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Fikriyyah George

09/14/16 3:40pm
Stacks on stacks on stacks. Via Verso Books.

Stacks on stacks on stacks. Via Verso Books.

In the midst of all this political razzmatazz where Hillary is tripping (literally) and Trump is mongering (lying) you know what Brooklyn needs? Socialism! Or at least a jolt of philosophical thought from the mother of all leftist political book-sellers, Brooklyn’s Verso Books, which is holding a huge 50 percent-off sale right now. You can get books that are 100+ pages of feminist thought, social critique and architectural analysis for as low as $5. Are we lighting your liberal arts souls on fire yet? (more…)

05/18/16 9:51am
Bridget of Owney's Rum, talking rum

Bridget of Owney’s Rum, in Williamsburg, talking rum. Photo by Fikriyyah George

There’s a self-guided booze tour called the Brooklyn Spirits Trail boasting some impressive liquor makers. Too bad when we say self-guided it’s basically “Here’s a map with the locations, figure it out yourself.” No times, duration or clue as to what the tour consists of. Well, we decided to make life a little easier by letting you know when you can visit and just what you get.

The greatest part about this self-guided tour is that you can mix it up however you want (hit up all the free ones, the ones in Red Hook, by type of spirit, etc.). The way the tours are scheduled you can draw it out visiting a distillery every weekend or go hardcore and visit two a day. Sorry, leave your flagon at home: no matter where you go by law they’re not able to pour more than 1oz of liquor for imbibing without a liquor license. As for me? I’ve never been happier to be a lightweight. (more…)

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

We’re super bummed to see Shwick Market closing. The organizers were genuine, they hired Richard Burroughs (of Dick & Dave fame) every weekend for their musical needs, participated in Bushwick Open Studios and the goods were a cornucopia of strange, random, delicious and useful. But now they’re closing, and part of that involves trimming the fat by selling off a bunch of stuff they don’t need anymore.

Don’t think of it as a yard sale, consider this a fundraiser as the organizers affable Christopher Carew and his wife are looking for another venue to keep the market of makers alive. Help jumpstart their relaunch by buying the random trappings of a Brooklyn-born flea market. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate, because we can’t imagine this stuff will be available all that long. Shwick’s Facebook page has a list of what they’re selling off, but we picked our favorite things we think you should grab at their closing sale, like a mermaid cutout, a Ms. Pac-Man machine and even a bouncy castle: (more…)

Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan's Burgers

Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan’s Burgers

When your pockets are feeling a little light because the first of the month has ravaged your bank account (like now), you can take comfort in knowing there’s probably free wine to be had at an art exhibit opening reception somewhere. If the gallery is really fancy some hors d’oeuvres not straight from a Costco party platter might make an appearance too. Might.

Bushwick’s Shwick market isn’t super fancy, but that isn’t stopping them from breaking out the free stuff for their Bushwick Open Studios programming kickoff, with Thursday’s reception for the Shwick Open Studios adding free beer, ice cream and burgers to the art. (more…)

He's already upset that you're trying to duck out of this.

He’s already upset that you’re trying to duck out of this.

You don’t know what love and fandom is until you create a whole podcast devoted to your favorite actor and review every movie they’ve ever been in. Comedians W. Kamau Bell of FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery, writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver know this kind of love with their podcast Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period. And they’re bringing the podcast with the ridiculously long name to Brooklyn with a live recording at Union Hall on Monday May 11 at 9pm. (more…)

12/09/14 1:38pm
kings county distillery colin spoelman

Learn the science behind all this booze. Photo via Colin Spoelman

Even if you hated science in high school you we’ve got a science-centered night you won’t bored to death tomorrow: Science Distilled at Kings County Distillery. This isn’t your average chemistry lesson, because this is an event that will delve into the complexities of one of our most beloved spirits, whiskey. Distillers as scientists? Believe it baby, because the process of making the stuff that makes you say “I love you” to your favorite bartender and you’re emotionally distant Chihuahua is a fascinating one; a collection of compounds named ethers and alcohol if you will. (more…)

11/03/14 8:35am

dana siomkos

Brooklyn attracts a ton of creative talent looking to break into the advertising industry, so how do you stand out amidst the sea of resumes? We asked Dana Siomkos, the owner of advertising and digital marketing recruitment agency You & Them, precisely how to do that. Siomkos has been in the business of recruiting since 2010, and before that, she was on the other side working at an agency. You & Them have talent scouts located in Brooklyn, LA and Chicago, but Siomkos is located right here in Brooklyn.

Siomkos told us all about how to get into the industry from a different career track, if there’s room for writers in digital marketing and if you still get a Don Draper-style bar in your office.


10/06/14 9:17am

Learn new ways to walk at Streb. via Streb

With the warm weather transitioning into lower digits outside volleyball at Pier 5 won’t be a copacetic way to keep yourself moving and fit. Colder weather might make you want to hibernate and accumulate a nice layer of fat under our sweatpants and black slacks, but you can combat this by keeping a smidge in shape with some of Brooklyn’s most wallet-friendly indoor options. Depending on the class, trade in your Lulemon see-through yoga pants for some respectable workout or dance gear. Now repeat after us “jeggings are not work-out clothes.” (more…)

09/22/14 7:00am
diy business cards

If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear these cards were bone. With Silian Rail lettering. Photo by Fikriyyah

With modern technology and the advent of social media you’d think that business cards are dying a slow death, but just like Blackberry, someone’s always forecasting their demise only for them to keep on keeping on for another year. Even if you do connect with your new acquaintance using LinkedIn, Twitter, or heck even email business cards still have the aura of “Hey I’m an accomplished, competent and professional adult who you’ll want to contact again.”

Business cards from any provider will normally take two to three weeks to arrive, though. To speed that up to express delivery is a small ransom. Three day shipping ranges from $20-$35 at Vistaprint and is merciless charging $27-$61, which is money better spent on a few hot toddies. Here’s a tip though: you can get ditch the steep price of rushed business cards by printing your own DIY business cards. (more…)

09/04/14 7:00am

Which cab app will leave you happiest with your trip? via Hailo’s Facebook

We’re not big cab people, but those times when you’re late for a flight after oversleeping because you set your alarm clock for PM not AM, the extra dough is well worth it. Now that there’s a whole slew of cab apps (yay capitalism!), going from Downtown to your sister’s wedding or other urgent destinations need not be so cumbersome-on your wallet. Do all the cab apps offer the same thing just in different packaging? And how do they compare to the tried and true livery cab? We decided to find out for you. (more…)