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02/21/17 3:04pm
Photo via Twins Talents Facebook

Photo via Twins Talents Facebook

Despite the climate of fear and anticipation of rapid, negative change that has shrouded liberal hearts and minds nationwide since November, there is still one thing we can trust will remain cherished by the vast majority of humanity: money. And, to get money, most of us will need a job, preferable one we can enjoy.

We’ve combed Craigslist, kept our eyes peeled for hiring posters, and done the dirty work in finding you some of the best current job opportunities in Brooklyn. This week, our fair borough is in dire need of line cooks, food lovers, graphic artists and more. Answer the call, serve your borough — and get money for that end of month rent check. (more…)

02/21/17 10:40am
Joe and Kenny on their beat as scooter cops

Joe and Kenny on their beat as scooter cops. Photo via Travis Benn

In 2017 Brooklyn, the idea of having a relationship with your local beat cop feels definitively foreign: indeed, many people probably don’t even realize they have a neighborhood patrol, let alone what precinct they live in. We often think of cops’ relationships with the communities they police as exploitative, unnecessarily violent, generally problematic and far from neighborly. That perception has been a nationwide issue for years, making Joe Willins’ and Kenny Kaufman’s story all the more inspiring.

Willins and Kaufman were beat cops assigned to Bed-Stuy’s 78th precinct back in the days when the area was defined not by its historic housing stock and rapid gentrification but by record-breaking crime, rampant drug use and poverty. They formed a “two-man homicide squad” who used their relationships with the community to make the 78th a safer neighborhood for all — and without once firing either of their guns in their 20 years of service.

Now, Willins’ neighbor Travis Benn is making a documentary, The Scooter Cops of Bed-Stuy about his and Kaufman’s adventures. Production will hopefully wrap by the end of summer, given they can find enough money. It’s certainly a welcome addition to an otherwise bleak national dialogue: a tale of two cops who were actually able to live up to the NYPD traits written on the side of squad cars: “Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.”

“Here are these two cops interacting with the community and taking criminals off the street without humiliating them or kicking the crap out of them,” Benn said of the partners’ career and legacy.  (more…)

02/20/17 9:28am
City Reliquary

Photo via City Reliquary

For some, the idea of New York authenticity is one of the last vestiges of the city they can hold on to as high rents displace them elsewhere: it is an identity that newcomers, while able to afford to live here, can never wear. Yet it remains a hotly debated topic, with some arguing that, with time, you can earn your title as Native New Yorker.

Now, Williamsburg’s The City Reliquary has dug itself into the murky, potentially deplorable hole of questioning, and attempting to broaden, the literal definition of what it means to be a Native New Yorker: they’ll be hosting an event entitled Redefining “Native New Yorker” at their 370 Metropolitan Ave. storefront location this Thursday, from 7:30 to 10pm.

“For many people, the term ‘native New Yorker’ usually refers to someone born and raised in one of the five boroughs,” reads the event description, “While this is one way of understanding what it means to be a native in New York, this group of presentations and performances will offer a broader and more inclusive look.” (more…)

02/17/17 3:30pm
Trump Apocalypse

I demand to see Trump’s birth certificate as proof he was born in the U.S. and didn’t descent from hell. Photo via Crooks and Liars

Fear-mongering aside, the world will probably (fingers crossed) make it through the Trump presidency: Rome didn’t fall in a day, and neither will America. That said, it never hurts to be too prepared, and since your best bet is probably to never leave the liberal echo chamber of NYC, here are Brokelyn’s recommendations for Brooklyn’s best hideout locations to hunker down in case of Trumpocalypse that causes war, disease or just a bunch of gentrifying Pepe the Frogs and wait until the next election, or Judgement Day (whichever comes first).

