07/21/14 11:26am
gowanus canal

What do you mean, “raw sewage”? via Flick user prizepony

Despite the fact that it’s a neighborhood where people want to be, and want to get ice cream and have wild dance parties, you have to remember that Gowanus has the Gowanus Canal, a Superfund site that gets to host New York City’s sewage overflow. The canal (or rather its ruler, Poseidon), has been in a sharing mood as of late, and has been spreading mysterious, horrible smelling brown goo into homes and businesses around Gowanus according to the Post. Great time for an editorial about how Gowanus should shut up and welcome residential development, huh? (more…)

07/07/14 3:17pm

That’s democracy you smell right there. via Flickr user Allison Meier

Here’s the thing about democracy: While it’s the best form of government we have, short of being ruled by some kind of literally perfect and omniscient superman (and even the actual Superman himself couldn’t run a country without being an asshole), it’s also kind of exhausting to hear everyone out all the time. That being said, it’s much better than the alternative, so we welcome the fact that people unhappy with Bridging Gowanus are doing their own community zoning meeting called Take Back Gowanus on Wednesday July 9. (more…)

07/02/14 4:06pm
ample hills gowanus

It’ll look like this, but you know, finished. via Facebook

Ever since the word first came down that Ample Hills was opening some kind of ice cream Valhalla in Gowanus, the one question on everyone’s mind has been “When will it open?” All the Ice Cream Takedowns in the world couldn’t distract us from the prospect of a larger, second Ample Hills, and now we have our opening date buried in a New York Times feature on other ice cream news. On July 15 at noon, the Ample Hills location in Gowanus, located at 305 Nevins Street, will throw open its doors to ice cream-craving patrons. (more…)

ice cream takedown

Can you do better than Captain Scummy? We hope so.

It’s ice cream season (well, it’s always ice cream season but it’s especially so now) but you don’t limit yourself to that corporate ice cream like Baskin’ Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s. You make it yourself, with love and effort, and your friends love it so much that sometimes they ring your buzzer at 3am asking you for some of your homemade stuff. If that describes you, than the Ice Cream Takedown, going down at the Bell House on July 27, wants you to put your best ice cream up against other Brooklynites confident enough to proclaim that their ice cream brings all the boys to the yard. (more…)

06/25/14 2:15pm
gowanus canal

Eh, just put some condos right on the edge and be done with it. via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Hey Gowanites (Gowanusians? Gowanese? Gowanians?), now that you’ve saved the Kentile Sign through the power of collective outrage, do you feel like continuing to kayak the filthy waterways of civic engagement? You’ve got a chance to tonight, at the third and final Bridging Gowanus meeting, an effort by the neighborhood’s elected officials to get input from the public on a plan for the area to make sure it doesn’t become another Williamsburg. That and making sure we’re not paying to bail out condo developers who are flooded with sewage ten years from now after the next superstorm. (more…)

brooklyn boulders summer solstice

When it’s time to boulder party we will boulder party hard. via Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn-based climbers, rejoice. Brooklyn-based climbers who also love being at the front of lines, rejoice harder. Brooklyn Boulders (575 Degraw Street), the ultra-popular climbing gym in Gowanus, is kicking off the summer this Saturday with their Summer Solstice Sale and Party, and there are extra savings in it for anybody who shows up and hangs out in line tomorrow. (more…)

06/16/14 4:43pm
Who has the fairest soul of  all these average looking people?

Who has the fairest soul in this line up of looney tunes?

The saying is wrong, beauty isn’t only skin deep! Comedian and event mastermind Jo Firestone, the brains and laughs behind Friends of Single People, the World’s Tiniest Comedy Club and the Punderdome, has gathered together 12 folks who may look average on the outside, but possess above-average souls, to compete for the title of “Most Inner Beautiful” at the 3rd Annual Inner Beauty Pageant, Wednesday at 8pm at Littlefield. Hell, as long as it’s pageant season, you may as well get to as many as you can. (more…)

06/13/14 9:23am
kentile floors sign

Coming soon to somewhere else. via Flickr user Wieland van Dijk

In the kind of quick victory rarely seen in New York, preservation activists have been able to save the Kentile Floors sign. Kind of. It’s still coming down from its present location on Ninth Street and Second Avenue, but instead of being thrown into the scrap heap of history and into a literal scrap heap, it’s being donated to the Gowanus Alliance, who will find a new home for the sign, according to the New York Times. Where exactly? Hey, how about on your roof? (more…)

06/09/14 2:05pm
kentile floors sign

Brad Lander isn’t ready to let go. via Flickr user Julia Manzerova

Judging by the social media impact of the news the other day, everyone is heartbroken or angry about the imminent demolition of the Kentile Floors sign. You might be feeling powerless to stop it, but you’ve got a powerful-ish ally in the fight to save the sign in Councilman Brad Lander, who’s got a petition to save the sign up on his site, and some harsh words for Gowanus developers. (more…)

06/06/14 9:38am
build it green! nyc

You could be riding your bike to work, just like these folks. via Facebook

Love the environment and love math? We suppose there are some of you out there who manage to fit both of those categories at once, and in terms of making money, your ship has come in. Non-profit salvage center Build It Green! NYC needs an accountant, an accountant who loves the environment so much that they’ll ride their bike to work. Which is easy in the summer, especially if you’re making up to $25/hour. Might be  little tougher in the winter, but think about that then, not now. (more…)