12/15/14 1:13pm
bay ridge

It’s just like South Slope, except not really. via Flickr user Alex Flint

What is there to even be said about the incessant need for people to declare this neighborhood or that neighborhood the new whatever beyond “Jesus, just put an icepick in my brain already”? Today’s wish for an icepick come courtesy of New York Magazine, which decided that since Sarah Jessica Parker went to Tanoreen once, Bay Ridge is the new South Slope. What does that make South Slope though? (more…)

11/13/14 10:10am
bay ridge

Up-and-coming and never looking back. via Flickr user mercurialn

It was just a couple weeks ago that the Bensonhurst Bean was talking about how neighborhoods in Southwest Brooklyn were cursed with the “up-and-coming” label. Turns out they were on the right track, because the MNS Rent Report that looked at October rent prices found that with a 9.3% increase in average rent from October 2013 to October 2014, Bay Ridge had the highest overall rent jump in Brooklyn. (more…)


You could maybe learn to make something that approaches looking this good. via Facebook

If you’re anything like me (which you probably aren’t, because my parents say I’m “very unique”) you assume that anything that comes out of a kitchen other than your own automatically tastes better.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook, but I prefer having someone else do the dirty work. But perhaps under the tutelage of some of Brooklyn’s top bakers, my confidence in my kitchen skills would rise? I can answer that question now, and so can you, because Robicelli’s is offering a slew of kitchen skills classes for August, from knife skills to pastry making. (more…)

panera bread

Free energy beats…not free energy. via Facebook

You may not be getting artisanal cold brew free everyday, but Panera Bread is generously pouring out a close second to hype up their new Bay Ridge location: free coffee! We know, Panera Bread. Still, anything free and caffeinated in general should not be scoffed at, so you may as well take it. (more…)

free dentist chair

“Yeah, just sit here on this nightmare chair and think about how much fun being at the dentist is.”

No one likes going to the dentist’s office, because even if your dentist is a perfectly nice man or woman, all the sharp tools and the obsession with perfection just makes people think dentists are a hair away from this at best and this at worst. Still, everyone obsessed with vintage stuff, so if you want yet another vintage thing, someone in Bay Ridge is giving away this vintage dentist chair. Just have the guest you like the least sit in it, and while the rest of your friends are having fun being at your apartment, that person will be trying to get comfortable while reliving nightmares of dentist trips past.


Not with these though, these look great. via Facebook

Everyone wants their next food creation to be the next cronut or next ramen burger, anything but the next cupcake, because that’s how you go bankrupt. Of course, what’s the magic formula to making a food that people take Instagrams of themselves waiting on the line, buying the thing, eating the thing and throwing up because they are too many of the thing? No one quite knows, but dispenser of cupcakes and love advice Allison Robicelli is openly declaring her intention to make an Instagram-worthy, line-causing ridiculous food product at her Bay Ridge bakery (9009 5th Avenue), as part of Robicelli’s Jump the Shark Summer. This is so crazy it just might work. (more…)

bay ridge vintage shop

This and so, so much more can be yours, if you run a 501 (c)3!

We know that some of you Brokelyn readers are a solid bunch, who do selfless work for non-profits, so we came across something that could be very much of interest to you. A vintage store in Bay Ridge is donating the contents of their entire store to whatever certified 501 (c)3 comes asking. Seriously, that picture above doesn’t even come close to everything your organization can receive. (more…)

12/04/13 12:44pm

Police sketch of the suspect

Look, we don’t want to parrot the idea that crime is about to go back to numbers we saw in the 80s in #deblasiosnewyork. It’s just a silly idea coming from a galley of opportunists and scallawags who tried to make paranoia and dog whistle racism a plank of their electoral appeal. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re always going to be floating on an ocean of calm, this is a big city after all, with a rogues’ gallery of people looking to do wrong. Like the lunatic who broke into a Bensonhurst home this weekend looking for booty, while armed with a sword. It’s just so sad to see another young person hooked by the aura of the pirate’s life. (more…)

10/09/13 10:42am
Artist's sketch of the perp enjoying a nice day in the sunshine

Artist’s sketch of the perp enjoying a nice day in the sunshine

Despite the fact that the law on the books is that women can be as topless and free as men are, there are a bunch of prudes out there who don’t want to see boobs. Which is fine if they’re just old grannies or Helen Lovejoys waving their arms impotently, but apparently you’re kind of screwed if the anti-boobite is a cop, as proven by a Brooklyn woman who was arrested for sunbathing topless in Calvert Vaux Park in Bensonhurst. She’s suing now, of course. (more…)

07/08/13 12:30pm
Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Like green space in Brooklyn but don’t quite have it in you to create your own community garden? Makes sense, that’s really hard work. However, now there’s a chance to get involved in one that someone else put together, and all you need to do is point out a sign. The Narrows Botanical Garden (Shore Road between Bay Ridge Avenue and 72nd Street, Bay Ridge) needs greeters on weekends to welcome people and make sure they know not to step on plants. (more…)