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Havilah Brewster

04/27/16 8:46am

Auction for the “Slut” hat, featuring (from left) Heidi Glüm, Untitled Queen, Alotta McGriddles. Photos by Gabrielle Westfield/Brokelyn.

As I blissfully watched a drag queen, a petite 20-something blond and my boyfriend aggressively trying to outbid each other for a satin Michael Jordan jacket, I knew I’d found NYC’s most lit thrift store and my new only-way-to-shop. This party/auction/drag show/event has everything I want from shopping (and life?): drag queens, celebrity drag queens, gorgeous cheap shit, disco balls and booze. Alotta Stuff Live Auction is celebrating its fifth-year anniversary this August and that means I’ve wasted five years of my life shopping alone in dingy thrift stores when I could have been partying with friends and letting smart, tasteful queens act as my stylists.

Alotta McGriddles is giving thrift store realness to the people of Williamsburg’s Metropolitan bar every third Thursday, and if you’re not eating up what she’s serving, then you too are shopping wrong. The auction offers a range of hand-selected thrift and vintage clothing. The event is sponsored by Out Of The Closet Thrift Stores and Life Boutique Thrift and is hosted by the inimitable Alotta McGriddles. And if you felt a way about Thorgy Thor’s gone-too-soon exit from Rupaul’s Drag Race, FEAR NOT! Thorgy, everyone’s favorite fashion clown, co-hosts and co-curates the auction. Items (personally selected by both hosts) come in all sizes, in “men’s, women’s and questioning’s” and bidding starts at $1 for most items. It also taught me the proper way to thrift shop finally (hint: it involves shots).  (more…)

03/28/16 11:37am
Thorgy Thor and Acid Betty, representing the borough. .

Thorgy Thor and Acid Betty, representing the borough. .

RuPaul’s Drag Race is tits deep (three episodes) into its eighth season, and this season boasts two of our very own hometown BROOKLYN QUEENS! If there was ever a season for Brooklyn to tune in to Drag Race, this is it. Here’s a guide on what you need to know about our girls from the ‘hood, Thorgy Thor and Acid Betty (and we’ll talk about Manhattan’s Bob the Drag Queen too), listing their stand out moments so far this season and where you can catch them performing locally, including  a viewing party in Williamsburg tonight. These queens have a chance of bringing home the crown to the county of Kings.  (more…)

02/17/16 1:00pm
Better than the Gowanus dome, any day. Patrick Lauke / Flickr

Better than the Gowanus dome, any day. Patrick Lauke / Flickr

Yes, it’s true, I live in Queens. Like you, I naturally believe Queens is the absolute worst. It’s the gateway to Long Island, the subways are unnaturally above ground, there’s a neighborhood there actually named Flushing (like the toilet) and it seems like every TV shows about the borough tells us that one can only move up from Queens. That said, it’s a little bit silly that you don’t live here. Now hush, readers, hush. Just hear me out: recently, my Cool Friend From Brooklyn drunkenly confessed that he could no longer afford his less-than-swanky $3,300 Williamsburg one-bedroom. Having given him the death-in-the-family reaction I knew he thought appropriate, I asked what he planned to do next. His ideas ranged from a completely illogical Airbnb scheme to a SXSW-aligned Texas relocation.

After assuring my Cool Friend these options were really cool, I introduced the idea of Queens as a place in New York City where people live and where he could potentially also live. Texas sounds great, but instead of changing jobs, friends, lifestyle and life expectancy; maybe first consider Queens as a Brooklyn alternative. People do, in fact, live here. We live here for less, we spend less on the crap we buy there and we get way more painting done. Here’s why. (more…)

10/31/12 2:00pm

You can still take them to get candy/fight crime. via Favim

Sandy may have wrecked the Village Halloween parade and allowed Chris Christie to bend the laws of space and time, but out here, we’re doing well enough to get costumed up and demand free candy like a bunch of freeloaders. This is especially good news for parents, who now don’t have to explain to their tiny, stricken Batmen and Princess Meridas that they can’t go trick or treating because of downed power lines. So as long as Halloween is still on, here’s some places to enjoy it with your kids: (more…)

08/16/12 10:05am

Ryan Malarkey, a 23-year-old designer, says she spent “probably close to $10,000″ on ink. Photo (c) Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.

