Brooklyn Historical Society wants your Sandy stories

It belongs in a museum! via Imgur

Over the past two weeks we have seen organizations and friends taking initiative in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Most of us have gone out and seen first hand the unrealistically real devastation brought on by the storm. There are heartbreaking stories, love stories, d-bag stories and stories that are still trying to find an end. The Brooklyn Historical Society is trying to document the recovery process by reaching out and asking people to point them to pictures and stories from the aftermath as well as any organizations or people that have worked tirelessly in response to the need for help.

You can answer their call by commenting on their website or Facebook page, sending them an email at or tweeting @brooklynhistory. You can also follow their progress on their Storify page. This is a group effort and each voice counts. So maybe reach out to that person who is still posting ten things a day on Facebook about volunteer opportunities or the friend with all the pictures of people shoveling out debris and ask them to contribute. The Brooklyn Historical society recognizes that documenting any major disaster is a significant undertaking and while it may be slow, it is important – it may just be the key needed to prove to future generations that no, Obama didn’t cause the storm.