The Brooklyn Museum is getting a weekly farm stand on Thursdays


Like this, but in front of the museum

We can never have enough farm stands. Well, probably we can, but we haven’t reached capacity yet, whatever it might be. So let’s give a big neighborly welcome to the newest farm stand in Brooklyn opening on Thursday, located right in front of the Brooklyn Museum and run by Project EATS. What’s so special about this one? Well, for one, the food will come from farms in Brownsville and East New York. And eventually from the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum itself, so there’s that.

The Project EATS farm stand will be open every Thursday, starting July 17 through the fall, from 3:30pm to 9pm, in front of the Brooklyn Museum. So whether you’re a lazy indolent freelancer trying to beat the rush or an office drone looking for a produce fix on your way home, you’ll both be happy. Not content to merely get food from a few neighborhoods away, Project EATS is also going to plant gardens right on the museum grounds, and harvest food from them for sale at the stand. Which goes beyond hyperlocal to, uh, microlocal or something.

The farm stand is connected to the museum’s exhibit, Crossing Brooklyn, which will start in October and features work from 35 artists or artist collectives who make Brooklyn their home. You can’t eat the actual art though. We assume.