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Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

It’s a strange feeling, this being paid attention to by national politicians thing, isn’t it? It’s sort of like being the overlooked middle child in a family but suddenly you’ve got all the coolest Super Nintendo games and everyone wants to make nice with you and share. Or at least until the primary is over on April 19, then no one will pay attention to New York City any more. Anyway, this week is a big one if you’re a fan of democratic presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders is continuing to Bernstorm the borough with what is sure to be a huge, star-studded rally in Prospect Park on Sunday, featuring a requisite Brooklyn smattering of hip talent: Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Grizzly Bear. And, unlike the debate coming to the Navy Yard on Thursday, you can actually attend. Here’s how: (more…)

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Don't passover these top Brokelyn stories of the week.

Don’t passover these top Brokelyn stories of the week.

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We found out how you (might) be able to get tix to the Brooklyn Bernie/Hillary debate

Mara Wilson talked to us about returning to acting for Broad City’s Mrs. Doubtfire scene

One theater fan said Hamilton is just for old, white, rich people

The city’s most scenic outdoor rock climbing spot got ready to open

Artisanal Brooklyn matzo finally became a thing

The Brooklyn Bridge Park summer movie schedule was released!

We checked in on the state of the rent increase in Brooklyn

The Experiment Comedy Gallery closed but is trying to come back

We reminded you to appreciate your city buses 

Scott Rogowsky pranked the subway with hilarious fake book covers

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My No. 1 reason for not liking ebooks, in addition to the fact that I HATE TREES (jk), is that I get a lot of my reading recommendations from the subway. It’s my own personal New York Times underground book review, where I can see what new books are trending, which old favorites are making a comeback and just how few people are actually reading City on Fire (the grand total still stands at zero). That also makes me a bit of a creepster on your reading habits I guess. Comedian Scott Rogowsky had some fun with this kind of nosiness, reading a series of absurdly titled books on the subway, including Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide; 101 Penis Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, At the Office or On the Go; and Definitely Not Porn.  (more…)

04/06/16 10:40pm
Mara Wilson on why she returned to acting to appear in the 'Broad City' 'Mrs. Doubtfire' homage

Mara Wilson returned to her Mrs. Doubtfire roots on Broad City this week.

This season, Broad City has been doing what a lot of us would probably do with our own TV shows: paying homage to our favorite 90s movies. Episode 3 included tributes to both The Sandlot and Sister Act 2, complete with a Whoopi Goldberg cameo. This week’s episode went for a full-on, nearly beat-by-beat recreation of the climax of Mrs. Doubtfire — the scene in the restaurant with Robin Williams’ character running back and forth between two tables, except this time it’s Abbi running between Ilana’s parents’ anniversary dinner and a secret date with Trey, her Soulstice boss/new hookup pal.

Whoopi’s Sister Act 2 cameo was hard to miss, but this scene contains a Mrs. Doubtfire cameo some viewers might overlook: Mara Wilson, who as a bright-eyed 6-year-old played the youngest daughter in the movie, plays the waitress in the restaurant. It’s a rare appearance for Wilson, now 28 and a writer and performer in the New York theater and storytelling scene: She notably pushed away from acting after aging out of kid roles, and has tried to distance herself from being known as “that girl from Matilda” ever since.

But, she told Brokelyn, the cameo was actually her idea: Like many women her age, she’s a fan of the show, and she saw it as a chance to dip a toe into embracing those childhood roles that made her famous, while still moving forward with her career. Here’s how it happened:  (more…)

04/06/16 11:19am
Free trees are waiting for you. Photo from the New York Restoration Project's fall giveaway in the Bronx, via Facebook.

Free trees are waiting for you. Photo from the New York Restoration Project’s fall giveaway in the Bronx, via Facebook.

New York is famous for blueballing you with the promise of a spring makeout session before realizing whoops it has to get up early in the morning and you’re stuck with winter for yet another long miserable night. The best way to deal with this cold snap right now is denial, or at least remembering that it is technically spring and nature is coming back to life all around you, beautiful life-giving nature that pumps oxygen back into your brain. Trees are Good, trees are necessary and you should never take for granted how easy it is to be among them right here in Brooklyn. You can get free ones from the city, request one be planted on your block or go build a yurt among them during a hike through Staten Island, who are we to judge, live your best life. Here is a guide to free ways to get more trees in your life: (more…)

04/05/16 5:22pm
Taxes? But I paid those last year.

