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Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Thanks to thousands of years of celebrating on behalf of the human race, there are holidays for just about everyone. The devout and nog-lovers have Christmas, the hideous and horny have Halloween, dreidel aficionados have Hannukah, but what of us, the frugal foodies? If only there was a holiday devoted to eating awesome, messy food made of the cheapest ingredients and drinking cheap beer while we’re at it. Also, it would be great if there were flags. And explosions. You get where I’m going here,

4th of July is quite possibly the best holiday available for people who love to cook and hate to spend a dime doing it. Even if you don’t happen to be running your big 4th of July barbecue, the fact is that you’re still expected to bring some sides, because that’s what Abraham Lincoln would do. So, if you don’t want to seem like a complete and eternal tool, you’ll bring something, ideally tastier than stale hot dog buns and ice. Here are a few recipes that require minimal effort for maximum “Holy crap, did they make those?! Get them a beer!”, as well as being as budget-friendly as you are American. That’s “very,” by the way. (more…)

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Bierleichen is waiting for its beer corpses.

Putting together the Queens Beer Book introduced us to a whole new set of bars and breweries beyond our borough’s borders. One of the standouts is Ridgewood’s Bierleichen, a German-style beer garden and heavy metal bar that opened its friendly hell gates to beer and brat lovers in April. The bar’s name literally means “beer corpses,” a reference to the Oktoberfest enthusiasts who go a little overboard and get so drunk, they migrate to grassy knolls to pass out, subsequently looking like beer-bellied dead people.

To give our readers a better idea of what it’s like to hang out there, we’ve bartered via ritual sacrifice to get our hands on this Spotify playlist of the Top 10 Metal Drinking Songs from Bierleichen’s owners. (more…)

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Goodbye to all these Turkey's Nest cups. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Goodbye to all these Turkey’s Nest cups. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Styrofoam and New York City go together like pollution and New York City, so despite the looming styrofoam ban, a lot of you probably just pretended it wasn’t happening. Well, wake up and smell the sticky sweet margarita, because today is the last possible day you can drink a giant beer from Rosemary’s or The Turkey’s Nest, the last day you can get anything in a styrofoam container at all, actually. (more…)

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Over the Eight
594 Union Avenue (at Richardson), Williamsburg
No phone


What it is: Modern public house and event space catty-corner to McCarren Park; comedy hotspot and all-around creative event hub.

Why we love it: There’s something fun and engaging happening nearly every night of the week, whether it’s comedy nights “The Tuesday Special” and “Hot Crowd” on Wednesdays, “The Kings of Karaoke” every Sunday night, or a totally awesome one-off of live music, a literary reading, a movie screening—anything goes.

What to order: Have one of eight rotating craft beers on tap, or select from the menu of classic and signature cocktails. To eat, don’t miss the “Perro con todo” from the food truck Santa Salsa out back, named “Best Hot Dog” by the Village Voice in 2014.

Regular tip: Oh, and it’s also a great sports bar—with five projector screens, two HDTVS and NFL, NBA and NHL packages.

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Come for the jerk chicken, stay for the jerk chicken. Image via Facebook

Come for the jerk chicken, stay for the jerk chicken. Image via Facebook

One of the great pleasure of living in Brooklyn is that we are awash with great Caribbean food options. Whenever you get the craving for curry goat, jerk chicken or ox tails, you’re no further than a few blocks/train stops away from getting your Caribbean fix. So what can make having Caribbean food on a hot summer night even better? Having Caribbean food on a hot summer night for cheap. For the next seven days (June 22 – June 29), as part of Caribbean Restaurant Week, select Caribbean favorites will be having lunch and dinner specials throughout Brooklyn. (more…)

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Jarobi White-A Tribe Called Quest-Tribe Taco Tuesday-Bed Vyne-Bedstuy-Brooklyn-Brokelyn

Doesn’t eat “Ham n’ Eggs” but loves tacos. Facebook image via Izzy Man

We are being spoiled when it comes to food options this summer. We got Feltman’s bringing $2 hot dogs to Ditmas Park every Wednesday; Joe’s Pizza coming to Williamsburg and now, every other Tuesday, Jarobi White, former member of A Tribe Called Quest, will grilling tacos in Bed-Vyne Cocktail’s new outdoor space. According to DNAinfo “Tribe Taco Tuesdays” will have the former ACTQ member turned chef serving up a “variety of tacos every other week with favorites like carne asada, pork belly, chicken and cod.” (more…)

Miles Deli-Boerum Hill-Brokelyn-Brooklyn-Canada Day-Jean Baptiste Day

Days before celebrating all thing America! How about you celebrate Canada eh? Image via Mile End Deli

We owe a lot to our brothers up north. If it wasn’t for Canada we wouldn’t have basketball, the alkaline battery (people still use those?) or Trivial Pursuit, destroyer of intellectual confidence. Canada has given us James Cameron, Ryan Gosling and Hayden Christensen (can’t all be winners). And, Canada has given us one very special person: Noah Bernamoff, Montreal transplant and founder of Mile End Deli, home to some of the best smoked brisket in Brooklyn. For the next two Wednesdays, June 24 and July 1, the Canadian-Jewish deli wants to celebrate two important national holidays with us Yankees and they are doing so in a way that even us Americans can appreciate; with food and drink specials happening on both days.  (more…)

06/19/15 9:20am


143 Havemeyer St. (S. 1st and S. 2nd)

Facebook • Website

What it is: A pinball-lover’s paradise that serves up the good brews and good tunes while you bang those pleasure machines.

Why we love it: Because we’ll take pinball over Big Buck Hunter any day, and Jackbar offers up a pinball selection that’s hard to find this side of the Jersey shore. The 9 pinball machines come from owner Jon Ehrlich’s personal collection, and range from old classics to brand new, state-of-the-art models. If you’re not into the silver ball, the bar also offers up board games and shows old movies on the TV.

What to order: Try one of the 18 draft lines or 15 bottles and cans; upgrade anything to a beer-and-a-shot happy meal for $2. You can munch on some old-school Jiffy Pop here too.

Regular tip: The pinball machines come from the personal collection of owner Jon Erhlich, who also owns Reciprocal, the Manhattan skate shop that doubles as a pinball arcade.

feltman's hot dogs

Now at Sycamore. via Facebook

Starting Wednesday July 1st, and continuing every Wednesday this summer, you can satisfy your craving for summer hot dogs at Sycamore’s Bar and Flower Shop in Ditmas Park. According to The Coney Island Blog, Feltmans’s of Coney Island, the original Coney Island hot dog franchise (whose founder is credited with creating the hot dog in 1867) is returning to Brooklyn after shutting down in 1954. It will be a part of the Flatbush Food Market, “a group of vendors that serves a variety of different foods daily at the hip Ditmas Park venue.” (more…)

06/17/15 1:51pm
Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.

Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.

It’s that time of year when we have to think about our dear old man. Sure we never really got into sports and we never got into bumping Johnny Cash in the whip, but we mostly share one thing with poppa, and that’s the love of alcohol. It’s always a great moment when we get to crack a cold one and chill out with dad; it always makes us feel more grown up than marriage or paying taxes. So to thank dad for help giving your life (and money), how about you don’t buy him socks he doesn’t need or a watch he probably already owns, and get him some books. Not actual books, but our awesome Brooklyn beer books so he can get free booze whenever he wants to get away from his bratty grandkids. We have some excellent options for you.  (more…)