04/26/16 1:35pm

We don’t know exactly what, we don’t know exactly when, but some time in the near future, the L train is going to really screw up your life in some ways. And yes, this means even you, person who doesn’t ride the L train and makes fun of people who do — because all those people, the young tattooed folks, the people who’ve lived in Bushwick for generations, people in hats, ya uncle from Canarsie, are gonna dump into the rest of the MTA system and cause ripple effects all over your commute. We know so far the MTA is thinking of shutting down the L train completely for 18 months or partially for a few years to repair damage from Hurricane SAndy, but nothing is going to happen until 2019. So while you’re debating whether you can get to work via tugboats or hovercrafts, you can actually go talk to the MTA to give them your feedback on the L train plans and maybe get some more info on what the L is going on. (more…)

04/26/16 8:17am
The literal sign of summer. Via @Conrad.

The literal sign of summer. Via @Conrad.

There will be days soon when the summer sun is so punishing, the still air of the underground subway station so menacing, that your thoughts will conquered only by only visions of relief. It is then that walking down Smith Street, your eyes hazy with the reflective heat of the blacktop strangling the city, you’ll spot what is surely a mirage of an oasis chipped off the side of a building. It’s not much: just some picnic tables, umbrellas, pitchers of cold beer poured into plastic cups while hot dogs and burgers conga line off the grill, but it is real, and its relief is powerful. It’s no mirage and it’s no longer a fantasy of a summer to come: The Gowanus Yacht Club, summer’s advance rider, banging loud on the drums of war against cruel memories of winter, is back open for the season. (more…)

04/25/16 12:24pm

Maybe Harley can fight those Williamsburg condos next. Via screenshot.

We all occasionally feel ripped off by Brooklyn’s notorious profligation of artisanal foods. You can pay $15 for a jar of pickles or $27 for a crust of bread smeared with the liver of a chicken that studied abroad in Portugal and leave feeling a little dumbstruck, no matter how many times the word “organic” appears on the label. Does that make the occasionally overpriced food purveyors actual criminals?

That’s the jokey conceit used to kickoff the new DC title, Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys, where Harley, the famously psychologically disturbed anti-hero, gathers up a Harley squad for some vigilante justice around Brooklyn. They start by beating up some food vendors at an obvious stand-in for Smorgasburg on the Williamsburg waterfront, and make lots of hipster jokes you’re probably sick of by now, but Harley is a Brooklyn native, so we’ll give her a pass. (more…)

04/22/16 6:00pm
Long may purple reign. Via Twitter.

Long may purple reign. Via Twitter.

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-Some math whiz figured out how long you should wait before giving up on your train.

-The death of Prince made everyone want to get out and dance.

-Summer creeped closer with the release of Habana Outpost’s movie schedule.

-For 4/20, we asked: Is the one hitter dying out?

-Greenpoint and Dyker Heights really felt the Bern, but it wasn’t enough to win Brooklyn.

-But before that, 28,000 people rallied for Bernie in Prospect Park.

-We learned 11 surefire ways to piss off your brunch server.

-SummerStage announced plans for free Brooklyn shows.

-Eric told you why the Five Boro Bike Tour is a waste of money.

-Kimmy Schmidt did a great job taking on NYC’s gentrification.

-A Passover expert explained to us: What’s the deal with Manischewitz?

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04/21/16 4:02pm
So this is what it feels like, when doves cry.

How can you just leave us standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?

The Purple Reign ended today. It’s a shock to fans of Prince that someone so funky and seemingly full of life could die so young (he was 57, but looked ageless, as always). It’s tragic and it’ll be awhile before we know the full story of what happened. But out of tragedy we’re reminded about one of the great things about living in New York City: We really know how to respond to losing a musical hero. Prince tributes, dance parties, Purple Rain screenings, bike rides and other appreciations are already being planned around the city. We’ve started collecting them here: we’ll keep updating this post as more come in over the next few days so stay tuned.  (more…)

04/20/16 4:49pm
The one hitter is losing out to affordable vaporizers and even blunts. Via Flickr user torbakhopper.

The one hitter is losing out to affordable vaporizers and even blunts. Via Flickr user torbakhopper.

