05/29/15 8:19am
(Relatively) smooth sailing. By Sam Corbin

(Relatively) smooth sailing. Photo by Sam Corbin

Bike month may be coming to a close, but riding season is just beginning. In that spirit, we wanted to bring you some cyclist-friendly service information. If you’re a two-wheeled commuter, you begin every day with the same dilemma: which bike lane should you take to Manhattan? It’s not so straightforward, after all. Three bridges, three bike paths, all of which leave you generally downtown—but is one really better than the other? Brokelyn’s here to help. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each bridge and ranked them best-to-worst, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you start the climb. (more…)

05/28/15 1:12pm
It's going to look something like this. Photo by Alex Piorun

It’s going to look something like this. Photo by Alix Piorun

Brooklyn’s a big place, but oftentimes it only gets a mild treatment. You’ll read about the same places over and over, and you won’t realize there are new ones popping up left and right. Enter Oriana Leckert, a Brooklynite with a special love of the borough (and our fantastic new events editor) who’s been celebrating off-the-beaten-path cultural hubs as they appear for the last five years. And now you can own the inside scoop in hard-copy, because Brooklyn Spaces just became a book!

This in-print guide comes flush with 50 introductions to places you’ve probably never heard of. It tells you about underground music venuestiny terrariumsindie co-working spaces, and so much more. This Saturday, Brooklyn Spaces is throwing its book launch party, and you should definitely show face if you want to call yourself a true Brooklynite. (more…)

05/27/15 9:53am


Can you believe it’s only (almost) June? We skipped spring and scooted right into summer weather, But you can’t just start lazing around, kiddo! Your lease is up soon. You gotta move, remember? As per usual, Brokelyn is making it easy for you. This week’s apartments feature beautiful, sprawling boxes to call home, in locations we never thought we’d see again for a brokester’s price range. Let’s check ’em out, shall we? (more…)

05/26/15 12:31pm
You can pry our dumb coffee shop sandwich boards from our cold, dead hands

You can pry our dumb coffee shop sandwich boards from our cold, dead hands

This morning, Slate’s Heather Schwedel penned an article criticizing coffee shop sandwich boards. She titles the article, “When Did Sidewalk Café Sandwich Boards Start Trying So Hard to Make Jokes?” I see your point, Heather, and raise you the advertising industry since the 20th century. Call us old-fashioned, but we sincerely don’t understand what’s wrong with “creative expressions of branding,” as Schwedel terms the sandwich board art.

She gets pretty rant-y, spending about 1000 words shaming pun-happy baristas. In referring to one solicitous sandwich board, Schwedel writes, “the sheer cheekiness nearly knocked me over.” Oh honey, this is New York City. If everyone’s sheer cheekiness threw me off balance, I’d spend most of the day on my back. We’ll sum the Slate article up by saying TL;DR. But let us rant for a sec, too, because there’s a fair amount of barista dignity at stake here. (more…)

05/21/15 10:24am
Like the Pearly Gates, but you don't have to die to go! via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Like the Pearly Gates, but you’re still alive. via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we were battling the medusa of New York winter. But Governors Island—the most irrefutable officiant of warm weather—reopens for the summer this Saturday at 10am! You might already be gearing up for your first island visit, jorts in crotch and frisbee in hand. But one does not simply walk into Governor’s Island. (One takes a $2 ferry ride.)  Before you go traipsing out to Pier 6 on a weekday and screaming “Where’s the ferry?!” into the ether, let us clue you in. Here’s everything you need to know about Governors Island in 2015!  (more…)

05/18/15 9:32am
Cloe Shasha, all smiles

Cloe Shasha, all smiles.

If you’re going to spend hours on the internet, you know you may as well do it on TED.com. Unlike user-dominated Reddit feeds and endless clickbait on Facebook, TED content is always curated to be worth your while. You can have your mind blown without ever getting out of bed. But who’s doing all the curating? Enter Cloe Shasha, associate content producer for TED. We wanted to know about what it takes to web-produce all those “ideas worth spreading,” and Cloe was happy to oblige. (more…)

05/14/15 11:38am
So it's like your morning commute, but it smells better and you won't get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen

Like your morning commute, but smells better and you won’t get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen

It’s the worst catchphrase in Brooklyn. “It’s showtime!” You’ve practically choreographed a signature eye-roll for every time it happens. And with good reason: because here you are, just trying to get from A to B on a quiet train ride, and all of a sudden someone is blasting music and nearly kicking you in the face on a speeding suwbay train. But this weekend, you can watch a bonafide subway performance from a safe distance! DNA info reports that the Brooklyn Museum’s latest exhibit will feature live showtime dancers on Sunday, in an exhibit called “Public Disruption/Private Powers.” (more…)

05/14/15 9:58am
If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). via flickr user Candie N.

If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). Via flickr user Candie N.

Miniature golf enthusiasts rejoice! Actual golf enthusiasts, just say “Oh, okay, sure.” Among the slew of summer expansion packs to the borough (read: patio season), comes an announcement that we may be getting our very own miniature golf course in Downtown Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the course would occupy the stretch of plaza in Fulton Mall known as Albee Square. And it would be free to play if you bring your own clubs and balls. (more…)

05/13/15 9:56am


Word on the street is that we’re more expensive than Manhattan (again). Well, I call shenanigans! I call bullshit. I call my mom and tell her that I’m doing well. This week’s apartments are damn affordable, and I haven’t heard of any living situations below Harlem with prices like these. So enjoy browsing these spots in Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Sunset Park and Bushwick. And thank your lucky thighs it’s shorts season again, so you can curb-shop for furniture without freezing to death. (more…)

05/12/15 10:56am
Sure, it's only gonna be this big. But who cares? via flickr user Il Primo Uomo.

Sure, it’s only gonna be this big. But who cares? It’s free. via flickr user Il Primo Uomo.

It’s gonna be hot today. Like swamp-ass-inducing, chocolate-in-your-purse-melting hot. And since our concrete jungle has all those hard surfaces reflecting heat down onto the unsuspecting public, you’re probably going to need a way to cool down at some point. Lucky for you, it’s free cone day at Haagen-Dazs today! And double-lucky for you, there are participating store locations in Brooklyn. (more…)