08/31/16 4:03pm
If your laptop is working, this makes a great work space, but the public computers are there to catch you if you fall. Via Flickr user Sam Saunders.

If your laptop is working, this makes a great work space, but the public computers are there to catch you if you fall. Via Flickr user Sam Saunders.

For yet-to-be-determined reasons that may or may not have to do with spending a few blissed-out, half-working days at a surf house in Rockaway last week, my laptop stopped working suddenly. The Geniuses at the Genius bar couldn’t figure it out so they sent it off to Apple sleepaway camp, where it will either get fixed or have its first kiss with a girl named Planned Obsolescence. Freelancing and otherwise working from a laptop is a glorious feeling of freedom: your computer screen essentially turns into a mobile command center for all the aspects of the internet/life you need to keep tabs (literally!) on all day long. But what do you do when that command center goes on the fritz? And you need to keep working to do things like eat and not get thrown out of your home?

When this happened to me, instead of digging one of the lugubriously slow old laptops out of the bag I am for some reason saving in my closet, I instead decided to try out the Brooklyn Public Library’s free computer work center at the Grand Army Plaza brand. The library, as you already know, is a fully loaded center for helping you get shit done, but would it work for the hectic, crushingly busy, bouncing-from-page-to-page life of a freelance writer? It can, if you do it correctly! Here’s some key tips for how to pull off a full work day on the public computers.  (more…)

08/30/16 10:22am
Target: Where the rent is too damn high, but so are these savings. Via Target.com.

Target: The rent is too damn high, but so are these savings. Via Target.com.

Target is known for being a big retailer that has the stuff you need, and also as a place you should also never ever EVER go to on a Saturday or Sunday unless you want to vacation in a Mad Max style hellscape of empty shelves and war boys riding down the aisles in blasted out shopping carts, trying to salvage the last two-pack of contact solution. They’re generally considered less evil than Walmart, and earned some progressive bonafides this year with their trans-inclusive bathroom stance. Over the past year, Target has been trying to tap into a local pride market by making clothing specifically targeted to areas like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. They’re by designer Todd Snyder, an Iowa native who lives in New York. Like any move by a retailer whose feet are too giant to see what it’s stepping on, it hasn’t gone over great with actual locals some places. Brokelyn’s Rachel Eve Stein spotted the above shirt this weekend at the Atlantic Center Target in Brooklyn over the weekend. It seems like making jokes about the dire affordable housing situation in the city is going after the wrong kind of local pride here. It’s not the only time the line has gotten some heat from locals across the country. (more…)

08/29/16 1:40pm

Photo via Flickr user Jens Schott Knudsen.

Subway wifi is a mixed blessing: some people are eager for more of it so they can never lose a minute of joke tweets about Anthony Weiner while on the train; others hate it because it intrudes on the blessed moments of digitally unconnected time when your boss can’t reach you and you can have a short respite from the constant buzzing alerts of your needy phone. Here’s one more for the plus column: starting yesterday, the MTA and Penguin Random House started offering free ebook downloads on phones and tablets to passengers in the subway’s 175 wifi-connected stations through its Subway Reads site. You can now get a free novella, short story or excerpt from a full length book sent to your device, and choose a selection that corresponds to the length of your ride (so like a 30-page selection for your 30-minute ride, etc.). The Times reports it’s a way to draw users into getting used to using the subway wifi, which is expanding to the subway system’s 278 stations within two years. But it won’t last long: the free ebooks will last just eight weeks, which is a perfect time to kick off your fall reading list. (more…)

08/24/16 4:19pm
You probably have 10 places exactly like this one by your office. Via Jazz Guy on Flickr.

You probably have 10 places exactly like this one by your office. Via Jazz Guy on Flickr.

Most of the entries in the big book of fake holidays are terrible: Best Friends Day, Raccoon Appreciation Day, Green Day, Father’s Day, to name just a few. Tomorrow, however, is National Duck Out for a Drink Day, a holiday Alex Balk at The Awl created six years ago because it’s the rotting corpse part of the dead of August and you deserve to slip out of the office for a shot or a beer, or a shot and beer (note that he created this holiday five years ago, which I think was when the first republican debate was being held, I can’t be sure as I can’t remember a time when this campaign was not happening.) So take advantage of it, why not? You do truly deserve it, we all deserve it, let’s keep drinking until we feel like we don’t deserve it any more. (more…)

08/24/16 11:30am
Smash the patri-art-chy! A year-long feminist art exhibit is coming to Brooklyn Museum

The yearlong feminist art show will include Marilyn Minter’s Blue Poles, Via Brooklyn Museum.

