03/31/15 12:37pm
Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Calling all Spears fans: have you always wanted to know what made Britney so Lucky? Wish you knew what pitted her Against the Music? Do you find yourself wondering what happened while she was Not a Girl anymore, but Not Yet A Woman? Now you can find out all that stuff, and you don’t have to stalk her on TMZ or go to college all over again to do it. According to DNA Info, there’s a “Britney Spears 101″ workshop being offered in Greenpoint, and it’ll only cost you $25.  (more…)

03/27/15 3:00pm
Shaina Stigler

If Shaina Stigler hears the word “actress” one more time, she’s gonna blow her top. via Shark Party Media

It’s all any of my female friends can talk about right now: a three-day event starting tonight called Bad Assery: The Women & Comedy Conference.  It’s a weekend-long summit curated by Natalie Wall and Shaina Stigler, two NYC-based comedians who got tired of hearing silly, gendered terms like “comedienne” being tossed around. There’s more than that on the female ballot, of course — there’s also the age-old matter of pay disparity, though that’s thankfully getting some celebrity attention. But what makes this particular conversation about the future of comedy pressing (and prescient) enough to warrant a three-day affair that costs $75 to attend? We turned to Wall and Stigler for answers about why the Brooklyn’s funny-women model sets the stage better than any other city for a conference like this. (more…)

03/26/15 1:44pm
Bike lanes with barriers on highways. It ain't all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Bike lanes with barriers on highways, it ain’t all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Yesterday, DNA Info reported that city officials were finally getting started on building the long-awaited bike lane for the Pulaski Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Queens. Construction is expected to start mid-April, but its projected completion date isn’t until the end of the year. Of course, that’s assuming they finish on time. And if next winter is anything like this past one, the weather will probably postpone actual ridership along the path until 2016. That doesn’t exactly jive with what Assemblyman Joe Lentol of the DOT once said about sharing commuters’ “sense of urgency” for the lane. So what gives? Why does it take so long to build one goddamn bike lane? We found a city contractor who tells us there’s more to it than just painting some new stripes down the road.  (more…)

03/26/15 12:12pm

New maps and figures prove millennials are a bunch of gypsies, traveling circus folk [City Lab]
You, too, can be a cigar-smoking tycoon landowner in North Williamsburg
Hey lady, would you like some fries with that court date? [Eater NY]
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Thrill-seekers climbed the Triborough Bridge, and lived to Instagram it [NY Post]
No, no, no, McDonalds just launched a Big Mac clothing line [NY Daily News]
Stop-and-frisk, now there’s something we wouldn’t miss if it closed for good [ANIMAL]

03/26/15 11:22am

Sheet music beats an iPod DJ. by Sam Bodkin

What’s a regular Friday night look like for you? Does it involve drinking and socializing in a cool apartment? How about a string section? Oh yeah, you heard me. There’s a new beat in town for all you Brooklyn culture-seekers, and it involves all of the above.

Groupmuse is a social events platform that organizes live performances of classical masterworks—BYOB, since the performance will be in someone’s apartment. “A concert hall isn’t a particularly engaging social scene,” says Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin. That’s why he moved the music into living rooms, and pared down the concert ticket price to just $10. So for the cost of a cocktail, you can experience some of the greatest music in history, ten feet away from you. No black tie necessary. (more…)

03/24/15 4:39pm
Your signature might just save the Williamsburg businesses you rely on. via Travelers Today

Stop the L train closure, save the Williamsburg businesses you rely on. via Travelers Today

The hurricane of pure despair L train shutdown is now arriving: weeknight closures between Bedford and Eighth Avenue as of midnight tonight, and hellfire six straight weekends without service starting April 11. While that’s inconvenient for you as a commuter, it’s potentially catastrophic for the small businesses of Williamsburg, many of whom were counting on the spring weather to bring in more traffic after the brutal winter. DNA Info reports that Williamsburg businesses have started an online petition, as a last-ditch attempt to postpone the shutdown until August. ”To transport the humans here, the L train is our main artery,” Crest Hardware owner Joseph Franquinha told DNAinfo. “You cut off this artery, you’re cutting off our livelihood.” If you like local businesses that aren’t Starbucks or Urban Outfitters, you should consider signing it. (more…)

03/24/15 2:38pm
Maybe you'll never even have to use one of these things again. via Flickr user Phil Hollenback

Maybe you’ll never even have to use one of these things again. via Flickr user Phil Hollenback

Did you sleep through the MTA fare hike? It was this past Saturday. Even if you haven’t already taken the $116.50 plunge, your number’s up this Sunday. We were all set to say the MTA was dead to us after this hike. But then they went and did something nice for a change that can actually help you save money! According to I Quant NY, the MTA has just added a button on the Metrocard selection screen for $27.25, which after exactly 11 rides would leave you with an empty card. It’s a small gesture, sure, but it can help you stop stranding your precious dollars and cents on unused cards. (more…)

03/24/15 12:00pm

Summer is coming! Here’s how to buy the right second-hand bike [DNA Info]
Your music career is a stairway to heaven, literally [Dangerous Minds]
For godssakes people, just stay in the subway car you got on [Daily Intelligencer]
The Prospect Park carousel is open again, hurrah [South Slope News]
Kimmy Schmidt is actually a parable about rape survivors? Whoa  [New Yorker]
Costa Rica is running on 100% renewable energy. What’s our excuse? [Quartz]
Maison Premiere reps BK in the 2015 James Beard award finalists [Eater NY]

03/24/15 10:25am
need we say more than "Off The Grid But Still Stealing Cable Stout"

Need we say more than “Off The Grid But Still Stealing Cable Stout?” Via SB Nation.

Ah, craft beer, the poor man’s drink Olympics. With over 4,500 craft breweries scattered around the country—and that’s just the ones with wholesale accounts—it’s hard to imagine why USA Today’s blog For the Win said they were “attempting to determine which of the [craft] breweries in America is the greatest.” By user voting, no less. Just this morning, they posted a new bracket showing they’d narrowed it down to sixteen breweries. Hey, feel free to cast your vote, but we’ve had enough of the beeriarchy. In fact, we much prefer this absurd beer bracket by Jon Bois and Spencer Hall over at SB Nation, which pits beers like “Reddist Sexist Upvote Dog Porter” against “Something about a Fucking Ship.” (more…)

03/24/15 9:15am
How about it, a permanent address? Via L+M Development Partners

How about it, a permanent address? Via L+M Development Partners website

We’re always saying it: the rent is too damn high, the rent is too goddamn high, and—well, we don’t even need to say it again. At some point, it’ll be time to hunker down and make a long-term investment on some property. That time may come sooner than you think: Brownstoner reports that the multi-building development in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill called Navy Green is now accepting lottery applications for affordable condos.  (more…)