01/04/17 9:00am
Johnny De Guzman

What’s in YOUR wallet? (Hopefully some cash.) via Flickr user Johnny De Guzman

Congratulations! You scraped by, yet again, in getting this month’s rent and bills paid. But now you don’t have much spending cash for going out, and you’ll spend the rest of the month fantasizing about ways to make more money so that you can do both.

Have you considered the counterintuitive idea of paying cash-only everywhere you go in order to save money?

In my Clinton Hill neighborhood, I noticed that a lot of places provide a discount for paying cash instead of credit. In order to try and save a buck without actually putting in any effort, I decided to test-drive my theory and see whether I could save money by carrying cash everywhere for one week. (more…)

11/16/16 1:21pm
Where to comfort-binge on the 8 best nachos in Brooklyn

Mmm. Nachos. Photo by Erin Phillips / Brokelyn

I love nachos. But honestly, who doesn’t? An order of nachos is a plate of joy placed right in front of you and is sure to bring happiness with each gooey, yummy bite. Nachos are also served en masse and are usually just sliiightly too expensive for someone to afford alone, thus inviting friendship and camaraderie. New to the area or want to make more friends? Order some nachos and watch your friend count rise.

For the last couple of years I’ve been on a quest to find the best nachos but I also recognize that rankings may vary depending on what mood you’re in. Some nachos are better for the melancholy post-election binge, while others suit the humbug seeking a taste of ‘Old Brooklyn.’ Here’s a roundup of the best nachos in Brooklyn, sorted to fit whatever mood you find yourself in on the night you indulge. You’re welcome. (more…)