09/20/16 11:47am
Do you have what it takes to fill Anderson Cooper's silver fox shoes? Via Facebook.

Do you have what it takes to fill Anderson Cooper’s silver fox shoes? Via Facebook.

I have come to learn, through my time working in an office and attending various doctor waiting rooms, that people freakin’ LOVE network morning shows. They’re sources of drama and intrigue that appeal to way more than just the stay-at-home or sick-from-work crowds, and finally provide a chance for our all-important celebrities to let us know what they’re up to. The lineage of ABC’s Live has been a long and often controversial one, giving us Regis and Kathie Lee, Kelly and Michael and now maybe Kelly and … you?

Live has been without a permanent co-host since Michael Strahan left in May; a rotating series of co-hosts have been filling in since, but now the morning show is holding a contest for a guest host to sit next to Ripa. You just have to submit a one-minute video to enter, but the deadline is tonight at midnight so cut back on your morning TV intake and get cracking. (more…)

09/16/16 10:00am
Whoa, Canada: Get paid $9,000 to make your art in Québec next year

You can go to Montréal any old time. How about Chicoutimi? via Flickr user Norman Gaudreault

Yesterday, we told you about a paid arts opportunity that would help you make work in Trump’s America. Today, we bring you a paid arts opportunity that’d help you escape Trump’s America altogether. (FYI, we know Trump’s America is a highly unlikely scenario. We’re just saying.)

The Art Services Initiative of Western New York, aka the ASI of WNY, is partnering up with the state’s Council of the Arts to offer a three-month artist residency in Québec! That’s a province in Canada, in case you were wondering. Québec includes but is definitely not limited to the city of Montréal. In fact, applications for locations outside Montréal are encouraged.

As much an arts grant as it is a residency, this gig includes a $9,000 stipend. The money is intended to cover travel, materials and labor, but if you budget carefully enough you might just get to put some of that money away! Or, just use it to finance your drinking habits while in Canada. (more…)

09/15/16 2:00pm
Thankfully this doesn't look like that sorority video. via Facebook

Thankfully this doesn’t look like that sorority video. via Facebook

If you’ve been jobless for an extended period (sry) of time, and you’re looking to increase the flow (sry) of cash into your bank account, then look no further than New York-based period underwear company THINX, because they’re currently hiring for two job positions: Full Stack Web Developer, and Growth Strategist.

“Just ~*~*IMAGINE~*~* spending all day, err day with these smiling faces!!” reads the job notice, posted to THINX’s Facebook page yesterday with the photo above. “This is POSSIBLE because… drumroll please… we’re hiring!”

If you haven’t heard of THINX, by the way, it’s either because you don’t get out much or because you’re just veeery late to the game. The company’s high octane, post-millennial and mildly manic PR style has not only been plastered all over NYC subways for the past year, but was also recently lauded in an open love letter on Jezebel.

In either of these positions, you’d be helping to grow this “lightly deranged” brand to its full potential. Sure, we could tell you why these jobs sound especially great, but we’d rather u-ter-us. (more…)

09/14/16 11:04am
This ain't no unpaid internship. via BAX Facebook

This ain’t no unpaid internship. via BAX Facebook

You need a job to get experience, and you need experience to get a job. The same rules apply in the arts world: you need to make work to get seen, but you need to get seen to make work. Even the term “emerging artist” has come to refer to someone who has at least some work under their belt.

If you find yourself in this very predicament, then Brooklyn Arts Exchange is here to help. Applications are now open for their 2017 Upstart Festival, a two-day performance series whose only two eligibility requirements are that artists be New York-based and have fewer than three years’ worth of experience presenting their work in the city. Oh, and it pays. How’s that for emerging? (more…)

09/13/16 10:39am
Listen to the pros: How to run a hit Kickstarter campaign, as told by Brooklyn success stories

Vivian the Dog Movies to Brooklyn got successfully funded in July.

So, you have a great idea. You love it, your friends love it, damn, even your Aunt Susie who doesn’t have the Internet thinks it’s a good idea. What next? How do you take a business from concept to reality if you can’t afford to pay for it all on your own? You could pitch it to venture capitalists for seed money, which takes some of the weight off your shoulders but also means you’re giving up a percentage of your business before you even have one. And how do you even get a meeting with a venture capitalist?

Anyone can try crowdfunding their idea through Kickstarter, hitting up those friends (and Aunt Susie) who said how much they liked your idea in the first place and ask them to put their money where their good wishes are. But how do you create a successful Kickstarter campaign? You need one that looks professional, without requiring you to hire someone to actually put it together, and that secures all its funding so you actually get the money.

We reached out to a few people with Kickstarter success stories to figure out how they did it: We talked with the creators of the children’s book Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, the CEO of Groupmuse and the creative director of artfully designed clock ThePresent.Today. We also made our way to July’s Kickstarterfest to check in with a few more people who used Kickstarter to get their business off the ground. No matter what the size of the campaign we learned that all success stories share a few common threads: lots of preparation time, out-of-the-box social media promotion and a commitment to fostering your community. (more…)

09/12/16 9:00am
He caught you a delicious bass.

