07/08/16 5:00pm
Avengers, assemble the picnic baskets. Via Marvel.

This Captain America statue is coming to Prospect Park next month. Via Marvel.

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We considered moving to Maine.

The NYPD asked for feedback on outfitting officers with body cameras.

Round 1 and Round 2 of the Brokelyn ice cream bracket kept us cool.

Marvel announced it’s bringing a giant Captain America statue to Prospect Park.

The Hard Times took us inside the world of punk speed dating.

We rounded up 12 great storytelling shows in Brooklyn and Queens.

We showed you how to turn Good Beer Month into GREAT Beer Month.

We found out how to get a job as a romance writer.

Average white dudes finally got a break.

EuroCup fever gripped Brooklyn, we recommend you treat with alcohol.

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07/07/16 1:08pm
The NYPD is expanding use of body cams, and they want your input on how to use them (really)

The NYPD is testing out body cams, like this one used in North Charleston, to improve accountability. Photo by Ryan Johnson, via Flickr user northcharleston.

Today is just the latest in a seemingly unending series of days where you wake up, look at the news and shake your head wondering what the fuck we’re going to do about anything. Technology surrounds all these events and consumes them — we get videos of the incidents now and have upgraded to Facebook Live streaming of the murder of black people by police and yet still it seems optimistic to hope that anything will change any time soon. Technology has promised accountability of these incidents but it comes in an inseparable box set with gruesome images, haunting voices and frustrating proof that maybe video evidence still isn’t good enough.

More of that technology will be coming to NYC soon: The NYPD will soon begin test program of installing 1,000 body cameras on its officers in several precincts throughout the city. Now it wants your feedback in this survey on setting the rules for how the cameras will be used — including when officers should turn them on, and who gets to see the footage. Seems like a good day to get your voice heard. (more…)

07/06/16 11:48am

It is a matter of fact that the only decent non-Onion parody websites are Reductress, The Hard Times and Breitbart.com. While Reductress spoofs women’s magazines and Breitbart publishes bonkers fake headlines no one would actually believe like “Big Bang Actress Takes Heat for July 4th Photo of Dogs Sitting on American Flag,” the Hard Times is all about fake news that slam dances into the punk, hardcore, headbanging side of our heart. Headline highlights of late include: “Neftock, Master of Darkness, Agrees to Cover Shift at 7-11” and “Local Punk Would Like to Direct Your Attention to Even Bigger Tragedy.”

The site, which was founded by two West Coast writers and comedians, yesterday released one of its first videos and it’s a funny look at punk speed dating (and basically, dating in New York overall). It was filmed right here in Brooklyn at heavy metal dive Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, with external shots at Angry Wade’s in Carroll Gardens. You may want to make sure you’re vaccinated before watching.   (more…)

07/05/16 12:15pm
Definitely not where a subway station is.

Definitely not where a subway station is.

In this year’s mega hit Captain America: Civil War, one of the thank-god-they’re-not-taking-this-too-seriously moments in the movie comes in a confrontation between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Cap says something along the lines of: “Where are you from, kid?” Spidey replies: “Queens,” to which Cap smirks and retorts “Brooklyn.” It’s the last time people from Brooklyn and Queens were ever openly friendly to one another (jk, luv u Queens).

Captain America’s is indeed a Brooklyn Heights native, according to his comic book biography: He grew up playing stickball during the Depression before ultimately joining the army and getting jabbed in the arm with super soldier serum, leading the Avengers and so forth. Captain America turned 75 this year and to celebrate, the character is getting a 13-foot-tall, 2,000 lb. statue that will tour the country before it lands in Prospect Park later this summer. Because we honor our heroes in Brooklyn, however fictional they may be.  (more…)

06/30/16 5:12pm
DIY grows up: The Glasslands team is opening Elsewhere, a huge new venue in Bushwick

The Parenthetical Girls play at Glasslands, which operated in Williamsburg from 2006-2014. Via Flickr user Mehan.

2014 was a Red Wedding of a year for Brooklyn’s beloved DIY music venues. Death by Audio closed in November, 285 Kent shuttered in January and Glasslands threw its last party on New Year’s Eve. Those were more or less the Big Three of the DIY venue world at the time, and they were all felled by one common axe: Vice (plenty more spots closed for other reasons too, fwiw). Many other venues have popped up since then to fill the void, but the year marked a turning point for the DIY scene, which is classified by questionably legal venues, cheap concerts and a less profit-minded ethos. Even before Glasslands closed, the folks from PopGun, which ran the space, were looking ahead at plans for a new, bigger and more permanent home.

