09/18/14 1:04pm
Poster by Madelyn Owens

Poster by Madelyn Owens

Five years ago, Mike Bloomberg was still just a two-term mayor, mayonnaise didn’t have its own artisanal store, 285 Kent hadn’t even opened (or closed) yet and The New York Times only mentioned Lena Dunham in 1 out of 10 stories, as opposed to 1 in 3 stories. Also in that long-ago Brooklyn era, a new site called Brokelyn crawled onto the blogging shores. And my how we’ve grown since then (thanks to our great readers).

We’ve spent five years helping you live big on small change, from basic DIY tipshot scoops and hot takes to stuff that just helps make you a better Brooklynite. So let’s celebrate! In honor of our blogging adolescence, we’re taking you back to high school for a big party at the Bell House on Oct. 16: Brokelyn High Homecoming. We’ve got dancing, games, prizes, comedians, a photobooth and a raffle, featuring a BRAND NEW BIKE!! (more…)

04/08/14 4:11pm
cyclones and derby

The Cyclones, Gotham Girls and a Brooklyn summer: perfect together.

We’ve got summer fever bad, so we’re giving you the chance to enjoy two of the best parts of the season for free. Thursday, we’re throwing the official launch party for the 2014 Brokelyn Beer Book, which you already know features bartender stories, cheap happy hour beers and tacos, games, and an overall good reason to hoist a few brews with us at The Graham. Now we’ve got two sweet prizes for party-goers too: a four-pack of tickets to any Brooklyn Cyclones game this summer, and a pair of tickets to see Gotham Girls roller derby! Find out how to win them below: (more…)

03/27/14 11:24am
What're you havin?

What’re you havin?

The Brokelyn Beer Books are out, our Bar Guide is here and that means it’s time to celebrate! Naturally, we’re inviting to drink on the cheap for a night, but we’re also gathering up some of the hardest working people who keep our glasses full. Our launch party Hey Bartender! on April 10 at The Graham in E. Williamsburg features a night of  stories of humor, horror and wonder from some of Brooklyn’s best bartenders.

Join us, special guest  Rosie Schaap —New York Times Drink columnist, author of Drinking With Men (and a bartender at Park Slope’s South too) — and others as they share tales and give some expert tips on the ever elusive bar etiquette. Since it wouldn’t be a Brokelyn party without cheap drinks, we’ve got a special extended happy hour featuring $2 tallboys and $1 tacos!  (more…)

12/16/13 11:47am
Team Brokelyn at the No Office Holiday Party photo booth. Pic by Yucca Miyata.

Happy brokesmas from Team Brokelyn! Pic by Yuka Miyata.

Thursday night’s third annual No Office Holiday Party filled our metaphorical stockings with so much damn jeer we had to take them to the dry cleaners to scrape off the residue (come to think of it, that may not have been jeer). We had the awesome ladies of the Hand Job Academy tear up the stage, comedian Mike Lawrence delight us all with his acerbic wit, live-band karaoke from Bunnie England & The New Originals, a great Home Alone holiday song from Rebecca Vigil and The Vigilante and much more! We just posted the party photos: a few of our favorites are below, but check out the whole sets (of hundreds) from the photo booth and the party. (more…)

12/12/13 9:10am
Too broke for presents? The #NoOffice raffle is here to help.

Too broke for presents? The #NoOffice raffle is here to help. 2012 party photo by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

Let’s say you listened to sound, compassionate advice and didn’t get up at 6am on Black Friday to trample your fellow humans in pursuit of a flat-screen television. Good for you! But now you’re sitting there looking at your long Christmas list and your shortage of cash and wondering: how ever am I going to get gifts for all these fine people who I don’t wish any specific harm to? Well you’re in luck, because the third annual No Office Holiday Party, co-hosted by us, the skint and Greenpointers, comes complete with a holiday gift items raffle provided from some of our favorite local vendors! Check the list of items below — which ranges from food to tattoos to sexy cab drivers. And don’t forget to get tix in advance for the party tonight, which also features special guest comedian Mike Lawrence! (more…)

12/04/13 4:22pm
hand job academy

Clara Bizna$$, Meg Skaff and Ash Wednesday of the Hand Job Academy. Bonus points for that Beasties shirt.

While Hand Job Academy sounds like the place you want to send that girl who gave you an awkward and painful knuckle twist in the back of your Celica junior year, it’s actually the name of a group of very funny ladies. HJA gained some notoriety this year for penning a long-overdue (and very funny. And lewd) rap anthem about periods called “Shark Week.” Check out this feature on the group from The Cut, reported live from their recent performance at Hank’s Saloon. They’ve even got a special holiday song you can check out below too. Better yet, see the trio of ladies as they perform live at the No Office Holiday party on 12/12! (more…)

11/21/13 12:57pm
Santa shares secrets at last year's No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Mrs. Claus shares secrets at last year’s No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Be you naughty or nice, employed or un, freelance or free-spirited, we can all agree that holiday parties should not be the sole provenance of desk-chained office workers. So polish off your karaoke caroling voice, lube up your mistletoe lips and hang your jeggings by the chimney with care, because the No Office Holiday Party is back for a third year on Dec. 12! Brokelyn is partnering with blogging buddies the skint and Greenpointers this year to bring our seasonal party back for an evening of holiday cheer, live-band karaoke, comedy and dancing that’s guaranteed to be so fun, you’d be embarrassed to go to work the next day if this was your real office. Details below! (more…)

08/23/13 12:22pm
Man, librarians are awesome

Man, librarians are awesome

You guys. We’re having a party on at Last Exit on Sunday because fuck the VMAs and their street closures and conceit of celebrating an art form that MTV only partakes in late at night when there are no more Teen Mom re-runs to air. We’ve shared the awesome drink menu with you, we’ve let you know there will be a Duran Duran board game and Floam. We’re trying to get Colin Quinn there by pure force of will. If you’re not excited about this party, we bet this will push you over the top: a bunch of librarians who re-shot the “Sabotage” video, but it’s about stealing books instead of doing whatever nebulous crime was happening in the original. Because we’ll be damned if MTV is going to pay tribute to Adam Yauch better than we do. (more…)

08/22/13 12:33pm
Teen Momosa, anyone?

Teen Momosa, anyone?

While One Direction draws legions of tweens who’ve never been to Brooklyn before to mob Barclays Center for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, the rest of us actual music fans will be 1.7 miles down the street, having actual fun listening to actual music at Brokelyn’s I Wanted My MTV party. You already know we’re going to be showing classic music vids, playing games like Remote Control and the Duran Duran game, singing karaoke and much more. But what about the drinks, you say? The talented staff of Last Exit has whipped up some a special MTV-themed cocktail menu, just for the occasion! (more…)

08/21/13 10:36am
I ran. I ran to catch the G.

That’s just mirrors and tin foil, kids.

Nearly every director that was interviewed for the forthcoming book Welcome to the House of Fun: Directors Recall Creating the Golden Age of Music Video says that he/she never had enough time or money to shoot their videos. Many of those turned out to be pretty disposable, but some directors turned budget challenges into creative juice and created great videos. To coincide with our anti-VMA party at Last Exit on Sunday, we partnered with Brokelyn to identify some vintage videos with tighter budgets than David Lee Roth’s spandex pants, to prove that you don’t need a $30,000 Kickstarter to make it happen. (more…)