07/02/15 4:42pm
Only one face should be allowed to lord over Coney and demand your money with his eyes. via flickr user Loozrboy

And if the cops don’t drive the mascots out, this face will. via flickr user Loozrboy

There’s a new Biblical plague in town. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s making a torrential descent onto the Coney Island boardwalk. According to Brooklyn Paper, a number of Times Square mascots seem to have relocated to the People’s Playground, after abdicating their midtown Manhattan posts due to recent police crackdowns on costumed solicitation.


07/02/15 3:11pm
Gooooooal! via DUMBO BID

Góoooooooool. Via DUMBO BID

Remember, kids, July 4th is only 24 hours long. After that it’s gonna be July 5, and you’re going to have to quiet down and expand your cultural horizons all over again. A great place to start is with the Women’s World Cup, since the championship final is happening this Sunday: USA v Japan!

Now all you need is a place to watch the game, and here we are bringing you news of one. The Dumbo BID is bringing back its free World Cup viewing party, at the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge. Since one of the teams is ‘Murrica, you’ll no doubt be among plenty like-minded fans in attendance. (Hey, so you might not have to expand your horizons, after all.) (more…)

07/02/15 1:11pm
Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. Via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

There’s no shortage of summer concerts to while away your summer evenings on a blanket in the park or on a pier by the sea. But here’s just a few more gigs you can get excited about! Now in its 35th year, the Seaside Summer festival in Coney Island will bring an eclectic roster of live music to MCU park, otherwise known as the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

It’s a short little festival happening Wednesday, July 22 through Friday, July 24. But it’s managed to squeeze in sounds for every taste. Oh, and enjoy this #tbt: the first performance is by JT Taylor, formerly of Kool & the Gang.  (more…)

07/02/15 12:03pm

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07/02/15 10:56am
Oh, dome, oh! Oh, dome, oh! via flickr user Anthony Fine

Oh, dome, oh! Oh, dome, oh! via flickr user Anthony Fine

It turns out that even a giant piece of floating debris can’t survive in the Gowanus Canal. There’s really no hope for any of us, is there? According to DNAinfo, the floating Harvest Dome was pulled below the surface of the canal yesterday, apparently due to its becoming “ensnared” by something below the water.

I mean, that is the stuff of nightmares. DNAinfo talked to dome creators Alexander Levi and Amanda Schacter, who claim it was art flotsam pulling the thing down below the water’s surface. But we know better, don’t we? It was obviously creatures from the watery deep.


07/02/15 9:14am
Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn's Facebook

Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn’s Facebook

Huzzah, weather for the 4th is slated to be sunny and BBQ-ready! And chances are, you’ve got more than one BBQ to hit up this weekend. Now it’s time to get your two-wheeled commute ready, courtesy of the folks over at Ride Brooklyn! They’re setting up shop at Brooklyn Boulders this Saturday morning, and offering free tune-ups to climbers. (more…)

06/30/15 10:18am

marshall braven

Last week, we gave you an exhaustive rundown of suggestions for how to spend every freaking day of summer 2015. But we also know that there are still gonna be those lazy summer Sundays where you just want to do something without doing much of anything. Enter Brokelyn’s newest profile series, Perfect Summer Sundays.

Each week, we bring you a local personality from the borough. They tell you how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Then, you try it on for size. Tourists, too! Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where the locals do. This way, you get a taste of what the neighborhood’s all about from someone who actually lives there, and you can leave satisfied.

This week we’re taking you to Bushwick with Marshall Thompson, owner of Braven Brewing Company. Braven was founded in Bushwick in 2013, and their soft, wheat-y white IPA has been gracing bar taps around the borough ever since. Best news: next month, they’re going retail! Keep your eyes peeled for Braven bottles, six-packs and cases at the bodega starting in July. (more…)

06/29/15 10:50am
The King connects with his loyal subjects. via Flickr user Luna Park NYC

The King connects with his loyal subjects. via Flickr user Luna Park NYC

When Jay and Bey called it quits on the borough this year, we sought to elect a new King and Queen of Brooklyn by popular vote. There was a runoff featuring impressive arguments from each worthy competitor, and the people have spoken: King Henry and the Girls of Gotham reign!

Now that they’re in charge, they’ll have to make good on all the bribes they used to win our affection. The Gotham Girls are planning a special derby performance we’ve yet to get you details for, but King Henry’s just given us an update on what to expect from his side of the royal court this summer. (more…)

06/25/15 2:33pm
Can you see yourself getting work done in this guy? via ArtBuilt

Can you see yourself getting work done in this guy? via ArtBuilt

We know we’re always kvetching about the dearth of affordable rent in the city—creative workspaces and residential dwellings alike. But we don’t actually want to leave! We just want to see some positive change, or help make them. And now you can, too: this Saturday (June 27), Art F City is hosting a “Stay in New York” affordable workspace conference at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. It’s an all-day affair chock full of talks, tools and snacks, in the service of giving New York creatives the tools and resources to “find and keep their rents low,” so says the event.  (more…)

06/25/15 11:11am
your pugcast idea had better be good. via flickr user zoomar

Your pugcast ahem, podcast idea, had better be good. via flickr user zoomar

We’re at it again, helping you make a podcast. But this time it’s not just about quality, it’s about opportunity. WNYC has just announced its search for the next great podcast idea! Is it yours?

The famed radio station is going about their search in a very America’s Got Talent-esque way: the WNYC Podcast Accelerator program “will give both established talent and up-and-coming storytellers the opportunity to pitch their big podcast idea” to WNYC and the Online News Association (ONA). The winning pitch will have its pilot episode produced by a WNYC producer! How do you like that? (more…)