02/26/15 9:41am
Bros be sporting sea creatures...

Bros be sporting sea creatures…

“Maybe I should start wearing belts with seafood on them.”—Lincoln, gesturing at a sea of bros in their finest pastel button downs and khaki and lobster insignia. Jaime has passed his citizenship test, and Abbi has smuggled them all aboard a booze cruise via her roommate Melody’s law firm to celebrate. Because after all, in America, you can be a legal citizen but still a social alien. In episode 7, Abbi and Ilana and the gang of misfits struggle to assimilate among the higher classes aboard the “Citizen Ship.” And as always, we want you to learn from their mistakes. Without further ado, we present: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Climbing. (more…)

02/20/15 12:56pm

BK Live 2/19/15: Dick & Dave from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

The weekend is here again, even if you thought maybe it would never get here. Hooray for us, we did it, everyone! Why not use that time you have now to enjoy a few of the more fun things that Brooklyn has to offer, especially since it’s gonna be a balmy 35 and 45 degrees on Saturday and Sunday? If you’re not sure what to do, we were on BK Live on BK Indie Media with our pal Richard Burroughs from the Brooklyn Reader to clue you in on the best things to do. For more info on our picks, check out:

-Sweet Sweetback’s Badasss Song
-Diary, The Original Emo Dance Party
-Feeling Gloomy, Belle and Sebastian edition
-Whenever Possible Forever, starring Jon Glaser

02/19/15 3:34pm

Ever wonder what would happen if that polite male subway automaton stopped politely asking you to “offer your seat” and report “suspicious packages” and started getting real? You no longer have to, thanks to this video of a re-imagined morning commute, where the subway voice goes from gently advocating basic human courtesy to haranguing passengers for everything from their eco-consciousness to their choice in pets.

Whether you relate more to the woman drinking a Starbucks latte or the guy who’s just offended that anyone would prefer dogs over cats, there’s something in this video for every straphanger. That said, let’s not let this good-natured laugh at ourselves make us forget about all the stuff the MTA is doing wrong. Keep those pitchforks held high, folks. (more…)

02/19/15 9:49am


It’s happened to all of us: you go online to look up one thing and that leads to another and when you come to, you’ve lost hours of your lives to the suckhole of the Internet. We’ve all been trapped in “The Matrix,” the title of Episode 6. Actually, it’s even happening to me right now. After blacking out on searches for Judge Judy episodes, bizarre BuzzFeed quizzes like “What dead child star are you?” and even a flash of Tinder searches (a first mention of the app on the show) Abbi and Ilana decide to completely unplug for a day. Of course, chaos ensues. (more…)

02/16/15 3:16pm
There's plenty of this out there.

There’s plenty of this out there.

Netflix and Hulu offer a lot of streaming choices, but they don’t have everything you’d ever want. Also you have to pay for Netflix, so maybe you don’t want to do that. Fortunately for you, Lifehacker found some streaming services out there that aren’t quasi-legal Eastern European piracy sites (that’s just for sports anyway) that still bring you entertaining shows and movies from the past and present. Whether you want nostalgia, more current cartoons or indie movies that are too weird for Netflix, you’re covered. (more…)

02/12/15 1:34pm
david cross hits

It’s like looking at your own reflection up there. via Facebook

You go to a movie theater to see a plain old 2D movie, and you’re looking at spending $15. Hold on though, you need that $15 for like ten hours of rent. You pirate a movie and then you’ll have to enter into a contentious moral debate that got boring when Napster was still a thing.

David Cross, known to most as Tobias Fünke, and to others as a ground-breaking sketch comedy performer, is about to release his first feature film Hits via BitTorrent Bundle this Friday, for a price of I dunno, whatever. (more…)

02/12/15 8:29am
The girls always have a good time when they're together, so why look for more?

The girls always have a good time when they’re together, so why look for more?

Broad City episode 5, “Hashtag FOMO,” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of FOMO, including friends-with-FOMO. While Fear Of Missing Out may exist all over the world, it’s positively epidemic in New York, where we live in a constant state of trading up, be it in career, love life, digs, friends, even subway commutes. But when you live your life preoccupied by what better option awaits you, you do end up missing out on a lot, just not in the ways you thought.

Even if you don’t personally suffer from FOMO (pray tell, what’s your secret?), chances are someone you’re close to has got it real bad. Well, we’re here with a PSA to warn you, their FOMO can negatively affect you! Like second-hand smoke (second-hand FOMO). And those of you out there with FOMO—keep it to yourself, you’re toxic. In this episode, Ilana’s case of FOMO means nothing but trouble for Abbi. We’ll take you through, revealing the consequences of each FOMO-induced decision so you might learn from Abbi’s and Ilana’s mistakes. (more…)

02/05/15 11:42am


What does it mean to be a “bad-ass bitch”? Is the real thing, be it a custom-made Shinjo dildo or a legit Coach bag, really that much better than an imitation? Does wearing the dick in the relationship grant the woman the same power as wearing the pants? These are some of the questions raised in this week’s episode of Broad City, “Knock-offs.” (more…)

02/03/15 3:05pm
joey bada$$

Joe Bada$$, in a more reflective mood. via Life or Death Management

When Joey Bada$$ released his 2012 mixtape “1999,” a reference to what he called hip-hop’s “golden age,” there were inevitable comparisons to rappers from that era, both good and bad. For every outlet that praised his “Nas-in-’94 raps,” there was someone who used that nostalgia to brush him off as derivative.

That’s part of what makes listening to the rapper’s first official full-length, “B4.DA.$$,” so satisfying: it paints a portrait of an evolving artist, constantly improving through hard work, a central theme on the album. (more…)