For today’s 420 #content (#pottent? #cannatent?), let’s consider the humble one-hitter. The simple devices made for taking sneaky hits of marijuana in public or boosting your high score while on the go used to be a don’t-leave-the-house-without-it utility belt staple of the urban stoner. Usually you get one disguised as a cigarette so you can nab a puff in the backyard of the bar or on the sidewalk without sending up a big HEY LOOK OVER HERE cloud. They’re cheap, available at lots of bodegas and hide easily in a small pocket, cigarette pack or down your bra. Yet in recent years — as weed becomes destigmatized, decriminalized and increasingly Apple-ified — they’ve become less prevalent in public in New York City and seem to be declining in popularity. Is it possible the one-hitter is going out of style? (more…)

04/20/16 10:50am
Bernie speaking in Transmitter Park earlier this month. Via Facebook.

Bernie speaking in Transmitter Park earlier this month. Via Facebook.

Greenpoint, you were truly feeling the Bern. The north Brooklyn neighborhood was where Bernie Sanders won the largest percentage of the vote in New York City during the statewide primary yesterday, with 64 percent voting for the Vermont senator over Hillary Clinton, according to this New York Times neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown. Sanders, as you know, lost to Clinton in the overall statewide primary, a heartbreaking defeat to supporters who had packed rallies in Prospect Park and Transmitter Park in the past few weeks hoping he could unseat the frontrunner.

The election was also plagued with major polling place problems, with 100,000 people mysteriously disappearing from the voter rolls. But get ready for hack analysts making trite jokes about Bernie’s supporters living in the “hipster corridor” or some dumb shit (like THIS): In addition to Greenpoint, Bernie also won part of Bushwick, East Williamsburg and Ridgewood just across the Queens border. Clinton barely beat Sanders in Williamsburg. Clinton’s No. 1 neighborhood in the city was the Upper East Side.  (more…)

04/19/16 4:22pm
Mister Sunday, coming to Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Mister Sunday is moving from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays in Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Ridgewood, just across the Queens border, keeps becoming an extension of Bushwick, and we’ll leave it to you to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing. But it’s certainly going to be a lit place to party under the summer sun this year. First, the neighborhood is getting what’s being billed as NYC’s first pop-up beach bar: a 5,000-square foot lot that will be covered in 140 cubic yards of sand and outfitted with beach chairs, umbrellas, these things, volleyball courts, BYO food grilling stations and kiddie pools for cooling off, according to our colleagues at QNS.

On top of that, Mister Sunday, one of summer’s most popular (and longest reigning) outdoor dance parties, is moving to the neighborhood. QNS also reports the organizers of the weekly party are relocating from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays, the new bar they opened last summer. That space is itself like a big swath of public park you can drink in, with picnic tables, games and grassy knolls for lounging. Is Ridgewood the new Rockaways? (more…)

04/19/16 2:00pm

Voting is great, right? You get to take a cool Instagram with your “I voted” sticker and use Facebook to chastise your friends and tell them how much Better at democracy you are. But if you are a once every four years voter, one of those people who just cares about the presidential election, you are the worst. Only voting in the presidential election is a bandwagon-hopping move, the electoral equivalent of claiming to be a diehard Golden State Warriors fan in the past two weeks, or posting about loving the environment on Earth Day before driving your SUV to a Steak ‘n Crude Oil Shake restaurant the next day.

Voting in the presidential primaries and elections is important, but we put disproportionate importance on them, like the Grammys or the Jets post-season moves, when the rest of the electoral landscape is made up of races that are equally if not more important to shaping the country. Don’t be a bandwagon voter, be an all-the-time voter and you’ll actually make a difference. Here are your next chances for voter booth selfies: (more…)

04/19/16 9:02am
Finally, somewhere to find an ATM in Manhattan. Via screenshot

Finally, somewhere to find an ATM in Manhattan. Via screenshot

Among many bits of DNA that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt shares with 30 Rock, its spiritual predecessor, is a to-the-roots feeling of New Yorkiness. 30 Rock felt like an old-school version of showbusiness Midtown manhattan, riffing on the entertainment industry and apartment renovations; Kimmy Schmidt is pure uptown grit. You can look at them as two ends of the spectrum of New York that meet in the middle (or the subway train, the great equalizer). The villain of 30 Rock is often the city itself, its unwashed masses or aggressive homeless people. Kimmy Schmidt’s however, often chooses gentrification as its main foil, as seen in the above so-on-the-nose-it’s-perfect sight gag from episode 2 of the new season. The show is giving us good reason to laugh so we don’t cry.  (more…)