02/26/15 1:13pm
They've always been progressive

They’ve always been progressive

A hot topic preceding the Oscars before the real controversy of Neil Patrick Harris’ bad job as host overshadowed everything was the fact that Hollywood is white as hell. Just a bunch of whiteys giving each other awards, talking about how Selma couldn’t get award votes because the stars wore protest t-shirts and then when a Mexican director actually wins an award there’s a completely bizarre green card joke. HBO figures maybe they can fix this by getting more women and minorities into the movie business, so they’re looking for women and minorities for their intensive writing fellowship/TV development program. (more…)

02/25/15 2:30pm
brooklyn bridge park

Your new office. Well, if we’re being realistic, you won’t actually be working in the park itself. Photo by Etienne Frossard via Facebook

Hello Brooklyn, and welcome to your new future! It has been a raging freeze-hell outside, and possibly you’ve been walking to work, thinking “Is this barista job really worth six more blocks of this agony?” The answer, of course, is no, and that mathematics degree you’ve got stuffed behind your headboard should really be doing more then acting as a home for 17 spiders. So, to get you to a future where you’ll be gladly skipping to work while various digits are freezing off, here are some new, great jobs that have just fallen onto the market, collected courtesy of your good friends at Brokelyn (more specifically one friend, who cares about your future career very much). (more…)

02/24/15 2:55pm
Those extra dollar bills still make a big difference to your server. via Wikipedia

Those extra dollar bills still make a big difference to your server. via Wikipedia

It’s well-known that New York’s tipping culture is off the charts, and we can chock that up to a the Draconian wage requirements keeping service professionals struggling to make rent each month. Well, according to Capital, things got the eensiest bit better today when the state’s Labor Commission approved Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers from $5 to $7.50. “Whoopee,” you might be saying as a frequent diner, “now I can ease up on gratuity.” Er, please don’t do that.  (more…)

02/23/15 3:39pm
coney island

Welcome to your new office. via Flickr user David Tan

Hey, as long as we’ve got some summer vibes going on this chilly day, why not keep them going? After all, it was all the way up to 45 degrees yesterday! Anyway, if you’d like your job during the summer to be one that more closely aligns with the carnie life of strapping people into rides and tricking them into playing your games they’ll never win, you’re in luck. Amusing the Zillion noticed there are a slew of Coney Island jobs available for the enterprising summer lover living in New York City. (more…)

02/20/15 1:38pm

This is your boss though, so we hope you speak penguin. via Flickr user Christopher Michel

Have you guys heard that it’s a bit chilly outside? Well in case you haven’t, let us tell you, whew boy is it cold out. Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care. Maybe you even relish this cold. Maybe you also want a hermit-like existence and get away from it all for a for a few months because life is kind of garbage or you committed a crime. Great, because the post office in beautiful Antarctica is hiring some assistants and you don’t need a single day of mail carrier experience to get the job. (more…)

02/20/15 10:00am
that could be YOUR show they're finding so hilarious! via Fresh Ground Pepper

that could be YOUR show they’re finding so hilarious! via Fresh Ground Pepper

It may seem like wintertime is a dead time, but for artists it can be one of the busiest of the year. This is when the right-brained folks are struggling to pitch their best and brightest ideas to summer arts festivals, gallery calendars and music venue rosters. Unfortunately, that’s no easy feat during this most depressing season. Nothing’s growing, everyone’s cranky—finding inspiration in February is like finding a cheap 1-bedroom north of Jersey. But resident BK arts company Fresh Ground Pepper likes to announce its season at the top of the year for that very reason: they curate a challenge-based, year-long season of open submissions for new works in performance. Best part? You can pitch a whole new play to ‘em without ever getting out of bed. (more…)

02/17/15 9:49am

What kind of headline can you write about these fancy elevators? via Facebook

So maybe you saw our job listings last week and thought your sandwich skills weren’t quite at “wizard” level, and while you’ve got writing skills, they exist above “staff writer level.” Well aren’t you fancy. Take that self-regard over to BrickUnderground then, where they need a new senior editor to guide New Yorkers through this real estate market that even Hillary Clinton has trouble with. (more…)

02/16/15 8:48am
tk. Photo courtesy of Matt Powers

Funny guy. Photo courtesy of Matt Powers

If you’ve been on the internet the last year or so, you’ve seen articles from ClickHole, The Onion’s internet-parodying sister site, on people’s Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Listicles like “15 Things Only People On A First Date With Buckethead Say,” quizzes like “Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You?” and Moby Dick as clickbait ”The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My Perspective On The World.” Who writes this stuff though? It takes a team of comedic minds, and one of them is Matt Powers, who went from Onion intern and freelancer in New York to taking the leap and moving to Chicago to join the web’s premiere site for listicles that confuse your poor aunt. Matt told us about the process that gets all this weirdness online and how maybe you too can one day get paid to do something like that. (more…)

02/11/15 1:33pm
meat hook sandwich

They need a wizard… via Facebook

Look, the general condition of mankind is pretty simple to sum up in general: we generally want more. If we’ve got 3 giant hoagies, why not make a fourth? A fantastic iPhone? Why not an iPad to match? We are always looking for the next big, great thing to come along, and the fact that you’ve had your job for as long as you’ve had it without never once wondering what else could be out there is worrying. Seriously dude, it’s creeping me out. Are you even human, or just some kind of elaborately-constructed Terminator? Well, not like this is a huge test if you’re a robot or not or anything, but I’m just going to leave this list of awesome new jobs opening up in New York here, and whether or not you want to scan through it is up to you and your big, potentially cyborg brain. (more…)

01/28/15 1:40pm
Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

Help keep all these in order

Now, with the latest Blizzard That Never Was, some of you may have gotten time off from your awful, terrible jobs. Of course, you might have thought you had time off from your horrible job, only to realize you didn’t when the skies opened up and it turned out “blizzard” means 4 inches of snow. Possibly, you didn’t have any job to get/not get to, in which case you just binge-watched a frankly, insane amount of X-Files and tried to make your pets speak. In any of these cases, however, it seems like there is a common thread: you may need a few job. This just happens to be your lucky day, however, since we here at Brokelyn have collected up the best offerings of the week and delivered them right to your grey-slush-covered doorstep. (more…)