01/22/16 10:21am
No more sitting around the Barnes and Noble forever. Via Flickr Lloyd Fuller.

No more sitting around the Barnes and Noble forever. Via Flickr Lloyd Fuller.

“You’ve got to read this story!” Your friend yells at you through the internet, only to send you a link that’s blocked by a paywall, leaving you forever wondering ugh will I ever get to know if Obama is going to close Guantanamo or what? As writers and journalist types, we’re required to tell you that you that subscribing to your favorite magazines is a good way to support, but we know you’ve go to make tough financial choices sometimes, and there’s just so much to read.

But now you have a way to read almost every magazine you’d want for free, from the New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Adbusters, The National Review, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Sports Illustrated to Yachting Monthly, Primitive Archer Magazine and Australian Dogs & Pets. And it’s all through an app from the Brooklyn Public Library.  (more…)

01/21/16 9:04am
Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea.

Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea.

After months of freakishly unseasonal warmth that had us hoping maybe we would be able to sneak by another year without buying a real winter coat, winter, as they say, is a’comin. The blizzard about to hit the city Saturday through Sunday could be a doozy, and the Weather Service issued an official blizzard watch this morning. Like most weather and all things in life, it will probably be a big huff of disappointment, and we’ll go yet another year without testing the limits of our drunk sledding skills. But in the meantime, everyone should probably panic. Here’s how Brooklyn is preparing for this winter storm. And if you don’t like the Weather Channel’s chosen “Jonas” name we offer an alternative: DAVID SNOWIE.  (more…)

01/20/16 4:32pm
Toni Morrison is coming to town and you better have your library card.

Toni Morrison is coming to town and you better have your library card.

Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate, literary hero and one of the only good things you were forced to read in high school, is coming to Brooklyn. She’s doing a discussion and reading from her new book God Help the Child, at the Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope on Feb. 2. If you want to buy tickets, too bad, because they’ve been sold out for awhile. But the Brooklyn Public Library, which is cosponsoring the event has a few FREE tickets to raffle off this week. Find out how to enter below.  (more…)

01/20/16 1:30pm
Via Flickr user Eblake.

Via Flickr user Eblake.

A lot of us entered college after being wooed by pamphlets full of carefully chosen diverse stock actors promising an engaging academic environment. You certainly at some point were treated to success stories of graduates who went on to do great things with the same education you’re about to get and thought, hey, I want to do Great Things! Maybe you even went to a prestigious school to study a speciality like oh I don’t know, journalism, and were treated throughout your four years to successful journalism professional professors telling you the newspaper industry would always be around to give you jobs and not collapse like the tiles from The Last Crusade the moment you stepped off the graduation stage.

Whether or not any of those promises came true, you’re likely still stuck with student loan debt, those seemingly never ending alimony payments to a brain child you made in between tailgates and Adderall binges. You might think your college swindled you — and if so, now there’s hope: proving your college lied to you about getting a well-paying career may be your ticket out of paying your student loans back, the Wall Street Journal reports.  (more…)

01/19/16 8:47am
Threes Brewing has a few jobs on tap. Via FB.

Threes Brewing has a few jobs on tap. Via FB.

Times are good in the Brooklyn beer world, and maybe times are not so good at your office job, where another day waiting the Chop’t salad line might make you want to chop’t your arms off. But New York is amid a brewery boom and that means a brewery jobs boom too. So if you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your desk job and working with beer in a more official way (rather than just supporting the industry through your purchases), you’ve got a good shot at some jobs right now at great Brooklyn spots including Threes Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint. Details below: (more…)

01/15/16 6:20pm
Vinnie's Pizzeria, one of our 10 best Instagram accounts in Brooklyn, pays tribute to Dave Bowie.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, one of our 10 best Instagram accounts in Brooklyn, pays tribute to Dave Bowie.

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01/15/16 2:45pm
Syndicated opens tonight with $3 tickets, food and beer.

Syndicated opens tonight with $3 tickets, food and beer.

It’s not often lately that you hear the words “new” “opening” and “Bushwick” without it being about a bar with tiny cocktails or a restaurant with a woodsy name. But today is different, because Bushwick is getting its own movie theater. Syndicated, the new repertoire theater at 40 Bogart St., plans to show classics, indies and cult favorites, and opens tonight with a screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 6 and 9. It’s a theater/bar/restaurant hybrid like Nitehawk but a little bit smaller, with seats for 50. But the best part is tickets are only $3. How’s that for a New York value, Ted Cruz? (more…)

01/15/16 1:09pm
Via Flickr user Muhajir Sayer.

Throw up the V for values. Via Flickr user Muhajir Sayer.

Ted Cruz has problems with New York values! He thinks the city is “socially liberal, pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage” which isn’t true for the entire city of course, it’s just that everyone here has better things to do than be intolerant. He also says we’re obsessed with the media, which is true, because that’s how you read things, and money, which no one else in the country obsesses about.

But Ted Cruz?? You got a problem with New York City values?? Cruzin’ for a bruizin’ is what they’ll call you in New York. Well I’ll tell ya we got some of the best values in the country. Cram these New York City values in your caucus hole:  (more…)

01/14/16 9:11am
The next Manhattan-bound L train will arrive in 1,576,800 minutes. Via.

The next Manhattan-bound L train will arrive in 1,576,800 minutes. Via.

RIP L train, we’d say you had a good run but that was only on the times you weren’t overcrowded or not even running on the weekends. Gothamist broke the news yesterday (later confirmed by the Times) that the L train between Brooklyn and Manhattan could be shut down for three whole years (!) to repair tunnel damage work from Hurricane Sandy. As preposterous as it seems to shut down an entire subway line that moves 300,000 riders a day from Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood, Brownsville, East New York and Canarsie, preposterous is just another dare for the MTA. But before you get too worked up about being stuck at the Bedford Stop until 2020, don’t fret: people are already proposing totally rational alternatives to #LNiño. (more…)

01/13/16 8:20am
From one TD to another: Just cool it ok.  Via.

From one TD to another: Just cool it ok. Via Amy Nicholson.

We joke about the city being taken over by Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but banks might be the more pernicious forces making over our city. They are the most uninteresting of uses of real estate, all light and glass and carpet, signifying nothing. They offer nothing that creates any sense of joy or fun or community; at least at Starbucks you can get legal stimulants and wifi, and Dunkin can serve up a hangover breakfast in a fix. A bank taking over a spot on a busy street is a 2,000-square foot Excel spreadsheet glaring down at the sidewalk, with its signs and posters offering the same services they do in all of America (and, it should be noted, on their own websites). They take over places like Mars Bar and anchor giant new buildings, filling precious city streetscape space with dead-eyed finance.

This week comes the news via DNAinfo that Angry Wade’s, a stalwart of the famous Smith Street bar scene that’s served up sports viewing and free popcorn for at least 12 years, is about to be replaced with a bank, after the landlord increased the rent by 60 percent. So there goes a chunk of something interesting on the street, replaced by something that isn’t even open after 5. We can’t figure out why the hell New York City needs so many banks. So we ask you: When was the last time you actually walked into a bank, and why? Tell us in the comments because we’re genuinely curious. (more…)