02/24/15 4:26pm
These numbers used to mean a yankees game was getting out. Now it's just an average weekday underground. via Flickr user Ianqui Doodle.

Subway crowds used to mean a big game was getting out. Now it’s just your average weekday. via flickr user Ianqui Doodle

Guess we didn’t need to invent reasons to dread our morning commute, after all—according to the New York Post, we’re doing just fine making it a living hell on our own. Their recent statistics report a (literally) crushing 113% increase in weekday train delays due to overcrowding last December, mostly due to assholes lack of rider etiquette and that person holding the doors open trying to be the last one to squeeze on the train.  (more…)

02/24/15 2:55pm
Those extra dollar bills still make a big difference to your server. via Wikipedia

Those extra dollar bills still make a big difference to your server. via Wikipedia

It’s well-known that New York’s tipping culture is off the charts, and we can chock that up to a the Draconian wage requirements keeping service professionals struggling to make rent each month. Well, according to Capital, things got the eensiest bit better today when the state’s Labor Commission approved Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers from $5 to $7.50. “Whoopee,” you might be saying as a frequent diner, “now I can ease up on gratuity.” Er, please don’t do that.  (more…)

02/20/15 2:46pm
mr. lower east side

Start your week with a little man ass. Screenshot via Bomb Kreuger

Brooklyn has long been home to pageantry of all shapes and sizes, but this week we’re welcoming a contender from across the river. Bowery Boogie noticed that the 16-year-old institution “Mr. Lower East Side Pageant” was recently exiled from its usual Manhattan venue (the Cake Shop) for getting a little too raunchy. But hey, that means it’s just right for us! This Monday night, February 23, at Lucky 13 Saloon in Gowanus, you can watch as 10 men compete in a series of uber-femme categories like “Best Male Tits” and “Congeniality.” (more…)

02/20/15 10:00am
that could be YOUR show they're finding so hilarious! via Fresh Ground Pepper

that could be YOUR show they’re finding so hilarious! via Fresh Ground Pepper

It may seem like wintertime is a dead time, but for artists it can be one of the busiest of the year. This is when the right-brained folks are struggling to pitch their best and brightest ideas to summer arts festivals, gallery calendars and music venue rosters. Unfortunately, that’s no easy feat during this most depressing season. Nothing’s growing, everyone’s cranky—finding inspiration in February is like finding a cheap 1-bedroom north of Jersey. But resident BK arts company Fresh Ground Pepper likes to announce its season at the top of the year for that very reason: they curate a challenge-based, year-long season of open submissions for new works in performance. Best part? You can pitch a whole new play to ‘em without ever getting out of bed. (more…)

02/19/15 3:34pm

Ever wonder what would happen if that polite male subway automaton stopped politely asking you to “offer your seat” and report “suspicious packages” and started getting real? You no longer have to, thanks to this video of a re-imagined morning commute, where the subway voice goes from gently advocating basic human courtesy to haranguing passengers for everything from their eco-consciousness to their choice in pets.

Whether you relate more to the woman drinking a Starbucks latte or the guy who’s just offended that anyone would prefer dogs over cats, there’s something in this video for every straphanger. That said, let’s not let this good-natured laugh at ourselves make us forget about all the stuff the MTA is doing wrong. Keep those pitchforks held high, folks. (more…)

02/18/15 1:27pm


Face it: if you haven’t yet figured out how to crest the stupefying tsunami that is New York rent on your own,  you’re gonna have to contend with roommates. And I’m gonna tell Hillary Clinton that she should just live with Hilary Duff. Because they can be progressive Brooklyn moms together! Anyway, for those of us who aren’t future heads of state or working on Lizzie McGuire: the Rock Opera (unconfirmed), we’ve got a bunch of cheap spots for you to plan your spring renewal / next potluck. (more…)

02/17/15 3:39pm
brooklyn rent map

Haha, these aren’t for you, poor person.

I think we can safely say that at this point in the real estate game, “cheap” is a term of relativity. We’ve always maintained that reasonable per-person rent means $1,000 or less—and if you keep up with our bi-monthly apartment posts, you know that places like that still totally exist. But Curbed just posted their latest map revealing median rental costs of various neighborhoods (courtesy of housing website Zumper), and it’s not looking good. The question is, is this map more or less depressing than the map showing Park Slope will be beachfront property? (more…)

02/06/15 12:50pm
sweet, sweet Photobooth action at the Greenpointers market. via mcbrooklyn blogspot

Sweet, sweet Photobooth action at the Greenpointers market. Via mcbrooklyn blogspot.

If you know what’s good for you this holiday, you won’t be setting foot anywhere near Katz’s or Serendipity. While all those lousy Manhattanites are piddling around trying to recreate scenes from rom-coms, we of Brooklyn have you all set up with a bunch of better ideas for the big day and the week leading up to it. None of our suggestions will cost you $1,000, and every single one gives you the chance to do what this borough does best—either with somebody special, or a total stranger! (more…)

02/04/15 10:16am


Real estate’s no joke, and it looks the market is gonna push its way and our way out into those previously overlooked L train stops and neighborhoods that seemed too far south. That said, this week’s roundup gives you everything from the deep-and-cheap options to the pricey-and-proximal ones. We even thought we had one in Williamsburg, like old times, but it rented before we could say “Sixpoint.(more…)