Become an art student for a day at the Pratt Free School

By the end of your day there, you too will be able to make something this nice

By the end of your day there, you too will be able to make something this nice

Did you secretly want to go to art school in the city, but somehow ended up at a small liberal arts college in some upstate town? Did you maybe already graduate from art school but somehow missed out on such important knowledge as freelance skills and how to repurpose plastic bags? Well, tomorrow is your day. Head down to the Pratt Free School for a day of practical art and design classes, which, you guessed it, are free.

Put on by a group of students serving as the liaison between grad students and administration, the Free School is offering a day of classes described as “unique and quirky,” two adjectives that have never been used to describe any project in the history of art school ever.

That being said, this stuff sounds pretty cool. Level Up Design applies game theory to interaction design (more nerdy and art-y people probably know what this means), and Freelance 101 equips designers with the fundamentals of high-standard business etiquette (which we already have in great abundance here). There’s a free lunch (!), and during that hour, you can get your portfolio reviewed. How did you manage to make it through school without figuring this out?

Registration starts at 9, and classes start at 10, but the first two are already full, so it would probably benefit you to sign up online and save yourself that extra hour in the morning. Besides, everyone knows the coolest kid in school always rolls up 15 minutes late with a bagel and a cup of coffee.

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