01/13/17 11:49am
In the words of Obama: Yes, you can (write jokes about Trump for late night TV). via screenshot

In the words of Obama: Yes, you can (write jokes about Trump for late night TV). via NBC screenshot

President-pee-flecked Donald Trump is a gift to late-night writers everywhere. Even after the election results were in, 2016 remained a gilded age for irreverent political sketch comedy and Trump takedowns, from Kate McKinnon’s Hillary impressions to Samantha Bee’s sermons.

And if, like most late night comics and their writing teams, you spent last year furiously penning sketch ideas for the next four years (gleep), then chin up: NBCUniversal’s Late Night Writers Workshop is once again accepting applications for its writers program, and you (yes, you) can apply to the class of 2017!

The workshop website is “a multi-day program focused on exposing talented sketch and comedy writers to NBCUniversal’s late night & alternative line-up and readying them for a staff writer position.” In other words, kids, this workshop could be your way into a permanent gig being insulted by Sean Spicer and asked to publicly apologize for your jokes! The deadline is Sunday (Jan. 15) so get on it!  (more…)

01/10/17 3:35pm
This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB

This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB

New year new you, sure, but what about a new job? If you’re still rubbing the gunge of 2016 from your eyes, quitting is a sure-fire wake up call. And whatever soul-sucking environ was keeping you semi-comatose for the better part of last year, we’re sure you can think up a good excuse for why you need to leave without upsetting that sweet severance pay/future reference.

This week’s job pile includes a few big name cultural institutions in the borough alongside low-key gigs in the backend of BK. We’ve got a gig in marketing, one in publicity, even beer-related crime fighting. Haven’t you always wanted to be a superhero who drinks a lot? Maybe you already are one. Anyway, read up and apply to what looks good: (more…)

01/04/17 1:00pm
Just do us a favor and don't use Kelvin. via Royal Caribbean IG

Just do us a favor and don’t use Kelvin. via Royal Caribbean IG

Juno what you should do this summer if you’re tired of being Walden at work and you don’t Hefe solid plan for the summer? In case it wasn’t clear from the puns, we think you Mayfair well in this Instagram-related gig.

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is calling all filter-savvy individuals with an eye for adventure to Rise (still going) to the occasion of a summer Instagram internship that offers free summer cruising in exchange for documenting your experiences as a brand ambassador for Royal Caribbean. No, it’s not a Lark. It’s real! And while it sucks that nothing good comes without #brand affiliations these days, if it means free world travel then we’re happy to get our Brandon. (more…)

01/03/17 4:11pm
You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user GirlRay

You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user Girl Ray

2017 is looking up so far (read: no movie stars are dead yet), but there’s still a big orange-haired elephant in the room. And come Jan. 20 that orange-haired elephant is going to go galumph into — as a friend of mine put it so eloquently —  “the china shop of foreign diplomacy” and wreak havoc on our national security.

That is, unless we can set up our own system of checks and balances to prevent him doing so. New York City may remain fairly immune to Trumpism during the president-elect’s germ term. But just in case you’re still looking for a way to fight the power (and we really hope you are), check out this cool job posting for one lucky Brooklynite:

New York City Council Member Brad Lander is seeking a Communications Director to oversee and implement the Councilmember’s communications and media program – in order to serve the people of the 39th District, to resist the threats of the Trump regime to American democratic values and vulnerable constituencies, and to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable NYC.

You heard right, kids! Councilman Brad Lander, who represents Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington and Boro Park, most recently notable for mediating negotiations between residents and developers during the Park Slope Key Foods controversy, is now seeking a full-time anti-Trump activist to help make shit happen.


12/22/16 2:54pm
Picture your face right in the middle of this handsome bunch.

Picture your face right in the middle of this handsome bunch.

Calling all wallet wizards, discount divas, saintly savers and kings of Kings County: Brokelyn wants you! We’re hiring full-time editors for the new year and we’re looking for people with the perfect mix of local knowledge, reporting skills, keen editing and writing flair to help carry Brokelyn into the future.

Are you someone who loves service journalism and telling real stories about the Brooklyn hustle? Do you have an aptitude for fostering new writers, breaking hot local scoops and taking the piss out of overpriced nonsense? Do you live in Brooklyn? If you checked yes to all of the above, we want to hear from you. (more…)

12/21/16 4:25pm
You knew all that CrossFit would pay off in your professional life eventually. via Facebook

You knew all that CrossFit would pay off in your professional life eventually. via Facebook

Well folks, it’s officially winter. And while last week’s snow didn’t leave any stains, a 2017 polar vortex is definitely coming to the East Coast before the season’s end. But there’s a way to turn a profit off the season instead of losing all your money on heating bills: become an emergency snow worker for the city!

