09/30/16 4:00pm
Every debate is a chance to play.

Every debate is a chance to play.

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Brooklyn was declared the Most Unaffordable City in America.

Shots were taken (and taken again) in the Brokelyn presidential debates drinking game.

We told you about 5 cool jobs you could get in BK.

We introduced you to the six types of NYC cyclists you’d meet in a bike lane.

Some dummy paddle boarded the Gowanus Canal without dying.

Buzz off Lucille told us about landing their dream job making feminist comedy.

Local experts weighed in on how to lock your bike so it doesn’t get jacked.

The Bushwick Film Festival gave us cause for excitement.

We learned how New York’s laziest millennial voters were eating.

Ample Hills came out with Donald Trump-flavored ice cream.

09/29/16 1:04pm
Get a good look at these brownstones, because you'll never own one. via josh c. jackson on Flickr

Get a good look at these brownstones, because you’ll never own one. via josh c. jackson on Flickr

Well, that settles that.

We already knew that way too much of our income was going to rent. Just last year, New York City came in as second-most expensive place to raise a family. But those statistics suddenly pale in comparison to Brooklyn’s latest crowning yearbook superlative, Most Unaffordable Place to Live in America.

Real estate data company ATTOM data solutions released their third 2016 quarterly report today, which ranked cities on a scale of unaffordability by comparing incomes with market rate housing and closing deal costs. Brooklyn won out by a landslide, with 123.5 percent of median income being the going rate for a house. Santa Cruz came in second, at 111.1 percent.

Marketwatch, who first reported ATTOM’s findings, put it in laymen’s terms: “A person earning the average salary in Brooklyn cannot afford the average home there — even if he or she could spend his entire salary (and then some) on housing.” Well, guess we’d better start commuting from Cleveland. (more…)

09/29/16 10:37am

If all those morning coffees are burning a venti-sized hole in your pocket, then take today off of worrying about it and enjoy a freebie. Today is National Coffee Day, for those of you who didn’t know, and our friends over at Grub Street have rounded up all the spots in New York City where you can score a free or cheap cup o’ joe today. At some spots, like Krispy Kreme, donuts are included!

The list of participating shops includes Dunkin Donuts (66 cents/cup), Krispy Kreme (free + donut), Peet’s Coffee (free drink with any food item) and more.

Admittedly, free or cheap coffee means you might have to settle for crappy chain coffee instead of your usual third-wave espresso, as there aren’t so many indie coffee shops taking part in the holiday. But Toby’s Estate (125 N. 6th St.) is offering 20% off their Black and White pre-bottled cold brew, so hey, that’s something. And who wants to sit in one of those wifi-limited coffee shop libraries today, anyway! Grab yourself a shitty free coffee on the go, and save the extra few bucks for something better tomorrow. (more…)

A star actress flees her crimes in 'You Can't Escape Lithuania.'

A star actress flees her crimes abroad in ‘You Can’t Escape Lithuania.’

For a while there, Bushwick’s reputation as a Brooklyn neighborhood was mostly infamous, its personality largely reduced to reports of cultural appropriation and brutally unfunny SNL skits. But that game has tired, and so Bushwick has made it out of the (Heavy) woods of Brooklyn-mocking to reemerge in its pupal form as a hub for creativity and culture.

A prime example of the aforementioned is the annual Bushwick Film Festival, a juried three-day festival that showcases the work of independent filmmakers, the majority of whom hail from Brooklyn. From Sept. 29 through Oct. 2, you can catch all kinds of exciting cinema that covers contemporary issues: otherness, reproductive freedom, gang violence, entrepreneurship and more. This year’s festival also features a Women in Film Day on Saturday, which includes brunch, a panel discussion on women in film & television, plus films directed by women.

The festival kicks off tonight at 7pm at Bushwick’s Lot 45 (411 Troutman St.) with a conversation between filmmaker Ira Sachs (Love is Strange, The Delta) and festival director Kweighbaye Kotee.

It’s a juried festival, so everything you see is bound to be at least baseline enjoyable. But here are our topic picks of a few special flicks to look out for this weekend: (more…)

09/27/16 9:14am


I asked Giuliani if Trump is a feminist #DebateNight pic.twitter.com/xWvkgVuKXV

Last night, the world stood wide-eyed in front of their television screens as Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took one another on in the first of many presidential debates that may help to determine the outcome of November’s election. The sane ones among us crossed our fingers that nothing would catch Hillary off-guard. We prayed that Trump would manage to cram enough stupidity into a 90-minute segment to put the rest of us at ease.

Sure enough, Trump garbled a bunch of stuff about 400 lb. hackers, claimed that stop-and-frisk was a “wonderful thing,” and made a spectacularly sexist closing remark about Hillary Clinton, saying “She doesn’t have the look” to be president.

