BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from learning by any means necessary to creating life

How did Malcolm X influence Brooklyn beyond making beards look good? Find out tonight! via Wikipedia

How did Malcolm X influence Brooklyn beyond making beards look good? Find out tonight! via Wikipedia

So, here we are, another Monday. Exciting stuff. No wait, exciting isn’t the word, unless you’ve got some anxiety to start your week and then it’s not really the good exciting. Anyway, don’t think about the fact that it’s the beginning of the week, that’s kind of a downer. Instead, turn to the Brokelyn Events Calendar, which has a bunch of fun stuff on it that will help you forget about the fact that it’s Monday.

It might not be Halloween anymore, but fall still has a morbid streak to it that persists long after that jack-o-lantern you made has rotted into something gross. If that morbid streak is kind of your thing, you’ll feel at home at Murder Ballad Monday, where a collection of folk musicians will be performing covers of and original good old fashioned creepy songs about death and murder.
8pm, Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, FREE

Of course, you can be into creepy stuff and not only be into death. In that case, the Morbid Anatomy Museum has you covered with a talk tonight on homunculi (homunculuses?). What is that? It’s a medieval “miniature form of human life artificially created” through alchemy. Then you use them as talismans and for hideous experiments. Since a real life alchemist will be giving tonight’s talk, maybe you’ll actually learn how to create one and automatically become the creepiest, most powerful person in your group of friends.
8pm, Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424-A 3rd Avenue, Gowanus, $10

Although he’s strongly associated with Harlem, Malcolm X’s influence extended out to Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Historical Society will be going over where you can see that beyond Malcom X Boulevard. BHS historian Zaheer Ali will tell you how and where, from a mosque that Malcolm formed to the way he’s influenced Brooklyn’s political and religious life 50 years after he was killed.
6:30pm, Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights, FREE

Hey how about a tale of heroism in the face of Nazi oppression during World War 2? Those are usually at least a little uplifting, provided you ignore the part at the end where the Nazis win and level a city in retaliation. Tonight, you can find out about the Warsaw Uprising, which saw the city fight back against Nazi occupation in 1944 when it looked like the Red Army was about to roll in and fight them too. Like I said, the ending, not so great.
7pm, WORD, 126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, FREE

You could always treat Monday as a way to finally start getting cultured, like you’ve been telling people you were gonna do. So, how about some poetry then? Tonight, an audience at Greenlight will be snapping in appreciation for poets Mahogany L. Brown, Rachel Eliza Griffiths and Rickey Laurentiis, who we’re sure is as good as them even if he doesn’t have three names or a middle initial.
7:30pm, Greenlight Bookstore, 686 Fulton Street, Fort Greene, FREE