05/26/16 4:37pm
Beers, bus and beach go together perfectly. Via NYC Beach Bus Facebook.

Beers, bus and beach go together perfectly. Via NYC Beach Bus Facebook.

Beach season, aka the best time to be alive in the United States of America, is finally here again. Team Brokelyn frequently makes a case that New York City should be included in the pantheon of Great Beach Towns, thanks in no small part to the free beach parties that have popped up in recent years and the persistent success of blanket-side nutcracker delivery salesman. That’s also thanks to our wonderful, sometimes functional public transit that drops you off at any number of beach spots and can get you back for dinner in Manhattan by nightfall.

But the folks at NYC Beach Bus have made the trip to the beach even easier, quicker and more groovy for your summer weekends: starting this weekend, they’re back for another year, offering $15 roundtrips to Rockaway and Riis Park that come with free Sixpoint beer, which beats waiting anxiously underground for the A train to come. The NYC Beach bus is expanding its offerings even more this year with new beaches and a pickup spot in Manhattan. And we’ve got two pairs of passes to give to Brokelyn readers! (more…)

05/03/16 12:00pm

A tasty brew at SingleCut Beersmiths awaits you with your new Queens Beer Book.

Beer drinkers of Queens, rejoice! The second annual Queens Beer Book, full of coupons for 31 beers at 31 different beer halls, breweries, restaurants and beer shops in Queens, is now on sale!

We’ve been doing our smash-hit Brooklyn Beer Books for years now and are coming back to Queens for a second year to embrace the burgeoning beer scene in our neighboring borough. The books cost just $30 and you can cash in each ticket for a beer at a carefully curated selection of bars in Astoria, Bayside, Forest Hills, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Ridgewood and Woodside. It’ll help you discover new bars and breweries in the area and motivate Queens drinkers to get out and try new brews outside of their normal repertoire — many of which are brewed right in Queens. Buy one now before they sell out! (more…)

02/02/16 3:19pm
The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

There are lots of things to get excited for in the New Year: fresh resolutions; health insurance enrollment; the sweet satisfaction of abandoning that fitness goal. But come February, there’s something much sweeter to swallow: 30 free beers at 30 bars for only 30 bucks in the county of Kings. Today’s the day: the 2016 Brooklyn Beer Books are on sale! (more…)

07/01/15 3:42pm
What's better than one cocktail? Getting the second one free. Instagram photo via Jessica_de_m

What’s better than one cocktail? Getting the second one free. Instagram photo via Jessica_de_m

Hey! You! Yes you! The person who doesn’t have a cocktail in their hand right now! Why are you not carrying a cocktail in each hand? Yeah, we know you’re super busy tweeting funny jokes about peas in avacado, but this is more important. There are only a handful of Brooklyn Cocktail Books available. What do you mean you don’t know what we’re talking about? OK, we’re going to school you right now. 20 Brooklyn bars, 20 coupons for 2-for-1 cocktails, so that’s 40 cocktails! With you only paying for half of them. All for just $20 bucks. 

05/01/15 8:00am


Outdoor drinking season is here! Just in time for summer, we’re introducing our first-ever Brooklyn Cocktail Book, your ticket to keeping cool and well-lubricated at some of the best bars from Bed-Stuy to Red Hook. For just $20, you get a pocket-sized collection of 2-for-1 drink tickets at 20 of our borough’s best places to booze.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.11.49 PM

Welcome to the MCC cocktail at the Emerson, made with mint grown in the backyard.

Our Cocktail Book is the perfect partner for warm weather. Grab your squad and while away a summer night in Lowlands’ epic backyard, head over to Fort Defiance for a Mai Tai on Thursday Tiki night, or duck into Dick & Jane’s after a day in the sun and cool off with “The Steve McQueen,” a gin-and-elderflower refresher. Grab a Kentucky lemonade at Abilene on Court Street, a whiskey cocktail at Lea in Ditmas Park or a Paradise Lost at Project Parlor Bed-Stuy… the second one is always on the house. Do you L-O-V-E craft cocktails? Find out what all the fuss is about at Erv’s on Beekman, which has whipped up three exclusive offerings for Cocktail Bookers.

A delicious twofer at j'eatjet.

A delicious twofer at j’eatjet.

The Cocktail Book is not not only a pocket full of good times, it’s a great investment — it pays for itself in just two bar visits, then you’re practically making money exploring great bars with your crew. Not a bad summer job at all! Here’s the full lineup of fine Cocktail Book boozeries:

Abilene • The Adirondack • Branch Ofc. • The Castello Plan • Dick & Jane’s Bar • The Emerson • Ervs on Beekman • Fort Defiance • The Great Georgiana • Halyard’s • Hunter’s • J’eatjet? • Lea • Lowlands Bar • One Last Shag • Project Parlor • quarter Bar • The Saint Catherine • Sea Witch Tavern • Skylark

Need further enticement? Here’s a snapshot of your summer to come:

Drink up, Brooklyn! Branch Ofc. boasts a bangin’ outdoor space, via FB.

