03/24/17 3:02pm

Photo by Ruthie Darling / Brokelyn

New month, new me is all well and good until you step outside of your apartment and onto the snow-saturated sidewalks. Then, new cup of coffee, new Netflix series seems much more appealing. 

This month I had made a decision to learn to love myself. Not my boyfriend, not my family, Me. A worthwhile pursuit certainly, but resolutions of this kind have a fatal flaw, the problem being that no one really holds you accountable to them. There is no line manager for resolutions. It’s up to you to make the salads, book the yoga classes, buy the journal. No one will do it for you and no one will notice if your decisions never really come to fruition. The get-out is just too easy and with a project as intangible as self love, I was already concerned that I was on a path to failure.

Unsure of where to start with this, I began by asking my friends if they had any suggestions. One friend replied by saying, “you know what I’m going to say and I hope you’ll join me this time, please look at their website.” Alas, I did know to what she was referring and so last Sunday night I braced myself for the face-melting chill to meet her at a Women’s Rejuvenation Circle I had been promising her, for months, that I would attend. Learn to love yourself, the website assured, by participating in their “co-created experience of women supporting women through guided meditation and an emotional check-in”. It had New Me written all over it. My desire to cancel was off the charts. (more…)

03/21/17 12:26pm


Now opening up his third business on Bushwick’s Wilson Ave., 32-year-old Cuban-American Danny Teran’s entrepreneurial skills are prolific to the point that he has earned the moniker The Wolf of Wilson. I sat down with him at his restaurant, The Wheelhouse, to discuss how he started out on this road to Brooklyn domination.

So, how’d you get started as an entrepreneur? 

My parents are Cuban-American immigrants and when I came back to Jersey after college, my brother said “Let’s open up a Cuban restaurant together.” At that time food trucks were very popular so, instead, we did that for about three – four years. It was very successful, but after a while it became a little tiring and when our permits were about to expire, my brother and I said, “let’s start thinking about a new project.”


03/14/17 2:54pm

dirty panties

Last week an invitation landed in my inbox for Dirty Panties The Musical at Bushwick’s House Of Yes. “Fancy the theatre this week?” I called out from the kitchen “Sure, Sondheim?” my innocent boyfriend replied from living room, “Er, not quite.”

Written and produced by current and former sex workers, Dirty Panties The Musical was not a musical at all, but more a series of emotional and abstract vignettes covering many aspects of working in the ‘business’. Some scenes were funny: for example, the jaded sex worker whose inner monologue was all about which pizza she should eat later as her john whipped her. Some were raw – a moving and daring dance and aerial piece performed by Joshua Oates hit that note. The finale made a point about how one decision can lead to the next and how the instinct to survive is the driving force. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but I will say it’s pretty spectacular. (more…)

03/08/17 10:59am


To celebrate International Women’s Day I met up with some female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business in Greenpoint. Vintage fashion dominates Manhattan Ave., creating a community of fashion loving business women who truly support each other. Female owned ventures are gaining ground in Brooklyn with a 39 percent increase in the last five years, according to a study from the Center for an Urban Future. If you are interested in starting up a business, read below to see what these inspiring woman have to say and check out the links at the bottom to organizations that help women and minorities start their own businesses in New York. Good Luck! The future is female. (more…)

03/03/17 4:46pm

Photo by Ruthie Darling / Brokelyn

The Unruly Collective, located at 200 Cooper St. in Bushwick is kind of like a WeWork for artists, but so much better. Founded by Hillary Mégroz and Charlie Pastore, Unruly is paving the way for individuals to create, collaborate, & cohabitate, while driving social change through innovative, immersive creativity. I visited their brownstone right off the Wilson Ave. L train to see for myself what the collective was offering. (more…)

03/01/17 4:55pm
Photo by Ruthie Darling / Brokelyn

Photo by Ruthie Darling / Brokelyn

The weather in Brooklyn this week has been a little bit of a drama queen. Blowing hot and then cold, like every bad Tinder relationship we’ve been in. The oscillating temperatures have made the streets of Brooklyn home to many different looks and styles. One theme I saw emerging though was color. It’s not a rainbow out there yet, but little pops of color were springing up all over the place.

Above, these three were grabbing a smoke outside of a coffee shop and looked like something from the East Village circa 1960. They are all rocking the vintage vibe perfectly. “I have to”, the girl in the center told me, “I’m a barista – I make $10 an hour”.

Check out these other stylish kids spotted around Bed-Stuy and Bushwick. Fashion escapism, this way

02/23/17 11:26am
Ruthie Darling Vintage Clothing

We are living in a vintage world, ladies. Photo by Ruthie Darling/Brokelyn at Risk

Vintage shopping has long been the perfect way for millennials to stay chic and save money. As a part-time fashion blogger myself, I love to create new outfits, but being a financially challenged freelancer, I have to find clothing on a seriously low budget. I’ve been hitting up some Brooklyn neighborhoods in search of the coolest vintage at the cheapest prices. This week I’m in Bushwick, and here is what I found. (more…)

02/21/17 4:40pm
Street Style

Keeping cozy in an oversized cardigan and bright blue turban. I love how this fashionista sat in front of a restaurant that perfectly complemented her outfit! As they say in Jurassic Park “clever girl.”

With New York Fashion Week finally over in Manhattan, we can focus our attention back on the best fashion runway there is — the streets of Brooklyn! If Manhattan’s fashion week is all about high end, expensive designers, then the Brooklyn streets are the antidote, with their vintage looks mismatched stylings. One thing that all New Yorkers can agree on is their love of black. Black is chic, always on trend and doesn’t show the dirt in this grimy city.

On this week’s street style post, we see plenty of Brooklynites in black with some pops of color starting to emerge. Check out the uber-cool looks below. (more…)

02/16/17 9:54am
House of Yes Sex Party

Inna Shnayder (@Inna.Shnayder) for HouseofYes.org

“Welcome to The Story of Red, I am your consent liaison, do you know about consent?” was our greeting as we entered the Valentine’s event at the House of Yes on Tuesday night. “If you wish to feed someone, kiss them, lick them, you must ask for consent first and receive a firm yes before anything can happen, is that clear darlings?” My date and I nodded enthusiastically, though I could feel him squeezing my hand in panic.

The Story of Red, billed as “an evening of immersive performance and edible pleasures,” was not for the faint of heart or for those easily flustered by a rogue nipple. If, however, naughty indulgence of all of your senses sounds like a good night out to you, then this event could not be beaten. (more…)