02/14/17 12:44pm
Don't let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Don’t let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Typically, Brokelyn would be the first to decry the rampant corporate nonsense driving up M&M prices at Duane Reade every February, but these days, Valentine’s Day is looking like a welcome distraction. What’s a better way to let loose than treating yourself and your significant other/possible Tinder date to a fun outing? Sure, it can be hard to plan with how unexpected the weather has been (insert reminder that climate change is real here). There are lots of things to take into consideration when it comes to Date Night (outfit choices, location, travel times). Hopping over 5-ft deep slush pools can be treacherous (especially in heels), so walking is out, leaving you with the subway and buses. Nothing kills *the mood* faster than the smells, mysterious moisture, lack of seats, delays and the dreaded “It’s showtime!” we encounter on the MTA every day.

But! What if we told you there’s was a new option when it comes to travel, without public transportation or weathering the weather?

Enter ReachNow, a new-car sharing network from BMW that’s recently come to Brooklyn. This free-floating car service gets you from Point A to Point B with their one-way rentals and without the usual hassle of car rentals. You’ve got your choice of ride from the BMW 3-series or the MINI Cooper depending how cozy you want to get. Right now you can waive the membership fee and using the code “BROKELYN” and you’ll get $15 driving credit. (more…)

02/10/17 12:29pm
A little drip chocolate painting via. Instagram

A little drip chocolate painting via. Instagram

Valentine’s Day: though one could arguably claim that it’s a fake holiday created by card and candy companies, but we all buy into it one way or another. For those who feel forever alone and/or work during the holiday, we treat ourselves to the day AFTER V-Day when all the candy is half-off. For those who are #blessed to have a significant bae in their lives, the splurging on material relics to prove your love can quickly add up. Either way, an inevitable box of half-eaten bites doesn’t really sit well in anyone’s budget.

Chocolate can get pretty pricey this time of year, and while the sentiment of buying a 210 -Piece Box of Chocolate for $375 in Chelsea might scream “YOU’RE GONNA PUKE WE’RE SO IN LOVE,” I’m here to show you that there’s another way to meet the sweetness quota without shelling out full-price dough: by making treats yourself! (more…)

10/10/16 9:43am
Time for some Bayou Bingo fun via. Instagram

Time for some Bayou Bingo fun. via Instagram

Ahh, bar bingo. It’s not just your granny’s game anymore. These days, bingo is just a great way to gamble, drink beer, and swear a lot when the person next to you screams out their win as if an alien is erupting from their chest cavity.

Bar bingo took Brooklyn by storm around ’08, but has sadly died down with new fads like bar trivia and the never-ending comeback of karaoke. And while many local spots like Union Hall and Bell House do host bingo-related events once in awhile, demonic websites like Yelp and other internet info sources are usually out of date.

Now B4 you freak out, we here at Brokelyn dug deep into the ball basket and found out where you can still feed your bingo addiction on a weekly basis! So grab your bingo markers and remember the ‘ole saying: Try not to take your bingo too seriously, because at the end of the day you will find that it’s just a load of balls. (more…)

10/05/16 11:40am
Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Throw on the Psycho theme, because we’re ready for the ultimate spook. You could stay in bed and watch a scary movie (probably with the lights on, wimp) but what will you do about the lingering shadows keeping you up at night?

If haunted houses aren’t your cup of blood, watching a scary movie in a theatre is the next best scare: that slight chill from the air conditioning, the hushed whisper and focus of everyone waiting for what happens next, the swell of suspenseful music that inevitably leads to someone starting to scream profanities at the screen.

In that spirit (get it?), here’s Brokelyn’s spooktacular roundup of scary movie showings all around the borough. We’ll keep updating this list with additional series as they are announced. In the meantime, head to these movies, and keep the creepy clown costumes at home (also burn them). (more…)

10/04/16 12:51pm
Pack, pray, move: a Brokelyn guide to making your next apartment move (relatively) painless

I’m already exhausted looking at this via. Instagram

Bringing up the topic of moving usually elicits groans and horror stories from all. It’s stressful, nobody likes it and since Brooklyn has been decreed the “Most Unaffordable Place to Live in America,” you’re probably pushing your luck anyway. But if the apartment you had once fallen in love with is now mouse ridden, and your current landlord has been ignoring your calls, and you’re nowhere near any good bars to make this all worth it, then it’s time to be movin’ out.

