Hot job: Be a dog nanny for ‘chill snuggler’ dogs

cavalier king charles

Not the exact dog in question, but the same breed of awwww. via Flicker user Mulling It Over

If you work from home, you’re probably occasionally jealous of your friends who work in forward-thinking offices when they gush about their office dogs. But you can tell those friends to stuff it, because the perfect opportunity for the work-from-home set to have an office dog is here: a couple in Boerum Hill who will pay you $150 to $200/week to watch their two “chill snggler” Cavalier King Charles dogs every Monday through Friday.

This barely even qualifies as a job, it sounds more like someone paying you to rent their dogs every week. The job listing only asks that you come to the dog owners’ apartment each weekday to pick them up, and then hang out with them at your place. Sure that means going on a couple of walks every day, but all that sitting is killing you anyway, so walking them isn’t a chore so much as it is a life-saving bit of exercise. And again, the dogs are described as “chill snugglers,” and anyone who works from home could use something living to snuggle with to break up the loneliness of the day.

And if somehow all of that isn’t enough to immediately make you go for this job, this breed of dog is also known to read the newspaper.