Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

You know that annoying food dilemma where you want to make a meal out of a number of different dishes from a number of different places? It’s similar to the “having your cake and eating it too,” phenomenon but instead you want to have a slice of cake from every place that sells cake and also eat them, too. It’s eaters like you who are bound to be in foodie heaven at the Taste of Bushwick. (more…)

05/29/15 9:00am
Glorietta 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

Glorietta Baldy     
502 Franklin Ave. (Hancock and Fulton), Bed-Stuy
(347) 529-1944

Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Website 

What it is: The Bed-Stuy piece of the growing beer empire from team behind Bar Great Harry, Owl Farm and Mission Dolores, this dark and cozy neighborhood spot offers more of the crew’s typically great beer selection.

Why we love it: They’ve got pinball! But if that’s not enough, Glorietta Baldy hosts 12 rotating tap beers that make it a perfect spot for both beer snobs and people who just want a beer. Past the great tap choices, they also rotate through rare, limited edition bottle-only beers. You can fuel your journey through all this beer with grub from Bklyn Burro ever first Friday. Low lighting and friendly knowledgeable bartenders, plus the pinball for flirtatious smack talking, make this a great date spot.

What to order: Forget wine or champagne: the 750ml limited edition bottles are perfect if you’re out celebrating an accomplishment. If it’s just another night out drinking, you won’t go wrong with any of the draft choices or the $6 beer and shot special.

Regular tip: Glorietta Baldy is named after the Glorietta Baldy mountain bike trail, found in New Mexico.

05/28/15 3:00pm
kings county distillery

Could these bottles from Kings County Distillery wind up a couple of bucks cheaper? via Facebook

Here at the ol’ Brokelyn dot come, we don’t talk too much about Congress. For one thing, we’re not Wonkette. For another, when it comes to protecting the interests of humble brokesters like yourselves, we feel like Congress is usually more interested in fulfilling Krusty the Clown’s campaign promise to be a slave to big oil than in protecting you, the humble brokester. So color us surprised and pleased that a couple of Congressmen are taking action that could make your life easier, by lowering the amount of federal taxes levied on liquor, which theoretically will make liquor cheaper for you. (more…)

05/28/15 10:04am
This is the only guide you'll need to maximize your outdoor drinking in Brooklyn this summer.

This is the only guide you’ll need to maximize your outdoor drinking in Brooklyn this summer.

Y’all, we did it. We survived another way-too-long season of blizzard warnings, a way-too-short season of Broad City, and that one night in May when we had to pull our coats out from under the bed again. Dreams of a margarita-soaked Brooklyn summer kept us warm through those cold nights — but wake the eff up, because it’s finally here! Now is your chance to fling off your comforter, don your jorts and man-spread all over the most wonderful time of the year: outdoor drinking season.

Eager to suck down a pitcher of sunshine but not quite sure where to go? Waste no time with a group text full of shrug emoticons: Team Brokelyn has compiled a comprehensive list of nearly 175 spirited spots across the borough where you can drink outside. From wine bars to dives to every sidewalk seat in between, we’re passing along our notes on each bar’s vibe and spilling our secrets to navigating the drink menu without spending your summer allowance all in one place. (Here’s one way we highly recommend.)

Don’t spend the prime of your young adulthood watching Friends on Netflix — get out there and drink! Simply click the ‘hood you’re headed to and let us be your patio spirit guides.  —Meghan Stephens (more…)

05/27/15 12:53pm
jimmy's famous heros

Don’t just have a hero. Have a famous hero. For free.

The culinary event of the season is upon us. Tomorrow, people from all over Brooklyn will be venturing out to Sheepshead Bay with their stomachs empty, and returning to their homes with their stomach overwhelmingly filled. The Bite: Sheepshead Bay is going to feature over 20 restaurants serving over 50 different dishes. The only thing stopping you from enjoying the best local food in Sheepshead Bay is buying a ticket. Wait, you don’t have money for a ticket? You spent your last pay check on bills and college loan payments. Well perhaps luck will be on your side for being so responsible. We have not one, not uno, but two tickets for The Bite. Do you want a pair of tickets to The Bite? Keep reading. (more…)

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full moon festival

The best kind of sandwiches, for the best kind of price (free)

