12/04/14 8:52am
bust holiday craftacular

You won’t come up empty doing your holiday shopping at the Bust Holiday Craftacular or any of these other Brooklyn holiday markets. via Facebook

OMG it’s the holidays again, and it’s less then a month until Christmas and Hanukkah! Your holiday shopping is done, right? You’ve found the perfect, unique, and handmade gift for everyone on your naughty and nice lists, right? No? Don’t you fret friends, there are now more holiday markets then ever right in the comfort of your own Brooklyn backyard. This year’s markets feature sugar (pies from Eat Pie Shop) spice (cider from Roberta’s Holiday Market) and everything nice (free gift-wrapping at Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar).

Why go to the city and deal with the tourists blocking the sidewalks while they stare up at all the big tall Starbucks shops in the sky if you can just travel around on Santa’s preferred sleigh, the G train.  Stay in Brooklyn, shop local at any of these markets, and we promise your holiday shopping list will be taken care of faster than you can say…happy holidays. (more…)

11/22/13 10:03am
etsy handmade cavalcade

A scene from an Etsy Handmade Cavalcade of Christmas past. via Etsy NY Flickr

It’s almost holiday time everyone, which is personally my favorite shopping time of the year. It’s so exciting, and everything sparkles! Sugar and spice and everything nice! Lights! Trees! Of course, the holidays also means making a list of who you need to buy presents for; family, friends, bosses, significant others, your local bodega cat, your favorite bartender, your future New Year’s make-out partner… etc.).

Let’s make that shopping list easier to fill out by shopping local at the many Brooklyn markets this year. Who needs the crowds of tourists in Manhattan when you can take a leisurely stroll and attend many of these instead. Craft fair crawls are highly encouraged; bonus points are given if you can beat my record of going to five of these in one day. Plus this year there are added extra things do if you need a rest, such as playing black-light mini golf at The Brooklyn Night Bazaar and ice-skating at McCarren Park. Ready! Set! Shop Local!  (more…)

12/03/12 10:00am

The Vegan Holiday Shop-Up runs Dec. 8, 15, and 22 at Pine Box Rock Shop.

If you’re like me, you get stressed out when when December rolls around and its time to buy gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas. It seems like I have to buy for everyone– my parents, friends, bosses, boyfriends, girlfriends, secret crushes, the friendly neighbor that dog sits when you go away, kind people that do favors for me, etc. And, in case you forget someone, my trick is to have an extra gift handy because you never know when you’re going to need it. Luckily for us Brooklynites there are lots of ways to shop locally and support Brooklyn based artists, and keep away from the Manhattan tourists who want to see the tree and walk slowly down the sidewalks. Here are the best holiday markets in every neighborhood to keep your holiday season stress (and crowd) free. (more…)

Curios Jane, a camp run for girls, will hold an all-female craft and food market on the Gowanus Canal this fall. Photo via Curious Jane.

As the temperature keeps decreasing and the amount of pumpkin-flavored food and Halloween-themed crafts keeps growing, we are hitting the end of outdoor market season, which means pretty soon we will have to do our shopping and fooding indoors. Also, with the unfortunate closing of Dekalb market on Sept. 30 after the market lost its lease, that leaves us Brooklynites one less place to shop and eat and avoid having to trek into the city on a weekend. There is good news though! There will be a two new markets opening this fall: one temporary one focused on designs and foods made by women, and another market that will be going on until November highlighting the funky flavor of Ditmas Park. (more…)

08/21/12 4:56am

Makerbot founder Bre Pettis with some of the things the Replicator can make. Via YouTube.

MakerBot is a hot Boerum Hill based startup with a mission to bring affordable 3D printing to the masses. Now the company is looking for a Productor! (exclamation theirs) to help put their kits and products together. Check out the new Makerbot Mixtape, a replica of a cassette tape that you can upload music to via the attached USB cable, and their newest technology in 3D printers, The Replicator™ (trademark theirs) which can now print in two colors of plastic. They have two Productor! positions posted, one for a day-time position and one for the night shift. To Producticate? (question mark ours), be a good multi-tasker who’s comfortable working with tools and building things, who “can fit right in as part of a team, or can become an individually working Ninja.” Perks include an unlimited supply of cool job points. Details: (more…)

05/23/12 9:23am

Our friend Olive Hui was an extra in a Brooklyn party scene on the episode of Girls scheduled to air this Sunday and took this video of some late-night singalong in the extras’ holding area (and not on the actual set, which would be against the rules). She says: “Overnight shoots are fun but inevitably rough. People were delirious. A small singing circle started in the middle of the holding area where we keep all our belongings towards the end of the night. A guitar & drumsticks were all we had. Cee-Lo Green’s “F*&# You” happened to be the last song of the night before we were wrapped.”

