02/19/16 3:07pm
Change is in the air.

Broke to the future.

Brokelyn was founded in 2009 on the motto “living big on small change.” Well now we’ve got some “big change” to tell you about: Brokelyn has a new owner! We’re now a part of Schneps Communications, an independent family owned media company that publishes several newspapers in South Brooklyn and Queens in addition to the site QNS. It means big changes for Brokelyn down the road, deeper feature stories and more of the same servicey, scrappy, budget living, free-beer-loving tips that you’ve loved for these past seven years. You’ve also got Tim back as editor again, after he returned from three long years toiling away in the salt mines of newspaper journalism (jk it was a great job, but Brokelyn is where his heart and his possibly questionable tattoo choice is). What does this mean for you, the Brokelyn reader? (more…)

02/01/16 2:36pm
Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Winter is here! Well, it was, for like that one week when it snowed a bunch and now it seems to be freakishly warm again. So maybe your dreams of tromping around a winter wonderland ended last week when the children of Park Slope got up earlier than you and ruined all the good hills in Prospect Park. But fear not: there are still lots of ski slopes within day-trip range from the city, and you don’t even need a car to get there. Heck, you don’t even need to own your own jacket or ski gear either.

Our friends at the NYC Snow Bus (the winter version of the NYC Beach Bus, also known as our Favorite Thing Ever) have vastly expanded their offerings this year, giving you round-trip bus rides to seven different mountains, from New Jersey to Vermont. They also opened a brand-new retail store on Atlantic Avenue that rents jackets, pants, gloves, goggles and more for up to 90 percent off retail price. The best part? We’ve got a pair of tickets and gear rental to give away to Brokelyn readers too! Find out how below: (more…)

12/23/15 3:40pm
Mo' money, mo' wreaths. Photo booth pics by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

Mo’ money, mo’ wreaths. Photo booth pics by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

With great no office comes … no responsibility, so that can lead to a really great party. Last week’s No Office party we threw at Littlefield with our pals at the skint was one of the best yet! And we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it. Check out some shots below and the rest of the pics on our Facebook page.

12/17/15 9:11am
Photo by Mindy Tucker via Facebook.

Photo by Mindy Tucker via Facebook

Tonight’s the night! The Fifth Annual No Office Holiday Party by us and the skint is going down at littlefield, and it’s guaranteed to be infinitely more fun than the pathetic happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s that yr girl’s PR agency tried to pass off as a holiday event this year. Fried pickles? Girl, bye.

Among the very legitimate reasons to get amped (cheap drinks! live band karaoke! gourmet street food! a hot DJ! Crystal Pepsi, apparently!), we are super-stoked about hanging with our host, comedian Jacqueline Novak. Jacqueline is a bona fide bad bitch of comedy, having just made her network TV debut on the Late Late Show in addition to making us giggle at many, many NYC comedy nights, and we’re very lucky to have her as our non-office spirit guide for the evening.

To get to know her a little better, we talked to Jacqueline about office parties, bonus checks, James Corden’s green room and more. (Feel free to ask her any burning questions we missed tonight during our hour of $3 cocktails, starting at 8PM!) (more…)

12/15/15 9:48am
Right now ... you can win your very own Crystal Pepsi (well not right now, but on Thursday).

Right now … you can win your very own Crystal Pepsi (well not right now, but on Thursday).

By now you know Thursday is the No Office Holiday Party, the annual celebration we co-host with our friends at the skint for anyone who doesn’t have an office, or anyone who doesn’t like corporate-mandated yuletide fun. When we announced it was the fifth anniversary BONUS CHECK (as in, party like you actually got one) edition, we promised an extra layer of sparkle and glam for this party. Now we can announce we have a very special sparkle bling that you can win at the party, and it’s made of the rarest form of crystal: Crystal Pepsi. 

Yes, it’s true! We have our hands on a few bottles of the much-beloved, short-lived 90s clear Pepsi product, that we’re offering up as very special prizes at the party! You can’t buy it in stores so your only chance to get your hands on it this side of a time capsule is to come to the No Office Party at Littlefield. Get tickets here, they’re only $5 if you buy in advance ($8 at the door)! (more…)

08/28/15 11:00am
We're gonna be Bon Jovial tonight.

We’re gonna be Bon Jovial tonight.

