07/31/15 11:40am
You've still got time to be carried away by summer! via Flicker user  Lara Wechsler aka Shveckle Havameyer

You’ve still got time to be carried away by summer! via Flicker user Lara Wechsler aka Shveckle Havameyer

Yeah, I see you. It’s the dawn of August, it’s hot outside, and you’re ready to put a fork in your summer, ‘cause she’s cooked. Memorial Day weekend, so full of summertime promise, feels simultaneously like yesterday and a distant memory. You had a vision for summer 2015, and then, without fail, your weekends filled up as quickly as an affordable housing lottery. And now you’re already writing off those untapped activities as maybe-next-years. Surrender your utensil. I’m here to remind you that there’s still plenty of summer left– and you need to embrace it.

Sure, opening your door now feels like opening the Ark of the Covenant, but I also have a theory (rooted in no science or research) that most of us have been conditioned to feel a sense of dread in August regardless. Way back in your school days, this month meant the party was almost over, you’d be returning to another, older grade, your precious youth, assuredly slipping away. But the good news is that you’re old now, and summer ends when you say so! This time around, don’t get “excited for fall” like a chump when the weather turns ghastly hot for a week. Live in the freaking moment for once in your irreversibly smartphone-addicted life. Here are some pointers for using your summertime wisely, mitigating common regrets, and, as your roommate’s tattoo roughly translates to, seizing the day. (more…)

07/28/15 4:02pm

As you know, we appear on BK Live every other week to chat about the fun things happening in Brooklyn over the weekend. The people at Brooklyn Independent Media thought there was nothing more natural than sending a writer to talk to actual live humans though, so they sent us and our pal Richard Burroughs to Jacob Riis Park to check out the Beach Bazaar, its offerings and the people who hang out there.

Watch to hear from Riis Park Beach Bazaar co-founder Belvy Klein about what it’s like to run the bazaar seven days per week, watch to found out about the karaoke offerings, watch the see us realize sunglasses were a good idea and also to learn about what incredible nerds we are since we know who the biography of the man the beach was named after AND the man who designed the beach. And if you haven’t been to the Beach Bazaar yet, take the Beach Bus down already, because you don’t want “not enough beach time” to be your summer regret. (more…)

07/28/15 9:03am

Hey uh…behind you…there’s a…ah forget it.

I went searching for Wet. It all happened very organically. I was in need of a new band to write about. I was in need of something new. I went about finding it in the expected ways. I Googled “cool bands,” “cool Brooklyn bands,” “cool Brooklyn bands 2015.” I found a lot of actual horseshit. And then I found Wet. I clicked on them based on nothing other than their name. Which is normal and fine of me to have done. It was 110 degrees outside and Wet just sounded refreshing.

Often described as “indie R&B,” but quoted in interviews such as THIS ONE saying they prefer to fall under “pop,” the Brooklyn based band will be releasing their debut full-length Don’t You via Columbia Records this Fall. The lead single off the album is “Deadwater” and you can watch the video for that right now: (more…)

07/21/15 9:00am

You can smash the patriarchy but still want your favorite restaurant to survive

Thinking about the future is exciting, while also being cripplingly terrifying. Will it be brutally hotter? Colder? Will we still be able to shop online? Will there be any animals left? How about sweatpants? Will the aliens finally come to harvest our organs like they’ve been threatening to do via veiled hints transmitted  secretly on Soundcloud for all these years? What? What is happening? It’s all so uncertain. One thing out of a very short list of certain things is that Brooklyn’s Future of What is hot. Even their own album thinks so. (more…)

07/16/15 3:05pm

OMR Free Summer Shows 2015 REC
Today, our friends at Oh My Rockness are all about highlighting the best free summer shows in New York City (and slightly beyond) from now through September. Because it’s summer, and seeing free shows outside rules. Here are just a select few of the 79+ good free summer shows still coming up this summer:

07/23 – We Were Promised Jetpacks with Krill @ Pier 84 (Hudson River Park)
07/25 – Sylvan Esso with Porches @ Celebrate Brooklyn (Prospect Park Bandshell)
08/05 – Dither with Yo La Tengo, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Matmos and more @ Damrosch Park Bandshell
08/06 – Caribou with Sinkane @ East River Amphitheater
08/08 – tUnE-YaRds with Shabazz Palaces @ Celebrate Brooklyn (Prospect Park Bandshell)
08/13 – Lower Dens @ MoMA Nights
09/20 – The Feelies with Alex Bleeker & The Freaks @ Storm King Art Center

07/14/15 8:39am
She'll tell you the story of the boogeyman.

