11/28/16 2:17pm
Be the voice of feminism wherever you go... and get paid for it. via website

Be the voice of feminism wherever you go… and get paid for it. via website

“Art” and “feminism” are words you don’t often hear used to describe professional work sectors, let alone in the same job description. But here’s one that combines both for budding organizers seeking an epic feminist career move: Art+Feminism is currently seeking a Program Coordinator to “support the exponential growth of their global initiative” in 2017. And the pay’s not bad, either.

You might remember Art+Feminism from a post we ran earlier this year about their famed Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, the patriarchy-smashing annual event where women and allies edit Wikipedia articles to remove instances of misogyny and to better document women’s contributions around the world and in history. Three years into the Wikipedia project the organization is bigger than ever and growing fast, but you still have a chance to work with them at a grassroots level.

At $35/hour, you’ll get to to “play a key role” in the development and success of their Wikipedia initiative, and to promote women in the arts. You’ll get to manage communications, project pipelines and social media platforms. Best of all, when people ask you what you do for a living, you’ll get to say “feminism” and mean it. (more…)

11/16/16 10:00am
You'd get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

You’d get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

Since most of us are back to at least trying to pretend that everything isn’t awful and terrible, Brokelyn’s back to its bi-weekly jobs listings. Because even if democracy is letting you down, at least the job market isn’t (for now). There are still plenty of cool gigs out there for young upstarts and mid-career professionals alike. And while none of us knows what’s in store for us come January, a job at a place you love might help weather the next four years, and maybe even make them worth sticking around America for.

That doesn’t mean you have to be complacent, of course. This week’s job roundup includes gigs in investigative reporting and producing, senior editing and customer service, so you can stay involved in both human and digital conversations happening re: Trump’s America. And even though the American presidency is now an entry-level position, all of the jobs in this week’s roundup take at least a little field experience, so peruse our listings and see which one speaks to your skill set. (more…)

11/14/16 8:40am
If you can make it here, you might just make it anywhere. via flickr user Jan Ingar Grindheim

If you can make it here, you might just make it anywhere. via Flickr user Jan Ingar Grindheim

So you’ve got a bachelor’s degree, but you can’t get a job. Now what? As young and creative as this city is, graduate education continues to be the professional leg-up that often makes the difference between landing or missing out on a great job.

But education costs in the city remain at a stupid high. The Columbia Journalism School, for example, is home to one of the most sought-after master’s degrees in the world but costs $92,933 a year to attend. In 2011, Cuomo signed a piece of legislation that allowed typically low-cost CUNY and SUNY Institutions to increase its tuition by $250 annually between 2016 and 2021. And whether or not student loan forgiveness will be kind to your breed after 10 years of schlepping remains to be seen.

Saving for grad school is definitely going to take more than scaling back your daily coffee addiction and subway fare. But if, like me, you’re not keen on taking up sex work to pay for college — a seriously viable option too, fwiw — read up on a few other clever ways to save up for grad school that don’t involve taking your clothes off. These remote work solutions might just get you the master’s you’ve been waiting for.  (more…)

10/31/16 3:08pm
Watts points the way to hell at a 313 show in 2009. Credit: Chris Franko

Watts points the way to hell at a 313 show in 2009. Credit: Chris Franko

For most people, Halloween is a holiday that comes around once a year. But for Fort Greene resident Andrew Watts, America’s spookiest holiday is a full-time career. For the past 21 years, Watts has helped to realize Halloween 313, the annual musical spook-tacular that takes over an apartment building at 313 Clinton Ave. in Clinton Hill. It’s a longstanding tradition for families of all ages to gather round 313’s standing-room-only lawn to watch a free and reasonably scary show, on repeat every half hour.

Tonight, the 313 rises again with Watts’ Abracadaver, a magic, mystery and murder-filled walk down the Coney Island Boardwalk. And in honor of the occasion, Brokelyn chatted with the 59-year-old writer and composer about how a one-time volunteer gig scaring kids on Halloween became a lifelong career creating accessible spooks in Clinton Hill.

Watts first met 313’s artistic director, Janna Hyten, in college, and the two connected over neighboring hometowns in Florida. That, in addition to their adjacent backgrounds in illustration and a shared love of art and theater, led to near-instant collaboration.

“Plus,” added Watts, “I’m attracted to crazy.” (more…)

10/26/16 2:30pm
This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

We know it’s hard to believe, but life will go on after the 2016 general election is over. Regardless of who wins (no Trumpies no Trumpies) you’ll have a life to get back to, an apartment to pay rent on and a job that’ll help you do it! Unless, that is, you don’t have a job.

