Look at all the fun people had their last year. via The Amazing Garden

Community gardens are just one of the multitude of reasons why Brooklyn is so amazing. Unfortunately these gardens are not just designated open spaces that grow and maintain themselves, but that’s okay because raising money for one of them this weekend involves you listening to live music and enjoying the best grilled sandwiches in the borough.

The Amazing Garden in Carroll Gardens will be hosting its 4th annual best grilled sandwich in Brooklyn contest on Saturday, September 20. Come down to the corner of Columbia Street and Carroll Street at 3pm to taste and vote on grilled sandwiches made by chefs from three different local restaurants. This year Henry Public, Vekslers, and Bar Bruno are competing, each will cook a carnivorous sandwich and a vegetarian sandwich for your taste buds to ponder.

Admission is only $15 (kids are free) and gets you a full day of grub, with samples from six grilled cheeses, and live music MC’d by Amy Eddings of WNYC. All proceeds go to the maintenance and support of The Amazing Garden and all grilled sandwiches go to your gullet! You’ve had grilled cheeses falling from the sky by mini-parachute, now have some to support a community garden!

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