doc gooden

Show your fastball off in front of Doctor K this weekend

The Mets may have already abandoned you and your hope for a playoff berth this summer with their fifth straight losing season and the overall feeling that the earth underneath Citi Field will open up, swallowing the team whole as they fall into a bottomless, swirling abyss, but they still want to make things right. No no, not with a higher payroll or anything, don’t be silly. The team will be apologizing for committing 6 errors on Monday afternoon by hosting the Mets Jam Music Festival, at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the help of Top 40 radio mill Z100. Mets legends like Doc Gooden will be there, to hear your jokes about how they could probably make the team this year. (more…)

national dog day

Make your dog happy AND cultured by bringing her to a free reading. Photo by David Colon

Does Rover give you sad eyes each time you head out the door? We wish we could take our dogs everywhere too. Show your pooch how much you appreciate her by taking her along to a free reading on National Dog Day, August 26, at the Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital (59 Hicks Street). Your dog will be as excited for this event as she is when she sees her food bowl. (more…)

dumbo archway

This, but also with dancing. via Flickr user dumbonyc

There’s nothing like an outdoor dance party to prove to haters that IT’S STILL SUMMER YA JERKS. Fortunately for us all, there just happens to be a big outdoor dance party this weekend that is both free and in Brooklyn. Is there any downside to this? We guess if you’re afraid of dancing it’s ALL downside, but other than that, no.  (more…)

08/12/14 1:31pm
brooklyn heights cinema

Show’s over. via Facebook

Everyone seems to be getting priced out around here, and apparently the city’s oldest independent cinema is no exception. Brooklyn Heights Cinema (70 Henry St.) will close at the end of the month, according to DNAinfo. Kenn Lowy, the theatre owner, said the property, which he does not own, had been sold and will likely close August 27. (more…)

melville house publishing

The international sign for “Good cheap books here.” At least today it is. via Facebook

Sometimes your tiny apartment gets a little too cluttered for your taste and you have a stoop sale. Brooklyn-based independent publishers Melville House Publishing knows what that’s like, but instead of putting out crap no one wants, the publisher is basically giving books away today at its DUMBO office/bookstore (145 Plymouth Street) with their Backlist Blowout Sale.

From noon to 9pm today, a huge selection of books from their back catalog will be on sale, with paperbacks going for only $1 and hardcovers for $2! Or if you’re really nuts about literature and can’t make up your mind on what to buy, for $25 they will give you a Melville House tote bag that you can fill with as many books as physically possible.  (more…)

08/04/14 4:00pm
rambo brooklyn

Still the only Rambo we legally recognize.

Hey, remember RAMBO, the imaginary made-up neighborhood near DUMBO that should be given no legitimacy ever, no matter the cost? Despite our best efforts (mostly shaking our fists at the internet and area brokeries), it appears our anger may be in vain, because the stupid made up neighborhood name that barely even covers a neighborhood has been enshrined in the the world’s most accurate encyclopedia, Wikipedia. (more…)

08/04/14 11:57am
one brooklyn bridge park

They think there’s enough housing in the park, thank you very much. via StreetEasy

We all love Brooklyn Bridge Park, even if we had to make peace with the idea that since housing is supposed to pay for the park it means condos overlooking the nice green grass and the roller rink and the pool. Now though, a group of heroes is fighting the incursion of housing, to preserve some of its natural beauty. Sorry, we didn’t mean “heroes,” we meant faux-liberal NIMBYs who don’t want to see affordable housing go up next to their million-dollar condos at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to their incoherent complaints in this weekend’s New York Times. Imagine the horror, the same, the indignity of living next to a family of four who makes $138,440. (more…)

jonathan ames

You think he’d be more smiley for a guy with his own HBO show

Of all of the literary Jonathans in New York, Jonathan Ames seems like he’s the most fun. The literary gadfly, man-about-town and guy who’s never been afraid to make fun of himself or his sexual misadventures has managed to achieve success most of us would take, while still being an alright dude. Want to find out how? Well, ask him, because he’s gonna be on stage at the Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights) as the guest on Person, Place, Thing on July 23 which is…hey, tomorrow! (more…)

07/18/14 10:18am
dumbo public art map

See those dots? Those dots are art. Well, those dots REPRESENT art.

Do you have family or friends in town who are hectoring you about taking them out to see art in Brooklyn, but you don’t have the time because some of us have to work? Or are you just curious about the sights to see in DUMBO lately? Well hey good news, there’s a new map that was put together by Two Trees that pinpoints where DUMBO’s public art is, that you can use yourself or give to your family. The map even gives a little preview of the art, just in case you were thinking, “I don’t want to trek out and have this art be some bullshit.” (more…)

brooklyn bridge park roller rink

It’s waiting for your wheels. via Facebook

With summer in full swing Brooklyn Bridge Park is offering yet another engaging activity to the laundry list of things to do outdoors. Less than a month ago the already popular park overlooking the East River opened Piers 2 and 4, each featuring more than enough in the way of outdoor recreational space encouraging the enthusiastically active locale with more space for participating in the public sphere. On top of the already awe inspiring space tomorrow marks the grand opening of the Brooklyn Bridge Park roller skating rink, and the park is celebrating with free skating for everyone. (more…)