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amy ryan

Ilana Wexler: libertine, pothead, feminist, molder of young minds….Huh? In Episode 8, we see Ilana as the babysitter of a precocious, privileged boy Oliver, whose refined Manhattan mother (played by Amy Ryan) finds Ilana charmingly bohemian. She’s doing it for extra cash, right? Why else does anyone babysit?

Maybe, but Ilana has another objective: “Oliver is at a tipping point. If I don’t step in now, he could go to Yale, and then, Yale Law, and then kill a stripper and settle out in court….If I don’t do something, he could turn into another useless, rich old white man.” In her dealings with Oliver, Ilana is nothing if not a focused, systematic, purposeful leader of youth. But what kind of lessons are there to learn at the Ilana Wexler School of Parenting? (more…)

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The Saint Catherine
660 Washington Avenue (at Bergen), Crown Heights
(347) 663-9316


What it is: Neighborhood bar and café with offerings-a-plenty, like weekend brunch with two-for-one cocktails, $1 meatball sliders at Happy Hour and a kitchen that stays open late night.

Why we love it: It’s a great spot to stop in on any day or night of the week, but they keep it fresh and fun with weekly activities, like trivia on Tuesdays and the new cocktail series “Wednesdays.” A projector screen comes in handy for the occasional movie night.

What to order: Pick from 8 rotating craft draft lines and a food menu of snacks and sandwiches, like a Dogfish Head pickle plate with mustard, or their take on the BLT, the “SALT” (speck, avocado, lettuce and tomato).

Regular tip: Grab a seat by the window for some prime Crown Heights people watching.

02/26/15 9:41am
Bros be sporting sea creatures...

Bros be sporting sea creatures…

“Maybe I should start wearing belts with seafood on them.”—Lincoln, gesturing at a sea of bros in their finest pastel button downs and khaki and lobster insignia. Jaime has passed his citizenship test, and Abbi has smuggled them all aboard a booze cruise via her roommate Melody’s law firm to celebrate. Because after all, in America, you can be a legal citizen but still a social alien. In episode 7, Abbi and Ilana and the gang of misfits struggle to assimilate among the higher classes aboard the “Citizen Ship.” And as always, we want you to learn from their mistakes. Without further ado, we present: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Climbing. (more…)

02/20/15 10:44am


730 Classon Avenue (Prospect and Park Places), Crown Heights,
(718) 483-9950

Facebook • Twitter • Website 

What it is: Doubling as a beer shop and a taproom, this cozy haven is the Crown Heights go-to for beer lovers looking to pick up a special bottle to take home, or to sip and stay. Host to frequent tap takeovers and monthly bottle swaps, plus weekly Tuesday trivia.

Why we love it: With low lighting and mellow tunes, it’s a chill spot to play Big Boggle with a friend (or a date!) while partaking in an oat soda from a label you’ve never tried. Friendly and knowledgeable bartenders are the gatekeepers of the vast selection of brews, so don’t be afraid to ask for a taste. In warmer months, take it out to the back garden.

What to order: Select from over 200 craft bottles (to stay or to go), or 16 rotating taps featuring local microbrews like Threes Brewing and Other Half and out-of-state favorites like Bell’s and Founders. Order grilled cheese or Pelzer’s pretzels for a snack.

Regular tip: “Covenhoven,” while we’d like to imagine means a lair for beer-brewing witches, is actually the name of the Dutch folk who once owned the land where the bar resides.

02/19/15 9:49am


It’s happened to all of us: you go online to look up one thing and that leads to another and when you come to, you’ve lost hours of your lives to the suckhole of the Internet. We’ve all been trapped in “The Matrix,” the title of Episode 6. Actually, it’s even happening to me right now. After blacking out on searches for Judge Judy episodes, bizarre BuzzFeed quizzes like “What dead child star are you?” and even a flash of Tinder searches (a first mention of the app on the show) Abbi and Ilana decide to completely unplug for a day. Of course, chaos ensues. (more…)

02/13/15 10:00am


7604 3rd Avenue,  (between 76th and 77th), 718-836-7777, Bay Ridge
Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Website

What it is: The second location of the Park Slope deli and beer house; a modern take on the old-school Brooklyn Italian luncheonette.

