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It'll take more than covering your mouth to ward these off. Josh McGinn / Flickr

It’ll take more than covering your mouth to ward these off. Josh McGinn / Flickr

Over the past decade, we’ve had a number of national disease scares become public enemy No. 1 in New York City — and with good reason. H1N1 turned out to be as bad as everyone said, Ebola infected someone who rode the L train, Legionnaire’s got to the Bronx, and most recently, the Zika virus was confirmed in the US. With already three diagnosed cases in New York State, it’s time to get serious about protecting ourselves against all the transmittable diseases that might be floating around us, unseen.

Since discovering a number of these ourselves, we’ve decided it’s only right to warn you about six airborne and food-borne illnesses specific to Brooklyn (and therefore not widely covered on the national news). All of these illnesses are highly contagious — and in some cases life-threatening — so read carefully to educate yourself about the symptoms of each one, and stay safe out there this winter. (more…)

02/09/16 3:50pm
Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

If you’ve wandered around Fort Greene any time over the last year, then you’ve seen the eyesore of a building that’s been under construction for forever at Ashland and Lafayette. Well, guess what? It turns out that the city wants people to live inside, and on any budget. From the looks of their breakdown, almost half of units in the building qualify as “affordable,” priced drastically below market value (prices below)

250 Ashland is now accepting applications through April, so read on to find out whether you qualify, and what you can look forward to if you win the housing lottery. (more…)

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Worth the price of admission? via flickr user Adam WIlson

What’s the real price of admission, anymore? via flickr user Adam WIlson

It’s inescapable: no matter where you’re buying your tickets online, the face value you’re shown at first is never the amount you end up paying at checkout time. Sizable service fees, lazily attributed to “maintenance” or “processing,” can add anywhere from a couple dollars to the price of an entire meal to your purchase.

While it’s no secret that Ticketmaster is a profit-seeking enterprise out to gouge customers and corner the market, what about the smaller companies that you’re using every day for local indie theatre, music and comedy? Are they gouging too? Who’s really to “blame,” if at all, for the extra money you’re shelling out when you buy? We caught up with a few of New York’s most prevalent online ticketing services, Ovation Tix and Brown Paper Tickets, to get some answers about what those ticket fees are actually used for.  (more…)

02/08/16 12:45pm
Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay

Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay

It’s hard to determine what could revive interest in pharma-bore Martin Shkreli as of late. Between his performance at Congress, his late-night Tyra Mail habit, his belabored Twitter game and most notoriously, paying $2 million for the only copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan album, the ex-CEO (and Sheepshead Bay native) has become something more of a meme than a man.

Seeming to have noticed this, someone on eBay is trying to take advantage of Shkreli’s penchant for collectors’ items, and is now trying to sell Martin Shkreli a factory-sealed empty can of Diet Pepsi for $25 million.

“Just like the album,” reads the can’s listing, “It’s only worth what you—Martin Shkreli—say it is.”

“The ideal outcome is that it appeals to Shkreli’s ego,” the seller tells us.  (more…)

02/04/16 11:07am
And it sure beats buying a card at Duane Reade. via Facebook

And it sure beats buying a card for bae at the Duane Reade. via Facebook

Well hey, would you look at that? It’s February, and we’re not crying! Well, maybe you are. But thanks to unseasonably warm weather, an entertaining carnival of politicians and the recent blizzard hijinks, the shortest month of the year is feeling breezy and breezing by.

In that brightened spirit, we’re happy to share that it’s time for Greenpointers’ annual Valentine’s Day Market, home to all things love-themed and feel-good! This Sunday, head over to Greenpoint Loft for a budget-friendly day of free activities, delicious treats from local food vendors, and maybe even pick up a special something for a special someone. (more…)

02/03/16 4:12pm
Yeah, VERY far north. via North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Yeah, VERY far north. via North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Last month, we half-jokingly suggested that you take a jaunt up to Canada while their dollar was in dire straits (it still is, FYI). We even went so far as to recommend spots in Toronto that might supplant your Brooklyn-based cravings for good coffee, cozy dive bars and must-try restaurants.

But lately, it seems to be getting a little out of hand. Toronto is getting its own Seinfeld pop-up diner this summer. And we recently discovered that one of the city’s über-hip venues, the Gladstone Hotel, is now doing Broad City trivia nights. Hold on: is Toronto actually trying to be the new Brooklyn, or at least the New York City of the North?  (more…)

02/03/16 11:39am
That could be your back wall, paying you thousands of dollars. via The Better Half

That could be your back wall, paying you thousands of dollars. via The Better Half

It used to be that making a living wage meant leaving your house and going to work. But now, maybe just leaving the house is enough: according to a location scout interviewed by BrickUnderground, giving a film crew access to your apartment could pay you anywhere from $1,000 per day to $50,000 for a three-day shoot!

Of course, it’s not as easy as lights, camera, action — there are a handful of criteria that influence location scouts’ decisions when choosing an apartment to use for a film or series (the BrickUnderground post lists seven things scouts look for). Lucky for you, we turned those criteria into an easy quiz you can take! Don’t be discouraged if your apartment doesn’t make the cut. But DO be very excited if it does.  (more…)

02/02/16 4:00pm
From Citibikes to sewer swims, these travel options all beat Uber by a mile. More than a mile, really

From Citibikes to the sewage system, these travel options are all completely viable and mostly safe

It’s almost laughable that Uber’s recent strike is garnering such widespread support, considering how frequently their service comes under fire. It was only a month ago that their absurd New Years’ surge pricing incensed riders around the city. What’s more, basic stats have already proved that Uber is never actually be cheaper than a taxi.

But if you’re really still hung up on the lack of Uber cars trolling the city in the hopes that you’ll hail them, take heart: Brokelyn’s rounded up a number of alternative ways to get around, and it’s not just with hailing apps — which, by the way, can be used for any number of taxicabs and car services in the city. Our roundup caters to the Brooklyn populace specifically, and there’s sure to be something on this list that works for you.  (more…)

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This is one of the few things that you'll actually be better at on drugs. via Broad City Instagram

This is one of the few things that you’ll actually be better at on drugs. via Broad City Instagram

We’re all anxiously awaiting the first episode of Broad City‘s third season (premiering Feb. 17 at 10pm, FYI). Will Ilana lose more teeth? Will Abbi ever peg a good man? Will another Brooklyn grocery store be ravaged by a life-sized Gumby?

While your imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what’s to come, here’s a way you can involved with the series hands-on: Broad City needs help painting a badass mural in Williamsburg this Saturday. The first 100 folks to show up for the job will get free “Broad Fucking City” tees, and everyone involved in the effort is invited to party at Kinfolk after the mural is finished with free drinks, Broad City swag and photo opps aplenty — including a special appearance from Bingo Bronson himself.  (more…)

02/01/16 1:08pm
If you cook it, will they come? Photo by Sam Corbin

If you cook it, will they come? Photo by Sam Corbin/Brokelyn.

ICYMI in last month’s news, there’s a new cooking app on the rise called Homemade, and it lets you sell food out of your home as if you were your very own take-out joint. For consumers, that means getting to sample local flavors and engage with members of the community. For users, it means covering the cost of your weekly groceries, and maybe even more.

Naliaka Wakhisi is one of Homemade’s most popular chefs. A Bed-Stuy resident originally from Miami, by way of Chicago, Wakhisi has been using the app since November, and has already gained a loyal following for her made-to-order vegan comfort food, which includes pumpkin mac n’ cheese, jerked tacos, shiitake bacon and more. We caught up with her over a plate of said mouthwatering tacos, to chat about her experience using app — and to find out whether she’s actually making any money from it.   (more…)