Bar of the Week: The Roebling Inn

This is the ninth in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we’re featuring The Roebling Inn, a downtown Brooklyn pub that celebrates the old-world charm of Brooklyn’s olden days.

The Roebling Inn. Photo via L Magazine


97 Atlantic Ave., between Henry and Hicks, Brooklyn Heights (walk across the street: Cobble Hill).

What it is: A sister bar to Brooklyn Inn, and sharing it’s high points: televisions, dart boards and snacks. There are 16 beers on tap, more than 10 actually drinkable wines, and a full bar. It’s spacious and yet still romantically lit.

Why we love it: Brooklyn Heights has Disneyland prices, but Roebling is unaware. Most beers on tap and wine glasses are $5, and it’s the kind of place you can get a $4 Bud Light and not look ironic or cheap.

Who to bring: This is one bar you can actually bring a group to — you can also rent out the space for parties (and bring in your own food, free of charge!). It’s also a good place to watch sports with an active group but not be spilled on or yelled at. And it’s really best when you don’t feel like waiting 45 minutes for a $13 martini across the street at Henry Public.

What to order: Man, it’s up to what your day has been like, but you get to chose between Kelso, Keegan, Six Point and Ommegang, for starters. And it’s a draw between the veggie curry or the steak $7 Dub Meat Pie.

Roebling Inn Fun Fact: A portrait of the bar’s namesake, Brooklyn Bridge designer John Roebling, watches you from above the bar’s taps.