04/01/14 8:00am
Rent just got Brokelynized.

Rent just got Brokelynized.

We know you wonder every day: why, in this age of Groupons and Seamless discount codes, is there nothing that helps make rent payments a little less heinous? Well good news brokesters: Fresh off the heels of our smash hit 2014 Brokelyn Beer Book, we’re happy to announce our latest project: the long-awaited Brokelyn Rent Book is finally here! We’ve taken the Beer Book idea — which gets you 30 beers for 30 bucks —and expanded it to the thing that forces you to drink so heavily: rent. Obviously, apartments costs a bit much more than a glass of suds, but the gist is the same: for just $300 (that’s barely one night of hoofstew at that trendy new Greenpoint spot, Pigslaw), you get this book, handsomely designed by our handsome in-house team. Each page entitles you to a month’s worth of free rent at 30 of our favorite lovingly hand-selected, specially curated apartments from all around the borough. That’s 12 months worth of rent for only $300!

Check out the list of apartments in it below, which are made possible thanks to the good folks at the New York Landlord Association, who helped us track down these killer apartments and arrange the deals with each landlord. But make sure to act fast and buy one today (or have your parents buy you one): only a limited number are being printed, so supplies, and, to be honest, shared bed space, will run out soon! (more…)

10/04/13 9:48am
Mr. Smith Street goes to Drunkington.

Mr. Smith Street goes to Drunkington.

Summer is over which means our prefered cocktails of the season, namely a can of Narragansett mixed with beach sand and a drip or two of sunscreen, has been put back in the cabinet until next year. But fall is a great time to try out some actual adult cocktails our borough’s fine bartenders whip up with their mixology skills. So here’s your chance to try out some of Brooklyn’s best cocktails, for free! From the folks that brought you the Dekalb Classic, The Smith Street Classic is on all October at four restaurants, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away! Find out how to enter below: (more…)

Ah, Dekalb Avenue, ever so pleasant.

Ah, Dekalb Avenue, ever so pleasant. Via NY Mag.

Cocktails are a magical device usually used to make your daily drinking budget evaporate before your eyes. This is troublesome as Brooklyn’s bartenders have get craftier every year, with homemade bitters and such. Lucky for you would-be mixology lovers that the Dekalb Classic is back this year, and we’ve got tickets to giveaway! The Classic is a competition running the whole month of April between bartenders at five bars on Dekalb Avenue, aka one of the best avenues in New York City, where you get to pick the winner. The $50 tix get you a cocktail at each of the five bars, which, in addition to saving you money over normal cocktail prices, helps raise money for a good cause:  helping the Pratt Area Community Council assist small business and provide affordable housing in the neighborhood. Details on how to win below. (more…)

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The long-awaited 2013  Brokelyn Beer Book is on sale today, just in time for Valentine’s day. For just $30, you get this gorgeous, pocket-sized, completely portable coupon book (designed by the talented folks at The Heads of State) containing coupons for 30 free beers at 30 bars. And not just any bars: The Brokelyn elves have spent the past few months curating the best beer bars in town. But wait, there’s more! This year, we offer not one, but TWO books to choose from, each containing 30 different amazing bars! What?! It’s true! See the breakdown below, but don’t dawdle in buying your beer book today, because these puppies will be snatched up before you can say, Bartender, I’ll have another! (more…)

01/25/13 3:11pm
Roll up to a great place to drink, like The Bedford, with a beer book in your pocket. via Facebook

Roll up to a great place to drink, like The Bedford, with a beer book in your pocket. via Facebook

So, after a long dry spell, we are unleashing the Brokelyn Beer Books…you know, those awesome beer voucher books where you get 30 beers from 30 different bars all for only 30 bucks. What’s that? You don’t know how good it feels to have one in your hand because last time they sold out in under three hours? Well now is your chance. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are coming back with TWO books. This means twice as many fantastic bars and twice as many chances to get your hands on the ultimate Brooklyn beer lover’s gift – either for yourself or someone else. We’ll be dropping them real soon so sign up for our mailing list to be sure you’re the first to know.

After all, life is too short to spend it sober.

01/15/13 7:13am


With Drynuary nearly halfway over, we know you’re counting beer bottles to put yourself to sleep. Luckily, while you’ve been weeping into your $9 green-machine veggie shakes, we’ve been hard at work assembling our 2013 Beer Books, otherwise known as the greatest thing ever. Why? Because we love you and your love of bars with local microbrew and otherwise delicious beer selections, even if they might cost a little more to enjoy. (more…)

01/04/13 2:20pm

Beer book

Hey Brooklyn, time to get your drinking faces on for the upcoming return of the Brokelyn Beer Books! For those of you who missed them last time, it’s a book with coupons good for one beer at each participating bar, bars we carefully curate for awesomeness. This is a pretty sweet deal, because other than those small Bud Lights at the bodega that make you feel like a giant, where else can you get a beer for a buck? Yeah, Brokelyn has your back, but we also want to hear from you: what places should we include in this edition? (more…)

09/07/11 9:05pm
Brokelyn Freeshirts

Brokelyn's Aulistar Mark and Tim Donnelly model their Freeshirts. You can too!

Maybe you’ve been to one of our nutso raffle parties or swaps. Maybe you’ve bought a Brokelyn Beer Book and met the crew at one of our BeerUps. So what are the kids at your favorite budget-living blog cooking up next? Here’s what, straight from the Brokelyntific labs: the ridiculously stylish Brokelyn Freeshirt: a t-shirt that gets you so many freebies and discounts when you wear it that it’s practically free. In fact, it might even pay for your pants. (more…)

05/12/11 6:30am

February's Underground Rebel Bingo Club at the Bell House. Via NickyDigital

Ok, listen up: Since you are such an awesome Brokelyn reader, we’re going to let you in on a little secret going down in a secret location in Gowanus that will be a ruckus-y good time. Clear your plans for May 21; you might want to cancel anything on Sunday too, for good measure. There’s an event going down, starting at 9pm: the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. It’s a reinvention of the classic grandma game, a night of pure greatness where you can joyously hold that bingo marker while dancing, drinking and winning fun stuff. How do you feel about getting a discount? Or maybe winning a pair of tickets?! Brokelyn is here for you! Contest ends at 8pm 5/19! (more…)