Brooklyn Crab offering all day $1 beers today. NOT A JOKE

The happiest place on Earth. via Facebok

The happiest place on Earth. via Facebok

Just in case this week’s multiple frigid incidents of wintry mix made you forget that summer in Brooklyn is basically the best thing ever, Monday, April 1, the Brooklyn Crab is celebrating their extended summer hours with a huge re-opening party. For the occasion, they’ll be serving up dollar oysters and $1 beers…and no, it’s not an April Fools prank.

Extended summer hours at the at 24 Reed Street means that, starting on April 1, they’ll be open seven days a week for all your crustacean needs, wants, and desires. Celebrate on one of the Brooklyn Crab’s two decks and survey the newly triumphant Red Hook neighborhood, or, you know, the New York harbor. Oh, or play mini-golf. They also have mini-golf.

The dollar oyster/beer deal goes on all day from 11am-10pm, making it not the happiest hour in Brooklyn, but also completely impossible (and inexcusable) to miss. So break out your lobster bibs, ’cause things are gonna get messy.

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