We’re into the jorts and jerseys part of the year, which means a person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…ice cream. What, did you have another end to that sentence? Anyway, it’s ice cream season, which is good because ice cream is delicious. Even better, you can get some ice cream for yourself for free on Thursday, when an ice cream truck parks in front of Roberta’s and just starts handing out ice cream sandwiches all willy-nilly. (more…)


Goodbye, Nuteria. via Instagram user dallekvist

One of Brooklyn’s age-old questions has finally been answered: If you opened a shop devoted entirely to mayonnaise and a shop devoted entirely to Nutella, which one would last longer? The answer, surprisingly, turns out to be the mayonnaise shop, with word coming down from Park Slope Stoop that the Nuteria has quietly thrown in the chocolatey towel. (more…)

Elope with this elote. via Facebook

Elope with this elote. via Facebook

You spent all dang winter staying indoors, avoiding restaurants and cooking out of a crockpot and braising cheap meats. It’s time to get out of the house and eat some food someone else cooked! Of course, you’re still broke, so going out to eat could be a slight problem. No. 7 North, a bar we’re quite fond of, has your back though, because they just introduced a new Tuesday Night Recession menu that has some good eats for as cheap as they come. Well, no, not free, but close to that. (more…)

From left to right, signature cocktails "The Duneagle Castle" and "Handsome Hound" look pretty smokin' together! via Hunter's on Instagram

From left to right, signature cocktails “The Duneagle Castle” and “Handsome Hound” look pretty smokin’ together! via Hunter’s on Instagram

Hunter’s Bar
213 Smith St. (Baltic and Butler)
Boerum Hill

Website • Instagram • Twitter • Facebook

What it is: Classic cocktail bar and New American restaurant on Smith Street.

Why we love it: The cocktails are all named after famous hunters—Katniss Everdeen, Handsome Hound, Boba Fett—which shows that Hunter’s is a laid-back establishment with a tongue-in cheek bent. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take the quality of their food and libations very seriously. You can get a really excellent meal here of locally and sustainably sourced dishes inspired by Chef/owner Angelo Schifilliti’s Italian heritage.

What to order: Can’t wait for episode VII? Geek out with the “Boba Fett” made with Brooklyn Republic Vodka, pear nectar, Grand Marnier and star anise. Enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails from 4- 7 daily, or anytime with our Cocktail Book, and half-price wine bottles on Sundays. To eat, go for a house made pasta and one of their fresh, inventive salads, such as the farro and bacon. The mushroom pot pie and rolled stuffed pork chop are among the wholesome, delectable entrees. Sit at the bar and share the mussels and a cheese plate made up of selections from Stinky’s just down the street.

Regular tip: Host a private party or event at Hunter’s—pick from their pre-fixe packages “Arrival at the Lodge” “A Hunter’s Feast” or “Avant-Chasse Brunch.”

Enjoy 2-for-1 drinks at Hunter’s Bar with our Cocktail Book, on sale now!

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Skip the  dumpy salad line at work and feast on this deliciousness instead for just $2.50 a day. Photo by April Greene.

Skip the dumpy salad line at work and feast on this deliciousness instead for just $2.50 a day. Photo by April Greene.

There’s one culprit in New York’s vast selection of overpriced dining options that I’ve made it my personal mission to trounce: The work-week lunch. For a decade, I watched my midtown coworkers shuffle outside every time the clock struck 12:30, in biting cold or stifling heat. They’d cram into bleach-reeking lookalike delis, drop $10 for a wilty salad or couple of greasy pepperoni slices and can of Coke, and trek back to the office, lopsided with their plastic bag meal weighing one arm down. By this time, they might have 30 minutes to jaw and read the Internet before decorum called them back to work (but not before they’d filled the trash can under their desk halfway up with landfill-lacing greasy napkins and clamshell boxes).

What was I doing all this time? I, my friends, was enjoying a full 60 minutes of Reddit in the company of my $2.50-a-pop super-duper healthy and tasty homemade lunches! They take an hour once a week to prepare and have spared me countless rides in the office elevator with undesirable neighboring tenants. As if that all weren’t enough, a conservative calculation estimates that these lunches have saved me $14,000 in those 10 years, versus what my esteemed colleagues shelled out. That’s what I call lunch money. Let me show you how you can do it too. (more…)