Buffy will be there kicking ass. Will you?

The worst part about the end of summer, after taking into account the fact that you can’t live at the beach anymore and you have to put your shirt back on before going outside, is that it’s the end of outdoor movie season. Or at least it used to be, because it seem like the much feared gothamites at Gothamist managed to bully the Parks Department into making fall outdoor movies happen in Brooklyn parks just by writing about it twice. Or so they claim, and you know what? We’re not gonna fight about credit when there are free movies to be seen throughout Brooklyn in October.

The outdoor movie series, called “Monster Mash-Up” runs every Friday and Saturday through October 30, and contains movies that have some scares but aren’t totally scary. Sadly that means no Jason Takes Manhattan, but maybe you can make do with these picks:

October 2: Fright Night at McCarren Park (Field House grass), 6:30pm
October 3: Vampire in Brooklyn at St. John’s Park, 6:30pm
October 9: Shaun of the Dead, Sunset Park (West Lawn), 6:30pm
October 10: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dyker Beach Park (South Lawn), 6:30pm
October 16: Young Frankenstein, Cadman Plaza Park (Brooklyn War Memorial), 6:30pm
October 17: The Addams Family, Kaiser Park, 6pm
October 23: Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Owl’s Head Park, 6pm
October 24: Little Shop of Horrors, Fort Greene Park (Myrtle Avenue Lawn), 6pm
October 30: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, McCarren Pool Deck, 6pm

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