Get a burger and fries for 90 cents, and other 1962 prices

The famous Big Nick's via Flickr's Jason Lam.

Fair warning that this is on the Upper West Side, but maybe you’re either hungry enough to hike up there or work up there and are tired of being forced to lunch at those lousy 1-percenter $15 sandwich spots. Gothamist reports Big Nick’s Burger Joint is celebrating its 50th anniversary tomorrow by rolling back prices to way back when: $.60 burgers, $.30 fries, a fried egg sandwich for $.35 and pizza for $.50, available from noon to midnight. Big Nick’s is at 2175 Broadway at 77th Street, which is right by Riverside Park, where maybe you can take your lunch to take advantage of the predicted freak spring day?

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  • A burger joint rolling back prices on Ash Wednesday, a day when Catholics cant eat meat? Hmmm, very tricky, very tricky…