Drink up, Brooklyn! Branch Ofc. boasts a bangin’ outdoor space, via FB.


quarter Bar

Enjoy a Red White & Bluegroni in the garden at quarter Bar, via FB.

Sea Witch Patio

It could be us on the patio at Sea Witch, but you playin’. Via FB.

Party at Project Parlor

Party at Project Parlor, one of our favorite backyard hotspots. Via FB.

The backyard at j'eatjet, your new summer hideaway.

The backyard at j’eatjet, your new summer hideaway.

Buy your Cocktail Book today — and pick up a spare or three for friends. Cheers, Brooklyn!

02/06/15 8:00am
brokelyn beer book

Beer would never break up with you.

Flowers and dour, sweets are beat and all those other heteronormative gifts are really heterBOREmative gifts. This Valentine’s Day, don’t disappoint your boo with some Hallmark-approved shlock (or, heavens forbid, a ticket to see Fifty Shades of Grey). Because instead, what says “I love you” more than “here are 30 free beers now let’s go get druuuuunk”?

Today is the last call to order the Brokelyn Beer Book in time for delivery before Valentine’s Day. Our middle Brooklyn (Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, etc) edition already sold out for the year, but you can still buy one for South Brooklyn & Rockaway or our brand new Upper Brooklyn book, which contains coupons for beers at more than 30 bars in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Greenpoint for just $30! Order one here now; they’re only available once a year! (more…)

01/29/15 11:45am
And that's only 12 beers! Photo by Flickr user Paul Joseph

And that’s only 12 beers! Photo by Flickr user Paul Joseph

Clear off your drinking calendars, drown your Drynuary plans and crack open some new pages in your book o’ boozy adventures because the 2015 Brokelyn Beer Books are on sale right now! As Brokelyn readers know, we curate these books every year so you get more than 30 beers at more than 30 of the best beer slinging watering holes, gastropubs, dives and craft beer bars in the borough. We’re doing two editions again for Valentine’s Day: one for Upper Brooklyn (Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, etc.) and one for Middle Brooklyn (Park Slope, Red Hook, Crown Heights, Fort Greene, etc), and we have a few of our first ever South Brooklyn & Rockaway book. Update: the Upper and Middle Brooklyn Books are sold out and currently waitlisted. The South Brooklyn Book is still available.

How much would you pay for so much beer? $100? $200? NO! It’s just $30, only here on Brokelyn. Beer Books make a great Valentine’s Day gift, or just a present for a friend/yourself if you’re not into the whole V-Day scene.  The books usually sell out fast, so allow us to introduce our extraordinary lineup. (Pro tip: if you’re buying one for a friend, get one for yourself.):  (more…)

01/13/15 3:03pm
Look at all these people having a great time. They all heard about it on the Brokelyn email blast. via Facebook

Look at all these people having a great time. They all heard about it on the Brokelyn email blast. via Facebook

If you’re a plugged-in Brokelynite, then you’re already subscribed to our weekend events blast. But if you’re not, then you better do it quick. Why? Aside from the threat of our crushing disapproval, there’s a whole new reason to get on the list—and it starts Monday. In addition to our weekend events blast, we’ll be sending out a lovingly-curated list of the best FREE stuff to do during the week, too.

In case you forgot what free things look like, it’ll run the gamut from movie nights at bars to panel discussions with the rich and famous. We’ll bring you the first word about food, booze, daytime activities and nightly entertainment. Guaranteed gratis, gratifying and oh-so much fun.

As always, we pledge never to bombard you with unnecessary e-mails—you’re just opting in to hear about free events. We blast you once on Mondays for the week, and once on Thursdays for the weekends. If that seems like a lot of e-mails, well, #sorrynotsorry. It’s just ’cause there are so many damn free things to do in this city!

Last but so, so far from least, you gotta be signed up for our mailing list in order to get first dibs on the 2015 edition of our Beer Books. Beat your friends to the punch pint this year, and sign (up) on the dotted line.

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Mmm that new bar smell. Check out Covenhoven's tribute to local beer history when you get our next Beer Book. Via FB.

Mmm that new bar smell. Check out Covenhoven’s tribute to local beer history when you get our next Beer Book. Via FB.

2014 was a year of bummer closures in Brooklyn, but leave those negative thoughts in the trash bin because it’s a whole new year. Let’s look forward to the new spots to fill our hearts with warming booze for the year to come. To wit, it’s time for the 2015 Brokelyn Beer Book! Our annual coupon book full of 30 beers at 30 bars for 30 bucks will be on sale soon (sign up for our email list to get first dibs), but first we want to hear from you about your favorite new places in the borough. Which new watering holes are watering your holes best? What saloon is getting your doubloons? What brew pub do you want to give a bro hug?

Let us know in the comments below if you want to see them in the Beer Book! We’ve already got a head start, so to whet your appetite, here’s a partial list of which bars you’ll be seeing in this year’s book (and don’t forget: you can still buy our South Brooklyn and the Rockaways book for 20 percent off, which is a deal you’re literally wasting money by not buying it right now): (more…)