Criteria considered for qualifying locations include visibility, isolation and good local public schools, in case of impeachment. In the event of nuclear fallout, there’s no point hiding: we’re all going down together. (more…)

02/17/17 10:40am
Bacon Egg Cheese Toasted MetroCard

Bacon egg and cheese on a toasted MetroCard, a classic Brooklyn delicacy. Photo via Fablo West

Presenting the most NYC sandwich ever: A BEC in between two student MetroCards

Bushwick DIY venue Shea Stadium is back
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ICE raids detained 41 people last week, including Bushwick residents [DNAinfo]
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Iron Maidens all-female weightlifting competition returns to Gowanus [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
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Woody Allen’s new film to be named “Wonder Wheel” [The Woody Allen Pages]
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02/16/17 3:09pm
Pamela Colman Smith tarot cards

Pamela Colman Smith in the early 1910s and eight cards from a 1st edition Rider-Waite deck, originally published in 1909 (photos via Wikipedia and The World of Playing Cards)

If you’ve ever seen a tarot deck, it was most likely illustrated or inspired by the drawings of Pamela Colman Smith, an England-born, Jamaica-raised, Brooklyn-educated artist. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 1897 and became a theater designer who was once hugely influential in the world of esoterica but has been all but forgotten today.

For those of you not in touch: tarot cards are an expanded, occult version of playing cards used to tell fortunes and perform other rituals. They’re believed to have originated in Europe in the late 14th century, and have since become a canvass for a variety of non-traditional illustration themes, including Lisa Frank tarot and Twin Peaks tarot. (more…)

02/15/17 4:28pm
Spread love it's the Brooklyn way: Enter your favorite mom and pop shop to win grant money

From the program’s site

Perhaps the saddest casualty of recent gentrification has been the mom and pop stores which, once definitive of New York and this great city’s quirks, have been replaced by corporate chains that can afford sky-high rents in formerly destitute, crime-ridden neighborhoods. But wait, there’s hope!

The NYC Department of Small Business Services this week launched its NYC Love Your Local program, literally putting small businesses on the map to bring them love, attention and potential grant money. (more…)

Sunset Park Garment Industry

The Garment District in 1955. Via Wikipedia

“Sunset Park, Brooklyn: Not Quite Trendy,” the New York Times wrote last January of the sprawling neighborhood that fills the wide expanse between Green-Wood Cemetery and Bay Ridge, with homes, industry and so many delicious Mexican and Chinese food eateries. While the Times still refrains from referring to the nabe with the t-word, both the Grey Lady and Mayor Bill de Blasio, in his State of the City speech last night, have noted this month that they see the area as a prime surrogate for the rebirthing of Manhattan’s gutted Garment District.

This means area locals should brace for a number of changes, some good; some not so much. (more…)

02/14/17 11:11am
Who needs a lover when you have glitter? 5 ways to deck your body in sparkles this V-Day

Via Gypsy Shrine

Sure, a committed partner can provide you with kisses, cuddles, and a romantic dinner companion on today’s most capitalist, Hallmark bastardization of love — aka Single People Guilting Day. But who needs any of that when you can buy your weight in wholesale glitter for far less than the cost of all but the cheapest engagement ring?

On the real, you and your body are beautiful and a good way to remind yourself of this, especially when the world is hellbent on convincing you you need a man to complete you, is covering yourself in an obscene amount of sparkles. They’ll impede your eyesight so your peripheral vision is framed in a sparkly blur of iridescence that, while inconvenient for concentration, will literally soften your comprehension of the world by covering it in your own individual glitter-fog.

New Yorkers are famous for wearing all black, but we’re also famous for not giving a shit, so stage a personal rebellion against the February cold and dare to wear costume-level amounts of sparkles. It’s empowering, it’s pretty, and even though you shouldn’t ever wholly base your decisions on the reactions of others, you’ll be sure to brighten the days of the children and adults alike whose presence you grace as they slog through their commute only to notice your gleaming glittered face, a beacon of hope on a crowded F train. Paper Valentine’s are a nice gesture, but the beauty of strangers has a special power.

Here’s five ways to cover yourself in glitter this V Day. (more…)

02/13/17 2:46pm
Affordable housing lottery opens Downtown for 143 units with onsite dog grooming

33 Bond Street under construction, photo via Google Maps. Inset rendering via TF Cornerstone

In what marks the fifth affordable housing lottery to open in Brooklyn this year alone, a whopping 143 subsidized units are now accepting applications at Downtown Brooklyn’s glassy residential development 33 Bond St. (alternate address 300 Livingston St.). You’ll be paying on the cheap (rents start at $897/month) while your neighbors splurge big time and both of you get too enjoy the buildings’ ridiculous amenities, including dog grooming, because no luxury housing experience is complete without a professionally cleaned pupper.

The lottery, which opened today, is looking for one- to four-person households making a combined annual income of $32,640 to $54,360, depending on family size. (more…)