Photo by David Colon

Brooklyn Ice House
318 Van Brunt St. (between Pioneer & King)
Red Hook
(718) 222-1865

What is it: No-nonsense dive bar with 60-plus beers on tap, board games, and a food smoker; Red Hook watering hole with a jovial end-of-the-world quality to it.

Why we love it: We ranked it #11 on our 2012 Best Dive Bars in Brooklyn list for a whole mess of reasons. Among them: you can play Merle Haggard on the jukebox, or drunk Jenga with your pals. There’s a live-and-let-live attitude to the place, like an unruly but cozy living room.

Who to bring: Your bike-riding buddy and go-to get-crunk partner.

What to order: Two pulled pork sandwiches for $5; onion rings. Seriously good, seriously cheap.

Ice House fun fact: A chalkboard wall in the bathroom and Hershey’s kisses at the bar prove that even no-frills can be romantic.

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