01/29/15 3:16pm
Abbi just strolling on the Carroll Street bridge with her life-sized tooth friend

Abbi just strolling on the Carroll Street bridge with her life-sized tooth friend

This week on Broad City we’re in Brooklyn, whoo hoo! Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed by Lincoln (we recognize the exterior of the dental office on N. 6 and Driggs) and ends up on a drug-addled quest to the Gowanus Whole Foods where she manages to spend $1,487.50. She doesn’t buy any of the absurd items we catalogued, but makes a mess in the bulk foods aisle, knocks down a stack of “earth friendly cereals,” and shatters a jar of Manuka honey. (more…)

01/28/15 10:00am


8618 3rd Ave., (between 86th & 87th), Bay Ridge, 718-680-8226
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What it is: Taco joint right next door to Kettle Black Bar, from the same owners; Bay Ridge’s one and only surf shack.

Why we love it: Fresh and flavorful ingredients meet friendly service and an insistently beachy ambience. (Technically it’s only a few avenues east of the Narrows). Roleplaying Cali bros while devouring delicious tacos in the depths of winter is as effective an antidote as any we can think of. Bring anybody who’s a sucker for that island vibe; taco and margarita lovers.

What to order: Any of the four draft beers hailing from a tropical outpost; most recently, Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company represented, with aspirational names like the “Longboard Lager” or “Big Wave Golden Ale.” Tacos! Try the “Sunset Pork,” ($3.75) chipotle-orange-pineapple pulled pork, or the “Diablo Diego” ($4.25) of double chili marinated spicy shrimp.

Regular tip: “Ho’Brah” is surfer slang adopted from Hawaiian Pidgin, an exclamation that heralds something extraordinary.

Ho’Brah featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book, on sale now. Sign up here to be alerted when the Upper and Middle Brooklyn books go on sale.

01/23/15 9:30am


Sayra’s, 91-11 Rockaway Beach Boulevard,  (Between 91st & 92nd Streets), Far Rockaway, 347-619-8009

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What it is: Elegant wine and tapas bar—with an impressive beer list—on a strip of Rockaway Boulevard better known for its beach dives.

Why we love it: The interior is entirely hand-crafted by co-owner Patrick Flibotte, from the oak and steel bar to the tables and chairs, creating a beautiful, refined space where you’ll want to sit and sip for a good while. A horseshoe crab carcass on display behind the bar preserves that Rockaway nautical touch. Out back, the 1200 square foot bier garden of picnic tables on beach pebbles plays host to live music Thursday through Saturdays and occasional movie nights on the projector screen. It’s an ideal spot for a date, or a post beach—and post shower—girls night.

What to order: Choose from over 15 beers, with Sixpoint and Lagunitas on draft. Or have a glass of wine representing different surf spots around the world, like the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc from Sandy Cove in Marlborough, New Zealand ($9), or the 2011 Pinot Noir from Monterey, California ($10). Marinated olives ($3) and the patatas fritas ($2), smoked paprika and rosemary chips, to nosh.

Regular tip: Sayra’s is an acronym for co-owner Rashida Jackson and her four sisters’ names (Somalia, Angela, Yolanda, Rashida, Sonnie).

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01/22/15 11:25am
Stealth snackers

Stealth snackers

Every time I watch Broad City, I’m jealous of Abbi and Ilana’s misadventures (and Ilana’s lattice bras, I won’t sleep until I get my hands on one for myself). They make NYC their broke paradise, where they don’t need money or anything really to do, so long as they have each other (sob!).

Episode 2 “Mochalatta Chills” opens with our heroines conning their way into free movie passes at East 86th St. Cinema, where they watch an alleged Chris Rock werewolf flick Fang for a Fang and eat granola and almond milk out of ziplock bags (anybody tried this?), and Ilana pulls the Mickey Rourke dick-in-the-popcorn trick on Abbi, except with her pubes, I’m guessing. But the majority of the episode shows the girls leaning in to their respective jobs, not each other.  (more…)

01/21/15 10:30am


Lock Yard, 9221 5th Ave. (between 92nd and 93rd), Bay Ridge,  718-333-5282
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What it is: A Midwestern-themed beer garden off the last stop on the R with artisanal sausages and 14 rotating craft lines.

Why we love it: When owner Tommy Casatelli (also behind Kettle Black and Ho’Brah) first opened the Yard in 2012, it was declared Bay Ridge hipster bait. But really, it’s a come one come all bastion of Americana that Casatelli envisioned as looking and feeling like being in somebody’s backyard. The Eisenhower quote “Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and dogs” is the bar’s unofficial mantra. Bring your friend who’s never been to Bay Ridge, craft beer connoisseurs who also love outdoor day drinking and sausage enthusiasts.

What to order: The taps are always changing, so take advantage of the microbrews at hand. If you like one enough, you can fill up a growler and take it home. To eat, share Cory’s Fried Pickles ($6) or the potato and cheese pierogies ($8) and have your pick of the dozen hot dogs and sausages on the menu. Why not indulge in a Brooklyn Egg Cream ($3) while you’re at it?

