Brooklyn SkyBox: And so begins Brooklyn’s bro era

More ultimate than Buffalo Wild Wings? via Here's Park Slope

More ultimate than Buffalo Wild Wings? via Here’s Park Slope

Things have been relatively peaceful in the months since the LIBOR Barclays Center landed in Fort Greene. Residents have been able to fight off a potential Hooters invasion and roving bands of publicly urinating yahoos in Jerry Stackhouse jerseys haven’t been seen all that often. But it looks like there are some dark clouds on the horizon in the form of a giant sports bar/lounge/restaurant thing landing in the neighborhood soon. What, is Buffalo Wild Wings not enough for you people?

Here’s Park Slope posted the above picture of a banner on top of the Shake Shack that’s being built on Flatbush. The banner is advertising the Brooklyn SkyBox, which according to its Facebook page is going to be a sports lounge/rooftop/restaurant and contain arcade games inside. Here’s Park Slope responsibly doesn’t cast any judgement on what the bar means for the neighborhood, but we’re more interested in being Cassandras here.

Which is why we predict SkyBox will bring entire packs of bros in Lacoste shirts rafting down Flatbush Avenue on a literal river of Miller Lite and Bud Light. The scent of Axe cologne will cause gagging from Grand Army Plaza down to BAM, while everyone who doesn’t have gelled hair and a Swedish House Mafia tattoo will be deemed “faggots looking to start shit.” Christ, thanks for nothing BrooklyKnight.

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  • Ten months before Brokelyn becomes “Die Bro-ster.”

  • This writer is obnoxious. Everything he writes. He’s probably not even from Brooklyn. It’s a little bar on Pacific St. Why don’t you do us a favor and stop writing, huh guy?

  • whatever…just go there and cheap beers and sports on tv