07/01/15 4:01pm
Oh wait, never mind, these people look miserable. Via Craigslist

Oh wait, never mind, these people look miserable. Via Craigslist

Hello, Brooklynites, and happy Wednesday to you all! I’d like to issue a message specifically to the unhappily employed out there in our fine borough: I am envious of you. My job of sniffing out the best employment opportunities in NYC has never been easier, and if I wasn’t so happily employed at the completely-not-made-of-cardboard offices of Brokelyn I’d be racing to snap all of these jobs up as quickly as I could. Fortunately, if you are job-deficient, or even just annoyed by your boss’s pronunciation of “banal”, then the stars have aligned for you, since it has never been easier to get a job that makes you the least ba-nal person in the room. (more…)

06/25/15 11:11am
your pugcast idea had better be good. via flickr user zoomar

Your pugcast ahem, podcast idea, had better be good. via flickr user zoomar

We’re at it again, helping you make a podcast. But this time it’s not just about quality, it’s about opportunity. WNYC has just announced its search for the next great podcast idea! Is it yours?

The famed radio station is going about their search in a very America’s Got Talent-esque way: the WNYC Podcast Accelerator program “will give both established talent and up-and-coming storytellers the opportunity to pitch their big podcast idea” to WNYC and the Online News Association (ONA). The winning pitch will have its pilot episode produced by a WNYC producer! How do you like that? (more…)

06/23/15 9:41am

They’re opening the book on the second season, and they want you in it. via Facebook

So you’re a Serial nut, you know the ins and outs of every part of Adnan Syed’s story told by Sarah Koenig, and you’ve even pored over every bit of extra information that was put up on the show’s website. You also know how to make that extra info on the website come alive and had some notes you were planning on giving Koenig and Julie Snyder at the evening with them at BAM. Don’t do that. Instead just apply for this job as a digital producer on season 2 of the show. (more…)

06/22/15 1:36pm
jeff richman greenwood cemetery.jpg

Jeff Richman: from the courtroom to the tombs. via the Green-Wood Discovery Blog

Most people probably think of Green-Wood Cemetery as the place at the end of the line, the place for the big sleep, the resting place at the end of your final act. For Jeff Richman though, it turned out to be a place of re-invention and second acts, where the former defense attorney could take his love of research and writing from the world of law to the world of the dead.

For fifteen years now, Richman has been in charge of leading tours, planning exhibitions, searching for gravestones and representing Green-Wood in the media as their official historian. How do you get such a cool job that lets you hang out in a 478-acre cemetery that’s also a National Historic Landmark? In part, you get in at the right time, and then make sure you’re as comfortable leading folks around as you art hitting the books. Richman gave us a look at his daily routine, his favorite parts of the job, and whether or not you have to believe in ghosts to keep a gig at Green-Wood. (more…)

06/18/15 8:09am
This was literally the least gross picture we could find of the place. Via Facebook

This was literally the least gross picture we could find of the place. Via Facebook

Hello, desperate job-seekers, and welcome to another Wednesday edition of Now Hiring! What’s that? It’s Thursday? Well, it seems I have gone upon another one of my job-hunting binges, resolving in me waking up in the gutter passed out in a puddle of rainwater with five new places of employment. Well, I apologize to you, and to the fifty other hiring companies I interviewed (actually, yelled) at trying to crack exactly how their HR departments worked, but I assure you it is all worth it in the end when I show you the fantastic new job opportunities I’ve found! Now then, I’ll probably just head home. Although, that ad agency on the corner is hiring… (more…)

06/15/15 8:49am
Being a puzzle master has its advantages, like getting to meet NYC celebrities

Being a puzzle guru has its advantages, like getting to meet NYC celebrities

How does one obtain such an illustrious job title as puzzle guru? Are they born, or is their art finely crafted over decades of gruelling work? The recipe is a little bit of both, it turns out. Ultimately, one must earn Puzzle Guru status, but some people, well, they’re just really damn good at puzzles. We sat down with John Chaneski, Puzzle Guru for NPR’s Ask Me Another, to find out more about what sounds to us like the absolute greatest job in the universe. In addition to his AMA gig, John is “Puzzle Guy” for A Way With Words, which he describes as “Car Talk for the English Language” and also hosts quiz night with Trivia NYC’s Tony Hightower every Saturday at 7:30pm at One Star in Chelsea. (more…)

06/11/15 3:02pm
nitehawk shorts festival

These people will be seeing your movie. That’s pretty cool. via Facebook

Are you a budding or unknown film genius putting in work on YouTube or Vimeo, wondering when Upowrthy or ViralNova or whoever will rocket one of your cool short films to a brief acclaimed existence? Eff that, we have a much better idea. Submit your good movie to the Nitehawk Shorts Festival, and if it gets picked, it can be shown at Nitehawk, a real movie theater. (more…)

06/09/15 11:34am
Sean Rameswaram on the mic. Photo by Amy Pearl via WNYC

Sean Rameswaram on the mic. Photo by Amy Pearl via WNYC

Ever look around on the train and see everybody with headphones on? And do you ever wonder what it is they’re listening to? For a (growing) number of people, the answer is a podcast. Freely available for downloading and perfectly timed to while away the morning commute, the podcast is the 21st-century progressive’s ideal diversion/binge listen. At best, they’re stimulating, gripping and hilarious. At worst, they’re rambling, indulgent and banal. Audio content has utterly reinvented the culture of American storytelling.

By now you’re nodding and saying, yeah, yeah, I know all this already. How do I make my own? Don’t you worry, we’re getting there. We talked to professionals in the business who had a lot to say on the subject—Anna Sale of Death, Sex & MoneySean Rameswaram of Sideshow, and Stephen Metcalf of Culture Gabfest (more…)

06/08/15 3:44pm
This guide won't improve your baking, but it will help you master this piece of software Image via Flickr user Ricky Trickartt

This won’t improve your baking, but it will help you master this piece of software Image via Flickr user Ricky Trickartt

Want to quit your soulless jobs and launch your own magazine? Or start working for places like Grantland and GQ? Well if you want to see your design grace the web, you need to learn the right software. To start (or continue) your career as a web designer, you really should get a handle on InDesign. We know, learning is hard; you can try to learn on your own, but that takes a lot of trial and error; it’s commendable, but not really a good excuse when the rent is due. You need to master this and do it in a timely manner. Because we want you to succeed (and not ask to sleep on our couch), we can point you to a few places where you can learn InDesign and not worry about crawling back to that former place of employment.  (more…)

06/04/15 11:55am

This could be you! via Flickr user Jeff

Now that you’re here with your band in unforgiving New York City, how are you guys gonna turn yourselves into the next world-conquering One Direction or Run the Jewels. You can toil as an unknown for a while playing in our vanishing venues hoping that a Pitchfork editor is there one day. OR you can take a potential shortcut and boost yourselves into this year’s CMJ festival by applying to play and then getting picked. Hey why not, everyone loves shortcuts. (more…)