04/17/15 3:46pm
They made it look easy enough

They made it look easy enough

Sweet summer camp: the best way to spend vacation running around, making crafts, and forging friendships that would last well into September. At our age we’re way outside of the camp target demographic (we refuse to acknowledge adult summer camp). But if you are still a kid at heart and long for the fun of camp without leaving the city, consider working for the YMCA as a summer day camp counselor. They’re holding camp counselor job fairs all over the city tomorrow, April 18. (more…)

04/14/15 2:06pm
Yay for free samples and business tips! via Trade Brooklyn

Yay for free samples and business tips. via Trade Brooklyn

Growing a business can be tough in this borough, especially with the tyranny of partnering choices available to you. Should you go the brand management route and seek representation? Join a union of other small business? Put it all in a state department’s hands? Not to worry. Tomorrow on April 15, you can be like a kid in a candy store with Trade Brooklyn, a big ol’ business-to-business exhibition where you can shake important hands, trade business cards and get yourself on the borough’s map. (more…)

04/13/15 3:20pm
Your funny face here

Your funny face here

As you know, if you’re a regular reader of the site, we are often a clearinghouse of good jobs that other companies have to offer you. And that’s good, other companies are just fine. There comes a time though, when a humble website decides we want some of the talented folks applying for other peoples’ jobs, and that time is right now, today. Brokelyn is growing, so we’re hiring, and we want you to come (virtually) hang and help us get better. Brokelyn tattoo not required, but it’d be nice if you happened to have one. (more…)

04/13/15 12:38pm
Her brows have sadly grown apart

Her brows have sadly grown apart

Una LaMarche hasn’t just powered through the face-palming, unibrowed crucible of adolescence and the sloppiness of rookie adulthood–she’s published the tale. Last week, LaMarche released Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer, a collection of personal essays on lessons learned from the self-proclaimed awkwardness veteran. She has written for the New York Observer and last July released her second young adult novel, Like No Other, which follows the high school romance between a black teen and Hasidic Jewish girl. LaMarche spoke with us about getting her dream book published, subtle purse vomiting, and her personal growth as translated to the Kate Hudson spectrum. (more…)

04/13/15 9:57am
They've got some lessons for you, so listen up. Especially about the banana thing. Photo by Melissa Clarke

Joelle Barrios, Erik Cline, Chris Hatfield and Mike Ambs are Love Axe, and they’ve got some lessons for you, so listen up. Especially about the banana thing. Photo by Melissa Clarke

My band consists of four adults. We’re all day-job having, mortgaged-up people in our 30s (mostly) with kids who need to have health insurance and other dumb stuff like clothes and food, so when we were preparing to release our latest album, playing shows outside of California wasn’t really on our radar. Touring in a rock and roll band is almost exclusively the domain of people in their early 20s or much more established bands who make enough money to afford hotels or a bus or at least another person to come along and sell merchandise and help with driving and loading equipment – not luxuries that we can afford.

As the release schedule started to take shape, however, we noticed that the on-sale date coincided with what was once a very important time of year for all of us: Spring Break. Only instead of being undergraduates on the lookout for a foam party or a Habitat for Humanity project, our group consists of three people who work at non-profits and a stay-at-home dad, which meant that only one of us actually had to use any vacation time (sorry about that, Erik). So, after several weeks of internal debate, negotiations and a complicated web of guilt trips that would send most people to therapy for years, we decided that Love Axe would indeed be going on a seven-date tour of the midwest and East Coast to promote our album, South Dakota, beginning on March 27. And since we were doing this for fun rather than fame and glory, the big catch was that we were going to have to do it on a shoestring budget, thanks to those previously mentioned spouses, children and their so-called “well-being.” Here’s some useful tips for that shoestring tour, whether you’re mortgaged-up or jumping in your first van: (more…)

04/10/15 1:16pm
Can you look like this? Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger want you! via Flickr user Pual Townsend

Can you look like this? Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger want you! via Flickr user Pual Townsend

Do you frequently tell people how you miss “the old New York?” Did you move here with a studded leather jacket, a collection of Dead Boys records and a fierce desire to shoot up on St. Marks, only to find that the new drug of choice on the LES is frozen yogurt? Well, for once you’re in luck, because Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are casting for a new HBO series and they need some background extras to portray punks, disco fans, early hip-hop fans and other denizens of 70s New York nightlife. (more…)

04/10/15 10:00am
northside festival

Have you good public art? This could be you (shirt obviously not required)!

So you of course know all about the Northside Festival’s great headliners that are set to lead the way in a great weekend of music for you. You might be so into the whole thing that you want to somehow be a part of it, so that you can one day brag that you were in the same festival as Run the Jewels and Best Coast. Well if you’re a good artist, then you can do that, because the Northside Festival needs some artists for the weekend’s Williamsburg Walks. If you’re more of a music type…sorry. (more…)

04/09/15 2:25pm
Make close friendships and flex your creative muscles, on island time. via Facebook

Make close friendships and flex your creative muscles, on island time. via Facebook

Ah, the romance of lounging around a beach house and occasionally “working on your art.” You’d think that this is a privilege for only the very rich, and usually you’re right. In this instance, though, you’re in luck, because you’ve got a chance at a fabulous residency on the beach. The Fire Island Artist Residency, an artist residency that caters exclusively to the LGBTQ community, is accepting applications for its fourth cycle. If you identify as any of the letters above, and the winter knocked the creative inspiration right out of you, now’s the time to pick up where you left off! FIAR offers lodging, meals and a stipend to help visual artists who demonstrate “new perspectives in contemporary art” get some work done. (more…)

04/08/15 3:20pm
Because chocolate factories are notoriously terrible places to work. Via Flickr

Because chocolate factories are notoriously terrible places to work. Via Flickr

The end is nigh! Wait, why are you throwing that trashcan through a window? Oh, I should have specified: The end of your less-than-ideal career is nigh! If you consider yourself to be a generally talented person with little-to-no body odor and killer workplace banter about the latest Game of Thrones episode, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be out there working at the position of your dreams, or at least, not sitting at home all day. Seriously, you’re talking to the cat too much. Way too much. To that end, we here at Brokelyn have yet again corralled some of the best career opportunities in New York just for you, because we care about your wellbeing. And the wellbeing of Mr. Whiskers.

04/02/15 4:30pm
ice cream taster

This kid? She’s getting rich. via Flickr user clappstar

You there, the one in the cubicle, or maybe the weird open office plan where everyone can see your work-related self-loathing written all over your face at all times: hate your job and want to get a new one? If that’s the case, consider making the life changes that would allow you to get some of these lucrative jobs that Inc. managed to find, that pay well AND sound fun. Well okay, a bomb disposal expert doesn’t really sound fun, but the rest of the jobs they found sound better than sitting in front of a dang screen all day. (more…)