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How do you choose who tattoos you? Brooklyn has no shortage of tattoo parlors and consequently, talented artists. Picking a person you connect with to poke you with a design that will last the rest of your lifetime is tricky and a deeply personal matter. Finding someone whose vision and style appeals to you, someone who will see your “pain face” for hours on end – they can take time to find. If you, like me, follow tattoo artists on Instagram the way most people follow celebrity pets, you might be interested in learning a little bit more about your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist. I did a little reconnaissance and spoke to nine women who work in studios around Brooklyn about their art, what inspires them, and of course, what they love about our fair borough. (more…)

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Make the world your yoga mat. Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Parents

Make the world your yoga mat. Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Parents

Self-care has entered the Zeitgeist yet again, which means that in these dire times people are remembering to be empathetic. Seriously though, neuroscientists now link the center of the brain that controls empathy with the center that controls self-discipline. The theory being, we are taking a moment to walk in the shoes of our future self, doing what would be chillest for them. Every social justice warrior is realizing you have to literally pick your battles, and you’re not a spineless snowflake if you disengage to recharge. You’re a jacked AF snowflake, in my personal opinion.

Self-care is natural and ancient, and even good old Lucy the australopithecine was probably drinking ginger tea and doing sun salutations. In the history of our species, holistic medicines and mindfulness practices excessively predate the rise of the kale smoothie. Language was literally developed to pass on trendy new self-care tips. (more…)

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Who needs a lover when you have glitter? 5 ways to deck your body in sparkles this V-Day

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Sure, a committed partner can provide you with kisses, cuddles, and a romantic dinner companion on today’s most capitalist, Hallmark bastardization of love — aka Single People Guilting Day. But who needs any of that when you can buy your weight in wholesale glitter for far less than the cost of all but the cheapest engagement ring?

On the real, you and your body are beautiful and a good way to remind yourself of this, especially when the world is hellbent on convincing you you need a man to complete you, is covering yourself in an obscene amount of sparkles. They’ll impede your eyesight so your peripheral vision is framed in a sparkly blur of iridescence that, while inconvenient for concentration, will literally soften your comprehension of the world by covering it in your own individual glitter-fog.

New Yorkers are famous for wearing all black, but we’re also famous for not giving a shit, so stage a personal rebellion against the February cold and dare to wear costume-level amounts of sparkles. It’s empowering, it’s pretty, and even though you shouldn’t ever wholly base your decisions on the reactions of others, you’ll be sure to brighten the days of the children and adults alike whose presence you grace as they slog through their commute only to notice your gleaming glittered face, a beacon of hope on a crowded F train. Paper Valentine’s are a nice gesture, but the beauty of strangers has a special power.

Here’s five ways to cover yourself in glitter this V Day. (more…)

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Come spring, why do we all become Pepe le Pews? via Media Mike's

Come spring, why do we all become Pepe le Pews? via Media Mike’s

It’s around this time of year that my walks through Prospect Park start to feel like live-action softcore skin flicks. It isn’t anywhere close to Fashion Week, but somehow once spring has officially sprung, everyone looks like they belong on the catwalk: confident struts, figures finely chiseled, scantily-clad and giving off that healthy one-month-vegan glow. It’s also around this time of year that I develop the insatiable urge to bone.

After confirming with friends that they, too, experience a sexual upsurge in the spring, I’m convinced there must be some scientific reasoning behind why we’re all more attracted to one another this season. Perhaps you were wondering the same thing? Well, wonder no more! I’ve put together a scientifically-backed list of theories for spring hotness that, in some cases, apply specifically to the pheromones here in New York.

Full disclosure, I am not a scientist. I do have a BFA in Drama from NYU, which I’m sure we can agree means I have some degree of theatrical insight into this citywide spring awakening. Now I’m thinking about Jonathan Groff. Anyway, in what may be a very biased opinion on the root of spring sexiness, here are some theories on why everyone looks so goddamn hot this season. (more…)

Medusa Salon is one of six Slope spots where you can get a beauty deal through tomorrow

Medusa Salon is one of six Slope spots where you can get a beauty deal through tomorrow

Our Park Slope Summer Beauty promotion rounds out tomorrow, so it’s your last chance to mention Brokelyn and get 20% off or more on haircuts, waxes, facials and more from the six participating salons, if you haven’t already. Think of it as an Independence Day make-over, so you can bask among the beer and bbq and fireworks this weekend.

Here’s a rundown of what’s offered where:

Slope Suds Salon: 20% off cut or color
Elan Salon & Day Spa and Venelle Salon & Spa: 20% off facials and waxes
Medusa Salon: 20% off all hair services
Salon Bohemia: 20% off any service (hair, waxes, and facials) of at least $30; 25% off when you combine two or more services
Dhaga Aveda Salon: 20% off all services (hair, threading, waxing, ear piercing)

So get thee to the salon and looking good!


