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St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe.

St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe.

St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe
533 Atlantic Ave. (3rd and 4th Ave.), Boerum Hill/Downtown Brooklyn,
(347) 763-2261

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What it is: A beer lovers’ haven for the latest local brews, domestic favorites and international imports, named for the patron saint of beer himself.

Why we love it: Whether you’re searching for something unusual or a tried-and-true craft favorite, St. Gambrinus is ready to serve you the beer you were looking for, or the one you didn’t know you wanted. The bar and bottle shop supports local New York area self distributing breweries like Other Half, Barrier, Finback, Singlecut and Transmitter, available fresh from 16 taps, as well as from an extensive collection of bottles to go.

Exercising their Brooklyn street cred, the shop hosts periodical detox-and-retox yoga and beer tasting events on some Saturday afternoons (check the Facebook page to find out when the next one might be), along with a series of regular tastings highlighting different brewreies and beer styles.

What to order: We recommend trying a flight of your bartender’s current favorites, mostly because they serve them in cupcake trays, and also because they are always gracious and knowledgeable about beer questions here.

Regular tip: In the warmer months, St. Gambrinus is a heavenly kingdom for day drinking. Grab a couple of pints and enjoy them under a big tree in the secret garden-esque, gravel-and-grass backyard.

hamilton's brooklyn

via Hamilton’s

2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, at E. 4th St., Windsor Terrace,

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What it is: Hamilton’s is one of the best reasons you can think of for heading over to Windsor Terrace. A cozy wine bar with great craft beers, as well as an all-star kitchen, it’s a great neighborhood spot to check out for dinner, or just some tasty wings and beer.

Why we love it: Everything Hamilton’s does seems to be top-notch.From mulled drinks in winter, it’s got a fantastic menu that will keep you coming back to try all the other dishes, and on top of all that, it’s a relaxed yet vibrant bar in a neighborhood that doesn’t often get a lot of traffic from outside the neighborhood. You wouldn’t guess it from inside Hamilton’s, which feels like stumbling onto a scene that you feel kind of dumb for not knowing about before. It’s an excellent date spot, straight up, with its small, well-crafted dishes and great wines, this is the kind of place to go and have a nice cozy few drinks.

What to order: If it’s winter, check out their mulled wine. Food-wise, mac and cheese with bacon or the tender-as-anything grilled squid.

Regular tip: Hamilton’s is owned by the same people who run Alchemy, so if you’re a fan of that Park Slope fixture, you can get a sense of what to expect here!

04/22/15 8:00am

Brooklyn’s glorious spring just got even better: Introducing our first ever Brooklyn Cocktail Book, your ticket to keeping cool and well-lubricated at some of the best bars from Bed-Stuy to Red Hook. For $20, you get a pocket-sized, smartly-designed collection of 2-for-1 drink tickets at 20 tip-top bars.

Whether your palate runs to old-fashioneds or kombuchatinis (we don’t judge… much), you know a cocktail habit doesn’t come cheap. The Cocktail Book is a triple-A investment* because the book pays for itself in just two bar visits — and then you’re practically making money just by drinking margaritas! Not a bad summer job at all.

Tickets are good through Dec. 15, 2015, so you can take the time you need working your way through those 40 cocktails. (But don’t take too much time ordering yours — they may not last.) Where will your Cocktail Book take you? Here’s the full lineup of fine boozeries:


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spam food truck

Come on now. via Facebook

Earlier this month, we showed you the fake phenomenon that was Bushwick’s artisanal spam-making duo. Yes, it was a joke, just in case you were still confused. Now though, in a case of life imitating April Fool’s jokes, the Hormel Food-Like Products Company is rolling out a Spam food truck. We guess because the only thing that could improve canned meat is breathing in exhaust fumes while eating it? (more…)

feltman's coney island

When we say o.g., we mean “before photography was commonplace” o.g. via Facebook

If you didn’t know, Coney Island hot dogs have a long history, going way back, possibly even to before the time when your great-grandparents were getting their names Americanized at Ellis Island. Nowadays, the Coney Island hot dog scene is being dominated by Nathan’s, but their seemingly unshakeable grip is being challenged any day now by an old competitor from the past. Yes, Coney Island is seeing a good old fashioned hot dog war soon, because, per The Coney Island Blog, o.g. hot dog maker Feltman’s Coney Island Hot Dogs is coming back to town and offering their hot dogs for half the price of a Nathan’s dog. (more…)