Regular tip: The bar is located at the site of former Bridgeview Locksmith shop owned by bar proprietor Casatelli’s uncle, and where he once worked.

Lock Yard is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book, on sale now. Sign up here to be alerted when the next books go on sale. 

01/15/15 10:46am

Ladies, always remember to look within

Season 2 of Broad City started last night, which means the return of our favorite hedonistic don’t-give-a-fuck slackers Abbi and Ilana. “In Heat” cast our stoned heroines in the dregs of NYC summer, dealing with all those #summerproblems we know so well: the bummer of chronic swamp ass, the grossness of trying to get it on without an AC unit, the utter futility of trying to dry your sweat with a hair dryer (has anyone tried this before?).

Even though we are so, so cold right now, did it make us miss summer? Nah, but it did make us feel like maybe we wasted our youth, and that we should have taken more bong rips and spent more time just hangin’ at Bed Bath & Beyond. (more…)

01/11/15 8:55pm


Skinflints, 7902 5th Ave. (at 79th Street), Bay Ridge, 718-745-1116

What it is: Bay Ridge neighborhood bar and restaurant with an old -world charm.

Why we love it: Walking into Skinflints is like entering into another time. Quiet and cozy, with stained glass windows, vintage chandeliers, tin ceilings and dark wood paneling, it feels like being in an old movie set. Bring your parents, a date who shares your penchant for nostalgia, anybody who has a hankering for a big and meaty sit-down meal, old-school style.

What to order: Have your pick of the 12 taps and 16 bottles of international and domestic brews. For an appetizer that will take you the distance, go for the half rack of BBQ ribs ($8.95), simmered all day in house sauce and falling off the bone. Also, the entrée chicken is available in ten different ways—from Picata to Marsala to Pot Pie. Have a marathon!

Fun fact: The bar’s stained glass was preserved from 1917, when the space first opened as an ice cream parlor.

Skinflints is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

01/11/15 8:09pm


Windy City Ale House, 7915 3rd Ave.  (between 79th and 80th), Bay Ridge, 718-630-5700
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What it is: Chicago-themed sports bar opened by two brothers hailing from you guessed where.

Why we love it: Steve and Dan Swartz have created a high energy, positive atmosphere that’s welcoming to all, whether or not you root for the Cubs, Bulls, Bears or Blackhawks—although the Chicago pride, from the six Goose Island brews on tap, to the classic Chicago hot dog on the menu and sports team regalia strewn throughout, is infectious. With 24 rotating craft taps and 15 HDTV’s, there’s something for everyone. Bring a pal who’s homesick for the Second City.

What to order: $.50 wings on Sunday and Monday nights! The “totchos,” ($9) nachos but with tater tots, are a game changer. An Illinois-based microbrew you’ve never tried before.

Regular tip: Despite the Chicago pride, this ale house is Rangers headquarters.

Windy City Ale House is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

01/11/15 8:06pm

yellow hooke

Yellow Hook Grille, 7003 3rd Ave.,  (corner of Ovington Ave.), Bay Ridge, 718-238-1089
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What it is: Neighborhood sports bar and grill brought to you by the four Long brothers who formerly owned Manhattan sports bars Long Shots, Third and Long, and Turtle Bay.

Why we love it: A prime outdoor seating area with picnic tables makes for great people-watching. Inside, catch the game on one of nine screens, take part in pub trivia on Tuesday nights and enjoy Happy Hour from 4-7 every day of the week. Bring Notre Dame football fans. Your trivia associates. A friend you would like to comfort with comfort food.

What to order: Every night of the week the kitchen puts together a different special of classic comfort food—from Monday meatloaf to Sunday prime rib—and we know you could use a good square meal. Wash it down with one of the 12 rotating crafts on tap or one of 12 bottled selections.

Regular tip: “Yellow Hook” was the original Dutch name for the area of New Utrecht that is now Bay Ridge, so called after the color of the soil. The name was changed to Bay Ridge in the mid-1800’s after an outbreak of yellow fever.

Yellow Hook Grille is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

01/11/15 7:26pm


Bean Post Pub, 7525 5th Ave. (at 76th Street), Bay Ridge, 718-745-9413
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What it is: A versatile neighborhood pub with an extensive beer and food menu, where you can dance, drink, sing karaoke, host an event or catch a game on one of 16 HDTV screens.

Why we love it: They go big or go home over here, from the menu of over 70 different beers and 40 different varieties of wings, (at $.50 on game nights), to themed karaoke contests every other month, like “Bean Post Idol” “80’s Idol” and “Christmas Idol,” and DJ’s (no cover) every weekend.

What to order: The wings, “stripped,” or wrapped in bacon. An IPA you’ve never tried from one of the rotating craft taps—they bring in something new almost every week.

What to know: The Bean Post’s name was derived by combining the names of the two previous owners.

Bean Post Pub is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.