06/28/16 1:29pm
New York on the screen, on the roof: 3 NYC-centric Rooftop Films to watch this summer

New York Non-Fiction is a night of short documentaries about New Yorkers. image via @rooftopfilms

Watching movies outside in the summer is one of our favorite pastimes at Brokelyn. Rooftop Films, the NYC nonprofit that shows independent films on, you guessed it, rooftops across the city, literally elevates this experience; there’s something about being up high, gazing at the big screen with the backdrop of the big ol’ night sky behind it, that makes you feel, well, star-struck.

While we were browsing the offerings this summer, we noted a few films with a New York bent that we’re curious to check out. (Unfortunately, the showing of Goodnight Brooklyn-The Story of Death by Audio on July 9 is sold out.) New York Non-Fiction (a night of short documentaries), Little Men, and White Girl all feature the city as the setting in vignettes of real-life New Yorkers and fictional tales of gentrification and profligate summers.  (more…)

06/24/16 2:00pm
On the corner of Patchen and Halsey Avenues in Bed-Stuy, Grandchamps does delicious Haitian comfort food

On the corner of Patchen and Halsey Avenues in Bed-Stuy, Grandchamps does Haitian comfort food, via @grandchampsbk

If you haven’t yet been to Grandchamps, the family-owned Haitian eatery on the Eastern edge of Bed-Stuy, you’re in for a treat. Heaping plates of Haitian-Creole classics, such as griot (roasted and pan fried pork) served with pikliz and sos (pickled vegetables and onions), rice and beans and plantains,($16) and snacks like Haitian patties at two for $3, constitute a menu of well-flavored comfort food that will fill you up and still provide plenty of left-overs.

More than a hotspot for high-quality Haitian eats, the cafe is also a dedicated community space, staffed by neighborhood folks, many of whom were untrained prior to hiring, chef and co-owner Shawn Brockman told Brokelyn. This weekend is a good chance to check out both the food and the culture of the space, as they’re putting on a three day “fete” of live music, DJs, and vendors to celebrate their one-year anniversary.  (more…)

06/06/16 12:00pm
Car2go cars go together

car2go cars go 2-gether on Pioneer Street in Red Hook. All photos by Kate Mooney

Every time I find myself in Red Hook, the sleepy, tucked-away neighborhood in Southwestern Brooklyn along the New York City Harbor, I always think the same thing: when was the last time I was down here? Why don’t I come here more often, like, every week?! Part of what makes Red Hook so appealing, gives it that feeling of a preserved, maritime community, inextricably tied to New York history and yet a far cry from what the majority of us associate with the day-to-day of living here, is its remoteness. Inaccessible by train, it’s a schlep to get to; you really need a bike or a car. So when car2go offered free registration to check out the service, we signed right up and planned a day trip. (more…)

05/26/16 12:13pm
She's a beaut! All photos by Kate Mooney

She’s a beaut! Photos by Kate Mooney/Brokelyn

Yesterday, which at 88 degrees and sunny felt like the first day of summer, the Brooklyn Barge reopened for the season. Greenpoint’s waterfront bar, located between Transmitter Park and Milton Street, is literally housed on a barge jutting out into the East River. Its reopening has been long-awaited, as last year’s season was cut short due to permitting issues and it didn’t open the doors until the fall. But now it’s here to float, and we’re pretty dang excited about spending our summer chilling on a boat with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, because honestly is there anything better than drinking on the waterfront?  (more…)

09/09/15 3:00pm


Third and Seven
3622 Quentin Road
(Corner of E. 37th Street)
Marine Park

What it is: Go-to sports bar and grill of Marine Park.

Why we love it: It’s an unpretentious neighborhood hang where you can watch sports to your heart’s content while putting back brews and getting your grub on. Friendly service and a welcoming crowd round off the experience.

What to order: There’s a full restaurant menu with items ranging from entrees like meatloaf, shrimp scampi, and mac and cheese to bar food regulars of burgers, wings, jalapeno poppers and more.  The buffalo chicken wrap and a side of fries, washed down with a pint of what’s on tap, will definitely satisfy. 

Regular Tip: If you’re not in the mood for sports, you can avoid the cheering fans by sitting in the restaurant area in the back.

09/02/15 10:00am


via Facebook

via Facebook

2123 Avenue Z (Corner of E. 22nd)
Sheepshead Bay


What it is: Real deal neighborhood dive with daily complimentary buffet, nightly karaoke and an Islanders fan base.

Why we love it: Free food! No peanuts or pretzels here, we’re talking hefty portions of pasta, chicken strips, lentil soup—hearty drinking food. Plus, a dive bar that also has karaoke is a dream of ours.