Taxes? But I paid those last year.

Hello and welcome back to weekly(ish) lifehacks, a recurring series where we share a simple tip on how to make your life just a little bit easier (and we promise not to overuse the word “hack”). 

Say you are one of those people who every year vows you’ll get your taxes done earlier, and every year you end up putting it off longer and longer, and by time you finally call your tax guy, he’s all booked up until tax day, even though tax day is a few days later, on April 18, this year. This definitely a hypothetical situation that has not affected a certain blog editor who should certainly know better by now, but maybe you’ll come across it in your life because we’re all busy and who can keep track of all those receipts from last year anyway. But you don’t have to fret that the Obama tax hit squad will be coming to knock down your door any time soon. It’s really easy to get for more time to file and pay your taxes. You basically just have to ask. (more…)

04/05/16 3:38pm
Debate after party at Hot Bird!

Debate after party at Hot Bird, anyone? Or is this more of a Franklin Park crowd?

After much back and forth, the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns finally agreed to a debate in our fair borough on April 14 at the Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse, in advance of the April 19 primary vote. If you were hoping to snatch up tickets to the hottest thing to come to the Brooklyn waterfront since rampant overdevelopment … too bad! There’s none available, at least for right now. The campaigns and state democratic party HQ, which usually controls the tickets, haven’t released any information about it yet, and no one seems to know exactly what the deal is.

But we talked to Mary Lovci, the vice president of Duggal global events group, who said CNN told her to direct people to the candidates’ websites, which will be making announcements about the tickets shortly, so keep your eyes on the Hillary and Bernie sites. We’ll update this you/this post with more info when tickets do become available. UPDATE 4/6: We talked to a staffer at the state Democratic Party who said they’re accepting names for a list of people looking for tickets: they’ll email you when and if they tickets become available to them. The number to call is below. (more…)

04/05/16 12:11pm
Brooklyn Bridge Park's climbing gym is right under the Manhattan Bridge. Via Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s climbing gym is right under the Manhattan Bridge. Via Brooklyn Bridge Park.

One of the things your friends who live “elsewhere” in the world will tell you they don’t like about New York is the lack of outdoorsy activities, like we’re all relegated to playing stickball in the streets and running through fire hydrants for fresh air entertainment. They’re wrong of course — camping, beaches and lots of free hikes are just a train ride away. But here’s one outdoorsy activity that you don’t even have to leave Brooklyn for, and it’s got a view even your friends who live in the sticks would be jealous of: The new climbing wall at Brooklyn Bridge Park is opening on April 16, and it will be North America’s largest outdoor bouldering facility. It’s tucked under the Manhattan bridge on the banks of the East River, with a view of the glimmering city skyline in the background — a literal million dollar view. And it’s way cheaper than the city’s existing climbing gyms too. (more…)

04/05/16 10:06am
Jessica Williams (left) and Phoebe Robinson at last night's 2 Dope Queens launch party at WNYC's Greene Space. Photo by Meghan Stephens/Brokelyn.

Jessica Williams (left) and Phoebe Robinson at last night’s 2 Dope Queens launch party at WNYC’s Greene Space. Photo by Meghan Stephens/Brokelyn.

The last time we pointed you to a new podcast worth listening to, it was for crucial information about the changing borough around you. That’s very important stuff, but we know tales of priced-out residents and infinitely expanding high rents can get you a bit down. So as a counterbalance to that, here’s a new show to lighten your spirits a little: 2 Dope Queens, a brand new WNYC podcast starring comedian Phoebe Robinson and The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams is out today! The two comedy besties and Brooklynites are using it highlight diversity in the comedy scene (something even progressive New York entertainment circles are still not very good at). (more…)

04/01/16 6:00pm
SJ Son and Ginny Leise gave us hope this week.

SJ Son and Ginny Leise gave us hope this week.

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