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July 4, 1991: Live from the graffiti underground [Narratively]
Final Citi Bike locations unveiled in Crown Heights expansion [DNAinfo]
The best and worst NYC neighborhoods for 43 joys of urban life [New York Times]
Chicago’s public transit system is way more functional than New York’s [New York Times]
Internet villain Zillow loses suit against McMansion Hell blog [Bloomberg]
How a napping subway commuter’s brain knows when it’s their stop [New York Magazine]
NYC’s subway emergency is gonna cost more than $1 billion to fix [Wired]
‘Cool Neighborhoods NYC’ launches  to reduce extreme summer heat [Untapped Cities]
Long-awaited public plaza opens in Fort Greene [Brownstoner]
Joey Chestnut guarantees he’ll break a record, trash talks opponents [Gothamist]

Do you feel personally victimized by Dear Evan Hansen Facebook ads? Watch this and feel slightly better, maybe.

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