celebrate brooklyn dance party

That could be you, having an awesome time. Photo by Julienne Schaer via Brooklyn Bridge Park

There’s nothing like a good outdoor dance party once the weather gets warm, especially if its a free outdoor dance party on the Brooklyn waterfront. Good thing for you then that the schedule is out for the Celebrate Brooklyn! Brooklyn Bridge Park dance parties is here, and that it looks awesome. Get your dancing shoes ready (those are just our regular shoes, but maybe you’re fancy and have dancing shoes too). (more…)

04/09/14 10:36am
brooklyn zine fest

As always, watch out for paper cuts. via Brooklyn Zine Fest

The Brooklyn Zine Fest is coming back this month, April 26 and April 27 for the third year in a row, upgraded and bigger than ever. Last year the event maxed out with just over 80 exhibitors. But this festival of the weird and the pulp will have more than 150 exhibitors of writing, art and self-publishing crammed into the Brooklyn Historical Society. On top of that, the Brooklyn Zine Fest organizers are trying to elevate the event by holding three panel discussions on the state of the zine scene over the two days of the fest. (more…)

03/27/14 9:06am
To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close

To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close

Have you been looking for love but don’t know where to find it? Maybe you should try looking to the stars. No, don’t do that, that’s stupid. That being said, maybe you’re a little desperate and a little thirsty after this winter of our discontent, so since according to an email we got, a new sculpture/twisted hunk of metal in DUMBO says it can find you Zodiac-based love, it couldn’t hurt to try. (more…)

letitia james dasani inauguration

Tish James will tell you why you should get into politics. Photo by Madelyn Owens

Politics is a more or less awful business, but that doesn’t mean it should only be left to men. Or, in theory, to awful people. But it’s probably easier to get more women into politics than it is to get terrible people out of it, so tonight, the Working Families Party will bring new Public Advocate Letitia James, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and newly elected City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo to encourage women to get more involved in running for office. (more…)

girl rising

Stand up for girls education by sitting down at a movie

There are of course, plenty of stupid things that people try to crowdfund, like say, sex jets to San Francisco. But that doesn’t mean the entire idea of it is bankrupt. Take The Brooklyn Women’s Collective for instance, who are trying to use crowdfunding to bring a screening of the girls education movie Girl Rising to the Court Street multiplex. You’ve seen worse movies there. We know we have. (more…)

pink elephant DUMBO

It’s uh, it’s exactly what it claims to be

You’ve got a backyard, but you need something in there more decorative than your rusty barbecue grill and overgrown weeds. Aren’t you fortunate then that the above pink elephant statue, a representative figure of your alcoholic delusions given terrifying life, that’s been hanging out in DUMBO the past few months is now free for whoever wants to give it a good home. The statue is 13 feet long, 6.5 feet wide and apparently “very heavy,” to the point where the person who listed it on Craigslist said that you’d need a pallet jack to haul it away. But where the hell would you ever get a pallet jack?

brooklyn bridge park

Gotta make it nice for summer. Photo by Sandy Soohoo via Facebook

We’re struggling through (what we hope is) the last dregs of winter. It is, after all, March. Still, once warmer temperatures arrive and we want to sit topless in the park, men and women alike, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleaned up, spruced up park to hang out in? Yes, yes it would. So let’s do our part and sign up to give Brooklyn Bridge Park the spring cleaning it needs after this long, hard winter. (more…)

Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo's character in Vicky Christina Barcelona

Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo was in Vicky Christina Barcelona

We all at some point have fancied ourselves photographers. Some of us daydream, a friend’s borrowed DSLR in our hands, about how to take our dilettantish habit a step further, but our scheming easily deflates when faced with the steep price of the average photography class, not to mention gear. What if there was a super affordable way to pick up a few pointers? Photography center Brooklyn Central (BKC) in DUMBO is bringing back $5 Fridays, offering classes on a range of different picture-taking techniques for the price of your average happy hour beer.


02/18/14 9:57am
60 water street

Home sweet potential home. via The Real Deal

Well, it may be a harsh and unforgiving winter at the moment, but at least you can keep warm by imagining yourself living in a sweet, cheap apartment. Your odds for snagging just one of the 4 magical $1000/month places in Williamsburg might be low, but now DNA Info has found an even bigger glut of affordable housing hitting the market in DUMBO, with a building on 60 Water Street taking applications for 58 studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, ranging from $539/month to $893/month. (more…)

snow sculpture

Just hope that these motherfuckers don’t show up. via Flickr user carbonfiberme

We live in a snowy nightmare world now, with the joy of doing things like sledding being replaced with staying home and hiding from the snow by watching movies. Still, as long as the snow is here (and it’s not leaving until we repent for electing godless communist “Red” Bill de Blasio), Brooklyn Bridge Park is gonna make it work for them, by holding a snow sculpture contest tomorrow at noon. You could win ski passes, if you’re somehow not completely sick of snow! (more…)