UPDATE: Lakeside is releasing 25 last-minute discount tickets! Enter BROKELYNSUMMER at checkout and rock and roll all night (OK, until 10) for $12 instead of $18. 

All summer long you’ve been faced with a major problem: you don’t have a pool, no one has a lawn big enough for running around in a sprinkler or playing lawn games, and you certainly don’t have a time machine to go back to simpler decade before #squadgoals and Walk the Moon. The good news is tonight we’re bringing you the next best thing: Brokelyn is throwing an 80s splashback party in the middle of the splashpad at Prospect Park’s roller skating rink!

You can splash around and play ladder ball, badminton, Kan Jam or take out some enemies of summer targets on our Super Soaker shooting range. And since we’re partnering with the wonderful Lola Star and her weekly Dreamland roller disco (where the theme is hair metal), admission includes roller skate rentals. Oh and here’s another thing you wish you had all summer: free beer from Brooklyn Brewery, which we’ll have for the first hour, so don’t dawdle!

Here’s everything else you need to know for the party: (more…)

08/21/15 8:57am


The dog days of summer are in full effect and it’s too hot to think about doing much at night other than finding a place for water to wash over your body constantly. Good thing we’ve got the perfect hot summer weekend plan for you: Brokelyn is teaming with Lakeside at Prospect Park and Lola Star’s Dreamland roller disco to bring you Pour Some Water on Me: An 80s Splashback Party!

We’re bringing games and Super Soakers to the splashpad, where you can dance along to the 80s hair metal tunes from Dreamland’s DJ. You’ll want to get there early too: we’ve got an hour of Brooklyn Brewery open bar (while supplies last) to kick off the night! And one more thing: we’re bringing back the legendary all-male wet T-shirt contest(more…)

08/10/15 11:02pm
Let's get slippery before summer's over.

Let’s get slippery before summer’s over.

This summer has been long (but not long enough) and the heat isn’t quite letting up anytime soon, so we know you need relief that doesn’t involve jacking up your A/C bill to Donald Trump levels of absurdity. While we at Brokelyn can’t provide you with a giant borough-sized cooling machine, we can provide two other things: a giant place to get wet, and a time machine that will throw you back to the wet-n-wild 80s for one last romp before summer waves goodbye.

Mark your calendars for Aug. 28: Brokelyn is partnering with Lakeside in Prospect Park and Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco to bring you the first-ever adult’s only takeover of the splash pad at Lakeside in Prospect Park for a night of wet n wild, splishy splashy, not-too-cashy water-based 80s’ dance party! We’ll be joining in the hair-metal theme, plus games, drinks, raffle prizes and more! And on top of that, we’ve got a special discount for Brokelyn readers too. (more…)

07/13/15 11:50am
Join the Cyclones in doffing your cap to Brooklyn's new royalty. via Facebook

Join the Cyclones in doffing your cap to Brooklyn’s new royalty. via Facebook

[UPDATE: That was fast! All the tickets have been claimed, thanks everyone.]

As you recall, we’re crowning King Henry and the Girl of Gotham Brooklyn’s new King and Queen this Saturday, July 18 at 6pm at MCU Park, after they won votes from you the people in the contest to see who should replace Jay-Z and Beyonce. As exciting as that it, we have even more excitement to ladle on the royal pronouncement: You (yes you) can come for free because we have a whole slew of tickets in the right field bleachers to give away. We of course want to do right by you, the committed Brokelyn reader, so if you want in, all you have to do is give us your name and email address, and whether you want one ticket or two in the form below by 4pm on Thursday (or while supplies last) and we’ll be in touch with the details on how to get your ticket on Friday! (By the way, if you have a South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book, there’s a free beer waiting for you after the game at Peggy O’Neill’s.)

12/19/14 12:12pm
Photos by BibiBooth.

Photos by BibiBooth.

Last week, the hordes of Brooklyn’s office-less workers donned they now their gay American Apparel and headed to Littlefield for the fourth annual No Office Holiday Party. And woooo what a party, especially for those of us unlucky enough to have to go to an actual office the next morning. As our gift to you for this Crimbus season, we present to you these awesome keepsake photos from BibiBooth, plus lots of other party shots. Print them out, make them Christmas cards, email them to your aunt or just look at them fondly when you’re at home frustrated at trying to explain to grandma how you “work at the internet.” (Oh and to clarify, these photos are not actually NSFW. Mostly). (more…)