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You can keep your leaning benches, MTA, but we'll take the countdown clocks.

You can keep your bright lights and leaning benches MTA, but we’ll take the countdown clocks.

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The Hubble Cantata, a virtual reality trip to the cosmos, is coming to Prospect Park.

We ranked the MTA’s 15 new proposed subway improvements.

We told you which BK restaurants vegans and carnivores will both enjoy.

A BK expat realtor thinks you should leave Brooklyn and join him in Philly, aka Brooklyn 2.0.

We went camping via Tentrr, which sets up your whole campsite for you.

VinePair, Alamo Drafthouse, BRIC Arts Media and more BK spots are hiring.

We rounded up Brooklyn’s best dead zones, where you can disconnect from your phone.

If you volunteer to pick up trash at Panorama, you can get a three-day ticket for almost free.

We decided which summer Blockbusters are worth the price of admission.

There’s now a Pokemon Go dating app, because of course there is.

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Heat dome a comin', keep it cool this weekend, even if you're covered in fur. Photo via @samsonthedood

Heat dome a comin’, keep it cool this weekend, especially if you’re covered in fur. Photo via @samsonthedood

Gothamist would like to see a pic of your tricked out fire escape  [Gothamist]
297 affordable housing units opened up in Prospect Heights [BrickUnderground]
NYC Pokemon Go winner lost 10 pounds, logged 95 miles to catch ’em all [NY Daily News]
The Secret Lives of Real New York Pets [NY Times]
There’s an anti-gentrification and displacement forum Sunday at Brooklyn Museum [Bushwick Daily]
Got a Girl Crush zine has a new 95 page issue out, includes interview with Jessica Williams  [Brooklyn Paper]
Ask a Swole Woman how to get, well, swole [The Hairpin]
And finally, What your eyebrows from different phases of your life say about you [Manrepeller]

07/22/16 12:10pm
Cut across the city on your bike, for pizza and charity. Photo via @mikeyrx on Instagram

Cut across the city on your bike, for pizza and charity. Photo via @mikeyrx on Instagram

If you love to eat pizza, explore NYC without a car, and get competitive in the name of a good cause, here’s an adventure for you: the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge. Described as “like competitive eating had a baby with the Amazing Race,” the all-day event, held July 30, entails traveling via train, foot, bike, or ferry — the only restriction is you can’t commute by car — to eat a slice of pizza in all five boroughs. It’s a way to both eat well and be active—which, really, should be the goal of any healthy New York weekend.

And while it sounds like a fun, slightly absurd way to spend a Saturday, it’s in support of a cause relevant to every New Yorkers’ interests: a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, the nonprofit dedicated to making it easier to get around this city by improving bike, pedestrian and public transit, in the pursuit of car-free living in NYC.

“My wife and I both bike to work, and we have a two year old son,” organizer Joe Cutrufo told Brokelyn. “We want him to grow up in a city where it’s safe to cross the street and ride a bike.” Can’t argue with that. (more…)

07/21/16 3:00pm
take part in the fight to recall Judge Aaron Persky by attending Grlcvlt's fundraiser at Baby's All Right.

take part in the fight to recall Judge Aaron Persky by attending Grlcvlt’s fundraiser at Baby’s All Right.

Back in June, we spoke with the leaders of the New York chapter of Grlcvlt, the national feminist secret society that has been campaigning to recall Judge Aaron Persky since he sentenced Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, to a mere six months in jail. The semi-secret group — they have a private Facebook group, which is invite-only and is listed under changing monikers — puts on events and fundraisers to galvanize support and raise money to unseat Persky.

And hush-hush as they may be, they’re certainly not lacking in support: the local NYC chapter has more than 3,000 members, and 1.4k people RSVP’d on Facebook to an event they held at Holyrad Studio on June 15.

Now, Grlcvlt is taking it a step further, and partnering with the official Campaign to Recall Judge Aaron Persky. Their first collaboration is a fundraiser, “Fuck Rape Culture: A Benefit to Unseat Judge Aaron Persky” that will take place at Baby’s All Right on Aug. 1. It’s part fundraiser, part party to rock the patriarchy into submission.  (more…)

07/21/16 12:19pm
Drinking this could be considered research if you get a job as a writer for VinePair. Photo via @vinepair on Instagram

Drinking this could be considered research if you get a job as a writer for VinePair. Photo via @vinepair on Instagram

On this hot July day, as you’re going through the motions at your desk, thankful at least that you’re inside in the A.C. (hopefully), has it occurred to you that there could be a different life out there awaiting you? A job is only one facet of a life, sure, but since most of us do them for several hours every day, they tend to define us, whether we like it or not.

Here are eight intriguing hirable situations, full and part time, we dug up online, ranging from a boozy staff writer at VinePair, to a digital marketing assistant at BRIC, to a bartender at The Wilky in Bed-Stuy, to a journalist for a three month cross country road trip: maybe one appeals to you? Have a gander: (more…)

07/20/16 12:57pm
Get ready for the DNC next week with our affordable trip tips. Photo via @philadelphia_independents on Instagram

Get ready for the DNC next week with our affordable trip tips. Photo via @philadelphia_independents on Instagram

After this week, national plagiarism scandals and speeches from orange-tinted offspring will have receded from our minds (hopefully), and we can look forward to the Democratic National Convention, which takes place Monday July 25-Thursday July 28 in Philadelphia. Considering 50,000 people are expected to head towards Philly way in the next week, chances are at least one of you reading this right now is planning to do so, and could use a couple Brokester tips for your trip. National conventions aside, Philly has much more going for it than Cleveland.

