01/30/17 3:05pm

Hungry Brooklynites flocked to Industry City on Saturday to revel in the first-ever Dime Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival. The foodie-friendly event – which tastefully showcased the best of the best in both food and drink across – came on the heels the latest installment of the Best of Brooklyn competition, hosted by Brooklyn Media Group, publisher of BrooklynReporter.com, Brokelyn.com, The Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator and Spectator News and several other local outlets, and sponsored by Dime Community Bank.

More than 45,000 voters crowned more than 100 winners in categories such as Best Bar, Best Burger, Best Happy Hour and more — check out the full list of winners here! The festival gave foodies the opportunity to see those those winning vendors – and taste their wares – all in one awesome place. Here are some snapshots, courtesy of attendees: (more…)

12/13/16 9:36am
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, 2016. All photos by Nikki Neenan

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2016. All photos by Nikki Neenan

We have very few nice things to say about 2016, and it’s not over yet so we don’t want to burn any bridges (which at this point might be a literal thing that happens), but this past Friday’s sixth annual No Office Holiday Party, which we cohosted with our friends at the skint, gave us all a chance to hold up a literal dumpster fire in front of a camera and tell 2016 to clean out its desk. And that felt good.

But you’re not here to re-hash the details of a great party, you’re here for the photos! Because pics or it didn’t happen, and our snazzy photo booth by Nicole Neenan captured your proudest and foggiest moments, so check out a few choice shots below and catch the rest of the Photo Booth pics in our Facebook album! Don’t forget to tag yourself and tag your friends. UPDATE 12/13: The rest of the party pics by Mary Dorn are now online too! (more…)

11/29/16 12:00pm
Get your photo booth outfits ready. 2015 No Office picture by BibiBooth.

Get your photo booth outfits ready. 2015 No Office picture by BibiBooth.

Brokelyn and the skint present: The No Office Holiday Party, Brooklyn’s hottest holiday party for everyone who ain’t about that office life (or anyone who just wants to turn up without their boss watching) is coming back for its 6th year on Dec. 9! And it’s on a Friday this time, so we can truly wreck the halls.

Let’s say goodbye to this terrifying garbage fire of a year with style at Littlefield, where we’ll have live-band karaoke from the famous Rock Star Karaoke, DJ Doctor Mister spinning holiday tunes, a holiday photo booth, sexy Santa and Lady Santa, tasty food from Yeah Dawg and drink specials, plus lots of surprises in store this year, including some to help you take out your anger (hint: start saving up all the mean things you ever wanted to say to your boss).

Buy a ticket in advance to save money and get a free tote bag from Artist & Fleas, one of our sponsors. Tix are still just a low low $5 in advance ($8 at the door). A portion of the proceeds will go toward local organizations that will help fight the Trump administration too.  (more…)

05/20/16 9:00am
(L-R)  Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

(L-R) Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

“Dinner and a movie” conjures visions of a too-simple date idea for dummies who don’t know how to harness all the wildly entertaining first date ideas in the borough. But here’s one Dinner and a Movie that isn’t for dummies though: in fact, it’ll make you smarter. Brokelyn is partnering with with Think Olio (who offer the classes you wish you took in college) and our friends at Berg’n (one of our Beer Book bars!) for the new Dinner and a Movie Film Series, which brings top professors to the beer and food hall to analyze a classic film, with drink specials.

The first screening will be on June 8  (It’s been moved to June 15) at 8pm with a screening of the gorgeously complex and star-packed Christopher Nolan film The Prestige (yup, that’s the one where Batman and Alfred faceoff against Wolverine and Black Widow, with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla). On hand to discuss it will be Oxford doctorate and BMCC professor Geoff Klock. (more…)

05/17/16 2:55pm
This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.

This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.

It’s been a few months since we first announced the arrival of a take-home Punderdome card game for friends and family, but few have laid their eyes (or hands) on the game since then. It’s currently only available for pre-sale through Amazon, and won’t be released to the public until June 21. That’s a whole month from now. What’s an eager party punster to do?

Brokelyn’s got you covered. We happen to love puns a lot, too — so much, in fact, that we’ve partnered up with folks at Penguin Random House to host a an exclusive sneak preview of the Punderdome home card game! In party form, of course. (more…)

02/19/16 3:07pm
Change is in the air.

