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Mention Brokelyn through May 15 for 20% off a cut and/or color at Beehive Salon in Williamsburg

Spring in Brooklyn is about drinking outside, in as little clothing as possible, charged with a sense of renewal and possibility about life. Especially after all these rough winter months, we might need a little more than cold beer and sun on our faces to recover. Brokelyn is here to help by offering three killer Wiliamsburg beauty deals between now and May 15.  Here are three spots to freshen your skin, brighten your hair, and soothe your muscles before venturing out and attempting to mingle with other humans again. Starting today through May 15, first time clients can mention Brokelyn at Beehive Salon, Massage Williamsburg and Skin by Molly to receive big discounts.  (more…)

a shot from Greenpointers 2013 Spring Market

A shot from Greenpointers 2013 Spring Market

Get excited: this is the time of year when we all collectively slough off months of social dormancy and reacquaint ourselves with humanity by attending a million events and fairs and festivals all piled on top of each other. It might feel a little overwhelming but once it gets warm there’s nothing in the word that can touch us, right? In addition to the return of the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, our friends at Greenpointers have announced the vendors for their annual Spring Market Sunday, April 13 from 1 pm-7 pm at Greenpoint Loft.


03/31/14 1:03pm

If only a spring makeover were as simple as sticking your face in a flower bush

Any day now, it should be warming up—it has to, right? Here’s hoping we won’t have to suffer through many more fifteen hour long downpours (like this past weekend) in exchange for more accommodating temperatures. Even though it feels hopeless, spring will arrive sooner rather than later, and we could all use a smartening up, looks wise. So where are the best places in Brooklyn to get ‘er done? We want to hear about your favorite spots to get a mani-pedi, to touch up your roots, clear out winter-clogged pores with a facial, prep for the beach with a wax, recover from months of cold and discomfort with a relaxing spa day. Men, you too: favorite barbers, shave-and-a-cut deals? Post your tips in the comments!


Imagine this, but on a sultry nuit in Paris

Brooklyn isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind. You can already drink a “Park Slope Collins” at Bar Brooklyn in Sweden, get a Brooklyn-style haircut at Chop-Chop salon in Moscow and soon, there’ll be another target on the BK invasion: a market modeled after the Park Slope food coop in Paris. Grub Street reports that two American ex-pats Tom Boothe and Brian Horihan are opening “Coopérative La Louve” in Northern Paris, the latest stop on Brooklyn brand’s world tour.


Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo's character in Vicky Christina Barcelona

Aspire to be better than Scar-Jo was in Vicky Christina Barcelona

We all at some point have fancied ourselves photographers. Some of us daydream, a friend’s borrowed DSLR in our hands, about how to take our dilettantish habit a step further, but our scheming easily deflates when faced with the steep price of the average photography class, not to mention gear. What if there was a super affordable way to pick up a few pointers? Photography center Brooklyn Central (BKC) in DUMBO is bringing back $5 Fridays, offering classes on a range of different picture-taking techniques for the price of your average happy hour beer.


beach bazaar the diamond

The Diamond want to take you here this weekend. via Flickr user greenplasticamy

If you’re in dire need of a winter escape, but find yourself inconsolably stuck in town, the folks at The Diamond (who just so happen to be in Beer Book 5) have just the thing for you: a “Winter Beach Bazaar” this Saturday at 4pm. There, you can do the limbo and eat fish tacos and merrily delude yourself among the fellow wintery-weary. We know, snow. But check it: it’s free to just show up, and your first drink free as long as you’re sporting a Hawaiian shirt/tropical-themed attire over those layers. (more…)

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We didn't need any vaginal support from the new BK Whole Foods, but we did dip into some Critical Colon, as our own (Dave) Colon wasn't around.

We didn’t need any vaginal support from the new BK Whole Foods, but we did dip into some Critical Colon, as our own (Dave) Colon wasn’t around.

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Roger That Garden Project in Crown Heights is facing immediate demolition, needs your help

01/17/14 3:32pm
Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Roger That Garden Project needs your help, now. The beloved half-acre community garden in Crown Heights (whose creation through a combination of Kickstarter money, community support and donations we covered here) is facing imminent demolition after TYC Real Estate purchased the lot that includes the garden. They got news of a demolition scheduled for next week just yesterday; now they’re hoping to either raise enough money to buy back the lot, or broker for extra time to find a new space to relocate the garden. Either way, they need bodies and donations. (more…)

01/17/14 1:51pm
Alexander Wang is bringing this look to BK via annexmagazine.com

Alexander Wang is bringing this look to BK. via annexmagazine.com

Now when people decry our flannel and home-cut bangs and holes in our stockings, calling us hipsters for the 11242324346 time, not that we suffer fools, we can say, “Oh yeah, well Alexander Wang didn’t seem to think Brooklyn was too below him to stage his Fashion Week show here!” That’s right, February 8, 8:30 p.m., Wang is trading in his usual spot at Midtown’s Pier 94 for the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to unveil his 2014 collection, making Brooklyn’s debut Fashion Week Fashion Show. (more…)