Beatles fans calling in sick tomorrow

picture-36Who knew that commenters on Amazon’s message boards were such layabouts? Who’s even ever read the discussions on Amazon? Thank goodness someone is (us) because otherwise who would have known that people are actually calling in sick tomorrow so they can stay home and play The Beatles: Rock Band?

At least two people wrote in that they had arranged to get the day off months in advance, a military guy is going on leave the day before, of, and after the release date, someone else got the whole week off and two unemployed people are happy they got canned because now they can spend their days getting really good at the game, uninterrupted by things like… responsibilities. Writes one J. Louis: “With 2 months’ severance pay coming – I’ll be getting paid to play it all day without HAVING to take a day off! I guess there’s SOME benefit to living in a piss-poor economy ;~>”

No sense in getting all preachy about how quickly those checks are going to disappear if you’re buying $250 video games, so here’s a better idea for our fiscally footloose commenter friend: Buy two Rock Band sets and send us one. We promise to start a Beatles: Rock Band lending library for Brokelyn readers… as soon as we master Blackbird. Wait, two fitty and that song isn’t even on it?

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