good to go cup

Would you carry around a lid everywhere you go? via Facebook

No matter how environmentally friendly they try to be, there’s a huge built-in waste component to coffee shops with the whole disposable cup aspect. The more successful a coffee shop is, the more paper to-go cups you’re selling that will end up in landfills or the subway tracks or a recycling plant at best. But now in DUMBO, a team of students have introduced the concept of plastic reusable coffee cups that you give back to the coffee shop when you’re done. On the one hand, it costs $5 to get a cup and you have to carry the lid around with you. On the other hand, you can skip the line at participating shops and get 25 cents off, so would you throw down for one of these? (more…)

04/18/14 10:05am
skinny dennis brooklyn

Here’s Skinny Dennis, so we know there’s at least one. via Facebook

Brooklyn is a borough of many tastes all colliding together at once, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to nightlife. If you’re into it, we probably have it. With that being said, it still struck us as odd that Barclays CEO/sentient hashtag Brett Yormark told the Hollywood Reporter that Brooklyn has 385 country bars (thanks to a heads up from Atlantic Yard Report’s Norman Oder). That’s a lot of twang! And also possibly just made up out of thin air? Join us in trying to name all of these bars. (more…)

04/08/14 10:54am
free cone day

We’re sure it’s gonna be this orderly… via Facebook

It might be hazy and humid and grossly warm, which conjures up summer nowhere but Florida, but if you’re just glad to not be bundled up today, you might want some ice cream. In which case, there’s no sense in paying for it when you can get a free scoop today from the nearest Ben & Jerry’s as part of Free Cone Day. Which is…uh, Midtown. Score one for those of you with commutes. (more…)


Sycamore is putting out their best beer and flow combos for you. via Facebook

It’s gonna finally start getting nice out next week (allegedly), so it’s time for you to get out there and either explore your neighborhood or explore a new neighborhood. If you want a decent map to one, the Flatbush Development Corporation is inviting you down to Cortelyou Road to see everything it has to offer, and do it on the cheap, with drink specials, coupons and prix fixe dinners, all part of Eat and Shop Your Heart Out Cortelyou. (more…)

04/03/14 2:03pm
grilled cheese

Tastes even better when someone else makes it and it’s free. via Flickr user Lucas Richarz

Grilled cheese is great comfort food, no matter if it’s incredibly cold or if things eventually someday warm up, like we think it will. And the only thing that makes comfort food more comforting is if someone just hands it to you for free, with barely any effort having to come on your part. Oh and hey, look at that, next Saturday, April 12, is National Grilled Cheese Day, and Brooklyn Slate Company is celebrating by just handing out grilled cheese. (more…)

04/01/14 12:37pm
Glorietta 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

Glorietta Baldy   Food Games  

502 Franklin Ave. (Hancock and Fulton)
(347) 529-1944


glorietta 2

glorietta 3

What it is: The Bed-Stuy piece of the growing beer empire from team behind Bar Great Harry, Owl Farm and Mission Dolores, this dark and cozy neighborhood spot offers more of the crew’s typically great beer selection.

Why we love it: They’ve got pinball! But if that’s not enough, Glorietta Baldy hosts 12 rotating tap beers that make it a perfect spot for both beer snobs and people who just want a beer. Past the great tap choices, they also rotate through rare, limited edition bottle-only beers. You can fuel your journey through all this beer with grub from Der Kommissar and Brooklyn Artisanal Foods, cooked in the back.

Who to bring: Low lighting and friendly knowledgeable bartenders, plus the pinball for flirtatious smack talking, make this a great date spot.

What to order: Forget wine or champagne: the 750ml limited edition bottles are perfect if you’re out celebrating an accomplishment. If it’s just another night out drinking, you won’t go wrong with any of the draft choices or the $6 beer and shot special.

Fun fact: Glorietta Baldy is named after the Glorieta Baldy mountain bike trail, found in New Mexico.—Dave Colon

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Imagine this, but on a sultry nuit in Paris

Brooklyn isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind. You can already drink a “Park Slope Collins” at Bar Brooklyn in Sweden, get a Brooklyn-style haircut at Chop-Chop salon in Moscow and soon, there’ll be another target on the BK invasion: a market modeled after the Park Slope food coop in Paris. Grub Street reports that two American ex-pats Tom Boothe and Brian Horihan are opening “Coopérative La Louve” in Northern Paris, the latest stop on Brooklyn brand’s world tour.


hamilton's windsor terrace

2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, at E. 4th St.
Windsor Terrace

What it is: Hamilton’s is one of the best reasons you can think of for heading over to Windsor Terrace. A cozy wine bar with great craft beers, as well as an all-star kitchen, it’s a great neighborhood spot to check out for dinner, or just some tasty wings and beer.

Why we love it: Everything Hamilton’s does seems to be top-notch. In winter it’ll serve mulled drinks, it’s got a fantastic menu that will keep you coming back to try all the other dishes, and on top of all that, it’s a relaxed yet vibrant bar in a neighborhood that doesn’t often get a lot of traffic from outside the neighborhood. You wouldn’t guess it from inside Hamilton’s, which feels like stumbling onto a scene that you feel kind of dumb for not knowing about before. (more…)

03/25/14 12:57pm
Photo by Sarah Bibi

Photo by Sarah Bibi

The Graham
151 Meserole St
East Williamsburg

What it is: The Graham opens its doors to the neighborhood with totally inviting bartenders and a pretty exquisite happy hour – $2 off everything 3-8 daily.

Why we love it: It’s not too common to walk into a bar and immediately feel like you are one of the crew’s gang.


03/25/14 8:00am
Splitty is just one of the fine bars within.

Splitty is just one of the fine bars you’ll find within.

Team Brokelyn spends our fair share of time in bars, so instead of letting all that bar knowledge reside primarily in our livers, we’ve distilled it down to share with you like communal cheeseballs. Presenting our brand new 2014 Brooklyn bar guide! Look here for the scoop on the watering holes, gastropubs, dives and beer-centric eateries found in this year’s Brokelyn Beer book. But if you’re just looking for a great place to grab a beer, peruse our listings: they’re broken down not only be neighborhood but also by where you can find food, which ones welcome your pooch or where you’ll find some games to keep you busy. And odds are, you’ll see one of us drinking there, so say hi and let’s toast to the best drinking borough in the city.