Slope Suds wants to clean up your coif

Slope Suds
462 7th Avenue (at 16th Street)
718-788-7837 (SUDS)
Deal: 20% off cut or color for new clients who mention Brokelyn through July 3.

Ever wonder what it would be like to get your hair cut without getting it wet first? At Slope Suds, a cozy neighborhood salon in the South Slope, owner Karla Mironov and senior stylist Milla can do your ‘do using the John Sahag dry cutting method, which results in a more precise cut than the traditional wet cut (but they do those as well.) Curly-haired girls, book with senior stylists Alan or Milla. For vibrant, trending color, ask for Amanda, and for buttery highlights and seamless ombre, resident color expert, Nicki, who works weekends. Junior stylist and “rising star” Nallely excels at dapper men’s cuts and fashionable ladies’ styles. While you’re there don’t forget to check out Mironov’s new line, Karla Jean Luxe body care. The Jasmine Grapefruit and Bergamot Sugar Whip sounds delicious, err, for the skin.

Check out the complete Park Slope summer beauty guide here!

Dhaga will do right by your ‘do

Dhaga Aveda Salon
294 5th Avenue (btw 1st and 2nd streets)
Deal: 20% off all services for new clients who mention Brokelyn through July 3

If the fact that Dhaga Aveda Salon offered half-price hair cuts and donated the proceeds to cancer patients isn’t reason enough to patronize it, the services alone sound too good to pass up. How about a chocolate wax that will leave your skin silky instead of red and irritated? There’s a whole menu just for “Aveda Hair Treats.” The Scalp Soother is an exfoliating head massage using wintergreen-derived salicylic acid to remove itchy build-up. Curly haired girls: look to stylists Reina Goodrich and Grace Anne Baptiste, who are Deva Curl certified. If you want to go for color, you’ve got highlights to gloss to balayage and ombre options to choose from, all conducted with plant-based Aveda color products that are easy on your mop.

Check out the rest of the deals in our Park Slope summer beauty guide!

Let yourself be pampered at Venelle

Venelle Salon and Spa
62 7th Avenue (at Lincoln Place)
Deal: 20% off facials and waxing Mondays-Thursdays for new clients through July 3

Ella Auerbakh’s second Slope spa and salon (she also owns Elan) has a bright energy when you walk in, with shiny wood floors and a rose-colored antique sofa. Meander back where you’ll find a long hallway with a Persian rug and olive green walls, and a lush carpeted staircase leading up to the second-floor hair salon, and you’ll feel like you’ve happened upon an enchanted sorority house. This is a place to be pampered and forget. The green-certified spa employs a holistic approach— the all organic facials use fruits and herbs and medicinal plants, like the Rose hip and Maize Exfoliating C Facial treatment, which draws upon rose hip’s high Vitamin C content and soothing benefits to restore balance to the skin. (It comes in a “spicy version” that adds lime and paprika.) Waxing options run the gamut, from head to toe, so dive in and take off what you don’t need.

View the complete Park Slope summer beauty guide here!

Treat yo’self at Elan

Elan Salon & Day Spa
157 7th Avenue (at Garfield Place)
Deal: 20% off waxing and facials Mondays-Thursdays for new clients who mention Brokelyn through July 3

When Lithuanian-born Ella Auerbakh came to Brooklyn in 1987, a conservatory trained pianist with a one-year-old baby, she pursued a secondary degree as an esthetician to make ends meet. She’s now the owner of two 7th Avenue salon and spa destinations, Elan which she opened in 1993, and Venelle in 2009. The cheery space with hard wood floors and exposed brick is a full service hair salon as well as providing spa services like massages, facials, waxing and nails. Facials all employ plant-based products and minerals to soothe and exfoliate; try the Plantogen Healing Manuka Honey Layered Facial, which works wonders for acne or oily-prone skin. Elan provides both smooth wax and hard wax services—the latter applies wax directly to your skin without using strips, which might be a good option for the faint of heart.

Check out the full Park Slope Summer Beauty Guide here!

Salon Bohemia’s motto: “Yes, we do your type of hair!”

Salon Bohemia
437 7th Ave. (at 15th Street)
Deal: 20% off any service of at least $30; 25% off two or more services Mondays-Fridays for new clients who mention Brokelyn through July 3

With black and white walls, tarnished metal lockers and hard wood floors, this South Slope salon has a sleek, bare bones aesthetic, leaving it to your hair as the main event. The multicultural team prides itself on accommodating all kinds of coifs, with a motto of “Yes, we do your type of hair!” Owner Wendy Smith is a Park Slope native, old-school when it comes to Brooklyn but current when it comes to hair, a color expert who continuously trains with John Paul Mitchell and attends hair shows as often as she can. Bohemia also offers waxes, threading and facials, so take advantage of the 25% off discount by combining two or more different services. Cash tips only please.

Check out our complete Park Slope summer beauty guide for all the deals!