Maybe it’s the Cee-Lo, but this video seems more diverse than I’ve seen on the show; plus it’s really cute. Say it with me now: “I see you drivin’ around town with the Girls I love…” (more…)

04/24/12 12:51pm

The author made this using laser cutting and weaving. Can you top it?

The craft industry has been boomin’ in the last few years with throwbacks to crafts that your grandma probably did, but brands like Subversive Cross Stitch have been doing a good job of reinventing them with a sly wink and a dose of pop culture. TLC recently announced its new Craft Wars reality show, hosted by Tori Spelling, which is set to premiere on June 26. Spelling now also has her own line of craft products, and in May, my favorite DIY artist and overall designer extraordinaire Todd Oldham (anyone remember House Of Style?) drops his line of kid’s craft kits at Target.

But this is Brooklyn, and we don’t need Tori Spelling telling us how to make things. Etsy started in Dumbo and the Brooklyn Flea is filled with new talent every weekend. Whether you want to start your own Etsy shop or just make a Mother’s Day gift, Brooklyn is loaded with places to learn sewing, knitting, jewelry making, weaving, woodwork and more. Here they are; if we forgot yours, please pipe up in the comments! (more…)

04/05/12 8:51am

Dekalb Market is the new kid on the block, with a promising season ahead. Photo by Flickr's Scott Lynch.

With sunny skies and weather back in the 60s, it’s time to spend more time outside. This weekend we are happy to report that both the Brooklyn Flea and The Dekalb Market will be up and running outside so you can fulfill all of your shopping and eating pleasures. Both are offering special deals and events to mark the beginning of the season. Dekalb Market is going to be particularly lively this year, with an outdoor music venue, a farm and beer garden. To celebrate the opening weekend, it’s offering $1 mimosas until 2pm (cheaper than brunch drinks!), a petting zoo, Easter Egg hunts at noon, classes and workshops by places like 3rd Ward, Rooftop Farms and the Textile Arts Center, and live music at 3pm both Saturday and Sunday.

And while you’re probably familiar with the Brooklyn Flea, keep an eye on its newest venture, the Smorgasburg food market which is opening on Saturday in Williamsburg, at the East River Waterfront, and hopes to have a liquor license within a few weeks. This market includes over 75 vendors with all items food and food related, including kitchen utensils and housewares. So put some spring in your step and check these markets out this weekend! More about what to expect for your weekend outdoor shopping below. (more…)


Dao-Palate doesn’t skimp on presentation.

On one sunny morning recently, I was laid off. After the initial shock wore off and I figured out how to apply for unemployment, I decided to make the best of it. My first move: taking advantage of late-night inspiration. I’m an industrial designer, and like lots of creative people, my most productive stretch is from evening to the wee hours, so that’s when I work on my resume and portfolio. Waking up around 11 works out well, because while I can’t afford dinner prices at the trendy new places, I can still swing a $12 lunch. Here are some of my favorite new lunch haunts around Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights. What are yours? (more…)

02/23/12 9:05am

Via Flickr's J Cruz.

We’re conflicted about Brooklyn Industries: they make damn fine snuggly cotton hoodies, and I like a company that offers a lifetime warranty on its bags. The clothes on the other hand, can be pretty pricey (and then there’s this awful rip off). But if you like em’ you are in luck this week: Brooklyn Industries is having a huge warehouse sale through the end of the month at its Chelsea Manhattan location, and online. The in-store sale features 40 percent off already reduced sale prices on clothing, and an additional 20 percent off outerwear. Last night, I found a wide variety of both men’s and women’s sizes, and the store was mostly empty allowing me to shop without any other fellow bargain hunters grabbing the last in MY SIZE seconds before me.  (more…)