Broke to the future.

Brokelyn was founded in 2009 on the motto “living big on small change.” Well now we’ve got some “big change” to tell you about: Brokelyn has a new owner! We’re now a part of Schneps Communications, an independent family owned media company that publishes several newspapers in South Brooklyn and Queens in addition to the site QNS. It means big changes for Brokelyn down the road, deeper feature stories and more of the same servicey, scrappy, budget living, free-beer-loving tips that you’ve loved for these past seven years. You’ve also got Tim back as editor again, after he returned from three long years toiling away in the salt mines of newspaper journalism (jk it was a great job, but Brokelyn is where his heart and his possibly questionable tattoo choice is). What does this mean for you, the Brokelyn reader? (more…)

02/01/16 2:36pm
Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Winter is here! Well, it was, for like that one week when it snowed a bunch and now it seems to be freakishly warm again. So maybe your dreams of tromping around a winter wonderland ended last week when the children of Park Slope got up earlier than you and ruined all the good hills in Prospect Park. But fear not: there are still lots of ski slopes within day-trip range from the city, and you don’t even need a car to get there. Heck, you don’t even need to own your own jacket or ski gear either.

Our friends at the NYC Snow Bus (the winter version of the NYC Beach Bus, also known as our Favorite Thing Ever) have vastly expanded their offerings this year, giving you round-trip bus rides to seven different mountains, from New Jersey to Vermont. They also opened a brand-new retail store on Atlantic Avenue that rents jackets, pants, gloves, goggles and more for up to 90 percent off retail price. The best part? We’ve got a pair of tickets and gear rental to give away to Brokelyn readers too! Find out how below: (more…)

12/23/15 3:40pm
Mo' money, mo' wreaths. Photo booth pics by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

Mo’ money, mo’ wreaths. Photo booth pics by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

With great no office comes … no responsibility, so that can lead to a really great party. Last week’s No Office party we threw at Littlefield with our pals at the skint was one of the best yet! And we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it. Check out some shots below and the rest of the pics on our Facebook page.

12/17/15 9:11am
Photo by Mindy Tucker via Facebook.

Photo by Mindy Tucker via Facebook

Tonight’s the night! The Fifth Annual No Office Holiday Party by us and the skint is going down at littlefield, and it’s guaranteed to be infinitely more fun than the pathetic happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s that yr girl’s PR agency tried to pass off as a holiday event this year. Fried pickles? Girl, bye.

Among the very legitimate reasons to get amped (cheap drinks! live band karaoke! gourmet street food! a hot DJ! Crystal Pepsi, apparently!), we are super-stoked about hanging with our host, comedian Jacqueline Novak. Jacqueline is a bona fide bad bitch of comedy, having just made her network TV debut on the Late Late Show in addition to making us giggle at many, many NYC comedy nights, and we’re very lucky to have her as our non-office spirit guide for the evening.

To get to know her a little better, we talked to Jacqueline about office parties, bonus checks, James Corden’s green room and more. (Feel free to ask her any burning questions we missed tonight during our hour of $3 cocktails, starting at 8PM!) (more…)

12/15/15 9:48am
Right now ... you can win your very own Crystal Pepsi (well not right now, but on Thursday).

Right now … you can win your very own Crystal Pepsi (well not right now, but on Thursday).

By now you know Thursday is the No Office Holiday Party, the annual celebration we co-host with our friends at the skint for anyone who doesn’t have an office, or anyone who doesn’t like corporate-mandated yuletide fun. When we announced it was the fifth anniversary BONUS CHECK (as in, party like you actually got one) edition, we promised an extra layer of sparkle and glam for this party. Now we can announce we have a very special sparkle bling that you can win at the party, and it’s made of the rarest form of crystal: Crystal Pepsi. 

Yes, it’s true! We have our hands on a few bottles of the much-beloved, short-lived 90s clear Pepsi product, that we’re offering up as very special prizes at the party! You can’t buy it in stores so your only chance to get your hands on it this side of a time capsule is to come to the No Office Party at Littlefield. Get tickets here, they’re only $5 if you buy in advance ($8 at the door)! (more…)