Good news, everyone! We finally killed sexism. According to this Pew study out this week, most men thing sexism is over and thank god someone finally asked men about that, because both being in the patriarchy and trying to fight it is exhausting. So now that sexism is over, what are we all supposed to do with our time?

One idea is to take a break from the realm of Dead White Guy art and go to the Brooklyn Museum, which is kicking off a yearlong feminist art exhibit starting in October. According to DNAinfo, the “Year of Yes” will be stocked with female-centric artwork and programming with the goal of “reimagining feminism.” Luckily, they don’t mean reimagining it this way(more…)

08/23/16 2:48pm
Torontoke? Via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.

Torontoke? Via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.

Here’s a job weed like to apply for. Canada, the country that’s high above us, both geographically and in terms of moving its drug laws into a progressive, kind new era, has had medical marijuana since 2001 and is now on the path to full legalization, which is a cannabis-do attitude America lacks. Rolled up in that newly budding marketplace is a whole new stash of jobs. Today our Canadian bureau chief Sam Corbin passes us the news that could bowl you over if you’re looking for a freelance gig (though it may involve a few red-eye flights to get to work): Toronto-based NOW Magazine is hiring a freelance marijuana writer to “tackle Canada’s rapidly changing marijuana laws, industry and culture.” You’d be writing about law and politics, medical and recreational communities, retail and business angles, plus writing how-tos and FAQs, which, let’s be blunt, sounds like a kush gig. (more…)

08/23/16 10:55am
Via Flickr user quintanomedia.

Via Flickr user quintanomedia.

Summer, as much as we hate to admit it, is winding down and soon the city will be filled with tiny, adorable new NYU students and the crisp terror of having to bring a jacket with you everywhere again. Pile all that up with the perpetual motion machine of schoolyard absurdity that is driving our current presidential election and the fact that Frank Ocean’s album finally came out, which gives us nothing to look forward to in the near future, and it’s clear you need a vacation.

Luckily, this is fall is looking to be a great time to travel, according to Travel + Leisure magazine, which reported on a study by airfare prediction app Hopper. The company’s chief scientist predicts airfare for a domestic round-trip ticket will drop by as much as 8.2 percent to a seasonal low of $213 in October. That’s about the same as last year at the same time but 16 percent lower than in 2014; you’ve got dropping fuel prices to thank. Prices will keep going lower in the winter months too, so you’re gonna have less reason not to visit your parents for the holidays this year. Good thing I heard a rumor President Hillary is going to outlaw Christmas, or something. (more…)

08/22/16 1:00pm
Bard it all: Female Shakespeare troupe bringing a free, all-nude Tempest to Prospect Park

Naked actors from the Torn Out Theater troupe during a previous performance of The Tempest. Via website.

Shakespeare in the Park is a great free summer thing to do, but tickets are impossible to get and you’ve got to go all the way into Manhattan to sit in Central Park theater for hours, where you run the risk of losing you WNYC totebag among all the other WNYC totebags in attendance. Brooklyn has a few of our own versions; now we’re getting a new one that definitely feels more at home in our borough than tony enclaves of the Upper West Side.

A troupe of female actors is doing a run of all-nude performances of Shakespeare’s The Tempest starting Sept. 7. As the Brooklyn Paper reports today: “The show’s male director says that the stripped-down show is designed to promote body positivity — but he also knew that using unclad actors would create some conversation.” Director Pitr Strait told the paper: “We asked ‘How do we work nudity into the play so Shakespeare doesn’t get swallowed up and so the huge, distracting thing works for us?'” And while nudity is illegal in NYC (but not toplessness!), the city makes special exceptions for performance art. In short, these ladies will really bard it all for you. (more…)

08/22/16 10:40am
Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

It’s tough being a roving freelancer in New York City: Cafe owners are cracking down on free wifi, #brands are constantly co-opting your hustle and you get so frustrated at not being paid on time, sometimes you just got to sing about it. It can seem like the city is conspiring against you, closing in around you and constantly raising the price of cold brew when you are just looking for a seat and a reliable wifi signal.

But lo, fear not, for today we learn of one company stepping up to help out overworked freelancers: TGI Fridays, the nation’s leading app-developer, is offering a “Fridays Office” coworking space with free wifi at its Forest Hills location starting this week. It happens to coincide with the return of its Endless Apps special too. If your work schedule would be drastically improved by making your weak freelancer’s body stronger by consuming a feed bag full of mozzarella sticks and the occasional blueberry Long Island iced tea, get your ass to Forest Hills.  (more…)

08/19/16 5:30pm
Budweiser: hustling to make fart water since 1878.

Budweiser: hustling to make fart water since 1878.

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