How many people do you know with epic tattoos? Of those people, how many of them are in a pretty much constant state of fiscal-overdrawnery and/or unemployment (AKA: “freelancing”)? Do they live in Williamsburg? Do they wish they did? They might be in photographer Paul Nathan’s new coffee table book, “Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” featuring portraits of walking canvases who have spent upwards of $10,000 on their ink. Who are these people, where did they get $10,000 and why did they spend it on tattoos? And who are you to judge? You have a Louis Vuitton bag but are a month behind on rent! Oh, wait, that’s me. Did these people get their money’s worth? And what’s your number? (more…)

08/14/12 1:30pm

Fringe Fest brings all sorts of acts to NYC. Like … this.

There’s no such thing as a free ticket to FringeNYC’s bevy of plays. Unless you werq for it! There is exactly one way and only one way to get into a Fringe show for free – volunteer. You’ve already missed the first few days of the festival (that’s so you) but you’ve got until Aug. 26 to see as many of Fringe’s spanking new, cutting edge pieces of theater as you can possibly stand. By volunteering for FringeNYC you get to add to the “volunteer” section of your resume, feel satisfied in having helped your fellow starving artist and you get FREE THEATER TICKETS! (more…)

06/19/12 1:00pm

Who needs marshes for kayaking? Photo via Flickr’s ceoNYC.

It seems like about eight years ago, New Yorkers finally discovered they were surrounded by water. Since then parks, high rises and “beaches” have been popping up all along the coasts. We’ve even begun participating in water sports in our questionable waters. As a brokester, your best investment in water sports this summer is going to be kayaking, because it’s mostly free. Here are our favorite spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan to get your kayak on for absolutely free this summer. (more…)

05/29/12 8:59am

Tour guide Greg (and his dad) at Cypress Gardens.

Greg Barris – restaurateur, grey pants enthusiast, proud owner of gorgeous curls of hair, forgiver of sins, cook book collector and straight-up hilarious comedian – has been employed by at least 13 different companies since he was 13 years old. Greg, 30, is currently a co-owner of L’Asso, with restaurant locations in the East Village and NoLIta. He also hosts Heart Of Darkness (most often performed at Park Slope’s Union Hall). Heart Of Darkness is an evening packed with comedians, musicians, academics, philosophers, hair dressers and any other kind of freakishly fascinating type. Reggie Watts and Janeane Garofalo are regular guests and Greg will, without fail, forgive you – you personally – of your sins. All of them, you filthy sinner. Greg also performs standup at various clubs throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and often shares his unique brand of comedy with Los Angeles. But it was a long road to get there that involved telemarketing, boot selling and getting fired from a comedy club … for making a joke.  (more…)

05/23/12 8:00am

Only god will juge you. And all of the internet.

We go out of our way to save some money, but even we must admit there are those things that a person should not scrimp on. Invasive medical procedures is a wonderful example. Also, tattoos. Tattoos are forever (or for-until-you-can-afford-laser-removal) and, as such, shouldn’t be something you make decisions about based on today’s Groupon. We’ve heard some awesomely bad tattoo stories and here are a few. Recall these cautionary tales the next time that “Become A Work Of Art For As Little As $50” ad shows its face on your Facebook side bar. We love tattoos and we love saving money, we’re just not sure the two should ever occupy the same thought space. (more…)

04/27/12 5:15pm

Loving drag queens is like breathing. We all do it but don’t always talk about it. Sometimes we need fresh, unconditioned air and sometimes we need to see drag queens. But where? While Manhattan remains a fake-eyelash stronghold, Brooklyn has its share of drag nights. And while we’d never tell a drag queen she’s cheap, the truth is some of them are. Free, even.