10/22/14 9:13am

The Hungry March killing it (Photo courtesy of Mary Dorn)

School’s out once again! We were so stoked to bring Brooklyn back to a simpler time at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance. Last Thursday harkened back to the era of bake sales, swirlies, hand holding in the quad, and egging the science teacher’s Prius. You know, the golden years.

All students on campus at The Bell House had some good clean fun thanks to $1 beers from the beloved Brooklyn Brewery, some seriously funny principalin’ around by Running Late’s Scott Rogowsky, and an e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t Brooklyn words spelling bee hosted by Danny Tamberelli of Pete & Pete infamy. (more…)

10/16/14 9:21am
We've got spirits yes we do we've got spirits and some brews.

We’ve got spirits yes we do we’ve got spirits and some brews.

Happy birthday to us! Brokelyn has had so many swashblogging adventures over our five years that we could only celebrate with a big ol’ Homecoming-themed party tonight at the Bell House. In keeping with our mission to help you enjoy the best of the borough on a budget, we’re bringing you $1 Brooklyn Brewery beers (while supplies last, so get there early) and the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes — including a brand-new bike, a BAM membership, tattoos and a high-end couples vibrator. Plus we’ve lined up a talent-show’s worth of entertainment: Scott Rogowsky, Danny Tamberelli, the Hungry March Band and DJ Brian Blackout spinning your favorite high school jams. Study up on your Brooklyn words and you can walk away with even more prizes in the spelling bee and dress your high school best so you can show your mom your photobooth picture.

Doors open at 7:30! You can still buy tickets ahead of time or nab them at the door. Here are our quick pro guide on how to ace the party arrival.  UPDATE! We’ve got $5 After School Special cocktails until 8:30 AND free rides home from Lyft too! Details below. (more…)

10/15/14 10:49am
Pierre Vergnes Saute Pan

It’s even signed! We mean, they’re all signed, but uh, hey, that’s gotta be worth something. Photo by Kenji Magrann-Wells

At the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance that is rapidly approaching, there will be fun and games, large organized communities playing music, a talk show host, cheap beer and Brokelyn writers of notoriously little moral fiber. But that doesn’t matter. No, you didn’t come here to make friends (although you could and it would be a very great idea); you came to win a raffle. Yes, there are all sorts of amazing prizes available to win at the raffle this year, where two small dollars could get get you a very large bike, some tickets to some amazing shows, the definition of art and many other prizes. I, personally, would be playing for the $500 Pierre Vergnes Saute Pan though, courtesy of Brooklyn Kitchen. (more…)

10/14/14 2:53pm
Brokelyn High is pretty much as fun as this

Brokelyn High is pretty much as fun as this

If you hadn’t heard yet, it’s party time. The Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance is only days away, and beyond being full of awesome raffle prizes, cheap beer, fashionable Brooklynites and our own marching band, we’re gonna dance our asses off courtesy of DJ Brian Blackout. We want to know though, what are the songs you associate with high school? What brings you back to the days of slouching in late to homeroom, of making excuses why you didn’t do your homework, of cutting class to go surfing (we went to high school on the beach). (more…)

10/10/14 10:39am
golly magazine

Good Golly

We here at Brokelyn are ecstatic to announce Golly Magazine as our official sponsor for the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance! If you don’t know Golly, you soon will. Roxanne Fequiere and Alley O’Shea were just two exasperated women with a dream of creating something that stood apart from the glossy, airbrushed, impossibly perfect standards set by most lady mags on stands today. Long time subscribers and adept in the media world, they envisioned Golly as “modern, irreverent, and inclusive” and set out with little more than a Kickstarter and a prayer. (more…)

10/09/14 10:02am
brooklyn brewery

Yeahhhhh buddy. via Facebook

Exciting news! Local brew heroes/Swedish superstars Brooklyn Brewery has decided to get in on the fun by sponsoring our Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance on October 16, to the tune of $1 beers from 7:30pm until we run out! That means not only can you enjoy Scott Rogowsky (of Running Late with Scott Rogowsky), The Hungry March Band, games, prizes, tunes courtesy of DJ Brian Blackout and good times galore, but you can now do it with a $1 beer in your hand! (more…)

10/07/14 11:07am
brokelyn high

This is the hottest look you can find for the fall (and they’re on sale now)

“Do you prefer fashion victim – or ensembly challenged?” once professed noted philosopher Cher Horowitz. Well fear not freshmen, this comprehensive guide will have you rolling up to the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance looking fly, funky, fresh. So dust off those pom-poms and lace up those Chuck Taylors because we’re going back…back to school. (more…)

10/03/14 11:32am
I like your sleeves. Let's win a bike.

I like your sleeves. Let’s win a bike.

Not sure about you guys, but the only gifts I ever walked away from a high school dance with was the gift of listening to “Nights in White Satin,” which was our prom song for some reason. So high school dances were probably kinda lame for most of us, but now we’re adults and it’s time to retcon all that history: we’re celebrating Brokelyn’s fifth birthday at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance on Oct. 16 at the Bell House, but we’re giving you the presents. We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the finest things Brooklyn has to offer, including meals, tattoos, shuffleboard, classes and, of course, a BRAND NEW BIKE from Ride Brooklyn! Each prize is worth an average $100 or more. It’s enough to make you earn a varsity letter in “Free Swag.” See the full list below! (more…)

09/23/14 3:30pm
hungry march band

They’re hungry to show you a good time. via Flickr user agent j loves nyc

As you all know, we’re celebrating five years of Brokelyn at the Bell House on October 16, and you’re all invited to celebrate with us. Also, you might remember our party is high school homecoming dance-themed. You can’t have a good homecoming celebration without a good marching band though, so we’re thrilled to announce that Brooklyn’s own party-starting marching band the Hungry March Band will be performing at the party, revving up your school spirit and kicking the party into another gear. What, you didn’t think that we’d just settle for any old marching band, did you? (more…)

09/18/14 1:04pm
Post by Madelyn Owens

Poster by Madelyn Owens

Five years ago, Mike Bloomberg was still just a two-term mayor, mayonnaise didn’t have its own artisanal store, 285 Kent hadn’t even opened (or closed) yet and The New York Times only mentioned Lena Dunham in 1 out of 10 stories, as opposed to 1 in 3 stories. Also in that long-ago Brooklyn era, a new site called Brokelyn crawled onto the blogging shores. And my how we’ve grown since then (thanks to our great readers).

We’ve spent five years helping you live big on small change, from basic DIY tipshot scoops and hot takes to stuff that just helps make you a better Brooklynite. So let’s celebrate! In honor of our blogging adolescence, we’re taking you back to high school for a big party at the Bell House THIS THURSDAY: Brokelyn High Homecoming. We’ve got dancing, games, prizes, comedians, the Hungry March Band, a photobooth and a raffle, featuring a BRAND NEW BIKE!! (more…)