10/01/15 4:35pm
Better sate that itchfor SCRATCHbread while you still can. via instagram user amyrbutler

Better sate that itchfor SCRATCHbread while you still can. via instagram user amyrbutler

It’s rare we post two closure notices in one day, but that’s because it’s rare that there are two to report. But here it is: SCRATCHbread, the long-adored coffee outpost and purveyor of heavenly grits on Bedford Avenue, will close its doors for keeps on October 11.

10/01/15 2:56pm
Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Well, it’s official. After a summer of rumors, Cameo Gallery has announced that it will close permanently on November 21. We kind of knew it was coming, and probably so did they, but it’s still no fun to hear.

The news comes as the latest in a slew of closures of BK event venues. Cameo has gone the way of Trash Bar, and dozens of other venues that suffered rent hikes and shuttered their windows. (more…)

10/01/15 1:36pm
Photo by Mindy Tucker

Photo by Mindy Tucker

If you’ve been looking for love in Brooklyn lately, you’ve probably been out with at least one person who describes themselves as ‘poly.’ They go on to explain that it’s short for polyamory, and that it means something about loving more than one person at a time. To the rest of us, it just sounds like a free pass to sleep around while still having a steady at home to watch Narcos with.

What makes a ‘poly’ person different from a ‘commitment-phobe?’ Or a cad? We wanted a live poly specimen to break it down for us, so we reached out to friend-of-a-friend Myq Kaplan. He’s a comedian you’ve probably seen on Conan, Letterman, Comedy Central Presents or Last Comic Standing. Kaplan, who’s been in a non-monogamous or ‘poly’ relationship with his current girlfriend for the past 1.5 years—and actually lives with her—sits down with Brokelyn today to discuss the difference between being an evolved emotional being and a sexual opportunist. (more…)

10/01/15 12:05pm

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Well, it’s official, Queens and SI developers don’t care about affordable housing [DNAinfo]
There’s a new app that wants to making reviewing people a thing, how awful [Salon]

10/01/15 10:30am
Omni spiritus, Spike. via Pardon me for Asking

Omni furry-tus, Spike. via Pardon Me for Asking

If you missed His Holiness’s visit to the city but you’re still looking for a little spiritual communion, consider living vicariously through your dog. This Sunday, October 4, you can take your pets to Carroll Gardens to get blessed by church leaders from the neighborhood. Yes, you can even get your goldfish blessed by a priest.  (more…)

10/01/15 9:14am
Aw, pretty. How can we make it even prettier? via FGP

Aw, pretty. How can we make it even prettier? via FGP

Maybe you never pictured yourself as a budding urban designer, but Fort Greene Park’s pathways are getting a makeover, and you could be the Nick Arrojo to the Parks Department’s Stacy London. As part of the People Make Parks initiative, the Parks Department is committed to incorporating community suggestions about how parks should look, feel and move. FGP just got approved for capital funding, so there’s a meeting tonight to talk about those pathways.

Lucky for you, this meeting is about a public park, and not our ever-dwindling faith in the MTA, so it might be bearable—dare we say even productive? (more…)

09/29/15 2:31am

Ahoy mates! Via Goldstar

Hey, did you know that Brokelyn has a half-price ticket link on the navigation bar? If you’ve had a chance to poke around, you’ll notice that, tucked amongst the Broadway shows and comedy nights, there are a bunch of cheap cruises! Guys, not since our boat tour of the Gowanus canal has getting out on the water looked this good: Goldstar Cruises has all kinds of themed excuses to ride. From sunset cruises to craft beer cruises, to trips all the way up to Hudson Valley, there’s no shortage of variety here. And our partnership with them guarantees you a good deal!

We rounded up our top picks. Consider riding one of these trusty catamarans around the harbor; not only will it do you for a great date night, but it also keeps the lights on here at Brokelyn HQ.

09/24/15 3:53pm
Milkshake squirrel doesn't need a straw. via Youtube

Milkshake squirrel doesn’t need a straw. via Youtube

Earlier this week, a rat carrying a slice of pizza down the New York City subway stairs took the internet by storm. Today, a squirrel climbing into a garbage and successfully opening a Shake Shack milkshake swooped in to usurp the crown.

The only question remains: which one do you choose to bear the flag? Who is the city’s truer mascot? The feral, iconic rodent toting Old New York in its teeth, barely seeing the way ahead but determined to hold fast to what little he owns? Or the lesser-known woodland creature using artisan’s savvy to go where few dare to, and uncork the iconic beverage of a New Era, in the service of a private moment of bliss?  (more…)

09/24/15 2:07pm
It may be just a blueprint, but it can still be a winner

It may be just a blueprint, but it could still be a winner. via flickr user Will Scullin

Are you a budding young architect? If not, do you know someone who is? Either way, consider nominating yourself (or them) for a new award, courtesy of the folks over at Curbed. The real estate website is now accepting applications for Groundbreakers, a new program that seeks out emerging architects with innovative ideas.

In contrast to their Young Guns program, which honors already-realized urban design, Groundbreakers recognizes that not all designs come to fruition right away (Pulaski bike lane, anyone?) but that that’s no reason not to recognize them as achievements. If you’ve got big ideas but few resources, this could be a way to get ’em! Resources, not ideas. You already have those. (more…)

09/24/15 12:31pm
Could you do this for a living? Emphasis on living. by Sam Corbin

Could you do this for a living? Emphasis on living. by Sam Corbin

Making your friends laugh at a party is one thing; but can you really rely on your sense of humor to pay the bills? Comedy is a risky enterprise, and ‘making it’ in comedy is even riskier. That said, if your heart is set on a gig in the biz, then we’ve got good news: you’re not going to starve yourself doing it.

Splitsider’s Priyanka Mattoo crunched some numbers gig-by-gig, and then we did some math of our own to estimate yearly salaries. And you know, it actually looks OK. You might have to pinch a few pennies, but you can probably make a career out of comedy (and still pay your rent).  (more…)