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Rebecca Fishbein

08/14/13 3:45pm
BEER BEER BEER BEER (via flickr user tophermurphy)

BEER BEER BEER BEER (via flickr user tophermurphy)

It is an undeniable truth that beer is something to be celebrated, both in party form and in heavy drinking form. And the New York City Brewers Guild, an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting local brewers, will be doing just that this month; they’re hosting a fundraiser for NYC Beer Week in East Williamsburg, and there will be unlimited beer. (more…)

08/14/13 12:34pm
The Verrazano sans lights, 2003 (via flickr user Whiskeygonebad)

The Verrazano sans lights, 2003 (via flickr user Whiskeygonebad)

To add to the collection of life tidbits designed to make you feel old – that Orange Is The New Black‘s Yoga Jones was the voice of Patti Mayonnaise on Doug, or that Ben Stiller looks really ancient these days – today is the tenth anniversary of the massive Northeast blackout that wiped out power in eight U.S. states across the East Coast and the Midwest. Or, as many New Yorkers remember it, The Biggest Party Night of the Decade. Remember that one? (more…)

08/12/13 1:45pm
Yep. (Via H Flannery's flickr)

Yep. (Via H Flannery’s flickr)

If you were lucky enough to attend and/or graduate from college, you, like most other college-attending Americans, are probably ensnared in the grasp of that cruel bitch, Sallie Mae. She is the worst, and we are all tired of her taking all our money every month, and no matter how much she takes, that loan debt NEVER SEEMS TO GET ANY LESS. Everything is terrible. But one brave indebted soldier seems to have come up with a pretty innovative way of dealing with the pain – she’s trying to barter down her debt by getting a gig with the company. And she’s blogging about it! (more…)

08/12/13 10:59am
All yours, for a discount. (via TheMusic.FM's flickr)

All yours, for a discount. (via TheMusic.FM’s flickr)

If you’ve been scouring the Internet looking for some way — some blessed, God-given way — to put on your finest neon and facepaint to gyrate to  Skrillex and co. on a budget, then boy do we have some wonderful news for you. A new Groupon for Electric Zoo is now available, and it’s offering a 40 percent off pass for Friday’s festivities. We know. You can’t contain your excitement. (more…)

08/07/13 12:56pm
Work it. (via Jason Hargrove's flickr)

Work it. (via Jason Hargrove’s flickr)

New York’s fashion scene’s pretty tough to break into, what with some of the best, biggest and most talented fashion minds barreling their way up the ladder ahead of you. But if you need a little leg up to get into the game, the city and 92Y are here to help: they’ve teamed up to sponsor a fellowship program for fashion-savvy young New Yorkers, and they’re currently accepting applications for prospective nominees. (more…)

08/07/13 10:22am
Courtesy Pro-Zak's flickr

All the Internet, coming soon! (Via flickr user Pro-Zak)

Well, this sounds awesome. A significant portion of Red Hook is about to get a little tech upgrade, thanks to the efforts of the Red Hook Initiative; they’ll be installing a free wireless network around the neighborhood. The project is spearheaded by Tony Schloss, RHI’s director of media programs; he and a group of neighborhood young adults involved in the youth-and-community-outreach organization, dubbed “Digital Stewards,” have been hard at work installing antennae on top of the RHI building and around Coffey Park, creating a significant wireless hotspot area. (more…)

08/05/13 3:56pm
This rad poster is also for sale. (via Facebook)

This rad poster is also for sale. (via Facebook)

If you’re someone who likes rifling through vintage record collections and/or has an affinity for embarrassing album covers from the 1970s, here’s some good news for you. The New York Public Library’s Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound are holding a record sale this week, putting 22,000 donated vinyls in their collection up for grabs. Doo-wop music party, anyone? (more…)

08/05/13 2:30pm
This could be your life! (via flickr user Earthworm)

This could be your life! (via flickr user Earthworm)

It’s hard out here for a job seeker in the arts, but luckily the Brooklyn Public Library’s got your back. They’re teaming up with Creative Coalitions to host a job seeker’s seminar at the Living Gallery (1094 Broadway) in Bushwick today, and they’re promising to teach creative types and freelancers how to make those sweet dolla dolla bills we often find so elusive. (more…)

08/05/13 1:40pm
A rendering of the bookstore's projected interior (via Kickstarter)

A rendering of the bookstore’s projected interior (via Kickstarter)

Bushwick might be wearing the city’s literary crown right now, but it looks like it a strong contender’s coming up in the ranks: a Crown Heights entrepreneur is planning to open a new bookstore complete with a reading garden and a FREE events series. With a  potential David Foster Wallace weekly reading club! What a wonderful world. (more…)

PJ Hanley's, in more modern times. (via Facebook)

PJ Hanley’s, in more modern times. (via Facebook)

Retro drinking is certainly all the rage these days, between all those absinthe bars and speakeasies dotting the city, but can an old-timey theme save a drowning drinking hole? P.J. Hanley’s, Brooklyn’s oldest bar, sure hopes so: after closing up shop last winter, they reopened over the weekend as an incarnation of their 1890s glory days. Saloon-wear, anyone? (more…)