Just how much snow dough can you shovel in? The gig is on-call, so you’ll only work when needed. But when you do, you’ll make $15 an hour for up to 40 hours of work. If you go overtime, it’s $22.50 a week. It’s layman’s— er, sleigh man’s— work, but it’s a great substitute for a gym membership and a great service you can provide to the community. If not your strong arms, then whose?

Read on to figure out how to apply: (more…)

12/20/16 3:23pm
Meet Nivedita Kulkarni, creator of the biggest listserv for women in comedy

Kulkarni in a 2013 interview. via screenshot

As this train chugs ever closer and more miserably toward Trump’s America, Brokelyn’s cool jobs series is focusing its energies on NYC organizers whose work, whether directly or indirectly, is helping to prevent the president-elect’s rhetoric from becoming manifest.

Today, in the entertainment biz corner of that effort, we bring you Nivedita Kulkarni. She’s a Chelsea-based performer and comedian, and the founder and CEO of Nuva Comedy, a seven-year-strong startup whose principal expression is an e-mail listserv, informally referred to as the “Nuva Ring,” that goes out to thousands of lady comics based in NYC, LA, Chicago, SF and beyond.

The listserv is free and open to join. And as with any e-mail chain that connects industry professionals online, there’s a risk of overusing the reply-all button, especially since women of the Ring exchange e-notes about everything from industry contacts to extra Beyoncé tickets. But with Nuva, reply-all isn’t a pox — it’s the point.

“There are so many issues and things wrong with the entertainment industry as it is,” Kulkarni said. “No one’s required to give up their contacts, but we’re providing a tool to create greater access. I want Nuva to be a professional tool that changes the entire entertainment industry for women. I’ll help you when I can, and you help me when you can.” (more…)

12/14/16 10:50am
Colbert wants you. Well, his network does, anyway. via Youtube screenshot

Colbert wants you. Well, his network does, anyway. via Youtube screenshot

Stephen Colbert is a historical figure of the 21st century. Not only did he manage searingly subtle satire on The Colbert Report that carried into the creative license he now boasts on The Late Show, but he’s always kept his political pilot light burning, and evinces a woke-ness that rivals most news outlets.

Now, you can share Colbert’s legacy: CBS is hiring for not one but TWO full-time producer positions on The Late Show, a Digital Producer and a Social Media Producer. FWIW, they were hiring for the social media position earlier this year, which can only mean one of two things: it didn’t work out, or they’re expanding the team. Either way, that’s more job for you, and a yuge chance to work alongside one of the comedy greats in taking Trump’s America to task every damn day. Read on to find out how to apply! (more…)

11/28/16 2:17pm
Drop everything and start making $35/hour as a professional feminist advocate

Be the voice of feminism wherever you go… and get paid for it. via website

“Art” and “feminism” are words you don’t often hear used to describe professional work sectors, let alone in the same job description. But here’s one that combines both for budding organizers seeking an epic feminist career move: Art+Feminism is currently seeking a Program Coordinator to “support the exponential growth of their global initiative” in 2017. And the pay’s not bad, either.

You might remember Art+Feminism from a post we ran earlier this year about their famed Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, the patriarchy-smashing annual event where women and allies edit Wikipedia articles to remove instances of misogyny and to better document women’s contributions around the world and in history. Three years into the Wikipedia project the organization is bigger than ever and growing fast, but you still have a chance to work with them at a grassroots level.

At $35/hour, you’ll get to to “play a key role” in the development and success of their Wikipedia initiative, and to promote women in the arts. You’ll get to manage communications, project pipelines and social media platforms. Best of all, when people ask you what you do for a living, you’ll get to say “feminism” and mean it. (more…)

11/16/16 10:00am
You'd get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

You’d get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

Since most of us are back to at least trying to pretend that everything isn’t awful and terrible, Brokelyn’s back to its bi-weekly jobs listings. Because even if democracy is letting you down, at least the job market isn’t (for now). There are still plenty of cool gigs out there for young upstarts and mid-career professionals alike. And while none of us knows what’s in store for us come January, a job at a place you love might help weather the next four years, and maybe even make them worth sticking around America for.

That doesn’t mean you have to be complacent, of course. This week’s job roundup includes gigs in investigative reporting and producing, senior editing and customer service, so you can stay involved in both human and digital conversations happening re: Trump’s America. And even though the American presidency is now an entry-level position, all of the jobs in this week’s roundup take at least a little field experience, so peruse our listings and see which one speaks to your skill set. (more…)