05/20/15 2:51pm
Watch out, I heard this lunatic put the last Account Coordinator in the hospital. Via Facebook

Watch out, I heard this lunatic put the last Account Coordinator in the hospital. Via Facebook

Hello Brooklynites, and sorry. I’m sorry that we live in such dangerous times, with rabid real-estate brokers pawing at our neighborhoods, a militarized police force clashing with the government, and, of course, bears. Now, there are many things you should be worrying about, but getting a job shouldn’t be one of them. I can attest first-hand that there are still jobs-a-plenty floating around New York City, and I can say this with the utmost authority since I have spent my week combing through job listing after job listing to find you some of the best possible chances at employment on the market. So, worry not Brooklyn, because your future career starts today! That is, if you’re not eaten by bears on the way to the interview. (more…)

05/19/15 4:14pm
silicon valley

Are you the next tech genius, like these guys? via Facebook

Right now, the world is full of people who think they’re the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, and for all we know, you there reading this are one of those people. So you’ve got a great idea, since when has that mattered as much as being able to actually do something with the idea? Fortunately, if your idea is as good as you say it is, you’ve got  chance to pitch some of best tech minds in the city at an upcoming tech conference and win $50,000 to make your next Facebook into theory into the next great app that swallows the world in practice. (more…)

05/18/15 9:32am
Cloe Shasha, all smiles

Cloe Shasha, all smiles.

If you’re going to spend hours on the internet, you know you may as well do it on TED.com. Unlike user-dominated Reddit feeds and endless clickbait on Facebook, TED content is always curated to be worth your while. You can have your mind blown without ever getting out of bed. But who’s doing all the curating? Enter Cloe Shasha, associate content producer for TED. We wanted to know about what it takes to web-produce all those “ideas worth spreading,” and Cloe was happy to oblige. (more…)

05/15/15 11:23am
buzfeed quizzes

Which kind of BuzzFeed quiz do you write, the celebrity ones or the terrible high school memories ones?

BuzzFeed, it’s the website that’s eating the internet and it’s getting to the point where if want to work on the internet, you have two choices: get hired by BuzzFeed or have a mental breakdown because you didn’t get hired by BuzzFeed. In order to prevent that mental break, we have a job to share with you in BuzzFeed’s either most loved or loathed section depending on who’s doing the talking. Are you challenging and interesting and funny enough to write BuzzFeed quizzes for a living? We know we’re not, but maybe you are. (more…)

05/06/15 3:51pm
victoria's secret

Want to be an underwear executive? Keep reading! via Facebook

Welcome, millionaires of Brooklyn, and please join us in this week’s MansionMania™! What’s that? You aren’t a millionaire? You’re actually pretty broke, you say? I should read the name of the website, you say? Well, if you’re going to get all hissy about it, I suppose you could use a few more revenue streams (not that your Etsy for dogs made of dog hair isn’t making bank), so how about a new job? Luckily for you, we here at Brokelyn have already taken care of that bit by combing through every inch of the internet, and, after taking a long shower in bleach, compiling every decent job available in New York as of right frickin’ now. So, if you can’t find a good job here, then there’s no hope in finding it anywhere else, and best of luck in your dog Etsy. (more…)

04/30/15 2:55pm
bushwick starr

This empty stage could be full of characters you created. via Facebook

We know what it’s like out there for a struggling playwright, vainly typing away on your typewriter while smoking cigarettes and adjusting your beret, wondering if anyone will read the work you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s the same conundrum facing any struggling creative around here. Lucky you then, that renowned Brooklyn theatre The Bushwick Starr wants to make things a bit easier for you by inviting you, the unknown playwright, to submit a piece for consideration in their Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Get picked, and you can see your script read in one of Brooklyn’s best small theaters. (more…)

04/22/15 3:53pm
Now with more SkyNet! Via Facebook

Now with more SkyNet! Via Facebook

Ah, springtime in the city. It’s a magical time of year, reminding us of the winter hell-scape come to past, and the burning sweatbaths that await us in the near future. In these perfect moments, stuck between the mirroring unpleasantness of New York weather extremes, it seems like the days can go on forever. However, if your job sucks and makes you want to smash a window, that might not be a good thing. Lucky for you, it sounds like the solution to your problem is to simply find a new, better job, which is even simpler when we here are Brokelyn bring you some of the best career opportunities hiring this week. Cherish this time instead of dreading your job, because soon enough you’ll be sweating puddles in the subway station and cursing the bastard who invented “sleeves.” (more…)

04/17/15 3:46pm
They made it look easy enough

They made it look easy enough

Sweet summer camp: the best way to spend vacation running around, making crafts, and forging friendships that would last well into September. At our age we’re way outside of the camp target demographic (we refuse to acknowledge adult summer camp). But if you are still a kid at heart and long for the fun of camp without leaving the city, consider working for the YMCA as a summer day camp counselor. They’re holding camp counselor job fairs all over the city tomorrow, April 18. (more…)

04/14/15 2:06pm
Yay for free samples and business tips! via Trade Brooklyn

Yay for free samples and business tips. via Trade Brooklyn

Growing a business can be tough in this borough, especially with the tyranny of partnering choices available to you. Should you go the brand management route and seek representation? Join a union of other small business? Put it all in a state department’s hands? Not to worry. Tomorrow on April 15, you can be like a kid in a candy store with Trade Brooklyn, a big ol’ business-to-business exhibition where you can shake important hands, trade business cards and get yourself on the borough’s map. (more…)

04/13/15 3:20pm
Your funny face here

Your funny face here

As you know, if you’re a regular reader of the site, we are often a clearinghouse of good jobs that other companies have to offer you. And that’s good, other companies are just fine. There comes a time though, when a humble website decides we want some of the talented folks applying for other peoples’ jobs, and that time is right now, today. Brokelyn is growing, so we’re hiring, and we want you to come (virtually) hang and help us get better. Brokelyn tattoo not required, but it’d be nice if you happened to have one. (more…)