BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from garage rock to mind-blowing animation

Fall in love with Terror Amor's garage rock tonight. via Facebook

Fall in love with Terror Amor’s garage rock tonight. via Facebook

Hooray, it’s Thursday. That means that tomorrow night will be Friday night, and in a twist that’s even better than your usual Friday night, it’s going to be a Friday night on a three-day weekend, so you can be more irresponsible than usual. Still, don’t give Thursday a short shrift, not when there are so many cool things to do as found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar.

One way to see things you’ve never seen before is to take powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Of course those come with certain health and legal risks so I can’t actually recommend you do that without getting myself in trouble. Another way to see things you’ve never seen before though, is to check out this lineup of animated shorts that explore things like Charles Manson, environmental destruction and appliance stores from other universes.
7:30pm, Spectacle Theater, 124 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg, $5

You ever see a listing for a show and think, “Ah man, I’d go but that seems kind of far?” Well, AJ Davila y Terror Amor have brought their garage rock all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico so they can play it for you in a small sweaty room. So if they’re gonna come all the way here to show you a good time, you should definitely make an effort to be there.
8pm, Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow Street, Bushwick, $12

People don’t talk much about the Opium War, despite the fact that it was a fight between Britain and China based around Britain smuggling tons of opium into the country and resulted in Hong Kong becoming a British territory. Fort Greene’s own Amitav Gosh has written an entire trilogy based around the conflict and today he’s talking about the third book in it, again about a war where a Western nation actually fought to spread drug addiction and not curb it.
7:30pm, Greenlight Books, 686 Fulton Street, Fort Greene, FREE

It’s Peak Summer hot out there right now, which means that everyone’s still barely wearing any clothing at all. Before everyone decides to start wearing chunky sweaters and start hiding their sexiness, hit up all the sweaty dance parties you can to get your summer make out sessions in. If that’s not enough of a reason to go to Q Train, there’s also bingo.
8pm, Sycamore, 1118 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, FREE

Myrtle Comedy’s host Greg Johnson is a pretty funny guy, and more importantly, he knows how to find funny talent to stack the show. Check out his jokes and also his skills as a booker at Splitty tonight, as comedians like MTV’s Brendan McLaughlin and Naomi “Ethnic Sexpot” Karavani take the stage.
8pm, Splitty, 415 Myrtle Avenue, Clinton Hill, $5