06/09/16 2:00pm
Boy, do we love that sash on Mayor Tall. Todd Crusham / Flickr

Boy, do we love that sash on Mayor Tall. Todd Crusham / Flickr

Fire up Grindr, HER, Scruff, Growlr and 3nder, because it’s Brooklyn Pride weekend! Manhattan may be the center of the movement that started it all, but our borough boasts a bevy of ways to celebrate, starting tonight. Whether you’re into parades, festivals, comedy, live music or dominating the dance floor, there’s a place for you to party. Come out for comedy shows featuring all-stars like Kevin Allison and Julio Torres, an open vodka bar, a gay-for-days singalong and plenty of booty-bouncing beats from Gowanus to Bushwick.

Put your face on and show your pride, Brooklyn, because we’re all hashtag blessed to live in a city where there are almost no rules about where any and everyone can pee. #sorryhaters (more…)

04/22/16 9:03am
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.45.20 AM

Every date is a third wheel when there’s only one bed on Full Disclosure, starring Katie Baker (left) and Corrie Nance.

All New Yorkers are familiar with small spaces. It’s a way of life; it’s a point of pride; it’s the most aspirational sections of Ikea stores. Plenty of us have experienced teensy, tiny Williamsburg studio apartments. But what if you shared that studio space with your best friend? Like, what if you shared everything, including a full-sized bed?

Writing and acting duo Katie Baker and Corrie Nance lived the above scenario for two months — sleeping in the same bed, accommodating each each other’s dating lives and taking on the challenge of trying to sleep through the impossible cacophony of sounds that are a woman getting ready to leave the house in the morning. They made it out alive, and they’ve turned the experience into Full Disclosure, a hilarious new web series out now that’s part Broad City and part Three’s Company.

“Every episode touches on something that really happened,” Katie told us. “There was one particular weekend when the stories were just too good, and we were like — this has to be written.” (more…)

04/21/16 11:27am
So close to tampons, yet so far. Via screenshot.

Why is it so hard to get a tampon? Via screenshot.

Just in time for 4/20 and Passover, we have been given the bittersweet gift (yes, I know neither of those holy holidays involve gifts) of Broad City‘s season 3 finale and the somewhat-but-actually-not-that-thrilling conclusion of Abbi and Ilana’s “Birthmark” journey to Israel. Through the long flight to the promised land, we learned more about the inter-personal relationships among Jews and airline personnel (so that’s why they call it a cockpit…), but what we didn’t get was enough time celebrating the power of female friendship to keep us cozy until the next season. Ugh, they’re famous now. (more…)

04/14/16 11:12am


This week’s penultimate season 3 episode was a Broad City first: a cliffhanger! On the heels of last week’s emotional series of events, the bros are out of the picture and the broads are hustling to get the fuck out of town. Where, you ask, is a suitable vacay spot for two kweens such as these? Surely Tulum and Palm Springs aren’t the only places white girls go anymore, right? (Right.) It’s an episode about how the city can conspire against you, basically, but reinforces the Broad City family values: persistence, resourcefulness and creativity when hiding your weed in the face of the MTA and/or other evil forces. (more…)

04/07/16 8:00am
broad city bathtub

Getting baked in a bathtub with bae.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. Can you even? I cannot. Okay fine, I can! Tonight’s episode of Broad City was epic, incredible and important: relationships got real, we paid homage to one of the greats through a Mrs. Doubtfire parody complete with a Mara Wilson cameo and somehow, in the end, everything felt like it was gonna be all right. But like, what the fuck was on Ilana’s ass in the opening scene? Please, someone, help.

At long last, we finally framed it up for the Abbi-and-Trey shippers 👫👏💁 — they’ve been banging for a few weeks, and at this point they’re either taking advantage of the clean, spacious Soulstice shower or someone has a super-nice apartment. Either way, it kind of looks like they’re both pretty into it. Except Trey’s more into it than Abbi, obvi, and he makes the bold move to ask her to dinner. On the flip side, Lincoln, out of nowhere (I’m sad, okay?!), decides he wants to go monogamous with the other broad he’s been seeing (Steph?! Stop.) and abruptly ends things with Ilana. WHERE DO WE EVEN GO FROM HERE?! (more…)

03/31/16 9:56am
In the club, we are all family. Via screenshot.

In the club, we are all family. Via screenshot.