For something that sucks so much, we all keep doing it. But it doesn’t have to be completely unbearable. Brokelyn here, ready to share some insightful wisdom, reminders of the little things, and tips and hook-ups so you don’t have to go through these trying times of pre-move anguish alone. We’ve all been there, and we’re ready to help you pack up and move on to bigger, better places— ideally with a working toilet.  (more…)

10/03/16 12:00pm
The artist and her assistant via Instagram

The artist and her assistant via Instagram

Meet Rachel Kremidas, a 29-year old painter with strong feminist tendencies from Indianapolis, IN who’s lived in Bed-Stuy for the past six years. And meet Rachel’s dog, Hot Sauce, a two year-old pitbull mix named in homage to Beyonce’s “Formation.”

The duo was brought together by fate when friends of Kremidas happened upon the dog while out for their own dog walk this past summer. The dog had no tags or chaps, so Kremidas offered to temporarily house the pup until they could track down his owner. After a few weeks and no leads of ownership, it was decided that together these two would stay, for not only had Kremidas found a new furry friend for life, but she had also found her latest inspiration for a new artistic subject: pet portraits.

Yes, Kremidas’ Brooklyn Pet Portraits is looking to bring your beloved pet to life on canvas. With 12-15 oil paintings of pets immortalized so far, Kremidas describes painting pets as “the equivalent to mental candy,” and hopes that’s down the road she’ll have enough portraits to hold a show as a fundraiser for local animal shelters.

“I’ve always been a big pet lover and just animal lover,”  Kremidas told Brokelyn. “Initially, at some point this summer I had some sort of creative block in my painting, so I thought, you know what I’m gonna do just as a mental cleanser? I’m gonna solicit my friends for their favorite pet portraits and then just paint their animals.” (more…)

09/29/16 4:20pm
The GGRD All-Stars are flexing to welcome you. via Instagram

The GGRD All-Stars are flexing to welcome you. via Instagram

This ain’t your daddy’s roller rink. The Gotham Girls, New York’s all-lady roller derby league and a founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), are holding try-outs this weekend for their 2017 season. They’re calling all bad-asses with double X chromosomes, skates and an appetite for competition to come and get their wheels dirty. I mean, derby.

This Saturday October 1 from 10am-3pm, anyone interested in trying out for the Gotham Girls should skate on over to GGRD’s practice space in East Williamsburg and show the Gotham Girls what they’ve got. Tryouts will include skating basics and demonstration of specific derby skills. If you make the cut, callbacks continue on Sunday, October 2 from 10am-1pm with more skating and a brief interview.

Of course, there’s more to becoming a Gotham Girl than just the skills (though they’re super helpful for staying on your feet)! The group will be looking for enthusiasm, charisma, willingness to work and athletic potential, all of which can separate you from the rest of the pack. (more…)

09/29/16 2:10pm
30 years later, the film is getting a Netflix TV reboot.

30 years later, the film is getting a Netflix TV reboot.

“I hear Spike Lee’s shooting down the street!”

No really, Spike Lee is really shooting down the street. The actor and director recently announced a 10-episode Netflix update to his cult film She’s Gotta Have It on Instagram, with an open casting call this coming Monday, October 3 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple (317 Clermont Ave.) from 5 to 8pm.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a Spike Lee movie, or you just vibe with his sharp views about gentrification, now’s your chance to get up close and personal with the auteur, and rack up a television credit while you do it. (more…)

09/29/16 8:00am
Read on! via American Library Association

Read on! via American Library Association

Happy Banned Book Week to one and all! This week, the American Library Association and book lovers around the country are celebrating our right to read whatever the hell we want. From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Fun Home, many books that are considered classics today weren’t always perceived that way, facing controversy for their content and consequently ending up on banned reading/teaching lists.

I had my own first-hand experience of book banning back in high school. My junior AP English class was required to read The Bookseller of Kabul by Åsne Seierstad. One religious parent did not approve of her daughter reading such “violent” and “sexual” content, so she decided it take it to the school board and get the book banned. The teacher halted reading discussion on the book, and all school-owned copies were confiscated from classrooms and the library.

And all I could think was, this is bullshit. (more…)

09/27/16 1:17pm
Bork via @Barkbud on IG

Bork via @Barkbud on IG

With the changing season comes changing career moves, and Brokelyn’s got your back. We love to hook ya’ll up with the latest and greatest opportunities out there, because how else are you going to be able to afford all the new seasonal pumpkin beers coming out?

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some rad Brooklyn-based job listings. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to fulfill your destiny. Whether it be as a dog walker or as a hot shot media director, your TIME has come to get hired (you’ll get that joke in a second). (more…)