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Brooklyn Brewery has long had the brewing scene on lock here in Kings County, at least when it comes to being named for something associated with Brooklyn. Now news comes from DNA Info that a new upstart is gunning for the number one spot, and they’re coming straight out of the neighborhood known for scrapping and fighting, Bed-Stuy.

Bed-Stuy Brewing Co. is the brainchild of Patrick Donagher, owner of Long Island City bar Alewife, and Bed-Stuy native Manny Calderon. Both of them have worked for years in the beer world, and Donagher had already been hombrewing his own booze for years. The two decided to share his elixir with the world, and thanks to both of their contacts in the New York bar scene, are set to have a big rollout when they get their beer bottled.

For now, the duo have to brew their brews out of Clinton Hill, at Kelso’s brewery space, at least until they become phenomenally¬†successful¬†enough to open their own brewery in Bed-Stuy. Which they plan to do, so that they don’t end up just surfing on the reputation of being named for Bed-Stuy. Bed-Stuy Brewing Co.’s first beers will be an IPA and a witte, and Donagher and Calderon have ambitious plans to make 30 varieties of beer. Donaghy told DNA Info the two went into the endeavor with the attitude of “What’s the worst that can happen?” and well, we can only hope for something like this down the road, but brewers instead of newsmen.

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    • Kelso is great, but with all the snowflakes in this part of Brooklyn lately, you could open a brewery on every block.

  1. can’t wait, another irish guy condecendingly hoping to capitalize on black NY culture.. the best thing since Harlem Tavern

    • Anyone is free to open a beer brewing company….including all the “real” people in Bed Stuy. No one’s holding them back.

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