Here’s our affordable guide for how to get there, where to stay, and a selection of free or cheap parties and events to check out while you’re celebrating the hope of a non-Trump presidency in America’s birthplace. (more…)

07/19/16 1:37pm

It feels like every day somebody is campaigning for us to leave New York and move somewhere that’s actually affordable and proffers a higher quality of life. A couple weeks ago, we learned that we could get paid to move to Maine. A few months ago, we spoke with a mix of locals and transplants who made the case for relocating to New Orleans. Way back in 2012, we considered moving to Philly, a whopping four years ahead of a report out last month by the apartment-search site Abodo naming Philadelphia the “Best City for Millennials.”

With the DNC kicking off there next week, the city of brotherly love is fresh on our minds, and it turns out, there’s another “Brooklyn to Philly movement” that we didn’t know about. MovetoPhilly.com is the passion project of a Brooklyn expat, Christopher Plant, a realtor who would like to help you jump ship and join him in “Brooklyn 2.0″. He even encourages you to call him on the phone and ask him about it. So we did.  (more…)

07/18/16 11:30am
A crowd in eager anticipation at a recent Rooftop Films screening. Photo via @Rooftopfilms on Facebook.

A crowd in eager anticipation of that night’s film at a recent Rooftop Films screening. Photo via @Rooftopfilms on Facebook.

If you’re an independent film buff who’s curious about the ins and outs of running a film festival, and you don’t mind a bit of manual labor, here’s an opportunity for you: Rooftop Films is seeking volunteers for the rest of its summer season, which goes until Aug. 20. You’d be working during the screenings, which are held Friday and Saturday nights with occasional midweek dates, which means you’d get to see the films for free!  (more…)

07/15/16 2:17pm
Brooklyn Wild: Meet the founder of Doggie Day Trips, who gets paid to take city dogs hiking

John Bingaman, founder of Doggie Day Trips, with pups on the Appalachian Trail in Vernon, New Jersey. Photo courtesy of John Bingaman.

Living in NYC is rarely associated with having an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. High stress levels, too many hours spent hunched over a computer screen, not enough time to exercise or eat healthy — a general lack of work-life balance. And yet, we’re in relatively close proximity to nature. We’re surrounded by water on all sides! We’re less than an hour away from the nearest beach, an hour and change from the nearest hike!

There are plenty of people who live in Brooklyn, but have found ways to engage daily with, even make their livelihood from this nature that feels so elusive to most of us. For some, it’s within the bounds of the borough: they may work on the Brooklyn waterfront, or atop a rooftop farm, or in city parks. Others go a bit farther: wilderness guides taking New Yorkers on overnight trips, graphic designers building tree houses upstate every weekend, for fun. Our idea was to talk to some of these folks and ask them how they do what they do, not only to satisfy our own curiosity, but also to find inspiration to get out there more, ourselves.

Brooklyn Wild is our new series where we tap the more rugged residents of Kings County and ask them to share some of the adventure. Every Friday, we’ll post a new interview that will hopefully inspire us, at the very least, to have a more active weekend, even if it’s just cutting down on the Netflix intake and fitting in one trip to the green space closest to our apartment. Up first is John Bingaman, founder of Doggie Day Trips. (more…)

07/15/16 12:55pm
Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

On Tuesday, an animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana put out a Facebook ad calling for Pokemon Go players to volunteer walk their shelter dogs, which has since gone viral. The shelter director Paul Peckinpaugh got the idea after seeing hordes of folks out and about all over the city chasing Pokesmon.

“It would be great if every one of those individuals had our dogs with them,” he told the Huffington Post.

On the one hand, it makes sense to merge the two — dog walking and Pokemon hunting. If Pokemon Go players are logging so many steps on the hunt for Pikachu anyway, why not give them something real to accomplish while they’re at it, like contributing to the greater good by getting a shelter dog some exercise? Dog owners who play Pokemon Go are constantly bragging on Twitter about taking their own dogs on frequent and longer walks to track down invisible monsters, as though their pets were their prized crime-fighting sidekicks.

But, with leash in one hand, phone in the other, eyes squinting into the screen, head in a virtual world, they may actually be putting their own dogs at risk. And it’s certainly not smart to give a distracted, game-crazed novice responsibility, albeit temporary, over a vulnerable, anxious shelter dog, veterinarians and dog experts told us.

“In general, people don’t spend enough time looking at their dogs when they’re walking them, so it would be hard for me to wholeheartedly get behind something that distracts people from their dogs,” said Anna Jane Grossman, founder of the School for the Dogs  in Manhattan. “When you’re walking with dogs, you have to always be braced for the worst case scenario.”

Grossman had another good point: “Shouldn’t walking a dog be fun enough? Do we really have to add in Pokemon?” (more…)