Why we love it: It’s a dual beer and sandwich shop, combining two of our favorite things into one! A great spot for lunch, or to pick up—you can fill a growler with any of the six beers on tap for $16, as well as take home mason jars of marinara sauce ($7.50/quart) and meatballs (three for $6).

What to order: You can’t go wrong with any of the classic hoagies, like the 8h Pork Bragiole ($11), made with pork from Faicco’s Pork Store in Dyker Heights, served on bread from Bensonhurst’s Il Fornaretto. For a snack, try an order of four rice balls ($6), in delicious, inventive varieties like mac and cheese and fried ravioli. Wash it down with a pint of a local microbrew by Sixpoint or Kelso, or try one of the 40 plus domestic craft bottles.

Regular tip: Owner Marcello Bucca opened Zito’s as an homage to his favorite Italian delis growing up in Bensonhurst: Joe’s Superette, Trunzo Brothers Meat Market and Salumeria, and Cangiano’s, all closed.

Zito’s is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

02/12/15 8:29am
The girls always have a good time when they're together, so why look for more?

The girls always have a good time when they’re together, so why look for more?

Broad City episode 5, “Hashtag FOMO,” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of FOMO, including friends-with-FOMO. While Fear Of Missing Out may exist all over the world, it’s positively epidemic in New York, where we live in a constant state of trading up, be it in career, love life, digs, friends, even subway commutes. But when you live your life preoccupied by what better option awaits you, you do end up missing out on a lot, just not in the ways you thought.

Even if you don’t personally suffer from FOMO (pray tell, what’s your secret?), chances are someone you’re close to has got it real bad. Well, we’re here with a PSA to warn you, their FOMO can negatively affect you! Like second-hand smoke (second-hand FOMO). And those of you out there with FOMO—keep it to yourself, you’re toxic. In this episode, Ilana’s case of FOMO means nothing but trouble for Abbi. We’ll take you through, revealing the consequences of each FOMO-induced decision so you might learn from Abbi’s and Ilana’s mistakes. (more…)

02/11/15 12:35pm


Bean Post Pub, 7525 5th Ave. (at 76th Street), Bay Ridge, 718-745-9413
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What it is: A versatile neighborhood pub with an extensive beer and food menu, where you can dance, drink, sing karaoke, host an event or catch a game on one of 16 HDTV screens.

Why we love it: They go big or go home over here, from the menu of over 70 different beers and 40 different varieties of wings, (at $.50 on game nights), to themed karaoke contests every other month, like “Bean Post Idol” “80’s Idol” and “Christmas Idol,” and DJ’s (no cover) every weekend.

What to order: The wings, “stripped,” or wrapped in bacon. An IPA you’ve never tried from one of the rotating craft taps—they bring in something new almost every week.

What to know: The Bean Post’s name was derived by combining the names of the two previous owners.

Bean Post Pub is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

02/06/15 1:45pm


Kettle Black Bar, 8622 3rd Ave. (at 87th), Bay Ridge, 718-680-7862
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What is it: Neighborhood sports bar and grill and Bay Ridge mainstay.

Why we love it: Kettle Black is wing heaven. On $.60 Wednesday nights, the place packs in the finger-licking masses (towellettes provided!). Their unlimited brunch drink special also catches our fancy. Friendly service and an amped crowd are a testament to the bar’s motto “Enter as strangers, leave as friends.”

What to order: Did we mention the wings? Available in 11 different mouthwatering flavors, though the “Buffalo City,” their take on the famed Anchor Bar original, ranked in the Top 5 Best Wings in the country by Food & Wine Magazine in 2012.  The “Texas Dunk” burger, served on Texas Toast accompanied with au jus dipping sauce, was named one of the 2014 Best Burgers in NYC by Time Out. Eleven drafts and over 20 bottles provide ample imbibing options.

Regular tip: The story behind the Kettle Black name is a mystery even to the employees.

Kettle Black Bar is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

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What does it mean to be a “bad-ass bitch”? Is the real thing, be it a custom-made Shinjo dildo or a legit Coach bag, really that much better than an imitation? Does wearing the dick in the relationship grant the woman the same power as wearing the pants? These are some of the questions raised in this week’s episode of Broad City, “Knock-offs.” (more…)