email subscribers will also have an exclusive discount code for 10% off the price of the party, so you’re a winner no matter what. What are you waiting for, the email goes out Friday morning, so sign up now!

Babeland puts the fun back into sex.

Your high school “health” teacher doesn’t know these tricks.

Everyone could use a new bedroom groove now and again, whether you’re paired off or still playing around. Why not bone up on your skills at Babeland? We’re giving away two pair of tickets (normally $20 a piece) to Babeland‘s newest workshop, Hot Tips for Bedroom Bliss, taking place March 19. Spend an hour picking up new tips on female pleasure, including oral sex, bedroom toys and other ideas for getting the most out of every romp.

You gotta be an e-mail subscriber to win. Sign up here and click the link in tomorrow’s e-mail to enter. That’s it! We’ll pick two winners next Monday, March 17, at noon.

Babeland is also giving all Brokelyn readers a $5 discount to the workshop. Just visit the event’s Eventbrite page and enter the code “broke” to get the discount.

Keep an eye out for the newsletter every Thursday in your mailbox. Lots more getaways to come.

12/11/13 4:45pm
nyc snow bus

This could be you (if you win and have good balance)! via Facebook

Living in the city is expensive enough. We can’t even imagine how to justify the economics of getting upstate for a weekend to indulge in snow sports. That’s why we want to send two lucky ski (or board) bum newsletter subscribers on a free day trip on December 20 to Mountain Creek, NJ with the NYC Snow Bus. That’s right: our newsletter contest returns with the coolest (haha) prize yet. Here’s what the lucky winner gets:

  • FREE round-trip transportation for two on the hip NYC Snow Bus
  • Two FREE lift tickets for the day
  • Rental equipment for two discounted from $45 to $25 each (if needed).

This whole package would normally cost $97. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our mailing list. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy our curated weekend events listings and links to the best Brokelyn articles in every weekly e-mail. We’re choosing a winner at noon on Monday, December 16th, so don’t delay. Sign up and look for our weekly e-mail tomorrow afternoon with info about the contest.