Mad props and an extra slice of sweet spud pie tonight to the good people of Occupy Sandy, who coordinated the prep and delivery of 4,000 Thanksgiving meals to residents of Canarsie, Red Hook, the Rockaways and Coney Island. And what an effort it was: some 300 to 400 volunteers worked continuously from 9 am Wednesday chopping, cutting, packing and organizing at Occupy HQ, at St. John’s Parish Hall, 461 99th St. in Bay Ridge. The last Thanksgiving meals were going out today at 4, but Occupy’s work is far from done; coordinator Waldemar Albrecht-Lunn told us that volunteers will be needed to help prepare food at the church indefinitely, “until the need is met.” He said to show up starting at 9 am any day. Or see the Occupy site for more on how to help. More (sorry, iPhone) pics of the OSers in action after the jump. (more…)

09/21/12 8:36am
Brokelyn Bookswappers Club

Poster by Meghan Doherty.

Are you ready to get readerly? Right after the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday night, there’s a gathering of the Brokelyn Bookswapper’s Club to satisfy those all-aflame literary desires. What to bring? Some guidance partly based on our own current cravings: How about buzzy fall titles like D.T. Max’s David Foster Wallace bio, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story; Emma Straub’s Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures or Junot Diaz’s new short story collection? You finished with Michael Chabon’s latest yet? (If you already have any of these to swap, you get a banquette in the VIP section.) Non-trashy, still-relevant summer books also welcome; bring Wild or Gone Girl so we can all (spoiler alert!) complain about the ending at the next club, or Robert Caro’s Lyndon Johnson bio because you know you never even finished The Powerbroker.

The whole point is to share and talk about books you’re excited about, not just clear off space on your shelves. See these titles people brought to our “hot beach reads” swap? For the love of Czar Nicholas III, leave these in the sidewalk “free”  bin: (more…)

09/20/12 9:08am


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Ready for my early afternoon foot massage! Image via Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Do you do drink blueprint cleanses instead of picklebacks and and consider flaxseed bars a sometimes food? (Too much agave!) Consider applying for a job that comes with benefits not seen this side of Anna Wintour’s desk: fresh flowers, staff concierge, yoga retreats and more. (more…)

09/11/12 7:31am

If you can identify this machine, you qualify.

A reader writes to us because he’s trying to hatch a video-y, comic-ish type business for brokesters and he needs to do a little research on the relative nerdinesss of Brooklyn, as if this alone weren’t evidence enough. Here’s what our enterprising young friend wants to know:  (more…)

09/10/12 12:30pm

Chicken photo courtesy of Fleisher’s.

Do you look at this photo and think, man, I would seriously pay $300 to slice that bird’s carotid artery? If the answer is yes, maybe you should attend an upcoming chicken-slaughter workshop sponsored by Fleisher’s butchers. That’s the photo that accompanied an email invitation to “For Cluck’s Sake,” where:

Participants will meet at Fleisher’s in Kingston for a light breakfast, followed by a trip to Meadowview Farm in New Paltz where they will have the opportunity to slaughter and de-feather their own chicken! … Participants will learn how to quarter, spatchcock, and skin a chicken for home kitchen use. All followed by a locally sourced dinner prepared by the Fleisher’s crew … Cost is $300 and includes 3 meals, lecture with Joshua Applestone, and a chicken to slaughter and take home!

So … help me out here, foodies, back-to-the-land beardies, Kenji, anyone… does this sound fun to you?  (more…)

09/07/12 11:24am

Let’s hope that dude’s wearing a hair net. Meatopia photo 2011 ourtesy of Food and Drink Digital.

Another NYC weekend, another pig head on a spit. (What is it about pig heads, BTW? You never see charred chicken or cow heads on anyone’s dinner table.) The latest foodie orgie to hit our spice-rubbed streets is Meatopia, a “giant meat bar” on Randall’s Island prepared by the likes of chefs Adam Perry Lang and April Bloomfield.

Single tickets are $140, which, it turns out, is enough to feed a starving New Yorker for a year and a half. How do we know this? From the good people at Meatopia themselves. (more…)

Is it just us, is Fashion’s Night Out peaking like a pair of harem pants? The annual fall shopping crawl created in 2008 to inject energy and dollars into retail is tonight, and it doesn’t seem quite as fevered as past years, perhaps because all the fashion people are still shaking sand out of their neon gladiator platforms. (more…)