04/14/15 9:59am
ben & jerry's free cone day

What price for ice cream? via Facebook

Looks like the weather may finally have turned this week, which means you can start thinking of things like eating ice cream. Don’t want to pay for said ice cream? That’s okay, today you don’t have to, because Ben and Jerry’s annual ice cream giveaway is upon us once again, from noon to 8pm. Obviously free ice cream is always good, unless like Tim, you think that Ben and Jerry’s is a “mediocre…faux-hippie chic” excuse for ice cream, in which case you probably won’t want to brave Times Square for a free cone. Oh, did we mention you have to go to two of New York’s most tourist-infested places for your free cone? (more…)

sycamore brooklyn

via Sycamore

1118 Cortelyou Rd. (between Stratford Rd & Westminster), Ditmas Park,

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What it is: Sycamore has been called the “coziest bar in Brooklyn,” and while we aren’t ready to throw Brokelyn’s editorial might behind that assertion, we’ll put it squarely in the running, with its bricky, whiskeyed, wool-sweatery feel, friendly bartenders and one’s tendency to get sucked in and never leave.

Why we love it: Sycamore is like a Catskills bar because it’s mostly locals during the week but Saturday nights it gets packed—and we mean that—with weekenders from parts unknown, ie, not Ditmas Park. In warm weather, the backyard is made for letting lost afternoons spill over into the wee hours. Plus, there’s a sweet flower shop named Stems in the front of the house—what other bar has that? Bring whiskey and craft beer lovers and everyone else. Hard to find anyone who doesn’t like this place. Lately, the bar has been beefing up the events: a monthly Star Sign Party on the ides of every month features tarot reading, drink specials and flower crowns from Stems. Sycamore also hosts a monthly Beer Club that spotlights a different brewery every month. A monthly Queer Party (Ditmas Park’s only!) called Q-Train features live performances on the lit-up bar (!)

What to order: Ask the bartender to choose a whiskey chaser for your beer. You won’t be disappointed.

Regular tip: Ditmas Parkers still talk about that time The National popped by and played an unannounced set because they live in the neighborhood and what else does The National do on Tuesday afternoons? 

04/08/15 2:35pm
We like all of this

We like all of this

Are you wondering what the easiest way for you to get a night at your bar stamped with the Brokelyn seal of approval? It’s pretty simple: Offer up free beer and pizza to all comers. We don’t know why everyone doesn’t just do this all the time (oh right, you have to “make money”), but Baby’s All Right offshoot Elvis Guesthouse (85 Avenue A) has decided to do it tonight, so maybe go check it out. The only downside is that it’s in Manhattan, but whatever, you’re probably there because of your job anyway. (more…)

04/08/15 9:00am


Fort Defiance
365 Van Brunt St. (at Dikeman), Red Hook
(347) 453-6672

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What it is: Fort Defiance is a locally-sourced breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch bar and restaurant with a strong New Orleans bent (owner St. John Frizell lived and worked there for many years). It’s a welcoming neighborhood hangout that plenty of non Red Hook locals will make the trek for again and again.

Why we love it: In addition to serving up delicious food and drink every day of the week, the Fort offers nightly specials: Monday-Friday is oyster happy hour from 3-7; Monday is burger night; and Thursdays is all Tiki with “The Sunken Harbor Club,” featuring creative tropical drink specials (Samoan Fog Cutter anyone?) and a Polynesian-inspired food menu. It’s an establishment that equally favors New Orleans and Brooklyn, making it a safe-haven for NOLA expats and Brooklyn diehards alike.

What to order: Choose from a mix of local craft beers, like Sixpoint and Other Half, and New Orleans favorites Abita and Bayou Teche, on tap. Creole red beans on toast is a NOLA-inspired brunch favorite—pair it with perfect brunch cocktails Ramos Gin Fizz or a Bourbon Milk punch. At lunch or dinner, definitely try the lauded chicken liver pate with a Sazerac. And don’t forget the aforementioned Thursday night Sunken Harbor Club, where you can order tiki drinks such as the “Gunga Din,” a g ‘n t with cardamom and a twist.

Regular tip: Fort Defiance is named for Red Hook’s Revolutionary War stronghold where General Washington and his troops shot down British boats in the harbor during the Battle of Brooklyn.

Fort Defiance is a featured bar in the 2015 Cocktail Book, on sale now!

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oaxaca taco

More of this in Brooklyn? Sign us up. via Facebook

You can never have enough tacos in your life, as the old saying goes, so we suppose that means that you can never have enough taco news either. Today’s taco news is happy news indeed, with DNA Info reporting that not only has Mexican staple Oaxaca Taqueria opened a new location near the Navy Yard, but we’re also getting two more Oaxaca outposts in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights soon. Looks like you won’t have to rely on the taco man coming by every afternoon if you want a snack. (more…)