If you find yourselves in the throes of funemployment that’s looking less and less fun every day, then let the Brokelyn job fair find you something fun and paid to do. Assuming the country doesn’t end up in a burning cataclysm of fiery death on Nov. 9, you could land a sweet job in book reviewing, bookkeeping, brand managing and more. Have a peep at all these neat positions we found, and see which one is worthy of your talents. (more…)

10/20/16 3:00pm
One of these raving pizza lunatics could be you. Via Facebook.

One of these raving pizza lunatics could be you. Via Facebook.

Odds are that there are very few people reading Brokelyn who are fans of Pizza Hut, seeing as eating chain pizza in New York City is basically violence, or college sports, because we’ve tried to serve you guys sports content before and you nerds aren’t into it, we get it. But there are definitely lots of you who love money and travel, so we’re going to tell you about this gig anyway. Pizza Hut, home to one of Donald Trump’s first publicly shameful moments, is looking for a “Pizza Hut All-American,” a sports fan who is willing to go to as many NCAA Division I championships they can this school year while doing some social media for the Hut. With 90 games in all, that means everything from the Final Four and the Frozen Four to the College Baseball World Series and the beach volleyball championship. And you get $50,000 for it. (more…)

10/19/16 1:00pm
Land a nice dept. store job, like Therese Belivet.

Land a nice dept. store job, like Therese Belivet. Via

The meaning of “holidays” changes with age. As kids, it translates to roughly three weeks of idle fun and icing sugar straight to the bloodstream. As college students, it offers a much-needed reprieve from our studies and an opportunity to visit home. And once we reach adulthood, “holidays” falls into more of an opt-in category, where the choice to take off of work or spend time with family or take a vacation is both entirely up to you and at-your-own-risk.

Family and vacations and family vacations are nice and all, but your rent back in Brooklyn won’t pay itself while you’re gone. And if you freelance, or your income depends solely on a company that shuts down for the holidays, then Thanksgiving through the New Year is a harrowing time for your finances.

The Brokelyn Cares Foundation (not real) understands, and we’re here to help with a guide to finding seasonal jobs that’ll keep you paid and unafraid this holiday season. Apply for these gigs sooner rather than later, so you’re covered for work as soon as things start to quiet down in December. Heck, even if you’re looking for longer-term work you should still consider applying to these positions, because who knows? You might just knock their holiday socks off and earn yourself a permanent gig come springtime. (more…)

10/18/16 9:44am
Troll Hole: no ordinary sex shop. Photo by Janine Ciccone

Troll Hole: no ordinary sex shop. Credit: Janine Ciccone

If you live in Bushwick, have done laundry in the past six months, believe in sex positivity, and enjoy reading smut, then you’ve probably heard of Troll Hole, the intersectional-feminist queer space and zine/sex shop located inside La Blanquita Laundromat (formerly Mermaid Laundromat) at 226 Knickerbocker Avenue.

Troll Hole isn’t your stereotypical sex shop, and that is not solely because it’s surrounded by washers and dryers. The shelves are stocked with erotic zines like Softies and Hand Job, feminist anthologiesclassic collections of iconic sex writing (think Spread Magazine) as well as affordable vibrators, bondage, glow-in-the-dark lube, and decorative pins with sayings like: No Bras, No Masters. They’ve also got free tampons and pads. The entrance is lined with streamers and a shop dog, Frances, welcomes customers as they enter.

From the coverage that Troll Hole has gotten in Brooklyn blogs, to the founders’ frequent attendance at zine fests around the neighborhood, it might seem as if the colorful store had simply popped up and found success overnight. But like most things that seem effortless, it wasn’t. How’d they create that cool job?  (more…)

10/11/16 12:00pm
Finally, your love of food starts paying. via Flickr user Edsel Little

Finally, your love of food starts paying. via Flickr user Edsel Little

With all the leaves changing outside, you’ve probably feeling the need for a little change yourself. And why not? Whether you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job for months, or you’re just craving a major change of pace, you deserve to enjoy what you do every day. Brokelyn is here to remind you that there’s no shame in wanting to quit the job you have, so long as you have an idea of what you might like to do next.

And while we can’t promise you’ll get a new job, we can certainly take the effort out of searching the annals of the internet. Here are five Brooklyn jobs that are hiring for all kinds of professionals, from creative to corporate souls (everyone’s gotta eat).   (more…)

10/04/16 11:30am
BOOKS — via Electric Lit

Drink like an author this Friday — via Electric Lit

Hoping to write the next Great American Novel one day? Finishing a manuscript but lacking in publishing contacts? Or just looking for new ways to placate your family and friends when they ask you about your “career” plans?

Whatever the reason, here’s a cool new opp for writers: The Authors Guild, America’s oldest, largest writers’ organization, is here to swoop in and capture the hearts and minds of lost, young writers like some kind of literary Bernie Sanders with a new membership for aspiring writers such as yourself, and it comes with alcohol! As in, they’re having a launch party at Powerhouse on Friday with free refreshments to celebrate the membership. (more…)