09/02/15 4:13pm
Hey, join bandwagon, we got plenty of room. via Facebook

Hey, join bandwagon, we got plenty of room. via Facebook

The phrase “meaningful games in September” has haunted Mets fans from almost the moment owner/financial incompetent Fred Wilpon told a New York Times reporter he wanted to see them back in 2004. And yet, here we are in September 2015 and the Mets are playing meaningful games. The Mets are the talk of the city, and if you want to keep up with the conversation, we’re here to help with some footnotes on the Mets’ major storylines. (more…)

09/02/15 12:57pm
Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

We obviously have plenty of love for a lot of the Brooklyn bars out there, but sometimes it feels like bar menus in Edison bulb-lit drinking holes are just pulling their combinations out from a random algorithm. If you’ve been thinking that you want to open a Brooklyn bar and make a menu that’s the toast of the food world, but lack that same algorithm, we’ve got great news for you. Some denizen of the internet has put together the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, which will help you figure out just how to combine your monkfish and your lime discs and your duck fat in such a way that you wind up with a two-star review in the Times. (more…)

08/25/15 9:50am

Great, great cheekbones. Great tunes, too.

PWR BTTM are Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce and they have better cheekbones/hairdos than your mom and your grandma combined. That is just a fact.

Their first  full-length, Ugly Cherries, comes out on September 18th via dual release on Miscreant Records and Father/Daughter Records and a lot of people (music writer people, AND normal everyday people who go outside) are freaking out about it. For good reason. The band’s mix of queer punk politics, fashion that verges on living sculpture, and danceable tracks that are basically a prescription for pure joy make them an all around win win situation. (more…)

08/24/15 9:51am
Looks about right. Illustration by Adrian Tomine, via The New Yorkers

Looks about right. Illustration by Adrian Tomine, via The New Yorkers

As the fetid banks of the Gowanus attract everything from a Whole Foods to an outdoor barbecue spot to very optimistic renderings for luxury buildings in a flood zone, you might be looking at all of it and experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance. How does all that bougie shit exist in the same time and space as all that…shit? New Yorker cover artist Adrian Tomine thought the same thing, and he turned that thought into a pretty picture of Gowanus’ half industrial, half artisanal existence for this week’s cover. (more…)

08/18/15 10:01am
Ooh, a beach mystery!

Ooh, a beach mystery!

Very little is known about MPHO. They don’t have a band FB, so it’s like “who are you? Where did you come from?” Here’s what I know as of now: Holly Overton from MPHO is very nice and sends prompt, well-worded emails. MPHO has a Tumblr. MPHO likes zines. I’m going out on a limb with that last one, but I’m assuming as much because when Holly first emailed me it was about possibly covering a show celebrating  Purple Pony’s (female run zine) latest release and 2nd birthday. Holly Overton has a FB, which I just lurked while typing this. Her profile picture is of her paddle boarding.

So that’s it. That’s all I know. I’m sure the friends and family members of MPHO know the full scoop, but that’s all I personally have to work with. And that’s enough for me. I’m sold.

Let’s watch the band’s video for “Days on Fire” off their S/T EP together and see what else we can figure out. The video stars MPHO’s vocalist Holly Overton and Baltimore artist Rachael London. (more…)

08/11/15 4:12pm

Aside from opening a wine bar in Williamsburg that somehow isn’t named All My Friends, James Murphy’s post-LCD Soundsystem goal in life has been to get the MTA to change their turnstile sounds into musical tones. Murphy has argued with the MTA and with local bloggers about the feasbility and wisdom of his “Subway Symphony” but his dream still hasn’t become a reality. And now in worse news for Murphy, a rival plan to replace the subway turnstile beeps with farts, instead of musical notes is here, and like Murphy’s Heineken-backed plan, fart mastermind Jason Selvig has a beer company backer in Bud Light’s Straw-Ber-Rita. Gothamist talked to Selvig about his plan, which is just like Murphy’s, except fart-based, but Selvig graciously said he’d be willing to work with Murphy to make the plan a reality.

It’s a tough call, for which plan we’d back if either one were even remotely feasible. Musical notes seem pleasant and everything, but it would be great to test the theory that fart noises never stop being funny at any point. (more…)

08/11/15 9:28am
Wild Leaves

Begin the meditation by taking a good look in this pot

It’s interesting how we manage to forget about things. A horrible, seemingly life threatening headache vanishes from memory once the ibuprofen kicks in. A “life long” grudge against someone ends up being no big deal once the blood cools, and a bit of time passes. A muggy summer spent cursing the sun and praying for snow ends up the thing of daydreams once the snow comes and we suddenly miss warmth. We’re fickle, forgetful people, and we’re all just killing time, and losing it as it happens.

The music of Brooklyn’s Wild Leaves is “all season” music. It can be warm for you, it can cool you down, and their layered, nuanced songwriting will jar your memory about any number of things as song after song causes you to reflect on the discarded past. Kicking up the dirt and renewing situations numbed by time. Sounds deep? Well it is. (more…)

08/07/15 11:18am

If you’re ever feeling a bit peckish out on the streets of the city, you shouldn’t worry too much apparently, because the world has enough people who’ll just share their banaas or apples or sandwiches or even a single fry with you. At least if you’re a smiling dude in a suit they might. That’s probably the wrong lesson to take away from this video of comedian Dave Ebert wandering around Washington Square Park and asking people for a bit of their food (via Delish), but even the people who said no seemed friendly enough about it. That being said, try it at your own risk, and don’t come crying to us if something goes terribly wrong. (more…)

08/04/15 3:00pm
BBP's pop-up pool. Photo by Julienne Schaer

BBP’s pop-up pool. Photo by Julienne Schaer

Oh, for the love of all that is a visual of Michelle Williams clutching Jonathan Safran Foer’s tight little body, we know already. We know about the heat. You know it’s hot, we know it’s hot, and it doesn’t have to be the End of Days. Summertime in this city has always been brutal—and remember winter, guys? We should thank our lucky stars we only have to wear one layer outdoors.

The heat won’t last forever. But while it’s here, why not find some creative ways to deal with it instead of kvetching? In the spirit of summer, the Brokelyn staff got together and submitted a list of cheap ways to beat the heat without breaking the bank. (more…)

08/04/15 12:58pm

We’ll admit this impression comes only from Casey Johnston’s unique recaps and people’s tweets about it, but it appears that True Detective season two has been hot garbage served on a plate made of hardened sewage. Part of this seems to be from a lack of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson delivering the hard-bitten dialogue and some of seems to be from the fact that this season’s dialogue is very bad. To prove that’s not the case, Late Night Basement‘s Chris Rose wandered around McCarren Park stopping strangers and delivering lines from the show, verbatim, to them.

Frankly, Rose should consider himself lucky. At this point in New York City history, wandering around in public and mumbling “At least with your kids, it’s your sins” and “Hey man, pain is inexhuastible” at stranger usually gets you a SWAT team of New York Post reporters following you around reporting on the newest homeless meance. (more…)