08/31/15 2:52pm
Seems nice for jut $100. via Facebook

Seems nice for just $100. via Facebook

Plenty of people dream of opening a restaurant, but lots of factors stand in the way of that dream, most of which involve not having the incredible amount of money necessary to build and open their restaurant. Enter the owner of the Mendo Bistro and Barbelow, who’s offering up his entire bar and restaurant for the paltry price of a $100 entry fee and a 250-word essay on why you’re the right person to own the restaurant. (more…)

08/28/15 1:43pm
A place to be alone and work on that manuscript, without going all Shining on someone. Photo by Scott Hocking, via Hill House

A place to be alone and work on that manuscript, without going all Shining on someone. Photo by Scott Hocking, via Hill House

Beyond the fact that you have to work all the time just to be able to afford living here, New York isn’t the most ideal place for sitting down and focusing on a creative task. There are friends dragging you out with them, roller disco parties, the infernal traffic noise everywhere. It’d be nice to just get away to somewhere quiet and finish that album or manuscript you’ve been kicking around, and it just so happens there’s a month-long residency, the Hill House Artist Residency, in the middle of nowhere that will allow you to do just that. (more…)

08/27/15 9:52am
Hey, it's living room theater. via Website

Living room theater. via Casa de Beverley

Hey, all you budding playwrights out there, with Google Drives just bursting at the seams with yet-to-be-produced material. Yes, you! Here’s an opportunity to hear your talented writings out loud, without having to schlep all the way up to Midtown Manhattan. Casa de Beverley, a community and arts space in Ditmas Park, is accepting submissions for another One Acts and Snacks, their staged reading series with actors (and free snacks).  (more…)

08/26/15 1:48pm
This is what everyone wears on Casual Friday, by the way. Via Facebook

This is what everyone wears on Casual Friday, by the way. Via Facebook

In New York City, your job does not define who you are. You are in a city where interesting hobbies and fun people are scattered all over streets like so many rats on a subway line. What I mean to say, is that if you don’t like your job, you can still go out and find a great, productive way to live your life in this great city. However, you will also have to go to your crappy office every morning, so maybe if you don’t want to tell everyone at your rock-climbing gym/macrame classes about how much you hate what you do every day, maybe you should get an amazing job and have the best of both worlds! Where to find such a job, you ask? Well, keep on reading. (more…)

08/20/15 1:47pm
Quick, spot the freelancers. via flickr user Heather Buckley

Quick, which ones are freelancers and which ones are full-timers? via flickr user Heather Buckley

Hear ye, hear ye! Brooklyn’s tech game is beating out every other borough. The Center for an Urban Future released a comprehensive analysis of the city’s tech sector, using research culled from the Department of Labor. Results show that our borough leads the city in growing tech sectors, with a stunning 83% increase in jobs over the past decade. We even trumped (sorry) Manhattan: the island came up second, with only a 79% increase in tech jobs.  (more…)

08/19/15 1:57pm
Sure thing boss, but were you Dumb or Dumber? Via The Newsroom Facebook

Sure thing boss, but remind me again: were you Dumb, or Dumber? Via The Newsroom Facebook

Today could be the day your life will change forever. You could be walking down the street when you spot a winning lottery ticket on the ground, or sitting on a subway when a charming, beautiful millionaire falls in love with your tasteful book choices. A senile Richard Branson could name you his heir, then proceed to jump off a hot air balloon with no parachute. Of course, these things could happen, but actually won’t in a billion years, so if you’re looking to change your life, you are probably gonna have to make that change on your own. “That sounds good,” you might be thinking, “but where do I start?” The answer is, of course, maybe lose that office that you hate the smell of and pays you next to nothing to be there, and try one of these awesome new jobs instead! Seriously, she’s a millionaire, what’s she doing on the subway anyways? (more…)

08/13/15 9:46am
Mm hmm yeah thanks for the advice. Glockabelle photo by Nate Dorr.

Mm hmm yeah tell me more of your opinions. Glockabelle photo by Nate Dorr.

My mom was a drummer in a 90s girl band, which played everywhere from my hometown of Baltimore to CBGB to Woodstock ‘94 (I was five; I stayed with my grandparents and got the chicken pox. It was almost exactly like seeing Trent Reznor covered in mud). At one gig, two roadie dudes waited eagerly to meet the band’s drummer. “Where is he?” they asked. Instead of correcting them right away, my skinny blonde mother, set up the drum set as dudes looked on confused. They had just had it when she asked them to scamper down to Rite Aid to grab her a box of maxi pads. When she finally went on stage, their jaws dropped as they realized they’d been helping the drummer the whole time. (Also, pro Brokelyn tip from mom: maxi pads make great low-budget drum mufflers).

So this was back in the 90s; you may think women’s visibility in music has improved, but, no — even here in New York City, one of the most progressive cities in the world, women have to wade through the daily muck of harassment, especially as they’re first getting their start on stage. Hell, even Bjork and Solange have to wade through the bullshit, often not getting credit for their work the way a guy would. We rounded up a sampling of the best local (and people who play locally a lot) lady musicians to collect musings on trying, and failing, to be taken seriously as a musician and a woman.

Here’s some shit people have said to lady musicians, and what they had to say back. (more…)

08/12/15 2:52pm
Pretty good, for something that didn't even have a soul. via Facebook

Pretty good, for something that didn’t even have a soul.
via Facebook

Welcome, one and all, to another edition of Now Hiring in BK, the column where I scour the internet for the best/most fun/conversation-starting-est jobs out there on the market, and you go out and get them! Remember, no matter what you’re doing for money or how you ended up doing it, any time you see a job posting that makes you say, “Whoa, that would be an awesome place to work,” and you don’t send in a resume right then and there, it’s pretty much tantamount to tossing a baseball at the crotch of your future self, and your future self doesn’t deserve that. So, if you want to actually help your future self instead, to the point where they’re sitting on a fancy boat instead of writhing in pain, send in an application to some of these sweet jobs, and maybe get a gym membership or something. (more…)

08/12/15 11:13am
This could be you, making some art, doing some good. via Twitter

This could be you, making some art, doing some good. via Twitter

Hey there talented Brooklyn artist wondering how you can get your name and work out there so that people finally understand how talented you are. It’s definitely tough out there, but don’t give up just yet, because here’s a fun opportunity: the Department of Transportation is looking for artists to paint some bright and pretty pictures onto our otherwise dull and crappy traffic barriers. (more…)

08/07/15 2:05pm
If you've the sea skills, he's got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries

If you’ve the sea skills, he’s got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries

As you know, we here at Brokelyn are always happy to share cool jobs with you, because we think you should be happy at work and not miserable and cranky. Still, even our searches usually only lead you to cool offices, which is kind of limited. What if you want to live the rat race and civilization behind entirely? Well if that’s the case, here’s your big chance to take to the sea, because a future sea captain is putting up posters in Brooklyn looking for a crew to sail around the world with him on an epic two-year voyage. (more…)