John Holmstrom and all his rowdy friends get together at Powerhouse Arena Friday. via Punk Magaine

1. There’s big trouble in little China. Fortunately, Kurt Russel is here to make things right (Monday)

2. Feel better about your bad high school parties by making fun of Hollywood ones with the Crappy Cinema Council (Tuesday)

3. Gotham Writer’s Workshop is letting you try before you buy, so check’em out (Tuesday)

4. Will there be a box on Twin Peaks bingo for “falling desperately in love lust with Lara Flynn Boyle”? (Tuesday)

5. The best new poets of 2012 show up to Book Court to razzle dazzle you with their wordsmithery (Wednesday)

6. Stand up comedy? Great. Binge drinking? Also great. Put them together? Double great! (Wednesday)

7. Bedford Hill shares the results of Satellite Magazine putting artists and writers together to see what happens when people stop being polite and start making content (Wednesday)

8. Ain’t no party like a Young Republican party cause a Young Republican party is fiscally responsible (Wednesday)

9. Certified genius George Saunders graces us plebes with his presence at Greenlight Books with readings from his new book, which is part of Greenlight’s new First Editions Club (Thursday)

10. Mohawks abound as Powerhouse Arena opens their doors to Punk magazine and their no-goodnik friends (Friday)

11. There’s a lot of comedy at Legion tonight, so take it in with big gulps (Friday)

12. The Park Slope Food Coop is about more than food, it’s also about words (Friday)

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