08/27/15 4:20pm
Ooh, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

Just think, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

We know we sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating: summer’s almost over, and before you know it, you’re going to be kvetching about the cold temperatures and thinking back bitterly about all the things you didn’t do, like camp out under the stars. Only you can prevent ever going through all that bitter regret—by entering the Parks Department’s camping lottery for a night of woodsy fun in Prospect Park in September! DNAinfo tells us that signups for the lottery will begin on September 9.  (more…)

08/27/15 3:28pm
You call this table service? via flickr user Wally Gobetz

Communal seating is a nice idea, in theory. via flickr user Wally Gobetz

Euro-inspired beer halls have been cropping up all over Brooklyn, with their appropriately import-heavy tap lists and their mostly pretzels signature food offerings. There’s Radegast, the Koelner Bierhalle, and Spritzenhaus to name a few. It’s also just been announced that Downtown Brooklyn is going to be getting a “massive” beer hall. But amidst all the hype, we’ve got a question: what’s so great about beer halls?

Hear us out: besides their sprawling size and trendy menu, beer halls aren’t all that welcoming. For one thing, the acoustics are terrible. In a large room made almost entirely of polished stone, you find yourself screaming just to be heard above the general din echoing off the walls. It’s like a community board meeting, that costs more money. (more…)

08/27/15 1:15pm
I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

The dog days of summer are upon us, where all you want to do is lay out in the sun and eat ice cream. And usually, only one of those two things is free. But today, you can do both without spending a dime, because Van Leeuwen is giving away ice cream tonight! According to Gothamist, the dessert-isans will be offering up gratis scoops of ice cream at their new flagship location in Williamsburg (204 Wythe Avenue).  (more…)

08/27/15 12:03pm

Someone tried to explain away the patriarchy with science [New York Magazine]
There’s a new police unit dedicated to “stripping” the city of its topless denizens [Crain’s New York]
“Manspreading” is officially an English word now [DNAinfo]
Who needs a bookstore when you could have a Target that has some books in it [Racked NY]
Hey look, it’s a bike locking arrangement that doesn’t make you want to cry [The Atlantic]
Study shows lousy millennials like coffee, need it to keep being lousy [Reuters]
Hanksy drew a mural of Donald Trump as a pile of shit, pretty accurate [Bedford & Bowery]
Hey young upstarts, here’s a guide on how to get your Kickstarter funded [New York Observer]

08/27/15 10:55am
Sasheer Zamata is just one many comics who'll be performing at the closing party on Saturday. via BKCF

Sasheer Zamata is one of many all-stars slated to perform at the closing show on Saturday. via BKCF

The Brooklyn Comedy Festival ends this weekend, on Sunday, August 30. If you’re thinking, “Oh no thanks, I already know comedy, it’s sitting in a dark room with some guy tells jokes at the front,” then you should definitely be catching at least one of these last few shows. (more…)

08/27/15 9:52am
Hey, it's living room theater. via Website

Living room theater. via Casa de Beverley

Hey, all you budding playwrights out there, with Google Drives just bursting at the seams with yet-to-be-produced material. Yes, you! Here’s an opportunity to hear your talented writings out loud, without having to schlep all the way up to Midtown Manhattan. Casa de Beverley, a community and arts space in Ditmas Park, is accepting submissions for another One Acts and Snacks, their staged reading series with actors (and free snacks).  (more…)

08/25/15 1:37pm
The people want bikes, give the people bikes. via the DOT

The people want bikes, give the people bikes. via the DOT

A Citi Bike membership costs $150/year. Makes sense if you have access to a bike station near home, but seems kind of useless otherwise. And until now, there weren’t many stations to speak of South Brooklyn. We know that’s about to change, and now DNAinfo reports that the bike share company is taking your online input on where to put docking stations all over South Brooklyn, choosing exact locations based on user requests.

Which user? You, sir. Yep, Citi Bike made this nifty online map for all your requests. All you have to do is click on the spot(s) you’d want to see a docking station and wait for the DOT to announce which spots they picked. Boy, sure beats having to go to a loud, contentious community board meeting(more…)

08/25/15 12:38pm
Her smile's contagious. via website

Her smile sure is contagious.

Summer is waning, the daylight hours are getting shorter, but a good lazy Sunday is timeless. In that spirit, here’s another installment of Perfect Summer Sundays, the profile series in which we bring you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where all the locals do. This way, you can get a sense of the neighborhood from someone who actually lives there, and then try it yourself!

This week, we’re headed to Kensington with Colleen A. F. Venable, author and designer of graphic novels for all ages. Today, Venable sits down with Brokelyn to talk shop about why she loves living in a relatively un-yuppiefied area south of Prospect Park, even though it means walking a mile or so to get to her destination spots. “Friends don’t understand why I love Kensington,” Venable tells us. “They say it’s ‘too quiet.’ All houses, barely any bars or stores, and it’s a long train ride from the city. But in my mind, Kensington’s a heart with real people! Nobody’s fake. It also helps that my rent is 1/3 the price of a trendy neighborhood.” (more…)

08/20/15 4:11pm
Scears is just your modern-day Sleeping Beauty

Scears is just your modern-day Sleeping Beauty. Photos by Anna Martynushkina

Dating apps just not cutting it for you? Having trouble meeting “the one” organically? Well, this isn’t exactly a solution, but it’s another option: on Saturday, August 22, Bushwick-based performer Scears Lee will go to sleep on the floor of the Glasshouse Gallery, and go on a date with anyone who can wake him up. That person could be you.

“I have created this piece to find a spiritual companion,” writes Lee, 25. “All participants who view the performance must kiss me.” (more…)

08/20/15 3:00pm
Scroll back and forth between the maps, and turn that smile upside down!

Here’s today’s map. Scroll back and forth between them, and turn that smile upside down!

Seems like just yesterday we posted a map showing you how dismal your prospects of ever affording a one-bedroom were. But lucky you, Curbed just released a whole new one for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Let’s compare them, shall we? (more…)