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As one of our contributors went over while putting fall on blast, as the weather gets colder, overeating due to large holiday meals really starts to ramp up (by the way don’t forget about all these holiday desserts to buy in Brooklyn and restaurants serving said large meals). What comes after that is usually a series of attempts at and lies you tell yourself and others about getting fit after New Year’s, but our question is, why wait? Not on the lying we mean, but on the attempts at fitness, because Brooklyn Boulders is throwing open their doors for an orgy of free climbing action over Thanksgiving weekend.

While we’d usually suggest people stay indoors on Black Friday in order to void being trampled by packs of deal-hungry stampeding shoppers, Brooklyn Boulders’ has a couple great deals that might be worth the risk. First off, if you’ve never been to Brooklyn Boulders before, they’ll let you climb for free between Friday, November 27 and Monday, November 30. Totally free, aside from the equipment rental which will only run you $11 for a full gear kit.

Of course, if you haven’t been bouldering before, you might be a little nervous just running over and doing it without any instruction. You also might not want to play for a class. If both of those are true, find a friend who’s a member, because Brooklyn Boulders has also declared that members can bring up to four friends per day and have them climb for free. So first you guilt your friend into taking you climbing, and then you guilt your friend into teaching you how to do it so you don’t get hurt. We’ve done this, it works.

And if all of that isn’t enough, Brooklyn Boulders is also hosting a free Friendsgiving potluck on Friday, November 27 from 1pm to 5pm, although that seems less about climbing and more about eating stuff and meeting people. There’ll be a hot chocolate bar, snacks, cider and board games, but there’s also a potluck element so don’t forget to bring something. And if you don’t have a friend who’s a BKB member already, you can just make a friend at the potluck who’s a member and then ask him to bring you again during the free climbing weekend. It’s all a virtuous circle working in your favor.

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