03/04/15 10:55am
kitchen equipment

A Myland knife, solid tongs and an excellent pan. Photo by William Widmaier

When it comes to kitchen basics, not everyone has the basics. Dollar store can openers, discount store knife sets, and that pair of tongs that digs into your hands but can hardly hold a drumstick — they’re all keeping you down. Stop buying cheap shit just because it’s cheap. If there’s a knife set with 7 knives in it for $25, there’s a reason why, and it’s because those knives are absolute crap. Same goes for spatulas, frying pan sets, cookie sheets and all manner of different kitchen utensils that you’re currently using as paperweights. If you’re going to buy something for your kitchen, you have to make sure it’s going to be quality. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. It just means you have to choose carefully.

Some things are worth spending an extra five or ten dollars on. It makes a difference. I’m not saying you need to go out and replace all the terrible equipment you have this moment, but here’s how to go item-by-item and upgrade your kitchen equipment until you’ve got stuff that will last and that works for just $78.  (more…)

tom's resturant

Prospect Heights’ hot new nightlife spot (haha, just kidding CB8!) via Flickr user Carl Collins

If there’s one thing we love here at Brokelyn, it’s a good diner. Sitting down for a cheap, unpretentious plate of eggs benedict or pancakes is one of the simple joys in life, and one place that excels at providing that experience is Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights. We didn’t think there was a way for the neighborhood mainstay to get any better, but now DNA Info is reporting that they’re going to start serving beer, so that shows what we know. Oh, they’re going to serve dinner seven days a week now too, for those of you who care more about dinner than drinking. (more…)

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The Saint Catherine
660 Washington Avenue (at Bergen), Crown Heights
(347) 663-9316


What it is: Neighborhood bar and café with offerings-a-plenty, like weekend brunch with two-for-one cocktails, $1 meatball sliders at Happy Hour and a kitchen that stays open late night.

Why we love it: It’s a great spot to stop in on any day or night of the week, but they keep it fresh and fun with weekly activities, like trivia on Tuesdays and the new cocktail series “Wednesdays.” A projector screen comes in handy for the occasional movie night.

What to order: Pick from 8 rotating craft draft lines and a food menu of snacks and sandwiches, like a Dogfish Head pickle plate with mustard, or their take on the BLT, the “SALT” (speck, avocado, lettuce and tomato).

Regular tip: Grab a seat by the window for some prime Crown Heights people watching.

Beer and flowers and then more beer sure sounds like a nice way to spend a day.

Beer and flowers and then more beer sure sounds like a nice way to spend a day.

Hey there, winter weary homebody who’s just dying to get out of the house. Have you listened to our frequent entreaties to go to Ditmas Park and have some fun there because it’s a really nice neighborhood full of great places to eat and drink and cool houses to stare at when you’re kind of tipsy and sad you’ll never own a house? If you still haven’t, March is the month to do it, because March is Eat and Shop Your Heart Out Cortelyou, which means Cortelyou Road will be home to both pub AND sandwich crawls this month. (more…)

02/25/15 10:31am

With all of these choices, you’re gonna need a guide. via Facebook

Hot sauce is perhaps nature’s greatest condiment, able to provide kick and excitement to the blandest meals and make even crappy things like vegetables taste good. People love it to the point where there’s a whole hot sauce trade show in Greenpoint. So it makes sense then, that this year is also seeing the opening of a whole store in Greenpoint devoted to nothing but hot sauce, complete with a hot sauce tasting room and sommelier who’ll pick out the perfect flavor blast for you. Hey, why not, we’ve already got a mayonnaise store. (more…)

02/23/15 4:30pm
krispy kreme

All for you, all for the taking. Well, just one actually. via Facebook

A delicious, but unhealthy, way to start your day is by getting a doughnut. Not that we believe in skipping the doughnut for that reason, we start our day with one at least twice a week. If you like doing that too, you can skip the “paying for the doughnut” part of starting your day with a doughnut because Krispy Kreme is just giving away glazed doughnuts with abandon tomorrow (via Consumerist). The only thing is, you can’t get one anywhere but Penn Station. (more…)

02/23/15 12:29pm

beer street

Beer Street
413 Graham Ave. (Jackson and Withers), East Williamsburg,

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What it is: An intimate bar, previously a bottle shop, with a constantly rotating, expertly curated selection of craft beers from home and around the world.

Why we love it: The bottle shop turned bar is a shrine for beer lovers. It stands out in its simplicity; a tight selection of beers you either haven’t heard of, didn’t know were released yet or couldn’t find; quiet staff who will open up if you ask them a question about your beer; and an unhurried, relaxing vibe that’ll make you want to stay for hours.

Simply put, Beer Street specializes in great beer. Their 10 drafts regularly range from local newbie brews, boasting impressive recipes and astonishing ABVs, to classic drafts that anyone can enjoy (not too classic, though – you won’t find Bud Light here). Each visit is a chance to try something new, whether from the rotating taps or hard-to-find bottles that we’re glad they didn’t let go of after remodeling.

What to order: Try the latest from Barrier, a Long Island brewery that’s not afraid to take chances, or flex your beer muscle with Other Half’s latest hop explosion.

Regular tip: There are always brewers in town, casks to hammer or taps to be taken over. Stop by for one of Beer Street’s afternoon events and you might be able to swipe a few tastes of something special with have the ones who made there to tell you about it.

02/20/15 10:44am


730 Classon Avenue (Prospect and Park Places), Crown Heights,
(718) 483-9950

Facebook • Twitter • Website 

What it is: Doubling as a beer shop and a taproom, this cozy haven is the Crown Heights go-to for beer lovers looking to pick up a special bottle to take home, or to sip and stay. Host to frequent tap takeovers and monthly bottle swaps, plus weekly Tuesday trivia.

Why we love it: With low lighting and mellow tunes, it’s a chill spot to play Big Boggle with a friend (or a date!) while partaking in an oat soda from a label you’ve never tried. Friendly and knowledgeable bartenders are the gatekeepers of the vast selection of brews, so don’t be afraid to ask for a taste. In warmer months, take it out to the back garden.

What to order: Select from over 200 craft bottles (to stay or to go), or 16 rotating taps featuring local microbrews like Threes Brewing and Other Half and out-of-state favorites like Bell’s and Founders. Order grilled cheese or Pelzer’s pretzels for a snack.

Regular tip: “Covenhoven,” while we’d like to imagine means a lair for beer-brewing witches, is actually the name of the Dutch folk who once owned the land where the bar resides.

02/19/15 8:51am
pok pok ny

Eat this, and still have plans for the rest of the day. via Facebook.

This is a game-changer, people: we love Thai food and we love efficiency, and now those two glorious things are finally one, with Grub Street noticing that Pok Pok Ny now takes reservations for parties up to 12 people. The wait for Pok Pok is legendary, with many documented cases existing on the internet of people going insane while waiting for some authentic kaeng hung leh. (more…)

02/18/15 3:55pm
cool baby

Unlike most babies, which are filled with vomit and poo, this one is full of liquor. Photo by David Colon

Two things that Brooklynites love are public drinking and carrying around their children in pouch-like contrivances as if they’re kangaroos. Combining these two loves can be a little difficult, considering no one wants to see a parent swigging out of a paper bag, but one enterprising Brooklyn entrepreneur is suggesting replacing the real baby with a fake baby made of foam rubber that functions as an insulated drink holder. It’s called The Cool Baby, and it’s looking to raise money on Kickstarter so the dream can become a reality. (more…)