01/25/15 12:33am

Wheated, 905 Church Ave., between East 11th St. and Coney Island Ave., 347-240-2813


What it is: A small but stylish pizza, beer and cocktail place on booming Church Avenue. There’s a lively bar scene up front and tables in the back for more committed diners.

Why we love it: Because nobody here is gluten-free.

What to order: Salads are so big you’ll need a scythe to get through them. Inventive sourdough pizzas named (somewhat randomly) after Brooklyn neighborhoods dare you to try them all. With toppings that range from pecorino-romano to fennel sausage and figs, you can’t go wrong with any of the pies, but the Windsor Terrace (plum tomatoes, garlic, red onions, basil, fresh & aged mozzarella, Pecorino-Romano, hot sopressata and red bell pepper) is a standout. 

Pro tip: NYC pizza poobah Adam Kuban recently put Wheated’s jalapeño and sausage pie on his list of “8 pizzas that haunt my dreams.”

05/27/14 7:51am
Comedy Roulette

Ask us anything

Tonight at the Bell House there’s show called Ask Roulette, where you can ask a complete stranger anything. (Remember, they used to say that about 411 operators, but that might have been an urban myth. Do you even know what a 411 operator is?) For tonight’s show, host and WNYC producer Jody Avirgan has recruited Chuck Klosterman (The New York Times‘ “Ethicist”), W. Kamau and Jay Smooth of WBAI to be the answerers / askers / moderators / ok we’re not entirely sure.  (more…)

03/25/14 11:12am

Fab.com warehouse saleFab.com, the internet portal for quirky household ephemera and bodily decorations that one doesn’t need but frequently wants, is having a bricks-and-mortar warehouse sale in Chelsea right now. (Chelsea is in Manhattan, FYI.) They’re promising up to 90 percent off their usual colorful miscellany. What better occasion to deploy the time-honored technique of buying presents for other people and keeping them for yourself? Here are the sale details:  (more…)

12/17/13 8:43am
This is just... so... CUTE.

This is just… so… CUTE.

This romantic gift doesn’t bespeak Dave’s weird cultural obsessions or millennial inside jokes. A fondue pot for two isn’t cheeky, smirky or smart assy in any way—it insists upon its cuteness, and that is all. To give someone this is to say  fuck irony, fuck ’90s nostalgia, fuck that comedy show at the Bell House we missed, fuck your tattoos and mine too. Fuck it all, and possibly me too, if maybe you want to? But first, let’s get some stinky cheese and  fire up this adorable little thingy!  It took us so long to get that out, the $24 pot is now on back order at UncommonGoods (a Brooklyn-based mail order outfit) but get in now line for Valentine’s Day. However, know that by then you’ll have some other stupendous gift options.

Ox Cart Tavern

Ox Cart Tavern
583 Argyle Rd. at Newkirk, Ditmas Park
(718) 284-0005

What it is: A small burger-and-beer joint with an inventive menu that invites you to stray from the script.

Why We Love It: For all the hype about the purportedly Smith Streetish food scene in Ditmas Park, there are gaping holes in the neighborhood menu. Ox Cart fills the hearty pub fare niche without resting on its lack of competition. Plus, it’s a rare and welcome destination on underdoggy Newkirk Avenue, a quiet cousin to Cortelyou. (more…)

10/22/13 6:31am
Kristy Hurt for Brokelyn

Welcome to the first in our “Ask a Headhunter” interview series, in which we grill recruiters on what it takes to get a real job. Today’s expert is Brooklyn’s own Kristy Hurt, a luxury fashion and retail specialist whose clients include Alexander Wang, Loeffler Randall, Miu Miu and Prada, among others. We asked her to identify entry-level opportunities as well the best longterm gigs other than completing a series of unpaid internships until you’re ready to retire or opening an organic handbag storefront in Bushwick that shutters two short months later, after lots of great parties but only three sales.


Yep, we love it.

Yep, we love it.

1118 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster
Ditmas Park
(347) 240-5850

What it is: Sycamore calls itself the “coziest bar in Brooklyn,” and while we aren’t ready to throw Brokelyn’s editorial might behind that assertion, we’ll put it squarely in the running, with its bricky, woody, wool-sweatery feel, friendly bartenders and one’s tendency to get sucked in and never leave. (more…)

Hey, she looks pretty great. Photo courtesy of LookGoodFeelBetter.org.

Hey, that wig is pretty smokin’. Photo courtesy of LookGoodFeelBetter.org.

We know good hair is a primary concern of Brokelyn readers because of the response we got on this cheap men’s Brooklyn haircut post and this one for the ladies, and also Bill de Blasio’s mullet. Next Tuesday, Oct. 22, a Park Slope salon is offering a chance to get a half-price ‘do and do right by someone with cancer.  (more…)