Hopefully it means Jon Stewart gets himself involved in things again

Pro wrestling is about as hot as it’s ever been, what 3000-word guides on how to watch and understand it being thrown out onto the internet. Brooklyn has wrestling mumps as bad as anywhere else, as shown by the WWE selling out SummerSlam and their developmental league showcase NXT last month, but if you missed all of it, don’t worry. Everyone loves a residency, so for the next two years SummerSlam will be coming BACK to the Barclays Center.

August 20-22 in 2016 and August 19-21 in 2017 will once again see the WWE taking over the Barclays Center, with the returning pay-per-view being sandwiched between an NXT Takeover special and the post-SummerSlam Monday Night RAW. This year’s SummerSlam weekend featured plenty of live craziness, like Jon Stewart hitting a guy with a chair, a brutal ladder match at NXT, the return of hardcore legends the Dudley Boyz, an appearance by Ric Flair and Jon Stewart getting bodyslammed, so start saving those shekels if you want to see the spectacle yourself.

It’s too early to know what’s going to happen next year, but personally, we’re holding out hope that it means getting to see Kevin Owens crowned champion live and in person and also John Tavares being put through a table, but we’ll also accept Dean Ambrose holding a meet and drink at Hank’s that weekend too.

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