Following the debate, former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani was approached by reporters to answer for his BFF’s comments in the debate. Elite Daily‘s Alexandra Svokos patently asked Giuliani whether Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, harasses women and has a number of rape allegations to his name, is a feminist. You can watch Giuliani’s cogent response above. You can also pour acid into your own eyes, you know, either/or. 

09/26/16 2:41pm
Get yours before they're all sold out

Get yours before they’re all sold out. via Ample Hills / IG

If a drinking game wasn’t enough to sate your taste buds for the presidential debates tonight, then this is a sher-bet: Ample Hills just released two presidential ice cream flavors, Food & Wine reports: The “Madam President,” after Hillary Clinton, and the “Make America Orange Again,” after Donald Trump.

The Hillary flavor is spicy chocolate, and Trump’s is orange-marshmallow. Unsurprisingly, the second one sounds like a pretty disgusting combination. (more…)

09/23/16 1:15pm
Our Brokelyn rendering of what your art might look like in Fort Greene Park. Original via Flickr user jalbertgagnier

Our Brokelyn rendering of what your art might look like in Fort Greene Park. Original via Flickr user jalbertgagnier

Everyone’s busy telling you that New York’s 1% is stifling the creatives and so just everyone please stop moving to New York, but come on, it’s not so bad out here for artists. At least as far as creative opportunities are concerned. In the last two weeks alone, we told you about an offer to make paid art in Quebec and a chance to present new performance works in BK.

City organs are pretty fond of the artists, too. This past summer the MTA put out a call for subway station art — submissions still open! — and today, the Parks Department is asking you if you want $10,000 to make some original artwork that’ll live in one of the city’s public parks for a year. So, do you? wanna?

Before you answer that, we have a social responsibility to tell you that this is dirty #brands money. As with most opportunities that seem too good to be real, this grant is brought to you by Brands that Love NY, specifically Uniqlo. But at least they’re letting you design your original representation of local pride, instead of putting their own misguided tropes onto a t-shirt or something.    (more…)

09/23/16 10:15am
The dapmap lets you see how bad things really are in each neighborhood.

The dapmap lets you see how bad things really are in each neighborhood.

Gentrification is New York’s white whale, and no amount of low-stakes ukulele songs about the issue are going to rein it in. Trying to determine who’s actually “part of the problem” is so 2015. Anti-gentrification sentiments are better put towards neighborhood engagement and community organizing to fight the thing, both of which are newly made easier with this ^^^ handy interactive gentrification map.

The Displacement Project Alert Map, a project of the Association for Neighborhoods and Housing Development (ANHD), lets you see where gentrification is doing its worst in the city. It’s web-based, so it updates frequently. You can search the map by council districts, community boards or zip codes. Buildings are colored along a gradual spectrum ranging from pale yellow to dark red, the darker colored buildings indicating a higher risk of its tenants facing displacement.

09/22/16 3:00pm
Homeless Comedy makes a house call.

Homeless Comedy makes a house call.

For the single New Yorker, comedy shows are one of the best excuses to get out of the house. There are always free or $5 shows out there, and one or two drinks will suffice to round out the night. But once coupled, comedy night becomes a date night, and going to shows can rack up quite a sum. If you’re treating your s/o to a headliner show with tickets, drinks and maybe a bite to eat beforehand, you’ll quickly come to spend at least $50 for an evening out.

Enter Homeless Comedy, a “New York comedy club without a home” founded by 38-year-old comedian Will Mars. Homeless Comedy provides the same comedy club experience, but as DIY living room entertainment in your very own apartment. You can drink your own booze and cook your own food; all you’re paying for is the comedy.

“Just clear out a corner of your main room, turn the seats to face it, invite a bunch of friends around, and we’ll turn up to do the rest,” Mars said.

Mars spoke to Brokelyn about his idea for the group, and how he thinks it complements an already saturated comedy scene in NYC.

“I noticed that most of the exciting comedy clubs and things that were sprouting up had been comic-driven, one-off bar shows,” Mars told us. “Everything more exciting is in Brooklyn and Queens right now [because] it has more of a community feel. And I just wanted to take it a step further, like why don’t we see about putting shows on in an apartment? A bespoke comedy night, just the audience and the comedians.” (more…)

09/22/16 12:13pm
Tell us this isn't exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

Tell us this isn’t exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

If the daily grind is leaving you drained and even the thought of an after-work cocktail just doesn’t cut it anymore, then scratch that for this alternative: the Brooklyn Cat Café (149 Atlantic Ave.) is offering adults-only kitten happy hours!

Starting tonight, every Thursday and Saturday from 5-7pm is “Adults Only Happy Hour” at the cat café, for anyone 14 and over.  Sadly we’re pretty sure there’s no actual booze involved, but cuddling kittens offers a different kind of buzz, and might just be exactly what you need. (more…)