Bars We Love: Nerd out, steampunk style, at The Way Station!

Steam punk ahoy. Photo by Kimberly Fenwick

Steampunk, ahoy. Photo by Kimberly Fenwick

The Way Station
683 Washington Ave. between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue
Prospect Heights
(347) 627-4949

What is it: A steampunk, sci-fi bar with outstanding mixed drinks and great decor.

Why we love it: It’s the bar you’d find on lonely outpost in an asteroid belt, were Victorian England to have colonized space. This place is no slap-dash Trekker bar; it’s a love note to classic sci-fi (like Doctor Who) with red vinyl booths, brass-fitted beer taps, and ray guns behind the wall. Add to that one or two musical acts almost every night on an intimate stage and you have an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Brooklyn.
Who to bring: Anyone with an opinion on which Doctor was the best; your friend who goes to steam punk cos-play; anyone who likes unique, delicious sci-fi cocktails and great live music.

What to order: Any one of their cocktails. We love the Dark and Stormaggedon which is ginger beer, rum, and lime.

Way Station fun fact: The toilet is a recreation of the Doctor Who TARDIS time machine/space ship, a British police call box that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

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