He caught you a delicious bass.

‘Sheepshead Bay Pier, 6:30am. Sunscreen in one hand and coffee in the other. I’m sleepy, sweaty and armed with no fishing experience, if you don’t count accidentally dropping a fishing pole into a lake when I was eight. Walking down the pier towards me is my unofficial First Mate, local fisherman and bartender Lucas Finelli, who is here to convince me that I, Hope “Mosquito Magnet Sunburnt Prone Can’t Swim To Save My Life” Morawa, can successfully fish in Brooklyn.

I first met Finelli when he started bartending at Crown Heights’ popular Cajun spot Catfish, where I serve brunch with a winning smile on my face. Within a week of Finelli’s arrival, Catfish began to feature fresh-caught specials ranging from ceviche to pan-seared bronzino with capers. I soon found myself opting out of the free family meals after my shift and paying full price for the fish instead.

To my surprise, I later discovered that it was Finelli who was donating his fresh-caught fish to the restaurant so the chef could prepare them. The concept of local fishing in Brooklyn had never once crossed my mind, but after hearing a few of Finelli’s stories of being out on the water near BK, I learned just how accessible — and ambitious — the fisherman’s life in Brooklyn could be.  (more…)

09/09/16 10:11am
Nope, we're not kitten: make real money by running away with this Chicago cat circus

Cats, they think they is circus people. via Facebook

Looking for work? Well, if last week’s roundup of cool Brooklyn jobs didn’t do the trick, then it might be time for you to throw in the towel and join the circus. But hey, don’t join just any circus. Join this TRAVELLING CAT CIRCUS in Chicago, because they’re hiring a stagehand for their national tour.

“Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus?” reads the Craigslist ad I can’t read without crying. “Now you can, with cats! The Amazing Acro-cats are a troupe of real rescued house cats that tour the nation spreading the joy of clicker training, fostering, and adoption while entertaining audiences of all ages.” (more…)

09/02/16 10:39am
The lobby of your office errrday.

The lobby of your office errrday. via Archinect

It’s been a while since our last hot n’ fresh jobs post hit the stands, and you might have been left feeling high and dry this month, thinking we must not really care whether you might ever afford another music festival. But you would be wrong in thinking that, because we definitely do care. We want you to have all the stuff of life at minimal cost, and what’s more, we want you to have fun making the money to do it.

In that spirit, here are five sweet Brooklyn jobs that range from floor manager to cellarman, pastry production to video production. No matter your area of expertise, one of these oughta pique your interest. (And if nothing does then hey, there’s always Hawaii.) (more…)

08/30/16 9:46am
Your backyard. via Youtube

Your new backyard. via Youtube

There’s a long and hallowed tradition of states that aren’t New York offering artists long-term housing in cities that aren’t New York City. Which makes sense, because even though the dwindling creativity of this city will always be an essay-worthy topic of conversation, creative types still can’t afford the rent here.

Usually, the states offering rent-free respite are Detroit and Maine — seriously, what is it about Maine? — but as of today, there’s a new state in town vying for you to call it home: Hawaii.

Far from the dilapidated housing projects of Michigan or the buggy suburbs of Maine, Hawaii is actually a coveted vacation destination spot. It’s colored sand beaches, rain forests, endless summer, the whole bit. And a fruit-tree planting foundation wants to pay you to live there, in your own little cabin on the Big Island, so long as you don’t mind doing some handiwork. (more…)

08/26/16 1:53pm
Brooklyn Wild: Meet Isa Del Bello, whose job is to reveal the secrets of the BK waterfront

Isa Del Bello with a porgie she just hooked. Photo by Peter Park

Isa Del Bello, the director of education at Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, may have grown up in the desert, but she loves working on the water.

The Sante Fe, NM native taught elementary school in Albuquerque for three years, but she moved to New York in 2010 to pursue a graduate degree in developmental psych with the intent to do academic research, instead of teaching. While in grad school at the Teachers College of Columbia, she worked as a per diem teacher at Brooklyn Bridge Park and as an educator with Solar One’s Green Design Lab. That’s when she realized teaching city kids about nature was what she really wanted to do.

Whether lecturing about the history of East River oysters during a Wednesday night tour, wading out into the river with groups of volunteers to catch fish with a 20-foot seine net, or showing a class of elementary school kids what critters lie beneath the surface of the East River, Del Bello is passionate about educating kids and adults alike about the Brooklyn waterfront.

“A lot of city people look at the water and they don’t think there’s anything living in it, when in fact it’s a thriving ecosystem that is becoming stronger and stronger as time passes,” she says. The 33-year-old, who lives in Clinton Hill, joined Brooklyn Bridge Park full-time in 2013.

Isa Del Bello is today’s focus of Brooklyn Wild, our series where we talk to Brooklynites who have found a way to make their living by working in nature.

We spoke with Del Bello about jonesing for the ocean while living in the desert, her love of fishing and boating, and which upcoming Brooklyn Bridge Park events we should put on our calendars.  (more…)