04/23/15 9:56am
Is this you every day of the week? Be nice, buy something else

Is this you? There are some things you should know.

If you’re a freelancer who works remotely, you’re well-versed in the coffee shop campout. You arrive prepared early in the morning, laptop in hand, ready for a day of quiet work alongside dozens of other freelancers. But oh, what’s this? The barista is giving you the stink-eye. And so are the people sitting near you. But why? Well, probably because you’re violating basic rules of camper etiquette. While we can agree that wi-fi enabled cafés are a god-given right these days, there are also basic courtesies that should (and do) go along with that privilege. So in that spirit, here are our Do’s and Don’ts of spending your workday at a single coffee joint. (more…)

04/21/15 1:45pm
Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official firestation. via flickr user Joi Ito

Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official fire station. via flickr user Joi Ito

Haven’t you always wanted to pretend you were answering a five-alarm fire call? Suit up, slide down a giant pole, jump in a bright red truck and take off to save the day? Well, you probably can’t do all that without getting arrested. But you can see where all the magic happens. Gothamist reports that next weekend, on May 2, every firehouse in the city will be open to the public.  (more…)

04/16/15 3:08pm
You could be a part of this. Via Facebook

Doesn’t this look like a good way to spend your summer? Via Facebook

Summer means sun, which also means boats. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water when the temperatures reach sweat-stain level, look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, a volunteer-run organization that provides free 20-minute kayak rides around the harbor off Pier 2 during the summer months. This year, the BBPB wants to add a whole new fleet of kayaks and they need volunteers who can help run the program. No experience required, and the perks are well worth the labor. (more…)

Home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

This could be home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

We tend to vascillate between telling you real estate is a lost cause and then telling you things like hey, look at this one exception. Well, today we’re on the positive side of the equation, because DNA Info reports that yet more affordable housing is coming to Clinton Hill! A new building at 490 Myrtle Avenue is offering up 19 units to the affordable housing lottery. That means $1,064 two-bedrooms, $877 one-bedrooms and $816 studios. Hey, maybe you can get married and move out, after all.  (more…)

04/15/15 3:46pm
broad city accountant

And it’s not that they’re not paying taxes because they can’t find a good accountant

It’s Tax Day. Most of you have already filed, which means you’re reading this with at least a general sense of relief. Some of you haven’t filed, and if you’re reading this then stop! Go do your taxes! But there are other people who are just sitting comfortably and watching tax day whoosh right past them: people who don’t pay their taxes, and don’t seem to be bothered too much by it. Curious who these people are? So were we, so we tracked down two Brooklynites who haven’t paid their taxes in a few years.

For obvious reasons, we’re giving them pseudonyms. You might have conjured up some image of money-eyed corporate tycoons who defraud the government year after year, but these women who decline to file fall on the opposite end of the fiscal spectrum: they’re broke. Each one has lived on taxed salary, and each one has lived on freelance income. And both have failed to file in both instances.

Are these two warriors against an unjust tax system, or just lazy? Read their stories and decide for yourself. (more…)

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Now that your taxes are done—and boy, we’re hoping you paid them—you can forget about “intangible properties” and start thinking about the ones you can touch, and smell, and sleep in. As per usual, cheap real estate options are eking ever so slightly farther out into the borough. But follow our example: we’re not going to start worrying until real estate actually pushes us off the edge of Sheepshead Bay and into the water. (more…)

04/14/15 2:06pm
Yay for free samples and business tips! via Trade Brooklyn

Yay for free samples and business tips. via Trade Brooklyn

Growing a business can be tough in this borough, especially with the tyranny of partnering choices available to you. Should you go the brand management route and seek representation? Join a union of other small business? Put it all in a state department’s hands? Not to worry. Tomorrow on April 15, you can be like a kid in a candy store with Trade Brooklyn, a big ol’ business-to-business exhibition where you can shake important hands, trade business cards and get yourself on the borough’s map. (more…)

04/14/15 9:18am
And the Lord was angry, and the roads opened up, and a plague of potholes swallowed the land.

Yea, the Lord was angry, and the roads opened up, and a plague of potholes swallowed the land.

With spring finally upon us, brokesters, we recommend you get back in the saddle and ride your bike again. Temperatures and MTA fares are rising, so there’s really no reason to favor public transportation over a two-wheeled commute anymore. That is, save for one tiny nuisance, a final reminder of 2015′s brutal winter: potholes. You know them. You’ve seen them. Lurking in bike lanes, hiding around every street corner, threatening to swallow you whole. 

Now, potholes shouldn’t prevent you from riding, but they’re a great excuse for a photo contest! That’s right, folks. We’re looking for the worst pothole in Brooklyn, as seen by your camera. If you’ve got a deadly commute with potholes in your path, read on to learn how you can win a puncture-resistant tire from our friends over at Bike Slug(more…)

04/09/15 2:25pm
Make close friendships and flex your creative muscles, on island time. via Facebook

Make close friendships and flex your creative muscles, on island time. via Facebook

Ah, the romance of lounging around a beach house and occasionally “working on your art.” You’d think that this is a privilege for only the very rich, and usually you’re right. In this instance, though, you’re in luck, because you’ve got a chance at a fabulous residency on the beach. The Fire Island Artist Residency, an artist residency that caters exclusively to the LGBTQ community, is accepting applications for its fourth cycle. If you identify as any of the letters above, and the winter knocked the creative inspiration right out of you, now’s the time to pick up where you left off! FIAR offers lodging, meals and a stipend to help visual artists who demonstrate “new perspectives in contemporary art” get some work done. (more…)

04/09/15 12:37pm
BUST knows how to throw a girly party. via Facebook

BUST knows how to throw a girly party. via Facebook

Before Etsy, there was BUST. The women’s magazine started offering craft colonies as early as the mid-90s—and twenty years later, they’ve kicked the craft fair game into high-gear with events like “Primped,” the upcoming fashion, beauty and vintage fair next weekend hosted by BUST Craftacular. At first glance, an event that puts the spotlight on nice soaps and hair-braiding might seem regressive somehow, as though it might accidentally relegate its attendees to arcane ideals of a woebegone womanhood. But there’s actually a whole lot of pussy riot in a DIY craft fair, as revealed in our conversation with the magazine’s co-founder, Debbie Stoller.

“I think crafting fits into feminism in a really central way,” Stoller tells us. “I grew up with a stay-at-home mom who taught me how to craft. Not bullshit crafts, like with popsicle sticks, but actual skills that I found fun, pleasurable and satisfying. So with Primped, I wanted that sense, that these products come from a place of self-expression.” (more…)