08/19/15 10:01am
Here it is, your new shower regimen. Photos by Emma Kaye

Here it is, your new shower regimen. Photos by Emma Kaye

You’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating: every time you shampoo, you’re essentially stripping your hair cuticle of its natural oils. As a result, your scalp develops a reliance, or even a physical addiction, to being shampooed. Addiction is bad. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop washing your hair.

It’s not as gross as it sounds. Plus, you will be cleaning your hair still. In place of shampooing and conditioning, you’ll be using two homemade cleansing solutions made from two simple ingredients: baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This method will cost you no more than $10 a year and make your hair feel clean and look great. So, here are the recipes and directions for getting back to basics with your haircare routine. You’ll never want to shampoo again.

08/05/15 1:45pm
Get your inner Mr. Miyagi on, heck, make your own Miyagi shirt. Image via Flickr user Rebecca Olarte

Get your inner Mr. Miyagi on, heck, make your own Miyagi shirt. Image via Flickr user Rebecca Olarte

Brooklyn is full of naturally creative people who seem to just have been born with the skill to draw, sew, photograph and create cool things. Then there is the rest of us, the ones who actually have to put in the work to master certain skills so we can create cool things ourselves, in order to not be known as “that person with the office job.” We could nag the naturally creative people, but they are too busy, well, creating, so what is a potential creative to do? Well, we’ve partnered with CourseHorse, which has a wide selection of classes where for just a few hours you can have someone who knows what they’re doing helping you master a skill you will need to benefit your creative needs.  (more…)

08/05/15 11:00am
Okay so not this nice, but something beyond totally empty. via Flickr user danfinkelstein

Okay so not this nice, but something beyond totally empty. via Flickr user danfinkelstein

Once upon a nightmare named February, we sat in our heatless apartments dreaming of summer. Now that summer is upon us we have our summer selves popping ice cubes and strapping them to our foreheads. Our winter selves would shame us for staying inside next to the A/C complaining that it’s too hot out to do anything but stay inside and watch all the Seinfeld episodes on Hulu. Listen to your winter self shaming you because summer gives you a great shot at a quick D.I.Y. project: the D.I.Y. luxury rooftop! While the luxury buildings have the amenities like fake grass and chairs and grills and pools, we know how to use our creativity and resourcefulness to make something out of the classic black tar rooftop. Make your rooftop over into a D.I.Y. paradise for just $70. (more…)

06/18/15 4:11pm
Best part is, you can't get detention. via Bartsblackboard

Best part is, you can’t get detention. via Bartsblackboard

Gone are the days where grad school was the only way to enhance your post-graduate skill set. These days you can find professional development classes all over the city—ones that cost only peanuts compared to their degree-granting brethren. And you’ve been saying for weeks now that you want to build your website. But when are you actually gonna do it, huh?

We’ve partnered with a directory called CourseHorse, that streamlines all of the classes in the city available for a given interest. Want to learn Photoshop? There’s a class for that. Want to perfect that chickpea dahl recipe? There’s a class for that.

06/02/15 11:42am
Don't do this. You're better than this. via Pinterest user avocker

Don’t do this. You’re better than this. via Pinterest user avocker

You may have decently-stocked cupboards now, but trust us, it won’t always be like this. There will be days—heck, those could be the days you’re living now—where you’ve come home from another long day having forgotten to shop and you’re facing what seem like spare parts of meals. Hey, we feel you. Below, Brokelyn staff confess to the strange things we’ve eaten when we’ve been faced with said spare parts. And you know what? This stuff turns out to be pretty tasty.

So the next time you can’t figure out how to grocery shop in a blizzard, or you’re just feeling too broke to function, rest assured you can still cook up something tasty and filling. Disclaimer: taste is subjective, obviously. Try at your own risk.  (more…)

04/09/15 12:37pm
BUST knows how to throw a girly party. via Facebook

BUST knows how to throw a girly party. via Facebook

Before Etsy, there was BUST. The women’s magazine started offering craft colonies as early as the mid-90s—and twenty years later, they’ve kicked the craft fair game into high-gear with events like “Primped,” the upcoming fashion, beauty and vintage fair next weekend hosted by BUST Craftacular. At first glance, an event that puts the spotlight on nice soaps and hair-braiding might seem regressive somehow, as though it might accidentally relegate its attendees to arcane ideals of a woebegone womanhood. But there’s actually a whole lot of pussy riot in a DIY craft fair, as revealed in our conversation with the magazine’s co-founder, Debbie Stoller.

“I think crafting fits into feminism in a really central way,” Stoller tells us. “I grew up with a stay-at-home mom who taught me how to craft. Not bullshit crafts, like with popsicle sticks, but actual skills that I found fun, pleasurable and satisfying. So with Primped, I wanted that sense, that these products come from a place of self-expression.” (more…)

01/27/15 11:20am
trash lid sled

The garbage can lid is still king of the DIY sleds, but if you can’t get one of those, there are some other options available to you. via Flickr user Michael Fleshman

The great end times snowstorm we’ve been fearing has come and gone, and you’ve got just one thing on your mind: survival at all costs. That and it’s finally time to do some damn sledding. You know where to do it, the better question is, how are you going to do it? Odds are you don’t own a sled, and it’s too miserable out there to trudge to a Sports Authority or other sporting goods store to get one. Look around you, though! You’ve got plenty of crap to use as fantastic sleds in and around your home. What should you drag out to that steep hill though? (more…)

11/25/14 10:00am
brooklyn charm shop

Why fight someone over a charm bracelet when you could just learn to make you on the cheap at Brooklyn Charm Shop? via Facebook

Black Friday is upon us and if you completely hate yourself, it’s prime time to buy presents for the holidays. Sure, we get it – the discounts are great, but it’s always a little awkward when your one friend gives you the perfect present and your gift to her was found after a hard won fight at the bargain bin.

Make your friends and family wish you were their secret Santa this year by giving them something you made at one of these six craft classes that you can take for $40 and under. We’re usually against learning anything that’s actually practical, but we would love to find a hand-knit scarf under the tree this year. (more…)

11/11/14 4:06pm
snail mail my email

This letter used to be an email, if you can believe it. via Instagram

Ever decide with a friend that you will be their pen pal and you promise to send the first letter, and then a week goes by, then a month, then a year or two… and oh my, does that make you a liar or a monster for not writing something down and putting a 49 cent stamp on it? Snail Mail My Email, an annual service founded by San Francisco artist Ivan Cash, assures you that you are a human with flaws and they are here to help you deliver your promise. With nothing but an email, you can use the service to send dozens of thank you cards, holiday greetings from 2013, letters to friends and that letter to your local precinct about an issue that matters to you after you voted in the election, and it’s all free. (more…)

10/29/14 10:41am
diy halloween costumes

Just because you’re broke, doesn’t mean you can’t look cool or sexy on Halloween. All illustrations by Shaylyn Berlew

Halloween is a sexy time. And no, I’m not referring to the stupid store-bought costumes. I mean it more like people can get in touch with a different part of their personality, put on a mask, and act the fool with people in various states of bloody, gothic, or otherwise ornate undress. But since you’re reading Brokelyn, I can only imagine your costume budget comes up a few digits south of a period-appropriate musketeer or Marie Antoinette outfit. However, there’s no reason a brokester needs to compromise his or her seductiveness just to pay the rent come November 1.

So, herewith, I present to you some rock-solid, wallet-friendly, DIY costumes and apropos sexual innuendos to say while wearing them. Just make sure to be safe, don’t eat too much candy corn (serious bloating action there), and have a ghoulishly good time come Friday night. (more…)