She’ll tell you the story of the boogeyman.

Rachel Mason will officially go down in history as making the first rock opera to catch my undivided attention since 2000’s The Transfused. (Or if it counts, that one musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) The multimedia artist recently released The Lives of Hamilton Fish, an album + film about a serial killer and a celebrated Westchester politician who shared the same name and died one day apart, in January 1936.

Trivia: The less likable of the two Fish, on account of all the killing and eating of children he did, changed his name from Hamilton to Albert mid-life and is the OG, actual boogeyman. Maybe THIS STORY will ring a bell.

That story is horrific, but Mason’s twist on the telling of it is dramatically addictive. Here is the video for “Nightmare” off The Lives of Hamilton Fish: (more…)

07/10/15 2:57pm

If you don’t have weekend plans yet, don’t fret, because you can still get some ideas from this video of us on BK Live with our pal Richard Burroughs of the Brooklyn Reader. Plenty of great stuff is going on, like a comedy music festival, an afternoon of drunken revelry at Union Pool, a party where you can hang with French bulldogs, the New Pornographers playing Prospect Park and a theatrical performance of The Room. Of course, if you don’t want to do any of that, there’s also our weekend roundup from our events editor, or you can come to Riis Park to hang out with us and Richard on Saturday. Seriously, there’s a lot going on. (more…)

07/10/15 10:23am
Which beach is the one for you? via Luna Park NYC Flickr

Which beach is the one for you? via Luna Park NYC Flickr

Welcome to beach season. Depending on the kind of person you are, you might have different preferences for your beach, like the food you can get nearby or the crowd you want to hang around with or even your preferred way of getting to there. Instead of thinking long and hard about it, our top Beach Data Scientists put together a quiz that determines which NYC beach is the one that fits your personality the best. So take it and enjoy, but just remember that the results are legally binding* and you have to go to this beach for the rest of the summer! (more…)

07/07/15 9:00am
He's a, scene maker/heartbreaker...well we actually don't know about the heartbreaker part

He’s a, scene maker/heartbreaker…well we actually don’t know about the heartbreaker part

Toby Goodshank is a Brooklyn based performer who may be best known for playing acoustic guitar for The Moldy Peaches, but that’s not where the bulk of his experience is bundled. Prior to plucking along with Kimya Dawson, Toby harvested his solo work into an impressively prolific collection of songs adding up to fourteen albums in five years. That’s more than most artists accomplish in an entire lifetime.

Over the last handful of years Toby has exploded in creativity while touring Europe, and co-founding the 3MB art collective with Adam Green (another Moldy Peaches alum) and Macaulay Culkin, both artists who he had prior relationships with while touring for a chunk of time as a guitarist for Green, and acting as both an opening act and fill-in member for Culkin’s The Pizza Underground from March to the present day. (more…)

06/30/15 8:43am

No muffins in sight

I have to start this post by apologizing for doing everything I could to turn the title of it into some sort of play on words having to do with muffins. I didn’t even Google to see if it had already been done 1,000 times. Let’s just assume it hasn’t so I can feel better about myself as a writer, and as a person.

As a writer of various music things on the internet, I get sent a lot of stuff to check out. Sometimes it will take me about a week to process what I’m sent because the name of the band sounds not nice, or I have menstrual cramps, or I’m busy, or busy being not busy, etc. But then other times I’ll get sent something and mere minutes after receiving it I’m like “YES! YES! ONE MILLION TIMES YES!” This was one of those times.

Sharkmuffin (seriously, best name for so many reasons) was introduced to me via their publicist and sold using only the following sentence:

“Check out these babes. Patty from Hole plays drums. Tarra in the band works at Brooklyn Bowl.” (more…)