Real talk: There’s been a lot of chatter among fans this season about why we haven’t been laughing as hard or quoting as many lines or immediately re-watching Broad City episodes. In fact, Vulture postulated just this week that Broad City may have lost “it,” going so far as to call the broads “sad,” “not into it anymore,” and even overcompensating for a lack of good writing. That was way harsh, Tai. But they truly lost me when they compared it to the epic eyeroll-fest that is Girls.

I love these women and their characters and the entire writer’s room with all of my heart, so I’d like to suggest we shake the haters off and gaze upon this week’s return to form. This episode was so good, you guys. We’re honing in on the original recipe here: fab females, NYC realness, in-jokes, dance montages, Hannibal Buress and a little absurdism. I can’t wait for Abbi and Ilana to start using the new Snapchat, tho! (more…)

03/24/16 5:59pm
Bringing your bestie to your childhood bedroom is a very crucial moment.

Bringing your boyfriend and/or bestie to your childhood bedroom is a very crucial moment.

This week’s episode begins with an all-too-familiar Northeastern Corridor Amtrak trip, taking us to Abbi’s hometown of Wayne, which is slightly west of Philly. Cue approximately 22 minutes of Will Smith jokes, cuz does anyone really know anything else about anything with the words “west” and/or “Philadelphia” involved? No. Nor do we care.

For the record, I hate when the Broads leave the City. There’s something about taking them off deez streets that takes away a lot of the magic for me. Not to mention, Wayne, Pennsylvania as portrayed might be the antithesis of NYC, so the ep had to rely on one-liners and questionable sartorial choices to keep us afloat. But there’s good news! It paid off.

First, let’s all let this week’s guest star sink in. (more…)

03/17/16 10:07am
Republicans will spend three months investigating this wink. Via screenshot.

GOP will spend three months investigating this wink. via screenshot.

FINALLY. Finally! We’ve been waiting for this moment since we bought our first Chillary Clinton koozies last summer, then since the Broads first spilled the beans on Seth Meyers, and then since they spilled more beans at SXSW, and then again since they released a teaser clip earlier this week, and finally since we were forced to sit through, like, 28 minutes of YAS to get to the KWEEN. HILLARY IS HERE! And she’s, you know, glorious.

Admittedly, I was foolishly hoping she’d be more involved in the story — I really wanted her to channel her inner Amy Sedaris or something, y’know? Overall, the attempt to FaceTime with millennials didn’t do much to humanize her — the walk-on came off as more like it was her idea rather than theirs, and her personality felt pretty stale. You know the feeling of absorbing someone else’s awkwardness? Watching it felt sort of like that. And you know what they say about communicating with millennials via content: it’s gotta be authentic, guys. (more…)

03/10/16 9:48am
Rat bastard! Via Broad City twitter

Rat bastard! via @broadcity on Twitter

This week’s episode of Broad City was a return to form — stoner stuff, party truths, all of our favorite characters at peak sense of self and like so, so much weed.

Ilana, Jaime and Lincoln, by proxy, are attempting to solve a rat problem in their Gowanus apartment (it’s confirmed in this episode, via a delivery guy, that they live at Third Avenue and 10th St., because obviously they’d live right by the Bell House), and it’s pretty fucking gross — but don’t worry, it gets worse! Also, I’m sorry, but has the rat chewed through Ilana’s favorite pair of THINX, which I lit-rally called out last week? Hello? Are we following? (more…)

03/03/16 9:54am
Whoopi! Cocoon Central Dance Team! And more in  this week's Broad City episode.

Whoopi! Cocoon Central Dance Team! Chris Gethard’s vest and more, in this week’s Broad City episode!

We in it now, bbs, and I’ll admit this season remains somewhat perplexing — the episodes have been struggling with their flow, and this week was no different. (Maybe deez ladies should try THINX? Sidenote, has anyone tried THINX? I’m so curious! But also irrationally afraid.) It’s no worries tho, cuz this ep was stacked with surprises. I mean, Vanessa Williams and Whoopi Goldberg in one episode? A Sister Act 2 cover jam? HALLELUJAH.

Much like season one’s “Working Girls,” this episode focused on the broads hitting their grind —meaning, Ilana doing literally nothing while wearing questionable American Apparel attire at Deals, Deals, Deals and Abbi experiencing life as a SOULSTICE trainer for the very first time. She made it, y’all! She has her own locker and everything! And can I say that I love her and Trey’s new friendship? I do. But let’s get to the goodies! (more…)