Brokelyn beer lovers unite!

Mission Dolores, via Flickr user Kliff53

Compiling our Beer Books is exciting, but using them is obviously the real fun. We’re already hearing stories of new favorites discovered and tasty brews sampled. Even if you didn’t nab one of the books, you can still share in the adventures (since these bars are all Brokelyn-approved). Find out how, and come to our first-ever BeerUp (meetup+beer), 7pm Wednesday at Mission Dolores! Use your coupon or just come hang with the scrappy faces of Team Brokelyn. 

To help you work your way through the 30 Beer Book bars, reader Jennifer Wong created a helpful Google Map so you can pilot your own brew tour. Meanwhile, our friends over at the Brooklynauts (last seen modeling some stylish broke-wear) are blogging their way through the 30 bars.

Team Brokelyn will be holding several BeerUp outings throughout the year to have some weekday socializing/boozy fun, so make sure to stay tuned for future events (because we’d love to meet you!). Don’t forget: we’ll be at Mission Dolores starting at 7pm this Wednesday, where you can come meet the faces behind Team Brokelyn. I hereby challenge any and all to a pinball off, at which you will be rightly defeated.

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