Hold that pose. via The Humane Society of the United States’ Flickr

Despite the fact that they frequently look like they’re plotting against you or annoyed at you, people really love cats for some reason. Go figure. If however, you’re tired of cats just being confined to goofy YouTube videos, then we’ve got an invitation for you. At the end of the November, the Takedown folks, responsible for the Bacon Takedown and many other food-themed events, are switching things up and letting people compete to see who in Brooklyn can paint the cat picture. Want in?The Brooklyn Cat Painting Takedown will take place on November 24 at Bushwick’s Active Space Gallery (566 Johnson Avenue), and will involve people hanging out and painting the best damn cat pictures they can. No one says they have to be pictures of cats that actually exists on this Earth though, if you want to get really creative about it. If you want to volunteer to paint a cat, email chilitakedown[at]gmail[dot]com.

On the other hand, if like us, you can’t paint but you can drink, there’s a place for you too. The Takedown is free to attend, but they’ll be serving up beer and chili, and auctioning off the paintings to whoever wants them. And then all the proceeds go towards Brooklyn animal shelters. So you can get drunk and full of chili, and possibly even go home with a terrible cat painting to hand to your girlfriend’s parents’ place for Thanksgiving. Just tell them it’s authentic Brooklyn art, they’ll love it and tolerate you.

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