This week, PopGun officially announced their new project, and it’s going to be much larger, more ambitious and more polished than the lovably makeshift Glasslands: in the fall they’ll open Elsewhere, a 24,000-square foot, $3 million venue and art space built out of an old furniture assembly warehouse in Bushwick. It’ll contain an open rooftop, art gallery, loft bar and multiple performance spaces, with the goal of attracting both local up-and-coming artists and national acts. We talked with PopGun cofounders Jake Rosenthal, 29, and Rami Haykal, 28, about why they went big with their new project, whether they still hold a grudge against Vice and why DIY venues may be forced to grow up.

“It has become much harder to throw up some drywall, subdivide some space and start doing shows in a way that’s going to last more than a few months,” said Rosenthal, who lives in Bushwick. “There are spaces that are still doing it, but it’s been a pretty rough few years for those spaces. That is one of the things that we started seeing in the last few years: a lot of people are starting to realize they’re going to have to take a different approach.” (more…)

06/30/16 10:14am
Finally, real budget airfare: $39 domestic trips and $99 international flights coming to NYC

Allegiant: finally an affordable way to get to Cincinnati. Via Facebook.

Budget flights from New York City have long been the freakish white whale/golden unicorn hybrid of travel that we never thought we’d see. While those Europeans get to hop from country on airlines like Ryanair (essentially the Megabus of airplanes), we’re stuck thinking a $400 roundtrip to Chicago is a steal.

Now, finally, we might be getting ridiculously cheap airfare: The NY Post reports two new airlines will start running out of Newark offering flights to a few cities in the country for as low as $39, one-way trips to Iceland for $99 and flights to Paris, London, Berlin and Frankfurt for $149. Which is good because we should all probably travel to London right now; things seem perfectly fine there and not chaotic at all. (more…)

06/29/16 3:12pm
Via Flickr user jthetzel.

Via Flickr user jthetzel.

Ah Boston, you ain’t so bad, except for when it comes to the thought of actually living there, which, ugh, no. Our nation’s most bro-friendly city gets a lot of flack from us New Yorkers, some of it deserved, some of it just being mean, some of it because it looks like their streets were laid out by a 5-year-old with a spirograph.

So whatever your thoughts on Boston are, here’s a reason to be glad you don’t live there: Much of the rent in the city is more expensive than Brooklyn’s, according to this report in Metro. And with that 2am last call time, there’s even less time to drink away your sorrows.  (more…)

06/29/16 9:30am
The seats at the new semi-outdoor Coney Island amphitheater, where semi-free concerts will be held this summer. via Facebook.

The seats at the new semi-outdoor Coney Island amphitheater, where semi-free concerts will be held this summer. via Facebook.

Coney Island has been home to free Seaside Summer Concert Series ever since former Borough President Marty Markowitz made it his pet project years ago. This year, with the opening of the brand-new Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk, the city’s first major beachside venue (which the Village Voice already called a $61 million logistical boondoggle) the concert series announced plans to relocate to the new 5,000-seat venue.

That apparently also means the shows aren’t quite as free as they used to be: Some of the shows are now a mix of paid/free tickets, so you’ll have to go down to Coney Island a few days before the shows like the Beach Boys and Kool & the Gang to get tickets to some shows instead of just walking up. It’s been, suffice it to say, a very mixed start for the new Live Nation backed theater.  (more…)

06/28/16 4:49pm
Brokelyn and the NYC Beach Bus want you to never worry about getting to the beach again. Via Facebook.

Brokelyn and the NYC Beach Bus want you to never worry about getting to the beach again. Via Facebook.

On this Fourth of July weekend, we don’t have a European Union to declare independence from (and then immediately regret declaring independence from). But let us propose another thing to liberate yourself from: The tyranny of worrying how to get to the beach for the rest of the summer.

We will gladly help you in this revolution, because we’re giving away a season pass to the NYC Beach Bus! The bus is our favorite way to get to the the beaches in Rockaway, Jacob Riis Beach plus Fire Island and Robert Moses Beach. It’s easy to win: All you’ve got to do to enter is take an Instagram, which you’ll probably be doing this weekend anyway. (more…)

06/28/16 2:00pm
Tank god it's summer: Brokelyn's 🔥 🔥🔥 summer tank tops are now on sale!

Summer in the city just got sexier.

As you probably know by now, we here at Brokelyn are proud members of the varsity squad of Team Summer. Summer is the best part of life overall, but particularly here in Brooklyn, we get to live our best lives: Free movies, free concerts, biking everywhere we can, hopping on the subway or the Beach Bus to Rockaway, sipping a cool Brooklyn Summer Ale on a rooftop until we forget that any other part of the year exists.

This summer, we’ve distilled our excitement about the season into our very first line of Brokelyn summer tank tops, which are on sale right now! Show your summer loyalties with one of these, proudly made right here in Brooklyn.  (more…)