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Wear your eatin' pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Wear your eatin’ pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Thanksgiving can be tricky when you’re away from your family. You and your friends could try to cook a turkey, but your lavish banquet may end up being turkey-flavored ramen if you don’t know how to roast a bird, even if you try following these handy Thanksgiving cooking tips. If cooking consumes time you’d rather devote to drawing handprint turkeys and watching the National Dog Show, check out this list of Brooklyn restaurants that are delivering and serving meals this Turkey Day, updated for 2015. Most require advanced orders or reservations, so be sure to call early. (more…)

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A Brancolada from Donna in Greenpoint. The second one is on the house.

A Brancolada from Donna in Greenpoint. The second one is on the house.

The holiday season is coming on strong and Brokelyn has your back, people.

Do all of your shopping right here with our one-size-fits-all, can’t-fail, damn-this-is-so-much-fun offering: a new edition of our previously sold-out Brooklyn Cocktail Book, a pocket-sized collection of 2-for-1 drink tickets at more than 25 of the borough’s best bars. That’s more than 50 delicious cocktails for your roommate, your co-worker, your friends, your kids’ teachers and babysitters, and YES, yourself. In fact, if you buy four or more Brooklyn Cocktail Books, you automatically get a free one to keep for yourself. 

Our new  $25 Brooklyn Cocktail Book is jam-packed with incredible new places alongside some of our favorites, all across Brooklyn:


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DItch the p via Junior's

Ditch the pumpkin for some cheesecake this Thanksgiving. via Junior’s

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of good taste in desserts must be in want of a pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Well…actually, it’s a truth ALMOST universally acknowledged. Because there are those among us who, for whatever reason, do. Not. Like. Pie. My mother is one of these people who shuns apple and pumpkin pies for anything else she can find when Thanksgiving dessert time rolls around, even if the options are limited. And while I firmly disagree with the pie-averse, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have equally yummy sweets to conclude this national day of gluttony. Luckily, there are a number of Brooklyn bakeries offering fantastic pie alternatives for Thanksgiving. (more…)

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Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Winter is nigh upon us. It’s time to throw on flannel underwear and never leave the apartment. Soon enough we’ll all be dodging slush monsters while waving away rumors of how nice California is this time of year.

Don’t despair, readers. We might all turn into wretched mole-people this winter, but brunch is forever ours. It knows no season. In that spirit, check out these brunch spots with working fireplaces. Between that and their cozy, Christmas-ready ambiance, you’ll be sure to warm your belly and soul against Californians. (more…)

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Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

In spite of the occasional 75-degree sneak attack (“I’ll never let go!”- Summer 2015), the calendar says fall has arrived in Brooklyn, so who are we to argue. And as far as seasonal booze is concerned, the dessert-in-a-pint known as pumpkin ale tends to reign supreme. Now, let’s be clear: we at Brokelyn love us some pumpkin ale (to the point of creating a definitive list of the best!). But we need not think of it as the be-all-and-end-all of getting your autumnal drink on…not when hard cider exists in the world! Cider is having a moment right now; there’s even a Manhattan bar completely dedicated to tap ciders from around the world. Brooklyn might not have an all-cider-all-the-time spot, but there are plenty of neighborhood bars with cider lists that extend beyond the usual Magner’s and Woodchuck. Here are a few great options: (more…)

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685 5th Avenue (Between 20th Street and 21st Street), South Slope
(347) 227-7410

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What it is: Adorable, kitschy neighborhood spot with bar food, patio, and open mic night.

Why we love it: Prices are reasonable, there’s a full menu of southern-inspired bar food, staff is friendly. Pretty basic stuff.

What to order: Begging the eternal question “did you eat yet,” D’jeatjet offers up some substantial answers with bar food favorites like fried mac n cheese balls. Let me say that one more time: FRIED MAC N CHEESE BALLS.

Regular tip: If you’re in the neighborhood on a weekend, stop by for brunch and $10 bottomless mimosas. Just be sure to line your belly with some of their delicious brunchy type fare like chicken and waffles.

10/29/15 1:15pm


Even after the Brooklyn bar menu generator did a pretty good job of sending up the feverish foodie trends of modern-day Brooklyn (a better job than Kimmel, anyway), we knew we weren’t truly out of the woods. We knew that sooner than you could say “duck pancetta,” a new trend would come in and addle us all.

And we were right: a new design collaborative called Trouble Makers is trying to raise funds to launch a product called Critter Bitters, which is pretty straightforward—it’s just cocktail bitters made of bugs.  (more…)

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1022 Cortelyou Road (Corner of Stratford Road), Ditmas Park
(718) 928–7100


What it is: This neighborhood spot is a pretty, but cozy wood-oven Italian joint with an extensive list of wines and whiskey cocktails.

Why we love it: Located off the Q train, this neighborhood spot for some will quickly become a destination for others. Plus, Michelin rated Lea one of its Bib Gourmand restaurants in 2015– meaning, fancy restaurant people think that this is a great place to go to get high quality, cheap eats. Also, it’s named after the owner’s grandmother. How cute is that? Pretty cute.

What to order: Come for a drink, but stay for the menu of Mediterranean-Italian fare. Lea has a full menu, ranging from favorites like cheese ravioli or your standard sauce-n-cheese margherita, to more eclectic choices like grilled squid or cauliflower pizza topped with pine nuts and ricotta. Grab a cocktail like the Sophia, made with mezcal, blood orange liquer, and Brooklyn’s own Sorel hibiscus liquer, and you’ve got yourself a meal.

Regular tip: Pizza, pizza, pizza. Order one. They’re super good. If you’re up for a stroll, you can check out The Castello Plan nearby, a bar run by the same folks who run Lea.

10/28/15 8:00am
The house-made rolls are served with whipped honey & thyme butter. Photo via Meadowsweet.

The house-made rolls are served with whipped honey & thyme butter. Photo via Meadowsweet.

I’ll admit it right now: free food is usually a ploy. Samples at Costco are just tricks to make you buy that 20-inch chocolate cheesecake, and if a restaurant sends you a basket of free fries, you can be sure your food is on it’s way … about a month from now. But I don’t care — I love me some free food anyway, especially in Williamsburg, where the restaurants lately have been trending away from free snacks and toward overpriced toast.

Too few restaurants understand the power of serving delicious freebies along with their delicious meals. I mean seriously: where-oh-where has the bread basket gone. Are we in Europe!? Some people get it though. Here’s a list of my favorite Williamsburg spots that understand the power of freebies. (more…)

10/27/15 2:57pm
If Peter Luger knows one thing, it's meat. So chow down on some bacon, because it's gonna be worth it.

If Peter Luger knows one thing, it’s meat. So chow down on some bacon, because it’s gonna be worth it.

Processed meats (read: bacon, ham, hot dogs, spam, etc.) are now classified as a Group 1 carcinogen according to the W.H.O.’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. It joins the likes of arsenic, formaldehyde, ultraviolet-emitting tanning devices, tobacco, alcohol… the list goes on!

If you’re not ready to give up getting drunk, smoking and eating awesome meat, then here are the top places to say “fuck it” and have yourself a meat-y good time. (more…)