09/04/14 3:35pm

Brooklyn-born comedy pioneer Joan Rivers died today after a lifetime of kicking down doors and then making fun of how they looked while she walked over them. Talk show writer and host, director, comedian, actress and grand dame of making you realize those pants look awful on you, Rivers casts a shadow as long as anyone who’s performed comedy. Everyone’s got their preferred way to remember her right now, but we’ll take the time that she hosted the Beastie Boys on The Late Show when they were just teenagers (!), and while playing gracious host to the maybe drunk trio, still managed to let them know that License to Ill was “a stupid name for an album.” You’re in Heaven now Joan, snapping on MCA (who’s also there). (more…)

08/22/14 1:07pm

Trailer: “Katrina/Sandy” from Land of Opportunity on Vimeo.

We’re mostly likely doomed to live in a world of terrible hurricanes from now until the Earth wipes us away forever. For the time being though, the two most well-known modern hurricanes to have ruined us are Sandy and Katrina, which despite being a few years apart, changed the landscapes of New York and New Orleans forever. Now, filmmakers from New Orleans-based Land of Opportunity (who made the interactive Fulton Mall clip from My Brooklyn) and New York-based SandyStory are putting out an interactive documentary, Katrina/Sandy examining the damage Katrina and Sandy did, side-by-side. You’ll get stories from kids in New Orleans and elderly folks in Coney Island, and plenty of destruction imagery from both cities, which still feels a little traumatic a couple years later. The full documentary comes out on Tuesday, August 26, the ninth anniversary of Katrina, so look for it of you want to watch something really depressing. (more…)

08/11/14 8:56am

Celebrate Brooklyn ended with a weird, guitar robot bang Saturday night with a free St. Vincent show that about a quarter of Brooklyn came out for. Where were you, though? For once, your poor decision to skip something fun paid off, because the show is streaming in its entirety, at least the audio portion is. So while on the one hand you missed seeing Annie Clark’s awesome robotic dance moves and “Sigourney Weaver possessed by Zuul” presence, you can hear “Your Lips Are Red” turned into a 10-minute guitar freakout. So, Monday’s not all bad.

[h/t Stereogum] (more…)

08/04/14 9:59am

You’ll probably be able to find a couple Nathaniel P. types while at Splitty’s. Or maybe you are one…

From Norman Mailer to Edgwidge Danticat to that guy from that OkCupid date who writes thinkpieces on Encino Man, Brooklyn has a long history of producing, housing and inspiring great authors and literary works. So naturally, there’s plenty of great literature that takes place around these parts. Here’s an introductory list of Brooklyn-based books, and where in the borough you should enjoy them for an optimum reader experience. But you don’t have to take my word for it… (more…)

08/01/14 10:00am
twin peaks saint catherine

Investigating a murder is very serious business. Also very, very weird business.

It’s August, and all of your richer friends are leaving town for vacations to here there and everywhere. Not you, you’re poor. You can still travel, sort of though. You can travel to small, simple town full of mountain air, where the locals are involved in shady casino operations and the homecoming queen is found murdered, her body wrapped in plastic. We don’t know why you’d want to go there, but you can visit the town of Twin Peaks, Washington, when The Saint Catherine (660 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights) starts screening the eponymous show episode by episode on Sundays, starting with this Sunday, August 3. (more…)

07/18/14 9:23am
summer fridays

You COULD sit in a kiddie pool on your roof, but think about all the fun stuff you’d be missing out on.

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that gives you summer Fridays (or any job at all), you’re pretty much killing us here at Brokelyn if you’re using your free, salaried time to watch Netflix. We’re not going to say we’re not jealous of your paid free hours, but even while secretly hating you we want you help you make the most of your summer Fridays.

Even though lucky you has permanent, parent-approved employment, you don’t need to spend a lot, or any, money to make the most of your much-deserved time off. (more…)

07/16/14 11:25am
new york red bulls

The kicking is done in Brazil, but you can still catch some live, like the Red Bulls, in New York, or nearby. via Facebook

Well, it’s over with. Germany has thoroughly beaten Argentina, taken home the World Cup, and has painted literally everything they could get their hands on in Brazil black, orange, and red. One may find, however, that they are left with an odd feeling now that the games are over. No, not the violent hangover from the beer-fueled victory tour over at Radegast, something different and new: the urge to watch soccer. Not only that, but they may find themselves envious of all the people in Brazil who got to scream and cry and gloat while watching the game in person, and if you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck, because there are a few places to catch a decent round of futbol around here, and the options are multiplying all the time. (more…)

07/11/14 11:27am

People seem to like our guides to the weekend (which we appreciate of course), to the point where the people at Brooklyn Independent Media have asked us to pop up on BK Live sometimes and share our expertise. So, here’s a look at the show in which I’m featured along with the Brooklyn Reader‘s Richard Burroughs, and where I apparently am on a quest to set the world record for blinking in a TV appearance. For the record, the things to do this weekend that I mentioned are:

-Brooklyn Brewery tap takeover/Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue benefit
-Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
-Rooftop Films Twisted Romantic Short Films at MetroTech
-Friends of Single People
-Where to watch the World Cup

Follow Dave and offer him free media training at @DaveCoIon  (more…)

07/10/14 2:27pm
smith street stage

Much ado about what now? The Smith Street Stage players will let you know this summer in Carroll Park. Photo by Chris Montgomery via Facebook

Thou maketh your home in Brooklyn, maketh your heart’s hunger a quenchable goal of satiable cultural lust. You live in Brooklyn; the amount of pretentiousness you have to consume on a daily basis should at least come with some actual ingestible culture attached. So treat yourself to a temperate evening of free theatre with this summer’s lineup of original stage productions or classic reproductions of Shakespearean plays. Without much further ado, eat your heart out, and check out the free outdoor plays you can catch this summer. (more…)