Who to bring: Your singing partner who is always on the hunt for a new spot to drop the mic; a friend who’s die-hard for dive bars.

What to order: Take your pick from four drafts and over 20 domestic and international bottles, and enjoy what’s for dinner that night!

Fun fact: Originally called the Log Cabin Bar, the watering hole is rumored to have been Brooklyn’s first karaoke bar—the owners purchased an early Japanese model of a karaoke machine for $6,000 at an entertainment expo at Javits Center in the mid 1980’s.

08/31/15 1:00pm

via Flickr user nycbone

via Flickr user nycbone

Brooklyn Ice House
318 Van Brunt Street (Pioneer Street and Visitation Pl), Red Hook
(718) 222-1865


What it is: Red Hook dive bar supreme with an in-house meat smoker, 60 plus beers from around the world, a classic jukebox, a bevy of board games to play in snazzy red vinyl booths, a backyard in which to drink the day away and friendly bartenders and regulars to welcome you in every day of the year, holidays included.

Why we love it: We’ve got proof of our love: the Ice House has been a Beer Book participant for five years strong, harkening back to our 2010 debut with Beer Book 1.0! It’s the kind of place you don’t forget, where you’ll make the long haul out because you know it’s worth it.

What to order: One of the aforementioned sixty plus beers from around the world! Two pulled pork sandwiches for $5 and a side of onion rings.

Regular tip: Help yourself to Hershey’s kisses on the bar, because the Brooklyn Ice House loves you.

08/17/15 12:55pm


The Harp Bar
7710 3rd Ave.,  (between 77th and 78th streets), Bay Ridge


What it is: Fun-loving Irish take on the beer garden, on Bay Ridge’s 3rd Avenue stretch.

Why we love it: At the Harp Bar, there’s always some occasion to take part in, be it trivia nights every other Wednesday, holiday parties and barbecues throughout the year, even an annual July 4 booze cruise from Sheepshead Bay. On any night, it’s a cozy place to relax with friends. A fireplace and an outdoor beer garden make it a bar for all seasons. Bring a trivia wiz, an Irish-o-phile, an opportunist who wants in on that booze cruise, someone with whom you fancy sitting by the fire.

What to order: Take your pick from eight drafts and 10 bottles of international, domestic and rotating seasonal brews.

Regular tip: The bar is housed at the former site of Mooney’s Pub (wink).

The Harp Bar is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

08/14/15 12:50pm

yellow hooke

Yellow Hook Grille, 7003 3rd Ave.,  (corner of Ovington Ave.), Bay Ridge, 718-238-1089

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What it is: Neighborhood sports bar and grill brought to you by the four Long brothers who formerly owned Manhattan sports bars Long Shots, Third and Long, and Turtle Bay.

Why we love it: A prime outdoor seating area with picnic tables makes for great people-watching. Inside, catch the game on one of nine screens, take part in pub trivia on Tuesday nights and enjoy Happy Hour from 4-7 every day of the week. Bring Notre Dame football fans. Your trivia associates. A friend you would like to comfort with comfort food.

What to order: Every night of the week the kitchen puts together a different special of classic comfort food—from Monday meatloaf to Sunday prime rib—and we know you could use a good square meal. Wash it down with one of the 12 rotating crafts on tap or one of 12 bottled selections.

Regular tip: “Yellow Hook” was the original Dutch name for the area of New Utrecht that is now Bay Ridge, so called after the color of the soil. The name was changed to Bay Ridge in the mid-1800’s after an outbreak of yellow fever.

Yellow Hook Grille is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

08/07/15 10:00am


Skinflints, 7902 5th Ave. (at 79th Street), Bay Ridge, 718-745-1116

What it is: Bay Ridge neighborhood bar and restaurant with an old -world charm.

Why we love it: Walking into Skinflints is like entering into another time. Quiet and cozy, with stained glass windows, vintage chandeliers, tin ceilings and dark wood paneling, it feels like being in an old movie set. Bring your parents, a date who shares your penchant for nostalgia, anybody who has a hankering for a big and meaty sit-down meal, old-school style.

What to order: Have your pick of the 12 taps and 16 bottles of international and domestic brews. For an appetizer that will take you the distance, go for the half rack of BBQ ribs ($8.95), simmered all day in house sauce and falling off the bone. Also, the entrée chicken is available in ten different ways—from Picata to Marsala to Pot Pie. Have a marathon!

Fun fact: The bar’s stained glass was preserved from 1917, when the space first opened as an ice cream parlor.

Skinflints is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.