12/12/13 9:10am
Too broke for presents? The #NoOffice raffle is here to help.

Too broke for presents? The #NoOffice raffle is here to help. 2012 party photo by Sarah Bibi Gainer.

Let’s say you listened to sound, compassionate advice and didn’t get up at 6am on Black Friday to trample your fellow humans in pursuit of a flat-screen television. Good for you! But now you’re sitting there looking at your long Christmas list and your shortage of cash and wondering: how ever am I going to get gifts for all these fine people who I don’t wish any specific harm to? Well you’re in luck, because the third annual No Office Holiday Party, co-hosted by us, the skint and Greenpointers, comes complete with a holiday gift items raffle provided from some of our favorite local vendors! Check the list of items below — which ranges from food to tattoos to sexy cab drivers. And don’t forget to get tix in advance for the party tonight, which also features special guest comedian Mike Lawrence! (more…)

12/04/13 4:22pm
hand job academy

Clara Bizna$$, Meg Skaff and Ash Wednesday of the Hand Job Academy. Bonus points for that Beasties shirt.

While Hand Job Academy sounds like the place you want to send that girl who gave you an awkward and painful knuckle twist in the back of your Celica junior year, it’s actually the name of a group of very funny ladies. HJA gained some notoriety this year for penning a long-overdue (and very funny. And lewd) rap anthem about periods called “Shark Week.” Check out this feature on the group from The Cut, reported live from their recent performance at Hank’s Saloon. They’ve even got a special holiday song you can check out below too. Better yet, see the trio of ladies as they perform live at the No Office Holiday party on 12/12! (more…)

12/02/13 3:38pm
Want to help these people get off at bed-ford ave.?

Want to help these people get off at bed-ford ave.?

You know when you’re on the subway and you see two people eye-banging each other from across the train and you just want to stand up and be like “TALK TO EACH OTHER ALREADY YOU DANG HORN BALLS”?  You might be moved to do that as a good samaritan, but here’s an actual job where you can get paid to do some MTA matchmaking. The Love Conductor (aka Erika Christensen, who this reporter profiled last year) is hiring “subway cupids,” people to help her scour the subways looking for potential matches and otherwise spreading the word of how to help riders get into that love tunnel. It’s a part-time, commission based gig, which can net you up to $200 per match. Erika gives us some more details below: (more…)

11/29/13 8:00am
Bill ghostbustin ass Murray. Via Urban Cricket Instagram.

Bill ghostbustin ass Murray. Via Urban Cricket Instagram.

Have YOU had your Bill Murray New York experience yet? You know, one of those semi-urban legend run-ins where the most perfect actor of all time crashes your party, kickball game, does your dishes, etc? You can ask Santa for one this year, but a Murray sighting is a cosmic coincidence on par with trying to catch a shooting star. In the meantime, you can fake it with one of these Bill Murray  Instant Disguise winter hats from Urban Cricket. The hand-printed, fleece-lined hats sit on top of your head as a functional winter hat until you’re ready to channel Bill “I have all new cheap moves” Murray, then pulls down to cover your face. Other designs include Biggie and — the actual best-seller, Christopher Walken (see below).

$25 online or at Brooklyn Night Bazaar.  (more…)

11/21/13 12:57pm
Santa shares secrets at last year's No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Mrs. Claus shares secrets at last year’s No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Be you naughty or nice, employed or un, freelance or free-spirited, we can all agree that holiday parties should not be the sole provenance of desk-chained office workers. So polish off your karaoke caroling voice, lube up your mistletoe lips and hang your jeggings by the chimney with care, because the No Office Holiday Party is back for a third year on Dec. 12! Brokelyn is partnering with blogging buddies the skint and Greenpointers this year to bring our seasonal party back for an evening of holiday cheer, live-band karaoke, comedy and dancing that’s guaranteed to be so fun, you’d be embarrassed to go to work the next day if this was your real office. Details below! (more…)

11/20/13 8:58am
does you time hang low does it wobble to and fro?

Time lords will never be royals. They crave a different kind of fez.

This Saturday’s “Day of the Doctor” 50th anniversary Doctor Who special is probably the most important globally televised event in history that doesn’t involve sports, Korean war doctors or the prolonged explanation of the meeting of mothers. The special — which unites both 11th Doctor Matt Smith and 10th (and best) Doctor David Tennant, plus a slew of sure-to-be-surprises, including John Hurt’s awesome-sounding WAR DOCTOR — will be drawing out all the spacetime nerds from all over Brooklyn like a bowl of hand-churned, farm-raised fish fingers and custard.

You’ve got a couple options to celebrate the event, and a few spots to watch the worldwide simulcast for free too: in a true feat of bigger on the inside, The Way Station, Brooklyn’s Doctor Who HQ in Prospect Heights, has even partnered with some neighboring bars for extra screening room. (more…)

11/17/13 12:22pm
The Yellow Dogs at Shea Stadium in 2011. Via FB.

The Yellow Dogs at Shea Stadium in 2011. Via FB.

Bands in Brooklyn take playing secret underground venues with DIY equipment as a badge of honor. The Yellow Dogs had no choice when they were in Iran, where they could only play their banned music in a hidden former trash room turned studio under Tehran, with styrofoam insulation and a World War II era gas can for a mike stand. You might not have been lucky enough to know about the band, a Williamsburg warehouse dance pop outfit, before Monday’s horrific shooting massacre, but you can help pay tribute and raise money for families of the deceased on Monday at Brooklyn Bowl, which is hosting a memorial featuring Nada Surf, Dirty Fences, The Men and many more. (more…)

10/29/13 3:58pm

Photo by Eater’s Marguerite Preston.

Eater today ran a good long chat with Jeannie Talierco, the daytime face behind the bar at Hank’s Saloon for longer than most of you were in skinny diapers. Hank’s, as you may know, is the bar some of us have an extremely complicated relationship with, but Jeannie is easily the best part of it, a bartender who serves up that kind of raspy warmth that went out of style decades ago. The interview traces the history of the dive back some 40 years when Talierco was slinging drinks for iron workers. And it could mark the beginning of the end for Hank’s, which she says has about a year and a half left before it gets swallowed up by new construction.

From her decades slingin’ suds and watching Brooklyn change first hand, the Greenpoint native drops this advice:  (more…)

High Dive. Hi, dive!

High Dive. Hi, dive!

High Dive
243 Fifth Ave. between Garfield Place and Carroll Street
Park Slope
(718) 788-0401

What it is: A neighborhood hangout with games, free popcorn and a killer jukebox that provides a merciful respite from the breast-feeding crowd that frequents the neighborhood.

Why we love it: Not only is High Dive a Brokelyn Beer Book threepeat featured bar, it’s only gotten better over the years. The free popcorn station has grown to include its own condiments rack and bar snacks now include savory pies for $6 and sausage rolls for $4, and the backyard remains welcoming. The custom curated jukebox full of mixed CDs includes a gamut of good drinking music: Big Star, The Kinks, The Pixies, and the Modern Lovers. Oh, and it’s got two pinball machines. We’re suckers for pinball.  (more…)

10/18/13 12:59pm
Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Hard to think it’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy walloped the coastline — after all, some of its most victimized businesses have only squeaked back to life in the past month or so. Even if you spent the summer looking at the damage in the Rockaways while on your way to the beach, the real images of how awful that storm really was are important to remember. Over at the New York Times, our friend Julie Turkewitz writes about The Rockaways, a new photo book from photographer Gilles Peress showing the devastation in Breezy Point and the surrounding areas. And you can get it for free starting today at PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo. (more…)