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Landlords! Unless you’re very fortunate, you’ve got one, and maybe you’ve even had more than one. Some may have been great, some you may not have thought about that much, but maybe you’ve had a landlord who made your life hell. He wouldn’t turn the heat on or she wouldn’t fix a leaky roof or a broken sink. Maybe he even tried to harass you out of your building. Whatever your bad landlord story is, someone other than the bartender wants to hear it, because this summer Borough President Eric Adams is holding a series of town hall meetings inviting people to put bad landlords on blast. Hey, why not? Landlords have a tenant blacklist after all.

The town hall meetings were first reported by the Daily News, with Adams and civil rights lawyer “Stormin” Norman Siegel, will start on July 14 with a meeting at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The set up will be Adams and Siegel meeting people who have complaints about landlord harassment and neglect, in an attempt to determine what legal steps, if any, can be taken against the landlords.

The Brooklyn Paper filled in the other two dates that the town hall meetings will happen: one on July 16 at Woodhull Hospital in Bed-Stuy and the other at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens on July 28. You have rights after all, and if your landlord isn’t listening to you talk about them, maybe he’ll listen to a laywer.

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